An Interview with Wrestler & Bodybuilder Rob Terry!

We can not tell you how excited we are to bring you this interview today! Not only is Rob Terry, a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, actor, fitness model and personal trainer, he is also one of the nicest guys you could ever have the pleasure of meeting...seriously!!

Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas!

Ladies and Gentlemen today is the day!! You can now buy The Overtones Christmas album in the UK!! America you have to wait till the 4th December but you can pre-order it now!! YAY! 

We have been HUGE fans of The Overtones for the last three years, they are just amazing and quite literally the perfect band for us! We have grown up going to car shows with Dad, listening to the sounds of the 50's and 60's and listened to The Temptations and Motown any time we went on long trips in the car. We love that era of music, so when we first discovered The Overtones, it was love at first song, shall we say! The suits, the sound, the moves, they had it all and with each album they put out, not only did they come up with new, original songs but they bought back songs that we already knew and loved! 

They are a band that we have been fortunate enough to enjoy live three times and believe us, you MUST experience them live one day! They are bloody marvelous! They are a band we get to enjoy with our Mum and Dad too, which we love. Mum has seen then twice with us and last time Dad came too! You can read about that awesome night here! :)  

Our favourite thing to do when we are home is listen to them with our little sister, while singing our little hearts out, either in the car or in the kitchen. We regularly and by that we me mean EVERY DAY have dance parties in our kitchen while helping Mum cook! For the past few years, at this time of the year, we have often said to each other that they need a Christmas album, so you can imagine how we felt when we found out that this year would be the year that they actually do!!

We are so beyond excited, it's crazy! There is guaranteed to be plenty of dancing, squealing and warm fuzzy feelings when we get our hands on our copies!! Christmas is our favourite time of year and this just made it even better! Family time and happiness at its finest! 

Get yourself a copy TODAY!!! :) You should also check out their other albums too!

Lucy and Kelly

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We are Thankful for...

Whilst Thanksgiving is not a British Tradition, we are very well accustomed to it nowadays and enjoy spending the day with our American Families. We love the traditional food and everyone coming together, but most of all we love that is a time to stop and give thanks. It's a reminder to think about the good things in your life, to forget about the negatives and to just be grateful. Today, we want to share a few of the things we are most thankful for.

Makeup Monday: Tartelette Palette!

I have had my eyes on this Tartlette palette from Tarte since it came out, earlier this year, but as I don't tend to wear a ton of eye shadow these days, I always put off buying it. Every time I walked past it in Sephora I had to look at it though, I simply adored the colours and the whole look of the palette itself. I had seen all of my favourite Youtubers from Jaclyn Hill, to Amanda Ensing, to Casey Holmes create gorgeous looks with it, not to mention my friend Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick kept telling me that I must own it, in addition to the beautiful tutorial she did on her blog too. With a wrestling show coming up this past weekend, I really wanted to get back into the swing of doing an entire makeup look and play with my eyes like I used to. Lucky for me the Sephora 20% off sale happened the weekend before the show, so I bit the bullet and added this stunning palette to my collection! :) 

The palette consists of 12 matte shades. You have creams, light pinks, tans, mauves, purples, to deep purples and every single shade is smooth, blendable and pigmented. Furthermore, you can create so many pretty looks with this palette, from romantic, clean and simple, to deep, smokey and edgy. 

It truly is stunning. The palette retails for $45 and although I was happy to save a few dollars purchasing it during the 20% off weekend, I do think it is worth it and that's after having only used it once! :)  

This past weekend I re-created Casey Holmes look. I found it super fun and easy to do and loved the way the colours went together. I am eager to experiment with the gorgeous Valentines look that Jaclyn Hill did and the smokey look Amanda Ensing did. :) I just can't wait to play around with this palette, it is hands down my favourite eye shadow palette that I own. Moreover, I feel like the shades are perfect for me as I can start experimenting with some of the lighter shades for everyday looks and then go bolder for nights out. And if like me you are just starting to practice with your eye looks or you are a beginner to makeup, I feel this palette will be awesome for you as no shade seems too scary or complicated to use. :)

Tarte recently came out with Tartelette 2, Tartelette in Bloom and that looks just as gorgeous, however, I am rather fond of the purple shades in this first one and the fact that it is all matte. The browns, tans and creams in Tartelette in Bloom do look very pretty though. If you are looking for a palette with a mixture of shimmer and matte shades as well as something more neutral, I would definitely recommend having a look at the Tartelette 2. Go Tarte for making two wonderful Tarteltte palettes!! :)

You can see the makeup look I did with the Tarteltte palette in the latest episode of Life is Sweet! :) Brews and Bruises Vlog!

Happy Monday!
Love Lucy xx

Frostbeard studios! Candle love!

By now you know that Kelly and I love candles. You probably even know that we tend to be quite picky with our candles and only like certain, specific scents. If you follow us on social media or have read previous posts you may know that Morrisons Vanilla Sugar candles are our absolute favourite in the history of ever. Our Mum always has them burning in the kitchen, they smell scrumptious and for 1 English pound, they are incredibly hard to beat. So with that being said we very rarely purchase any other candle. We do go through phases though, like last year I bought a few from Michaels craft store at Christmas time because they were Christmassy and I couldn't help myself, but while they did smell rather yummy, they didn't really burn the best and left a lot of waste and back to Morrison's it was. However, when I came across all these cute as can be book themed candles popping up on Instagram, I had to have a little nosy and do my research to find out where they came from. Hello Frostbeard Studio! :) Looking through their website made the book worm in me squeal, I simply love the names of every single one of  their candles and how they instantly put a smile on my face. I also love that the people who make these candles are artists who built their own business and make these delightful candles themselves. How inspiring and awesome is that? They have a studio in Northeast Minneapolis, in the Arts District and they even do open evenings where you can learn about how the candles are made. :)  

Onto my little treat... I thought the box and sticker was adorable when it came, it was all small and compact and I thought it was an extra special touch that they wrote my name on it too! :) Can you guess which candle I picked?...

I, of course, loved all the candles that paid homage to Harry Potter, such as 'Wizardy Buttery Drink'
but  'Reading at the Café' drew me in and got my attention. Just the thought of curling up in a cozy corner of a café, with a cup of coffee and a good book made me grin. In addition to the fact that this candle has a Roasted coffee and Chocolate pastry scent...SOLD!!! :)

So, check for adorable packaging and check for winning names, but how did this candle fair when burning? I have to say that it burns beautifully. I don't think I have ever had a soy candle before, I am assuming that's what makes the flame so big? Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I love it, it truly shines so bright and makes me smile. The scent is wonderful and very strong, something I mentioned earlier, that I can be very picky with, but though powerful, this candle is not overpowering. You can definitely smell a rich coffee and chocolate and it leaves the house smelling incredible. At $16 it's a little expensive for what I would normally want to spend on a candle, but I definitely think I will purchase one again in future for a treat, as I can appreciate the work, love and artistry that has gone in to making it. Furthermore, there is something about this specific candle, 'Reading at the café', that reminds me of Christmas and being home with my family in England, if lighting this candle each day fills the house with these wonderful memories, I think I might just have to stock up now, no matter the cost! :)

Be sure to go and check them out, I think they would make the perfect gift for book lovers this Christmas! :)

Love Lucy xx

Dead and Company!

I remember when my husband first mentioned Grateful Dead to me. He has had a huge influence on my music taste over the past 6 years and is the man behind introducing me to some of my favourite artists. He knows me extremely well and always seems to get it right when knowing I will like a band or musician. However, when he mentioned Grateful Dead, I was a little more weary, thinking to myself, "Chris you know I don't like heavy metal or very screamy music." He simply looked at me and smiled and said "You will love them." "Well ok." I thought. I grew up listening to British Sunday radio, with a Dad who loves Motown, Michael Jackson and such, and a Mum who loves Judy Garland, though I may remember hearing the name before, I had never heard Grateful Dead's music and judging by their name and album art, I always thought it sounded/looked like they would be a very rock n roll/heavy metal band. I look back now and I can't help but laugh, oh how young, oh how naï does explain a lot as to how I'm hopeless with anything referring to 'Dead' or skulls...scary! :p So how does the old saying go? "Never judge a book by it's cover." When Chris played 'Skeletons from the closet: The Best of the Grateful Dead' I smiled back, I immediately loved them and would go on to play that album over and over again on repeat on my drives to and from work for a good three months after.

Fast forward two plus years after that introduction and for our two year wedding anniversary what does Chris surprise me with??? Tickets to see 'Dead and Company' of course. Have I mentioned before how incredibly awesome my husband is? :) One of my favourite things ever is getting to go to shows with him and experience some of our favourite bands and artists together. With Chris being an artist himself he has really taught me to appreciate live music. Needless to say I was extremely excited. We would get to see former members of Grateful Dead Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann, along with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti as they made up 'Dead and Company. We are huge John Mayer fans too, so really how amazing does that line up sound?

Let's jump straight to it. November 13th was a bittersweet day as it was my last day working at Laughter and Lullabies, I was sad to be leaving and rushing away early but eager to get on the road to make it to Columbus Ohio for the show. With a little bit of a late start, traffic jams and cabs no where to be seen, we finally made it to the Nationwide arena, joined the huge crowd still trying to get in at 8:00 pm and eventually got to our seats having only missed maybe 10 minutes of the show. Phew!

The atmosphere in the arena was out of this world. It truly was. The place was packed and everyone was on their feet, swaying, dancing, bobbing their heads and smiling from ear to ear. The 'Deadheads' we were surrounded by were friendly and just so nice, it made me feel so happy and grateful to be a part of this experience with them. There were so many cool people, all ages, all walks of life and for someone who is relatively new to the fan base, I felt at home.

As for the show itself, I run the risk of just typing 'awesome,' phenomenal', 'amazing', 'insane', 'unbelievable', 'out of this world' and 'wow' and nothing but for the next paragraph, as really, it's hard to put into words. I was mesmerized. I just kept thinking how amazing it was to be watching the members of Grateful Dead play live in front of me, to be a part of something so awesome, like a piece of history. In addition, I got lost listening to John Mayer sing and play, my goodness that man is talented, seriously insanely, bloody talented. I kept looking over at Chris like, 'is he for real?' I was in complete awe. And I have to say I could have happily listened to John Mayer and Bob Weirs voices all night.

Preceded by "good vibes for Paris", (recognition of Paris terrorist attacks):
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Brown Eyed Women
Tennessee Jed
Little Red Rooster
Bird Song
Standing on the Moon
Cumberland Blues
Set 2:
Playing in the Band
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Eyes of the World
The Wheel
Black Peter
Good Lovin'
Touch of Grey
The highlights for me were 'Tennessee Jed' and 'Good Lovin' and just about everything else too! :p I would have loved to have heard 'The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)', Truckin, and Sugar Magnolia, as those are some of my favourites but maybe next time! :) The show was beyond amazing and I am so happy that I got to experience it. The energy, the music, the words, the vibes, I won't forget in a hurry. Thank you to my incredibly kick ass husband for surprising me with tickets and for always expanding my imagination when it comes to knowledge, music, life and the world around me. :)

Our awesome Tour shirts! I think we have one for every show we have been to together! :)

What does one do after a Dead and Company show??! Put on their new shirts, eat skittles, drink beer and dance around the hotel room! :p

Have you ever seen Grateful Dead or John Mayer live? Have you been to see Dead and Company on this tour? Let us know, I'd love to hear about your experience! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

Laughter and Lullabies!

Over the past nine months we have been working at Laughter and Lullabies Daycare, which is conveniently located in our apartment complex. This is the first childcare job we have had in the US. We worked with children back home in England for eight years whilst we were pursuing our wrestling dreams and then again every time we were home for a decent amount of time. Needless to say, working with children here in KY made us feel more at home and like we were a little more settled, even the walk to work reminded us of days walking to and from schools in our little town of Stockport.

Alas today is our last day at Laughter and Lullabies Daycare, as soon, we will be heading back to Stockport for a few months (which we are super excited for) and upon our return we are looking to possibly move States...Florida seems to be calling our names again, we will keep you posted! As much as we are looking forward to these changes and the new adventures that await, we are going to be sad to say goodbye to Laughter and Lullabies and the wonderful staff there. Working with children, whilst extremely rewarding, definitely has it's moments. We have learnt, laughed, grown and had the odd cry with these ladies and can safely say, work wouldn't have been the same without them! They are an awesome bunch of people whom we are so happy to have met and had the privilege of working with and to call friends. :)

All dressed for Superhero party day!

When you work with children every day is different, you have no idea what moods they are going to be in or what milestones they are going to hit or achieve that day. It makes it fun and interesting and like we said before, extremely rewarding. There is nothing quite like witnessing a baby take their first steps or eat solid food for the first time or seeing a four year old write their name and remember that a 3-D Pyramid has a square base while a cone has a circle base!

In recent years we have been used to school age children, so there was a lot to get used to at daycare during the first few weeks, diapers, bottles, potty training, energetic two year olds, it's definitely been a learning experience for us. It has also been a time where we have said things on a daily basis that one would never expect to say at work and that have made us turn to our co-workers and laugh at/with each other through the sheer hilarity of not quite believing the words that just came out of our mouths. Here we have compiled a list for your reading pleasure of some of those sentences courtesy of the Preschoolers. We must say thank you to the children for the giggles, laughs and entertainment. We have to admit that even when we are completely worn out at the end of the day, they have all impacted our lives and have given us memories to treasure, stories to share and filled our hearts with that much more joy. Ahem...

"Please don't eat the mulch!"

"Why is there mulch in your pants?"

"Get his foot out of your mouth!"

"Please don't lick your shoe!"

"Stop lounging on the toilet, you are not in the bath!"

"You are walking up the stairs, not climbing Mount Everest!" 

"Get your head out of the toilet"

"Get your feet out of the toilet"

"Do not draw on your legs with that marker"

"No, it's glue! Don't lick it!"

"Why are you putting your Broccoli in your milk?"

"Fish is in fish sticks, not chicken."

The babies aren't without their funny moments too! Here are some sentences you may hear on a daily basis from the baby room:

"We do not eat our friends!"

"Please do not lick the fridge."

"Careful, don't sit on his head."

"We don't eat books, we read them."

"Eeek, please don't pull my pants down."
- The joys of wearing scrubs whilst babies are learning to pull themselves up on everything eager to walk! :p

Hope these made you giggle and gave you a little insight into our daily lives at work. We would like to thank all the children again for filling the past nine months with lots of wonderful moments, as well as the parents and staff at Laughter and Lullabies. We will miss you all and have enjoyed watching your children grow and working alongside you (respectively) :)

If you live in Louisville and are looking for an amazing daycare, we highly recommend Laughter and Lullabies, the staff is beyond wonderful and each day is filled with so much laughter, creativity and love. :)

Lots of Love
Lucy and Kelly 

Welcome Back GC!

Welcome back GC and boy are we happy to see you! :)

Whilst waking up this morning (Saturday) and finally playing Good Charlotte's new single "Makeshift Love," after hearing about it all week, we were inspired to write this blog! We've mentioned them before in our "Life's full of Inspiration" post, but upon listening to this song, we knew another blog was in order. Yep one Tweet or Facebook post was clearly not going to be enough to explain the feelings and emotions we had whilst listening to it!

First lets start at the beginning! :) One fateful day back in 2002, we were sat watching the music channels on TV and came across a song called "Lifestyles of the rich and famous." What drew us to the video at first was the fact that the more we watched the more our "Twintuition" kicked in and we were thinking, "Those two are twins!" Surely enough as the song became stuck in our heads and we did more research, we found out that they were indeed twins by the names of Benji and Joel Madden and along with Billy Martin and Paul Thomas they were known as Good Charlotte! The rest as they say is history!
Old school Good Charlotte.

Over the next 7 - 8 years we were obsessed! They were our everything, they even surpassed wrestling for a little while during the years Jeff Hardy was absent from WWE. We wanted to be in a band, we wanted tattoos, we wanted to play Guitar and I (Kelly) even got my very own drum kit! During our High School years we blasted their albums from our bedrooms every morning while getting ready, much to our Mum and Dad's delight. "The Anthem" was our, well, Anthem to life! We wore our MADE hoodies EVERYWHERE and our textile projects for our GCSE's in our last year of school, were Good Charlotte themed. To this day we are still very proud of our handmade giant cube and wall hanging!

In all seriousness though, while our Mum and Dad may not have been that impressed with the not going to college message that Good Charlotte seared into our brains from a young age, we really do believe that they gave us a quiet confidence to follow our dreams. Yes, they may have been behind a few of the arguments we had with our parents and also the reason we wore nothing but black throughout our teen years, but we were never too angry or nasty to our parents, we just knew what we wanted to do with our lives and with Good Charlotte's backing we were going to do it! We were shy and kept ourselves to ourselves at school and were probably the last people on earth that teachers and friends would have thought would go on to do what we did with wrestling. As much as we believe that we all have the ability to make our dreams happen, we also feel like people come into your life at the right time and that you are drawn to people with the same beliefs and work ethic as you. Whilst we may have just been teenagers back then, Good Charlotte bought out of us the determined side that would be damned if anyone was going to tell us we weren't going to do something. You may think that's a lot to pin on a band and that we had it in ourselves all a long, which yes there was obviously parts of us that were programmed that way already, but they gave us the confidence to keep believing, they really did!

Later on as we got more involved in our wrestling dreams, we didn't keep as up to date with the bands latest albums or what was going on on their website, ( FYI: our favourite GC site was Get Down with GC, run by Meg from She puts her makeup on! we are still in touch with Meg to this day and she is awesome! :) ) but when asked, they were still always mentioned as one of our favourite bands. Some music and people come and go in your life but they definitely were more than just a "phase" in our lives. They played an incredibly important role in directing it. We still listened to our Mum and eventually went to college, but we also pursued our wrestling and had a crazy, wonderful 9 years living out a dream!

In the last year we have kept up to date a little more and have seen what Benji and Joel have been up to. We were so pleased seeing them on The Voice Australia and when they came out with "Greetings from California." It felt to us like they were showing people that they were more than just two guys who used to talk about being "Rich and Famous" in a pop/punk band, it showed the world the business side of Benji and Joel, who weren't going disappear from the limelight or just be in the spotlight because of their famous wives. "Greetings from California" was a whole new sound that made you realize just how talented they are musically, as well as how smart they are with keeping up with musical trends and what is popular today. When we first heard "We are done" it gave us goosebumps and we were smiling from ear to ear with how awesome it was and yet how different it sounded from Good Charlotte. It was a definite summer anthem and proof that no matter what, Benji and Joel can not put out an album that we do not like!

This of course brings us to Good Charlotte's return and "Makeshift love" and the reason we had to ramble away and discuss all this. That reason is simply because they are AWESOME!!  The minute the song started to play we smiled again at the talent the group has among them! Whilst The Madden Brothers "Greetings from California" was a new sound for Benji and Joel, "Makeshift love" is classic Good Charlotte, a sound that makes our hearts happy, brings back great memories, makes us want to dig out our MADE hoodies and gives us goosebumps for how much people can truly impact your lives!
Some say we are all just human and that we shouldn't have to put certain people on pedestals, just because they are famous, when we are all capable of greatness, famous or not. We say embrace those who you look up to, be inspired by them, if they can bring out a confidence in you, help you become the person you were destined to be or even if they simply just make you smile, sing at the top of your voice and enjoy life to the fullest, then put them on the highest pedestal possible and say thank you for the joy they bring. Life is for love and for being grateful for what makes you happy and what you have. Enjoy those things and go around spreading smiles because of them! :)

So to Good Charlotte we say thank you for inspiring up to follow our hearts and to never give up. Thank you for making our teen years awesome and thank you for all the kick ass memories we have of seeing you live and... WELCOME BACK!!!! :)

Have a great day!
Lucy and Kelly

Makeup Monday: Champagne Glow Review! :)

I have been super excited about the launch of this Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill palette. At first I thought to myself that I really didn't need a highlighter palette, as my Champagne Pop is more than enough for me and will probably last me quite a long time, then when they revealed what was inside the palette I simply just couldn't resist. I had heard a few people had got their palettes early but my Sephora's didn't have them when I checked the weekend prior to it's set release date on November 30th, so this past weekend I giddily walked into Sephora at JC Penney only to find that strangely enough they didn't have it then either. Then I popped into the big Sephora at Oxmoor also to find it nowhere it sight, insert sad face. However, when I went to ask one of the ladies working there I suddenly felt like I was a part of this super secret club. She was incredibly sweet and friendly and took me to the secret stash at the front of the store. She explained that they were keeping them in a drawer as they were going to sell out fast. I had a lovely chat with the girls behind the checkout, who were all excited about the palette too, and I skipped back to the car, Champagne Glow in hand! :p 

I have to say that the packaging is rather stunning and is definitely part of the reason I was suckered in. It's very elegant and I love everything about the gold!

Doesn't it look so pretty?! :) I am a huge, huge fan of 'Champagne Pop', in actual fact it is probably one of my most used and favourite products in my makeup collection, so I loved the idea of having a backup, which is new for me as I'm not normally like that, but it really is just that gorgeous. :) The white shade 'Pearl' I had heard so many great things about and the 'Bronzed Copper' is the one that I was most eager to try and play with as I don't have anything like it. 

These three highlighters swatch beautifully, they are so incredibly smooth, blendable and pigmented and simply give the perfect, most gorgeous amount of glow. Of course, I already adore 'Champagne Pop' but this past weekend I tried a look using 'Blushed Copper' as an all over lid and 'Pearl' as an inner corner highlight and I loved it. The colours are just so incredibly pretty and the blushed copper seemed so elegant on the lid. I can't wait to see what other sorts of looks I can create. I have already seen quite a few through Instagram and they seem absolutely perfect for this time of year. You know you want to glow throughout the festive season and most definitely bring in New Year with a bit of Champagne and...what do they say "Bang"?...well in this case we're going to go with POP! :p

I think the palette is definitely worth $34, the amount you get of each shade is considerably smaller than if you were to buy one shade individually, but the palette gives you 7.20g of product all together and you get to try three different shades, to which a little goes a long way with all of them. An individual highlighter would give you 8g of just one shade at $38. So overall, I would highly recommend this palette, especially if you are looking to see which highlighter you like best or what suits you, it's a great value for money! :) Furthermore, I imagine this palette will last me a long time and I can even mix and match the shades to create new colours! :) Win all around!

Happy Monday!
Love Lucy xx

Hot Topic: Confidence!

Kelly and I will readily admit, and often joke about the fact, that we are not exactly fashionistas and much prefer wearing our pajama pants and jumpers above all else. Our closets are very minimal and simple. We like to give stuff to Goodwill if we are buying new stuff and therefore we always know what's in our wardrobe and that we are putting things to use. We don't like to be wasteful. We also tend to wear items for years and years and years before its either really worn out, we don't feel comfortable in it anymore or it's not really our style anymore. At times this routine can sometimes get boring and often lead to me standing in front of my wardrobe, moaning at my husband that I don't know what to wear and...literally... have nothing to wear! :p It's not that I don't try, I love clothes and I enjoy seeing pictures of the latest trends or girls all dressed up glam or with cute signature styles and I have to be honest, I envy them a little. I will admit that I want to have a style, I want to be able to dress for any occasion in a heartbeat and I want to feel put together. My last attempt at putting together an outfit got me thinking and I realized it all came down to one thing...CONFIDENCE.

I remember the days of being blissfully naïve to the world around me, when a wrestling shirt was all I needed and the same pair of baggy green cargo pants were my daily attire. I remember Dad wanting us to dress nicer. I remember wearing one of my Mum's simple red and white, slightly more fitted, t-shirts for an own clothes day once at school and feeling so incredibly uncomfortable, that at 16 years of age on my last day of high school, I quite happily returned back to wearing my Jeff Hardy t-shirt, my favourite green pants and my MADE hoodie. I felt a little pressure when we went to family functions and knew that society didn't seem to take to teens being dressed like such, but I didn't overthink it. I was happy, comfortable and most importantly loved and felt content with said outfits. Oh the simple life! :p

Throughout the rest of my teen years I'm pretty certain that my outfit choices didn't change that drastically. Though when we got into wrestling and started making more friends and just generally getting older, suddenly our brains kicked in a little and we were more aware of what we wanted to wear and that we wanted to look a little more girly. I think this was when the bubble burst and I welcomed insecurity with open arms...well not exactly, but it was more than ready to welcome me! :p All of a sudden I was more conscious of society, more conscious of wanting to look presentable. It wasn't exactly a bad thing, as I am quite the happy, bubbly person, so it was somewhat of a natural fit to want to wear bright colours and I seemed to be drawn to floaty dresses, but that doesn't mean to say that I didn't second guess myself or feel really anxious every time I  wore them. I would get scared of people looking at me, the attention it might get, because in the back of my mind I was stepping out of my comfort zone and I thought everyone could see that and knew that too. In retrospect it's not so much what people would think of my actual outfit, it's more the psychological battle in my head! :p

Throughout our wrestling careers I felt like there was always this pressure to dress 'sexy', to be 'sexy' and glam and though I adore looking at pictures of stylish girls, outfit ideas, glam sophisticated women, and I admire them so much, it's not a natural fit for me. Putting together outfits out of my comfort zone makes me nervous. I would have been quite happy walking around in leggings, fluffy socks and a cozy sweater! :p Though I know that would have been deemed inappropriate attire, when addressing 8000 people in the Manchester Arena, i'm sure! :p I'm not saying I don't love dresses and getting dressed up, it's just that I actually often wonder what it would feel like to put on a killer outfit and leave the house with out all the steps in between of wondering if I look ok and feeling anxious and nervous. Anyone else get anxious when they have to dress up? It seems to come with the territory for me.

However, I feel like in recent months I have been finding myself again, away from the wrestling business, being a married women, it's like I'm figuring out what I feel awesome in, figuring out what makes me happy and confident and not either succumbing to pressures of society or the fear in my brain that I'm not doing it right or that I can't wear this or that. I have been setting myself little goals as of late, such as, organizing my wardrobe into clothes that go together, to save me overthinking if I have to throw something together quickly, and buying pieces that I truly love and can picture mix and matching with other items I own. In addition, I have been getting inspired by the likes of Amanda Ensing and want to work on allowing the confident/believing in myself part of me to shine through a whole lot more. I feel like it is a waste of time to not wear what you want to wear and not to try styles and looks that you like because you think it won't look good on you. Life is short, I want to step out of my comfort zone more and be the person I see in my head. Furthermore, and sort of on the other hand, I am learning to not feel pressured by society and what others deem as put together and sexy, etc. I think we should treat everyone we meet with respect whether they are wearing sweat pants or a fitted dress. We should look at the person behind the style instead of judging them or putting them into a 'what type of person' they are category, based on what clothes they are wearing.

I do have to say that clothes are just material items, they don't define who you are as a person and what is in your heart but we all know that sometimes when you put on your favourite outfit and when you wear your hair how you like it, with your best makeup or no makeup, that you can at often times feel ready to rule the day! :) So here's to finding those outfits and having the confidence to try new things, step outside your comfort zone and not letting fear or anxiety stop you having fun and enjoying all of life's little pleasures.

Speaking of little pleasures, Kelly and I recently came across a website called Human, who do the most awesome Jumpers, we quite literally could just purchase a jumper for the 365 days of the year and be good to go...not even kidding! :p Like I mentioned above, a pair of comfy leggings and a t-shirt is an outfit that I am quite happy and confident in, so for now I'm just going to run with it, especially as it's the perfect outfit for this time of year! :)

Here are some of our favourite Jumpers from their site that we simply couldn't resist!! Perfect for Kelly and I!

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

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Remember, Remember The Fifth of November!

Bonfire night, Bonfire night, all the angels dressed in white,
One with an arrow, one with a bow,
One with a pimple on his toe.

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night, as it's also known, is a British celebration that happens every 5th November. We celebrate the failed plot to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605. A man named Guy Fawkes came up with what we call "The Gunpowder plot." He, along with a group of his friends, put 36 barrels of Gunpowder in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament in London, in order to blow up King James 1 and his government! Back then England was a protestant country and Guy Fawkes and his men were Catholic, they believed that by getting rid of the King, they could return England to a country of Catholic faith. The plan was discovered after one of Guy Fawkes' men had sent a letter to a friend, who worked in the Houses of Parliament, telling him to stay away from there on 5th November. The Kings men got hold of the letter, which led them down to the cellars to arrest Guy Fawkes and his group, ensuring that this awful explosion never took place!

How to celebrate!

We celebrate by spending the evening around a Bonfire, letting off fireworks and eating treacle toffee and toffee apples! A lot of pubs or rugby clubs back home will do huge Bonfires that you can just go to, meet friends and hang out. They are very popular! When we were growing up, Mum and Dad used to take us out to these places and we loved watching the roaring bonfires and seeing everyone chatting and having a good time. It was always the time of year that our Nanna Knott would make us sticky, jet black treacle toffee, that we would get so excited about, yet we never actually knew how to go about eating it! One year mum even bought us the Candy apples that have the red, crystal like, sticky sugar all over them, we remember this vividly to this day because Mum did not know how to feed them to us and we could tell she wasn't so sure about all the sugar. She ended up putting them in the oven to "soften." ahh memories! Alas, as we got a little older, Bonfire Night became a night where Dad would bring home awful but fun fireworks to let off in the back garden, we would shriek with glee and run around outside with sparklers and our excitement would double when Grandad gave mum a bag of chestnuts to cook! To this day, Chestnuts remind us of 5th November and bring back, warm, happy, comforting memories!! :)

Treacle toffee!
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Here we have compiled a list of our "Bonfire Night essentials" for spending the night in the comfort of your own home!
  • Build your own bonfire, if you so wish! It can be rather dangerous though, so make sure you have someone who is quite confident at building fires and keep pets locked inside and children a good distance away!
  • Buy some fun fireworks to enjoy with your family!
  • Make sure you have sparklers and proceed to have fun writing your name, drawing hearts in the air or pretending you're a wizard...harry. Ahem..
  • Buy a pack of Chestnuts, roast chestnuts and consume!
  • Treat yourself to some treacle toffee if you can figure out how to eat it and a candy apple!
  • You may also sip on hot chocolate with extra whipped cream as you stand round your Bonfire..well done if you've been brave enough to make one of your own, or as you watch the fireworks! 

To all our British readers, be safe tomorrow and have a wonderful Bonfire Night! For those who don't celebrate this day,we hope you've enjoyed our little history lesson! :)

Lucy and Kelly

You know you're Italian when...

People often say that as you get older you can end up sounding or acting like your mother...