Hot Topic: The Women of NXT!

The only wrestling I really watch these days is anything and everything of old that my husband puts on, on the WWE Network. I'm a big fan of the old days, I love Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino and can sit for hours watching The Rockers and Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard work their Tag Team magic. I don't really pay attention to Raw and Smackdown anymore and only really watch something if my husband thinks it's worth watching, like if a match from Raw was especially good. I do however like NXT, but have only seen bits here and there, enough to know that I adore the girls that are currently kicking ass there, but not to where it is a top priority for me to watch every episode.

Can not wait for this match! (Picture taken from google)

A few weeks back everyone had been talking about Sasha Banks VS Bayley from NXT Takeover, I kept hearing so many great things, and of course my husband had said that I would love the match they had, but I just hadn't made the time to sit and watch it. Well last Tuesday, my husband made food and I got all cuddled up on the couch as he put on the match for me to finally see. Now just as a side note, when I watch wrestling I tend to talk, pick it apart, think about the storyline, how someone is selling, my brain is constantly thinking 'ooh but if they did it like this' 'why did they do that there' 'why isn't he selling' 'Ooh that was cool' 'I love that gear' etc. When I'm watching the likes of Macho Man, it's usually more squealing, on the edge of my seat 'arrgh how is he so awesome?' 'that was amazing' 'wow I have goose bumps.' When I watch myself back, i'm terrible, my worst critic, I stand up, act stuff out and over think a million things. So yes, when I watch wrestling more often than not I like to comment and talk, get excited or ask questions, I just can't help it. I'm not sure how long Sasha Banks VS Bayley actually was, but I will tell you that I didn't make a peep, I just sat and watched, I had goose bumps and at the end of the match when Bayley cried, I cried. I legit cried. That might sound odd to some, I even shocked myself a little bit, but all of a sudden I just felt so many emotions. I was speechless, I couldn't fault anything (not that I wanted to or was trying to) but there was just nothing to say. I was left in awe. I loved it, like honest to goodness loved every second of it. The way the girls moved, sold, acted, wrestled, told a story, it was just incredibly awesome in every way. And I have to say that I think part of the emotion came from the fact that these are girls like me who dreamed of being wrestlers from a young age, who have always been the underdog and just wanted to wrestle. In that ring they looked like the most awesome, kick ass wrestlers I have seen in a long time. They drew me in and I wanted to be them.

Bayley! She's my absolute favourite ever!! :)
Picture from google images!

I have always been drawn to the guys in wrestling, as I mentioned the greats above, I have always idolized guys and wanted to emulate them. I know as women we naturally move differently and I would often find myself not really enjoying women's wrestling very much because of certain aspects like this. In addition to growing up as the era of models becoming wrestlers was taking over and them not really knowing how to actually wrestle just put me off, so I focused on the people who were passionate, who were the best of the best and studied them. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Mr Perfect. When coming to OVW, we got more into studying tapes and the guys would have us learn our history. Of course the likes of Alundra Blaze and Sherry Martel came into play and we learnt from everyone. Guys and girls. My brain accepted those women and ignored the 'divas'. If you had passion, dedication and truly loved what you did, it shone through. It wasn't about wrestling like a guy, it was about wrestling like a wrestler. Enter Serena Deeb, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix, all women who I love to watch. Over the years I have had my fair share of annoyance through 'women's' wrestling, both as a fan and as a wrestler. I hated that models were put above girls who were born to do this and had the passion running through their veins. As a wrestler I despised being constantly told to be more sexy, to act my age, to look a certain way and wrestle like a girl, hair pulling, cat fight etc. Though I will say I was lucky enough to train with Rip Rogers and Jim Cornette and the boys in my class who treated every one the same. Meeting girls too would always be tricky as the way in which 'women' wrestlers were perceived wasn't always wrong. I met the girls not there for the right reasons, the girls who thought it was easy if they looked good and had boobs, the girls that wanted to be wrestlers ever since Total Diva's aired. On the other hand I would meet the girls who thought to wrestle like a guy meant beating the crap out of each other and forgetting the actual art form of what Mr Perfect did. The world of 'women's' wrestling could all be very confusing for me. Most of the time I felt more comfortable training with the guys because I like the way they moved and wrestled, I felt at home and like I could do my best and we would always get so excited talking about wrestling with each other. It really is magic when you lock up with someone and everything gels and you feel like you click or when you meet people and can talk for hours about ideas and all things wrestling. For the girls and guys I did have that with, I am so grateful and I still get giddy over it! Side note: I wish I had wrestled Mickie James later on in my Rip training as she is truly awesome and I love her style. She is someone I felt very at home with. At the time (when we wrestled her) I don't feel my movements were the best. If I could wrestle her a million times over to learn from her I would. Alas I am going off on a tangent. :p Mickie James equals a women that broke the boundaries for who I looked up to and wanted to watch.

Sasha Banks!! Incredible! :)
Picture from google images!

When I watch the women of NXT I can't help but smile so big. I know I am not behind the scenes, I know that parts of it must be crazy backstage, it is probably competitive and people will clash and butt heads, but watching Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte in the ring after that match, i was just like 'WOW, what an awesome group of girls.' Furthermore, the match that Sasha Banks and Bayley put on, to me, was a testament to working your butt off, having a genuine passion for wrestling, trusting and caring about each other and WORKING TOGETHER and it showed!! I absolutely can not wait to watch their 30 minute Iron Man Match October 7th and though I don't know them personally I can't help but feel this sense of pride in what they have accomplished and what they are accomplishing. I just want to jump up and down and shake them and say 'seriously, you guys are insane, you are awesome.' I don't think I have idolized a wrestler from recent years as much as I idolize Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. They inspire me every time I see them. They seem like they would be dreams to work with and to learn from. If I could be half the wrestlers they are one day I would be beyond happy. They have definitely given me the wrestling bug all over again! :) I think I will be glued to NXT from now on and be catching up with Raw a little bit more just to watch all these women in action. They truly are phenomenal and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us next.

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Great blog, Lucy! And I will admit that I also cried when Bayley beat Sasha Banks (which is nothing new, I often cry!) But it was a magical match and moment which reminded me why and how much I love wrestling! On a random cool would Bayley vs. YOU be?! Or The Blossom Twins vs. Bayley & Sasha?! Dream matches!! Anyway, thanks for writing such awesome blogs! David xx.

    1. Aww David, you just made my day!!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and for reading this blog, it truly means so much! :) And my goodness, I if I could wrestle Bayley one day or any of the girls from NXT that would be an absolute dream come true, ooh or id love to team up with Bayley because I just love her! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :) xxx

    2. Aww well reading your reply just made my entire weekend!!! :) There are so many amazing girls in WWE/NXT right now, but Bayley is fast becoming my favourite too! She could basically be a Blossom lol, as she has so many similarities to you and your sister! Sweet, lovely, talented, beautiful, and just puts a smile on people's faces, the same way you and Kelly do! :) Hope your weekend has been awesome, I'm now off to watch the latest episode of Life Is Sweet!!! :) xxx

  2. The match was actually great. I binge watch wwe (anything) as I don't have time to sit down and watch an entire show. Finally watched this match and was wondering why they weren't main eventing raw or smack down. They are doing great, makes me excited about the divas division again.

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