Halloween over the years!

We have to admit that Halloween isn't our be all and end all holiday. We enjoy it and most definitely love the pumpkins, candy and cute dressing up, but we will happily skip the haunted houses, terrifying zombie costumes and scary movies. If that's your thing, we salute you, you brave, brave souls. Growing up we remember it not being a huge deal, it seemed every year without fail we were running round the house trying to find a hat or a broomstick or throwing a sheet over ourselves quickly, so we could go and join the neighborhood kids in Trick or Treating. Trick or Treating consisted of walking to a few houses on our road that Mum had said we were allowed to go to. Alas, at the ripe age of 13, we visited New York to see our family and were set to be there for Halloween. Our Mum's cousin wanted to show us how the American's did it and for us to have some fun. We had an absolute blast going to the Halloween costume, decorations, supplies, candy and everything else you may possible need for Halloween store. To us it was amazing. We really wanted out little sister to be a boiled egg but she wouldn't have it! :p
Here in lies our first picture down memory lane, yes we basically chose the biggest, baggiest, witches cloaks we could find...what can we say? We were going through somewhat of a Pop Punk/Wrestling thing, where if it wasn't black or a wrestling shirt then it wasn't going in our cupboard!!

NYC circa 2003!
With our Auntie Elvira, Mum's cousin Mike and the first Pumpkin we ever carved...yes you read that right and naturally we were representing The Hardy Boyz!

NYC circa 2003!
The awesome witch in the middle is Mum's cousin Diane!

After that fateful Halloween in New York, we quite enjoyed the idea of dressing up more and Mum's cousin would send us parcels each year filled with Halloween treats. Our porch would be the only one on the street fully decorated with window stickers, props and pumpkins. So when we came to Louisville 6 years ago, we were rather looking forward to the Halloween festivities. We have had a lot of fun choosing our costumes over the years, so lets continue with the pictures shall we? :)

Kentucky 2009!
Our first taste of a crazy Halloween party with our new American friends!
Kelly = the diner waitress and Lucy = the slice of pie!
Chris is in the middle dressed as another wrestler known as Fang!

Dorothy and Alice in wonderland!
We were still working on our make up here, we definitely didn't know who Jaclyn Hill was back then, and as for the bright blonde hair...don't ask! :p


Back to our roots...almost with our brown hair!
Kelly attempting a 60's look while Lucy is Sailor Jupiter!

Is this just not the best one yet!!!??? We just couldn't resist these PowerPuff Girl costumes especially not when they came with these AWESOME glasses! We took pictures with fans at OVW dressed like this and it still makes us laugh so much looking back! Although we still could have done with the wigs! A taste of childhood indeed!

So there you have it, our Halloween costumes of the past! We skipped 2012 as we were in England that year and we think we just spent Halloween making treats with our younger cousins, ooh we also made an awesome Hello Kitty pumpkin with our little sister that year too! :)

Pretty sweet right?? :)

Hope you all have a very Happy and safe Halloween! Feel free to send us pictures of your costumes or Pumpkins, we would love to see them! :)

Lucy and Kelly

An interview with the awesome Serena Deeb! :)

We are so excited to share with you today an interview with the wonderful Serena Deeb. For those of you who may not know who Serena is, she is a former professional wrestler, she has worked for every major wrestling company in the world including ROH, TNA, SMASH in Japan and of course the WWE, where she was a part of the Straight edge society alongside CM Punk. We first started watching Serena when we moved to Louisville to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling, everyone would tell us to study her, as regardless of gender, she was one of the best. So study her we did and we soon found ourselves in awe of her style and wanted to be just like her! We loved everything about her character, the way she moved in the ring, her outfits, the way she acted, just everything, she quickly became our absolute favourite. Unfortunately, we never actually got to wrestle Serena, but she is the answer to all those "who would your dream match be against?" questions that we get asked. Never say never! ;) We have been lucky enough to meet Serena a few times, when she has made visits back to Louisville, and outside of the ring she is just as, if not even more, awesome. How is that possible? Read the interview below and you will see. :) We love her outlook on life and who she embodies as a person, she truly is beautiful both on the inside and out! We couldn't be more excited that we get to bring you this interview today and we hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much to Serena for taking the time to answer these questions, we absolutely adored reading your answers and continue to be inspired by you!

1) You currently live in California, it is such an awesome place and one of the coolest cities, do you have a favourite hang out spot?

I absolutely love Venice. I have lived in and traveled to many places and I have never found a place that inspires me like Venice does. There is a culture of art, music, yoga, etc. that is so incredibly unique, diverse and fun. I always meet interesting characters when in Venice and I love hearing people’s stories and what brought them here. LA is a huge city but there is a collective weirdness in Venice that I believe connects people on a deeper level.

2) What/who got you into yoga?

My lovely friend, Angela Fong, gave me a Groupon for a hot yoga studio in Tampa. I’ll never forget my first class; dripping with sweat, couldn’t breathe, thinking, “What the hell is this?” I spoke to my teacher after class and he encouraged me to come back the following day…and I did. I went back for 30 days straight and completed my first 30-Day Challenge (I have since done several of these just to personally challenge myself). I was hooked on hot yoga, specifically the Bikram series, for several years. When I moved to Los Angeles, I began experimenting with other forms of yoga, excitedly traveling with my mat to different studios in the city. I really fell in love with Yin, which is a restorative practice that just softens and heals your entire body. I have since acquired a position as writer/editor with “LA Yoga Magazine” and it has allowed me to continue this exploration. I love yoga and I love writing; now I get to combine the two. I believe that initially I was physically drawn to yoga; it helped my body feel better after the abuse I did to it through pro wrestling. As my practice deepened, I began experiencing the mental benefits. I felt serene. Today, my most blissful moments are on my yoga mat. It is truly my passion and one that I will keep close to my life forever.

3) You have travelled the world as a professional wrestler and made many a trip to Japan. What do you enjoy most about Japanese culture?

There is a sense of respect and kindness there that is not found in many places anymore. I met this beautiful Japanese family once in Odaiba and spent hours at their family-owned waterfront café, conversing with them about their lives. They fed me dinner and as the sun went down and it became chilly, the mother rushed off and returned 10 minutes later with a beautiful handmade scarf as a gift to me to stay warm. I missed my train home and the mother drove me all the way back to my dojo. They were the kindest of people. I hope to be able to pay them a visit sometime in the future. This would be unheard of in many places, but in Japan it is quite normal. Kindness is the most beautiful part of our world.

4) What got you into wrestling and when did you decide you wanted to become a wrestler?

I grew up a huge tomboy, being the only girl in my neighborhood. I remember one summer spent at our neighborhood pool when the only topic of discussion was WWF. I had to find out why they were so obsessed, so I joined my friends to watch a pay-per-view. I was 12 years old. I was hooked instantly and I quickly became the most obsessed of all my friends. My mom still recounts when, at age 12, I told her I was going to be a pro wrestler when I grew up. I was pretty strictly a WWF girl and Chyna was my hero. Once I got a little bit older, I began researching wrestling schools and I decided on Ohio Valley Wrestling when I was only 16 years old. I moved to Louisville when I was 18. The rest is history.

5) Growing up a wrestling fan who was your favourite?

At the time I started watching, I was extremely obsessed with DX. Once I started going back and watching older wrestling, Mr. Perfect was my #1.

6) When you got into the wrestling business, who was your biggest influence?

Rip Rogers. I am forever indebted to Rip as a coach and a mentor. He taught me how to be a great wrestler and his teachings are timeless. I humbly consider him the best trainer in the entire industry.


Mickie James. Mickie was ‘Alexis Laree’ at OVW when I first met her. She was also a Virginia girl who wrestled better than most of the guys. I looked up to her so much and aspired to move in the ring just like she did. She started calling me her protégé and took me under her wing, helping me immensely during her time at OVW. Fast-forward to 2015 and I got to wrestle Mickie on TV in one of my last matches. It was a great example of things moving full circle and I am deeply grateful for that. Mickie never grew an ego and she always treated people well; that is what I most respect about her.

7) Through wrestling we learned a lot about ourselves both inside and outside the ring, what did wrestling teach you about life and yourself?

One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes reads: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Sure, I receive compliments about specific matches and moments across my career, but the most common thread of compliments I have been paid have been things such as, “You were so nice to me when I first started,” or “I had a tryout with WWE in 2010 and you made me feel very welcome.”  Those sentiments mean more to me than anything because I always felt an enormous desire to be kind to people, especially considering how cruel wrestling can be. I have never subscribed to hierarchy or certain individuals believing they are better than others. I maintain widespread kindness and will always do so in my life. My experiences with unkind people in wrestling actually caused me to become even more compassionate. I learned that darkness can be our greatest teacher. For me personally, no amount of millions of dollars could ever tempt me to do something awful to another human being. I truthfully realized that I did not fit into wrestling in many ways in these respects. I achieved my childhood dream due to hard work, while staying good to people in the process. And, you know…I can always be proud of who I see in the mirror because of this.

8) How did you celebrate your WrestleMania moment?

An unforgettable moment for me was before the fans came in and the arena was totally empty, I found a secret spot by myself between some curtains and I just looked around the arena as my heart pounded. I felt so much gratitude, and still do. I’ll never forget it.

9) We are huge bookworms and are always talking about books on the blog. What is your favourite book?

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

10) We love baking and are big foodies, what is your favourite sweet treat and do you have a must visit place in California for the best dessert?

I am a sucker for the chocolate/peanut butter combination. I think it’s fair to say that Reese’s cups have the lifetime #1 spot secured. Also, Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream. There are lots of great spots in LA but I am happiest hitting the grocery store for the aforementioned and lounging at home with my sweets ;-).

Dream big!

Lucy and Kelly xx

Our Top 10 favourite Instagram accounts! :)

We would have to say that we think Instagram is probably our favourite social networking platform. We simply love pictures. We are big into scrapbooking and love having photos adorning the walls of our apartments. We adore that pictures can capture wonderful family/friend moments and take you back to that time and place years down the line. We love that pictures can inspire you, being it a makeup look, outfit or actual art. We get giddy over seeing bright coloured, cute, pretty pictures every single day. It's fun to see the creative minds behind photos. No longer do we just snap away but we feel now even taking a simple picture of an object has become an art project. It's exciting to us and we have really loved learning, evolving and thinking about how we take pictures for this blog and even every day! :)
Photo from google images!

Today we thought we would share our Top 10 Favourite Instagram accounts, that we just can't get enough of! :) (In no particular order) All pictures are from their actual accounts, click on their names and go follow them! :) 

We recently came across this delightful account and simply adore it. How cute is this mug? They cover all our pretty book needs and always manage to whisk us away to our dream book worlds. :) 

Ro is one of our favourite YouTuber's and we love seeing pictures of all her creations. Her pictures are always so fun and will make you feel inspired to get in the kitchen and bake, bake, bake!! :) 

LOOK at this picture...look at it!! Goodness, it's just beautiful. We adore Ursula's pictures,they capture our love of books so much and just give us this overwhelming sense of happiness. If you are a book lover, you must take a look at her Instagram! :) 

We challenge anyone to watch The Longest Ride and not fall in love with Scott Eastwood! We certainly did! Apart from just seeing his gorgeous face every time he uploads a photo though, you get to see his fun, outgoing, lover of life personality which we find very inspiring and very sweet. 

We went to High school with this gorgeous lady and couldn't quite believe it when we saw all her pin up photos! Back in school we loved a lot of the same things, namely Johnny Depp and Busted, so when we left and hadn't been in touch for a while it was funny to see that we had also developed a love for all things 50's and pin up! It makes us smile seeing the stunning photos that she has and we definitely recommend you take a look! :) 

It was only recently we came across this account, but every morning it makes our mouths water when delicious images like this appear in front of our eyes! Giada is Italian, so it also means we get a quick Italian lesson as we attempt to translate the descriptions! A foodies paradise for sure! :) 

Amanda Ensing is beautiful inside and out. She is always on point with her style and of course her makeup. We can't help feel a sense of confidence when looking at her pictures. Definitely gives us a boost of girl power and being happy with yourself and who you are. :) 

This is one place that we feel a strong connection with and is at the top of our Must Visit list. Our childhood was filled with these amazing treats thanks to our Grandad's trips back home to Italy. They fill our hearts with so much love and happiness and every time we scroll through our Instagrams and see their pictures we cant help but smile from ear to ear. :) 

So he may be our favourite brother (our one and only) but we promise we are not being biased. Chris is awesome if you are looking for a little daily motivation, be it with your workouts, diet and nutrition or just your daily life. He is often funny to boot too and will make you laugh, we guarantee! :) 

Does this picture need justifying with words...we didn't think so! :p We love the people over at Team C Evans for enriching our lives with the ever gorgeous and always lovely Chris Evans! :) 

We hope you enjoyed this little favourites list and that you take a look at some of these accounts yourselves. Please let us know of any accounts you think we may like in the comments below!

Have a happy Monday!
Lucy and Kelly

'Books are my Reality' Book Tag! :)

There is nothing we love more than snuggling up with a mug of coffee/tea in our hands and settling down to read a good book! We love the feeling of being absorbed in these other worlds that have been created by so many wonderful authors! Nothing quite beats a book that takes you away from the real world for a few hours, where you can picture every little detail and imagine chatting to the characters, some even long after you have finished their stories in the book!
Inspired by some of the amazing books we have been reading lately, we came up with a little 'Blogger Book Tag', one, so we could have some fun and play around answering them and thinking about some of our favourite worlds ourselves, and two, so we could enjoy reading your answers and   allow ourselves to dive into the worlds you love and maybe even add to our ever growing book lists! We hope you enjoy! :)

1) My fictional boyfriend is...

Lucy: Ooh that's a tricky one. I have read so many romance novels lately and adored all the men in them. I have a soft spot for Tanner, Cole and Sam from Jill Shalvis' books, 'One in a million,' 'He's so fine' and 'It's in his kiss' respectively. They are the perfect amount of rugged and sweet for me. Hmm, and Levi Cooper from Kristin Higgins 'The perfect Match', yep this is a tricky one. Oh and the gorgeous Ridge from Rebecca Raisin's 'The bookshop on the corner' I adore a guy who can write and who loves to read too. Eek and how can I forget Henry from Holly Martin's 'Christmas at Lilac Cottage', again the perfect amount of sexy, yes please and aww how lovely! :p And I have to say that Sal Paradise from Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road' would make the list. Uh for the sense of adventure, the mind, the experience, the boyish free spirit and the need he has to write and see the world.

Kelly: I like how we came up with questions but are now like "This is so hard." I have read so many book that I could think of a million book boyfriends that are so dreamy, but right at this moment, partly because it's so fresh in my mind, but mostly because I am still swooning, I am going to have to say Harry from Jenny Oliver's "Four weddings and a white Christmas" He just seemed so sexy in his own way, not a chiseled Greek god and a little bit grumpy, yet there is just something about him. He is a chef and the way he loves to cook and works so hard is very appealing! He is also handsome and great with kids! :)

2) I live....

Lucy: Hands down Ashford, home of the Gingerbread café and The Bookshop on the corner. What more could you need? I would spend forever in the bookshop and curl up by the fire in the Gingerbread café blogging, reading and writing away.

Kelly: Hmm can I cheat? I live in Ashford, go on Vacation to White Cliff Bay and spend some weekends with friends on Cherry Pie Island!! Haha I have to have something to do with all those places! I do think I am going to have to go with Luc on this one, as far as my home though, as Ashford has become a little slice of comfort. Spending my evenings drinking Lil's gingerbread hot chocolates and reading a book I just bought from Sarah's Bookshop on the corner by the fire sounds perfect!

3) My best friend is...

Lucy: Just for kicks I would love my best friend to be Dean Moriarty, from Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road' I would adore sitting and talking about anything and everything, exploring the world with someone who has an abundance of enthusiasm for everything around them. Granted things might get a little crazy, but the idea of seeing the world through his eyes and having someone around who lives life to the fullest, who loves words and knowledge and gets excited over the little things would be amazing. I feel like a would learn so much about myself and the world.

Kelly: Oooh Ron Weasley!! I would love to have a friend like Ron, Hermione too! I could talk books and educational stuff with Hermione and then play wizards chess and Quidditch with Ron. I would get to spend time at The Burrow and eat Mrs. Weasley's delicious food and every Christmas I would get a brand new jumper! :)

4) My job is....

Lucy: This would probably have to be a toss between working in 'Once upon a time' from 'The Little Bookshop on the Seine', or 'The Gingerbread Café' from the book with the same name. I think working in a little bookshop with so much character, cozy fire places, tons of cute rooms and little nooks, filled with rich history and working with people who all adore reading and writing, would be absolute heaven. As for The Gingerbread Café, getting to wake up each day and bake and make people happy through food would be a dream come true! :)

Kelly: I'm going to have to say that working in "The Gingerbread Café" or "The Bookshop on the corner" would be pretty awesome, I love the idea of being able to help people find their perfect book and being surrounded by books all day would be lovely. Baking everyday to make people happy and being somewhere that smells like Gingerbread all day would be heaven! Just for something different though I am going to say, because I found it very interesting, that I am an Ice Carver like Penny from "Christmas at Lilac Cottage." The idea of being able to create something beautiful with Ice and surprise people is very appealing!

5) I keep hearing about these amazing sweet treats, I must get my hands on some...

Lucy: I'll take one of everything off the Hogwarts Express Trolley please, oh and one of everything in Honeydukes please! :) Every single sweet treat J.K Rowling writes about in the Harry Potter books sounds amazing and I have to say that I have been very impressed with the selection that has hit all the Warner Brothers stores. Back home at the WB Studio tour in London, you can get Butterbeer and all kinds of sweets, that I think are available in Universal studios too, I think they are all the same anywhere you find them! I have tried a chocolate frog before and it was delicious, I wasn't expecting the actual chocolate to be very good but it was awesome! :)  I felt like I needed to stock up for when I'm sick! ;)

Kelly: Ooh that sounds like a plan to me, I would love to try everything in the world of Harry Potter,  I know you can get a lot of stuff nowadays but Pumpkin Pasties are still something I want to try! I think the biggest thing I would like to be honest, is to be sat in the great hall when all that food just appears!!! Magic indeed!! :)

6) If I could be one character for a whole day, I would be....

Lucy: Oh this is another tricky one. I would love to be Hermione as I adore her knowledge for learning and I would love to explore the Hogwarts library and get to go to class and learn all sorts about the history of magic and spells and potions. And I mean how cool would it be to spend a day at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade hanging out with Harry and Ron??! :) On the other hand, I love the likes of Angela from Lindsey Kelk's 'I heart' series. The fact that she got out of a bad situation my fleeing to New York and then created a pretty kick ass life for herself in the 'Big Apple' is awesome to me. I love that she is quirky and not 100% put together, she's cool and has a really great job being creative working at a magazine, all things I love about her. Ooh and she has a fantastic best friend in Jenny, who is awesome with makeup and fashion. Eeek but I do have to say that I think one of my favourite characters of all time would be Sarah from 'The Bookshop on the Corner' so I might just have to choose her! :p

Kelly: Ooh I am going to pick Jessica Beam from Kirsty Greenwood's "The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance" because I would love to have a day where I am just carefree about everything and only worried about a good party and having fun! She is completely different to me in real life, apart from the fact that she writes. She has a confidence about her and isn't afraid to be herself. I love that about her and her attitude in general. I think I could learn a few things about not taking life too seriously, having fun and being totally confident in who I am! :)

We hope you enjoyed reading our answers and thought about what your answers would be along the way because...

We tag:

Natasha, Alex and Lindsey from http://www.bookbaristas.org/ 

And all of you guys! :) If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below! :)

If you haven't read some of the books we have mention and want to see why we love them so much, you can find them all here!

Have an awesome Friday! Keep smiling and keep reading!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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Daddy's girls!

A few weeks ago we wrote a post all about our wonderful Auntie and how she has been a huge inspiration to us. We mentioned our Dad being another huge influence in our lives but that, that post was for another date and time...well today just happens to be that date and that time! :)

Our Dad is quite simply awesome, he really is. He has taught us so many important things in life and is there for us no matter what. We don't think there is a day that goes by that we don't count our lucky stars for having him as our Dad. There are so many reasons we love him, so we thought, being the list makers that we are, we would write a little list of things he has taught us, as well as reasons why he is the best! :)

*He supports us in everything we do!
We mean everything! He took us to Trampolining competitions up and down the country. He took us to concerts 4 hours away to see bands that made us happy and would go and do his own thing and simply wait for us, while we rocked out to Good Charlotte. He drove us to every single wrestling show whether it be 15 minutes away or 5 hours away, to allow us to pursue our dream and when that dream bought us to America, who was with us every step of the way? You guessed it...Dad! Not only was he making sure we were safe and OK, he loved watching us wrestle and was our biggest fan! He wanted to see us succeed and we knew that from the start! No show was too far, clearly, no late nights were ever a problem, no sitting in the car waiting for us was ever annoying, as long as we were happy and getting to where we needed to be, he was right behind us! We couldn't have asked for a better support system!

*He taught us to work hard!
Well actually, it's more like he showed us how to work hard. We firmly believe that the way we are when it comes to work we got from Dad. Whether it be a regular day job or starting a project that we want to succeed, we will work our little butts off to make sure we reach goals that we set. We want to make him proud and show him that we appreciate so much what he has been able to do for us. Through our hard work, we want to be able to look after him and spoil him one day! We just have stick at it and do our best. Throughout our childhood and to this day he has been and is a continuous inspiration in showing us that if you want to make something happen you never give up, you show determination and you work incredibly hard.

*He taught us that if you are going to do something, do it properly!
This goes for everything, but ties in a lot with work too and we pride ourselves on it. Whether it be picking clothes up off the fitting room floor in Kohls and putting them back on the shelves or promoting our blog every day so more people see it, we want to do things properly. We never want to do things half arsed, even if it's not something we entirely love, we still want to do it to the best of our abilities and that's definitely something that comes from Dad!. His business is a success because of him and the people around him. His work is the best, no short cuts, no half hearted attempts, no slacking! He looks after his employees and treats them right and sets an example. Our Dad doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk and truly leads by example, being a good man, respecting others and in turn getting respect himself. Working for many different companies over the years we have learnt how honestly amazing this is and admire Dad all the more because of it. He is extremely kick ass!!!

*He looks after us and his family!
No matter how old we get, we know he will always be there for us, which is something we are beyond thankful for. We are lucky. Our parents have taught us the value of money and that it is important to work hard, go out into the big wide world and make our own way, but it always comes back to family, that is the reason to be successful, to be able to look after, support and treat the ones you love.

*He loves us more than anything!
Ever since we can remember we have always been surrounded by so much love! Our family is super close and we wouldn't have it any other way! We had family meals when Dad got home from work and still do when we are home. We eat, we share stories, laugh and play games. When we are under Mum and Dad's roof in our childhood home, we are happy and content and we know our house is full of love!

*He loves cool things and has passed that onto us!
Classic Ameican cars, watching Home Improvement, listening to good music!!! We have so many wonderful memories of going to car shows, laughing every weekend while watching Home Improvement as a family, singing along to The Temptations in the car on the way to Nanna and Grandad Georges house and to this day we still love all those things! We get to have Daddy/Daughter days going to car shows or even nights out to see The Overtones...yes Dad actually came with us and enjoyed it! We love that we can get excited about the same things and that the older we get, the more the passion grows in us for things we love because of him...anyone seen my 50's diner...just checking! ;)

*He takes us on amazing trips so we can hang out and spend time together!
Route 66 was a trip of a lifetime and we wouldn't have done it with anyone else! The fact that we had another Daddy/Daughter trip and got to enjoy these amazing places and sights together are memories we will treasure forever. We are lucky that we have never ever been through the "parents aren't cool" phase! We love spending time with our parents, the more family time, the better! The fact that our Dad loves taking us on these trips is lovely to us. Over the years we have been to many places, including Sweden two years in a row for a car show, the fact that Dad likes taking his daughters and showing us off to his friends is so sweet to us! We love that we think he gets a kick out of the fact that we want to go to those places with him too!

*He can fix, build and make anything!
We can't build a cabinet or put together a chest of drawers without humming the 'Tool time' theme song and taking pictures to send to Dad. Naturally with his job, being a shop fitter, he knows his stuff when it comes to building, but he is also awesome when it comes to anything and everything to do with cars, there's nothing he does not know and we think that that is the coolest thing ever. We have him to thank for the DIY wives that we have become...yep we would much rather take over building a piece of furniture than letting our husbands do it! ;p

Did we mention enough times how AWESOME our Dad is???!!! :) We love him to absolute pieces and can't thank him enough for being the most AMAZING role model and more importantly the most BRILLIANT Dad anyone could ever hope and wish for.

P.S. Oh and as if he couldn't get any more awesome, he goes to car shows and comes back with gifts like this for our little sister...

Have a lovely day everyone and make sure to cherish and love your family every single second of every day! :)

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Makeup Monday: Liquid lipsticks & Champagne Glow!

I think my most obsessed over makeup item of recent months has got to be Liquid Lipsticks. I have to admit that I hopped on the bandwagon with a skip in my step and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the delightful colours that different brands had available. I also found the whole Liquid lipstick premise really interesting and thought it would be great for me, as with them supposedly lasting all day long and not budging, and me being someone that always forgets to take the lipstick they are wearing with them anywhere for touch ups...I am a little lazy when it comes to that...what could be more perfect?! :p Nothing but a product that is basically a lipstick, goes on smooth and liquid and dries matte, doesn't budge and often claims that you won't need to re-apply. Yes please! :)

The first liquid lipstick I purchased was that off my Wishlist a little while back. I saw Jaclyn Hill wearing it in one of her videos and fell in love with the vibrant colour that was 'Carina' by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I was excited to try something new and really wanted to test these liquid lipsticks out for myself. I have to say the Anastasia formula is rather nice. It's incredibly smooth and easy to apply, no patches or pulling on the lips. This was all re-affirmed when I bought 'Dusty Rose' from the same brand. I love the colour so much and again the consistency is creamy and glides on when applying and the pigmentation is just beautiful. I will admit though, that when I heard people saying how liquid lipsticks can be drying, I wondered what they meant exactly, and now after having tried them, I understand. It takes a bit of getting used too. I for one can not go a few hours without applying my Bliteze or a lip balm over the top. Once I have a balm over the top though, I am usually good to go. In addition, the Anastasia of Beverly Hills lipsticks are truly great for no touch ups, when I wear them they last really well, though I usually have more of a stain at the end of the day rather than a really vibrant colour. I can definitely see the reason why they are so popular after purchasing these two lipsticks! :)

Now, my latest Liquid Lipstick and the one I have been saving and waiting for the most is Dose of Colors 'Stone'. It was released as part of a 3 piece set earlier this year, I want to say for IMATS, and everyone went crazy over the gorgeous colours. I think it may have then been available on their website shortly after but i'm not 100% sure. Anyway, the shade 'Stone' became increasingly popular and I kept seeing it everywhere. One of my favourite beauty gurus, Amanda Ensing, raved about it and the looks she created with this colour were simply stunning, that I hoped I could get my hands on it at some point. A few weeks back they released it for single purchase and I couldn't resist. I think this has to be my favourite packaging out of all the liquid lipsticks, lipsticks and lip-glosses I own, I just adore it. The cap is white with a silver band and the tube frosted. It is so pretty and feels rather elegant. The colour itself is beautiful and again one of my favourite shades, if not my absolute favourite, that I own. It is a nude, pink, mauve shade and for me has the perfect amount of pink in it which I love. I am not a huge fan of the beige nudes, as on me they don't work, so that pink just gives it enough warmth that it doesn't wash me out. It is simply a stunning colour. When I went away last weekend I wore it 4 days straight and got so excited every time I applied it! :) This liquid lipstick smells nice, goes on incredibly light and smooth and has amazing pigmentation. I love it more every time I wear it. :) Overall, I will say that I am a fan of the Liquid Lipstick concept. As I mentioned above I do like that they don't budge and give you such a great colour pay off without too much hassle.

Is there a brand that you think I should try? What are your favourites?

Moving away from liquid lipsticks, for today's makeup post I thought I would do something a little different and talk about an upcoming item that I am super excited about. I really enjoy seeing and learning about the new products hitting the shelves, especially around Christmas time. There are always so many bright, colourful and pretty packages, cool deals and fantastic sets that are to die for. Needless to say when Becca Cosmetics teased a palette with Jaclyn Hill's name on it, I was glued to their Instagram. At first I thought, "well if it's a highlighter palette I don't need it. I love my Champagne Pop but I don't have a need for a bunch of highlighters." Then they opened it to reveal these absolutely stunning shades and I knew it would be on my wish list! :p As I adore Champagne Pop and use it all the time, I thought it would be great to have backup, in addition to the fact that I could immediately picture using the bronzed copper shade as a lid colour and the pearl shade for an inner corner of the eye highlight. It's like a two in one palette, a highlighter set and a eye shadow set! That's justification for a purchase if ever there was one right there! :p What do you guys think? Are you loving this palette? What Christmas goodies are on your wish list this year? :)
So pretty! :) Available from Sephora online October 27th Noon!
I hope you enjoyed today's makeup Monday post and I wish you all a wonderful day! :)
Love Lucy xx