Makeup Monday: Hourglass Blush!

It seems that over the past few weeks my makeup wish list has been piling up. I have seen so many pretty things out there that I have been eager to expand my makeup collection. I have been trying to be good though and again, only get things that I know I am going to use. My last little makeup purchases, I have been using non stop, yes that would be you Champagne Pop, stunning, so I felt I could justify getting a new blush. For those who don't know, I'm all about blush, and my favourite everyday blush, Nars Orgasm, is slowly coming to an end. With that being said I have had my eye on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush and bronzers for a while now and a week ago I just bit the bullet and bought one. I actually chose the colour online, without swatching them all in the store, very brave of me, because I was having one of those days where I simply wanted to receive a fun and exciting piece of mail. I know, don't judge, but you really can't beat checking the mail to find a little parcel, even if it is a gift for you from you! :p Anyone else do that too?

I had heard a bunch of mixed reviews about these blushes. When I opened up my Sephora box, I admit that I felt a tad disappointed and understood those who had expressed their feelings on it being rather small. For $35 you get 0.15 oz, comparing that with my Nars blush that was $30 and got me 0.16oz. It might only be a difference of 0.1oz but it really does look quite tiny. Furthermore, when taking it out of the packaging I noticed how light it felt, for some reason I was expecting a metal/tin compact, or whatever it is that they make packaging out of, but it is plastic, or again whatever it is they make certain makeup packaging out of. :p Does that make sense? I guess what I am saying is that the packaging didn't feel like much for $35. I don't know why but I somehow felt really negative towards this product at first glance.

I opted for the shade 'Mood Exposure' as I fancied something darker. Something different to all the bright pinks and peaches in my collection. 'Mood Exposure' is described as a 'soft plum'. Once I opened it, I felt better as there really is something to be said for the Ambient Lighting collection. The colours are stunning and just so beautiful. When I swatched it on my hand, I felt slightly nervous though, as it didn't show up very well and I thought, 'oh well I'm just going to have to take it back and not make makeup purchases online without swatching first!' :p

Oh ye of little faith, I couldn't return it to Sephora without giving it a fair chance and trying it out with all my makeup done first. And...well...needless to say I have a new favourite blush! On my cheeks, this little blush is extremely pigmented that I have to make sure to be very light handed. It has this beautiful glow to it and looks so pretty on the skin and I love the slightly darker shade over what I'm used to. Moreover, I have grown to love the packaging, after all it is gold and I'm still obsessing over all things white and gold at the moment. It doesn't even bother me that it is on the small side now, it's rather cute and I'm sure it will last me a long time due to the fact that a little goes a long way. I'm not sure why I jumped at being a little negative at first, as I have walked past the Hourglass counter many a time in Sephora and fell in love with everything I saw over and over. Maybe I was just having a bad day, as when i see this blush gleaming on my vanity and I reach for it each time I do my makeup, it makes me smile and I am rather excited to have something from Hourglass in my collection. I'm happy I bit the bullet and treated myself, as it was definitely worth it. :)

Have you tried these blushes before? Do you own other products from Hourglass? What are your favourite blushes? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Have a beautiful day!

Love Lucy xxx

Get the party started...on a Saturday night!!

We all do it, Lucy, Jen and I. It's something we can't help, something our brains do before we even realize we are doing it! What is it you ask? It is hearing a word or sentence and proceeding to start singing song lyrics or reciting lines from a movie or TV show! Whether it be through Voxer messages or when we are around the dinner table back home, we can never resist the urge. Much like the awesome Miranda Hart. Case in point, when she goes for a job interview in this episode: (Skip to the 6 minute mark) all it takes is one little thing and she is off! Today we thought we would have a bit of fun and share with you some of those words and sentences that are guaranteed to get us slightly off track and distracted for a few minutes!

So here we go...

"This party's got to be perfect" = "It's got to beeeeeee perfect, it's got to beeeeeee worth it yeah, so many people take second best but I won't take anything less, it's got to be yeah perfect!"

"Our husbands are simply the best" = "Better than all the rest, better that anyone, anyone I've ever met..."

"I can do that for you, Absolutely" = "Absolutely everybody in the whole wide world, everybody breathes and everybody bleeds, absolutely everybody!"

"What have you done today?" = "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

GYM SCENARIO "Come on everybody dig a little deeper" = "You got to dig a little deeper, find out who you are, dig a little deeper, it really ain't that far..."

"Right everyone, let's get down to business" = "To defeat, the huns, did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?"

"Oh life!" = "Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo, doot, doot, doo..."

"Reach that for me, please" = "Reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher, reach for the stars, follow your hearts desire, reach for the stars and when that rainbows shining over you, that's when your dreams will all come true..."

"Can you tie that in a ribbon?' = "Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree, it's been three long years do you still want me?"

"Get ready" = "Get ready cos here I come, get ready cos here I come, if you wanna play hide and seek with love, let me remind you, it's all right..."

"It's 7 am..." = "It's 7 am the usual morning line up, start on the chores and sweep till the floors all clean, polish and wax, do laundry and mop and shine up, sweep again and by then it's like 7:15..."

"I did that for the first time." = "For the first time in forever, they'll be music, they'll be light, for the first time in forever, I'll be dancing through the night!"

"I'm going to start something new." = "It's the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with you."

"What are you looking for?" = "I've finally found, what I've been looking dododo do do dodo"

"Back in High school" = "High school musical, who says we have to let it go, it's the best part we've ever known, step into the future and hold onto, high school musical."

"I haven't been there for the longest time!" = oh oh oh oh for the longest time, ah ah ah for the longest time, if you say goodbye to me tonight, there would still be music left to write, ah, ah, ah..."

Ok, so hopefully you've been following us so far and sang a long a little yourselves!
Now we get to the classics though, if you understand these next two, you get serious brownie points!

"That was the doorbell, will someone get it?" = This from Lizzie McGuire...

Last but not least whenever we hear the word "Anaconda" or any word that rhymes with it for that matter, without a shadow of a doubt we think of this....

Wasn't "That's so Raven" just the best??

Hope you have enjoyed this little insight to what goes on inside our brains on a daily basis. Please let us know if you preform any of these songs to family, friends or random strangers on a weekly or daily basis too, or even better, what are some of your own words or sentences that get you every time? :)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :) 
Lucy and Kelly

An Interview with Holly Martin!

It's a very exciting time in every bookworms life, when they come across an author whom from the first sentence of their book, the bookworm lets out a happy sigh, relaxes and thinks, "yes, this will do, this will do perfectly!" From then on the bookworm knows that no matter what, they can pick up any book by that author, sit back, relax and enjoy! Well today ladies and gentlemen, we give you an interview with the lovely Holly Martin who is one of these wonderful authors. It was only recently we came across Holly, after downloading her book "Fairytale Beginnings" but it was love at first sight/read and we knew instantly that we were going to have to read much more. I (Kelly) am currently reading "Tied up with Love" by Holly writing as Amelia Thorne and I can not say enough good things about it, I just love it. Holly's next two books will be out in September and October and are both Christmas themed....eeekk Christmas!!! We are super excited, but enough of our ramblings, here is our interview with the wonderful Holly Martin! Enjoy! :)

1) What is your favourite book?
One of my favourite books is Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, I have never laughed so hard reading a book than I have with Twenties Girl. I read this book about 5 years ago or more and I still remember it now. My other favourite is Waiting for Prince Harry by Aven Ellis, I completely and utterly fell in love with Harrison in ways that no other book hero has made me feel.

2) What is your favourite part of the writing process? First ideas? Writing and editing? Receiving the finished product?
I love the writing, creating a story, weaving all the little sub plots together, watching as the story often takes me in directions that I never expected. I love getting a new cover too, because that makes the whole thing real then and you don't know how the designers or editors will visualize the story, so its always a welcome surprise.

3) What do you love most about being a writer?
Being able to create the kind of stories I want to read and that make people smile.

4) You wrote about Disney loving, hopeless romantic Milly Rose in your book "Fairytale Beginnings" Are you a fan of Disney? If so, what is your favourite Disney movie?
I love Disney but I don't LOVE it as much as Milly. I love the happy endings and the eternal optimism and I love the silly adult humour that the children just wouldn't get. My friend Megan, absolutely adores all things Disney and watches all the movies every week, the character of Milly was very loosely based on her. My favourite Disney movie would probably be Frozen as I love Olaf and Sven, but I also love the ones without princesses, Lion King and Finding Nemo.

5) Your next two books are set at Christmas time which we absolutely can not wait for, Christmas being our favourite time of year and all. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Oh so many things. I love buying presents for people, I love the decorations and the lights, I love the lovely Christmassy food and smells, I love spending time with friends and family. I think my favourite thing is playing board games on Christmas Day with my family as we never seem to do it at any other point in the year and its always a lot of fun.

6) Are there any food items that are a must have for you at Christmas? Things that it just wouldn't be Christmas without?
Every year my mom and dad buy me a giant toblerone, and I buy one for them too, the ones with the triangle chunks that are so big they won't fit in your mouth. But the triangle shaped box is so distinctive it's hard to disguise it when wrapping it, so we've got very creative in wrapping them so we don't guess what it is. Last year I wrapped it up with two hand dumbbells and several cardboard tubes and a load of bubble wrap so it was really huge, angular and heavy. I think this year I will have to pull out all the stops.

7) Here on the blog, we love researching fun and interesting places that we would love to travel to. Do you like to travel? Where/what is at the top of your must see/visit places?
There are many places on my to-do list. For my story One Hundred Proposals Harry takes Suzie around the world, proposing to her every day in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I had to do more research in this book than I've ever done before, restaurants, hotels, beaches, cities, tiny villages, tourist hotspots, the quiet, remote places and it left me with a thirst to see these places. Last year I went to Canada and visited all the places that Harry and Suzie visited. I would love to go to the Galapagos Islands one day and see all the varied and beautiful wildlife. I would love to go to New Zealand too and go on safari in Africa.

8) When you aren't busy writing, what do you enjoy doing?
I love to read, mainly chicklit but the occasional fantasy adventure, I love spending time with my family and friends and seeing great films at the cinema. I used to scuba dive quite regularly, I would love to get back into that again

9) Once your books are on the shelves for the world to pick up and read, do you ever go back and read them again?
Very rarely. There's always more I want to add or change or I think I should have done that or this. There's nothing you can do at that point and there's no point reading it and having regrets. I recently found myself re-reading One Hundred Christmas Proposals, the short sequel to Harry and Suzie's story. I loved writing that sequel, to catch up with those characters again and when I read it recently I fell in love with it all over again.

10) We can't resist asking one more Christmas question, what is your favourite Christmas song?
I love the classic songs like 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' by Frank Sinatra but I love Michael Buble's 'It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' the lyrics are so... Christmassy.

Holly's next book, out in September!

 We hope you enjoyed this interview and are all ready and excited for Chritsmas...hey it's not that far away!! :)
Follow Holly on twitter here: @hollymartin00
You can download and purchase Holly's books here.
Lucy and Kelly
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Must See/Must Eat: Life is sweeter with Un Bacio!

Chocolate is a wonderful thing! I'm pretty sure Wizards have it spot on that it can cure anything from a Dementor attack to a bad fall or a queasy stomach! Sometimes you just need a sweet little lift to make you feel re-energized and like your normal self! Whether it's passing a tub of Cadbury's chocolate buttons round the room while watching a movie, or dishing out a Bacio to each person round the table after a meal at Nanna and Grandads and practicing our Italian reading the love notes, chocolate has always been something we've enjoyed together as a family!

Foodie Friday! :)

We love food. There are not many foods that we don't like. Our ultimate favourite food, however, would have to be Italian food. No questions asked, Italian food is everything to us. Italian food has a way of making us forget where we are, who is around us and how one should act in public. It causes us to squeal with glee, jump up and down on the spot and smile so big that the Cheshire cat has nothing on us.

Hot Topic: Social media society!

Last Thursday night my husband and I made Pastina and grilled cheese, put on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia', placed the cushions all cozy on the couch, put our feet up and got ready to snuggle up for the evening and relax...but not before I tweeted about it!!! Who else is guilty of this? Come on, hands up!! I have to own up and admit that this is something I often do in this age of social media. The digital age of tablets, IPhones, laptops, IPads and so on. I have become so accustomed to having my phone on me at all times, so I can look at it every few minutes to see what's going on in the world or to Instagram the cookie I'm about to eat. And this coming from someone who quite happily got by without caring about having the latest gadgets or wanting/needing a phone when all the kids my age were getting one, someone who didn't get a phone till after she left high school at 16. Whatever happened to that kid who barely took the time to flip open her phone and text with friends because she was out playing in the garden with those friends or busy pretending to be Jeff Hardy at wrestling practice...with said friends?!

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about to be a written piece where I bash social media and all the latest forms of technology, as honestly, I have pro's and I have con's, I'm mixed and constantly go back and forth between the way in which I like to picture the world in future.

So let's start with the Pro's.

* I for one love that with social media we all have a way of connecting with people. I see that in two different lights. One, that we are actually able to connect with people who live far away, talk to them on the phone, see their faces via Skype, hear their voices and leave messages/receive messages to play anytime, when they are in a different time zone, with the likes of Voxer and many more. Two, that we are able to connect with people emotionally, people from all walks of life that you've never met before or may never actually come face to face with, but they are out there and they like what you like, see the world how you see it, have the same ideas and beliefs you do and make you not feel so alone.

* It has become a great platform to promote business and get yourself/company/book/movie/product out there. Maybe a few years ago you would tell your friends and pass it on and that cycle would keep going and things would gradually build. Nowadays, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and millions of people around the world may actually get to hear about your book and go pick up a copy.

* It is a quick and easy way to look something up, do research, find directions. You don't need to route through a bunch of cook books to find that one recipe you wanted, you switch on your phone, type it in and bam, it's right there.

* Although I know they are still just people, one of the coolest things I love about social media is the interaction it allows you with artists, authors, actors, musicians, wrestlers. Growing up Kelly and I would dream of talking to the people who inspired us through books or the TV and we never dreamed we'd be able to. Through Twitter we have been able to thank so many of our favourite authors for writing our most favourite books, and not just that, but they have responded and we have got to know them. I think when used right, it's nice that it is a platform where we can show love, respect, admiration and thanks to people who make us smile. 'Celebrity' or not! :)

So what about the Con's?

* As well as feeling positive about emotionally connecting with others when you get excited that someone has 'liked' your picture or tweet, it can also have it's negativities, it can have a way of making you feel insecure if people don't like your picture or tweet. It's scary that it can be another outlet for ways in which people can bully day and night, and be more secretive about it. Plus hearing people constantly going on about how many followers they have or how many 'likes' they get can encourage negative competition or again just the feeling of being down on yourself if you don't have the same.

* When we're glued to our phones and forget to look up, we miss the beauty in the world. We miss the scenery as we are walking down streets or as we're riding in the car on road trips, we miss interacting and smiling with passers by. We really miss what's actually real. Even more so these days in that our phones can filter every image we take, we are forgetting what true beauty actually is and we are becoming brainwashed by the perfect image/life/body/face/cake/colour, if that makes sense? Everything can be edited to look brighter/'better'/smooth.

* No longer (in some cases) are kids running around outside making potions out of leaves, building schools for their teddies with cardboard boxes, having countless hours of fun 'cleaning' their mini paddling pool slipping on the water and soap or making every paper mache/PVA glue/painting/drawing piece of art that Neil Buchanan made on Art Attack...yes my siblings and I did all of the above, but they are playing on tablets, focusing on a tiny screen and many a times it's the only way to keep them still, forget a pad and paper.

In regards to the cons of Social Media/technology, when talking to my husband I have a tendency to get on my little high horse (I'm admitting to it, so that makes it slightly ok, right? :p ) about technology and what my kids will be allowed to have/do. I want them to run around playing Harry Potter, pretend to make camp fires with stones and rocks in the garden. I want them to love reading and sit and draw and paint for hours on end, I want them to get covered in glitter/feathers/glue (she says) and create till their hearts content. In saying all this though I am aware of our ever evolving society, the fact that it is becoming an important life skill to know how to operate a computer. The fact that I am writing this to you on a laptop and that I adore blogging, goes to show that there are some things I will simply not be able to control and that over time we learn to adapt. I still always have a pad and pen on me but i do love working on the computer! :) I have previously said to my husband that our kids will not have computers and phones until they are 16, like I was, he simply looks at me and calmly states that maybe by the time we have kids, kids will be using computers at school for many of their classes and they will need one for homework. In addition, with me being me, he likes to inform me that kids like to hang out with friends at 13 years old, they may go to the mall, to the park, to the cinema, (at the 13 on their own? Eek! Help me?) and he knows me well enough that if I don't have a way of contacting them and knowing where they are, I will most likely freak yes our child will most likely have a phone at 13. :p I do love that kids are able to learn skills through playing games on tablets, but when the 11 year old kids, who I taught when they were 3, are now following you on Instagram and they take better selfies that you do, you start to worry ever so slightly! :p

I'm not here to critique the younger generation or how they are raised, as I have days where I have to remind myself to put my phone down and step away. With this blog and our YouTube channel I always feel like I'm Tweeting and working hard to try and reach more people. I love the idea of lots of people reading what Kelly and I are so passionate about, what we care about in our writing, and connecting with people who may feel the same, but there are many a day where I just sit back and think 'what will be will be, Lucy get off your phone!' :p You might be thinking 'but don't you love scrapbooking? Aren't you constantly taking pictures... on your phone?' I was thinking just the same when writing this blog, however, when giving it a little more thought, while yes I may be looking through a lens to capture a shot, when it comes to sitting down at my scrapbook and inserting the pictures, it's purely for me. I don't need 'likes' or people favouriting the images, I am simply keeping them and loving them for my sake. It's rather nice! :) You see, its in those moments, I wish the world didn't revolve so much around social media, the 'likes' the 'favourites' the followers' etc. I miss the days when kids could just be kids, go outside, explore and really experience and see the world around them, adults too for that matter. I long for privacy and to not feel the need to express every minute of daily life/pictures with everyone, yet at the same time, I love seeing where the latest technology is going to take us. I enjoy tweeting my favourite authors when I have finished and fallen in love with their books and I absolutely adore waking up in the morning checking my phone and having a Voxer message from my little sister, Nanna and Grandad! So maybe it's all down to balance, like the saying goes, "Everything in moderation"

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below! Are you for or against this digital age? Or are you similar to me, in that it comes with good and bad?

With that, I leave you with this song from the awesome Zachary Levi...

Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy. xxx

Little Red Corvette!!!

The first car I ever drove was a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. Pretty cool huh? So maybe my Dad had his foot hovering over the brake and we were in a huge field, but still, I'm sure not too many people can say their first taste of being behind a wheel was in such an American Classic! A rare one at that, they only made 1,800 of these back in the day!

We love Jen! :)

As Kelly mentioned in her 'Sister Sister' post a few weeks back, August is indeed the month that our 'little' sister Jen was born, August 15th to be precise, the date this very Saturday as it were. It hasn't got any easier over the past few years to miss birthdays and special events going on back in Stockport and we will forever apologize to Jen for not being able to be with her when celebrating the day of her birth, as it is most definitely a day to celebrate and rejoice! With that being said, we were very fortunate that last year we made a point of being together, when the three of us went on Route 66 with our Dad, it was a trip he had always wanted to do and we had, had it planned many a year prior to finally do it for Jen's 21st, and nothing was going to stop us, but more on that in a minute! :) This year it is back to being 4000 miles apart so we thought it would be fun to do a special birthday post for the best little sister there is, just to let her know that we are thinking about her on her birthday and, well, every second of every single day! Getting a bit teary now...she really is simply the best (better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I've ever met) we know she will read that and burst in to song, so we made it easier and added a little bit so you can all join in too! :p But back to topic, here are some of our favourite Jen memories and moments and reasons we love her so...

We had a blast on this day running for Sport Relief back home, it was so much fun. We wanted to raise money for charity and we all got each other through the 3 miles by laughing hysterically, galloping, trotting and just about everything else you can think of, with some running thrown in, to make it to the finish line! We're not that unfit...we promise! :p We had a blast doing this together, being a team and being there for each other! :)

We all have very different personalities and traits but we love that there are still a bunch of things that we all absolutely love and obsess over together! Chuck, The Overtones, Chris Evans, Stationary, Italian food, to name a few. We definitely have the sister bond thing down and count each other as best friends too.

We pretty much just LOVE that this picture exits! :p There really is no explanation needed for this picture, well maybe just that Jen thought the giant Aubergine was going to fall! She was the cutest baby/toddler EVER!!! Side note: Look at how proud and happy Grandad is, that explains our passion for food right there! :)

We love that she helped make Route 66 happen! We all wanted to do it but with us being in the states doing different things, we weren't sure we were actually going to be able to commit to it. Turns out, there was no way we were going to let Jen down, especially on a special birthday. Herself and Dad organised it from home and it was AMAZING! Definitely a trip of a lifetime! This picture was on August 15th last year, in Las Vegas, as we waited to go into the theater to watch Jersey Boys! It was awesome! It just goes to show how close our family is. Two weeks travelling to different places and spending a lot of time in a car with the same people can get pretty tough, yes we occasionally got a bit moody (Ahem Lucy and Jen) hangry and weary but ultimately it was one helluva trip and we wouldn't have trusted anyone other than Jen to bring the playlist and keep us entertained! :p

When we wrestled for TNA it wouldn't have been the same without the support from our wonderful family. Jen and Dad travelled all over the UK with us when we started out our wrestling careers. They sat through us wrestling in front of crowds of 15 people and they also travelled across the country with us when we set out to OVW. Seeing them in the crowd when we wrestled at the Wembley Arena in London, England or when we walked out on stage at the M.E.N in Manchester was an amazing feeling. Jen being the awesome sister she is, also made us two kick ass signs on two separate occasions! We also can't forget the fact that she was always armed with a chocolate biscuit or two after matches! Honestly, her being there for us every step of the way and having the patience to sit through 3 hour wrestling shows, when she isn't exactly a huge fan, just goes to show how incredible she is in every way. We don't think we could ever repay her for the amount of times she has played "Standout" from The Goofy Movie, to calm our nerves and help us get in kick butt mode! :p

That one time our brother decided to search the songs that were number one the day and year we were all born, then proceeded to laugh hysterically at the fact that Jen's was Mr Blobby! Ahh brotherly love! 

Jen is the goofiest, most sarcastic and blunt person we know and we love her for it. We love that we can have conversations simply by sending Chuck pictures like this and we love that she always seems to know when we are in need of a good laugh. We can't tell you how many mornings we have woke up to the perfect picture or meme that she has sent that has helped get us through the day! :p

That one time she choked on a fish bone right after saying "eww, I got a little bone, i'll just swallow it!" Forgive us Jen, while we compose ourselves... where were we? Oh yeah, it really was actually quite scary so we don't know why we find it hilarious, probably due to the irony! Seriously though, whether it be the kitchen in Italy (top picture) Nanna and Grandad's (bottom picture) or home, we never fail to have the most fun, helping to cook while having our own little dance parties. Be it to The Overtones, the American Graffiti soundtrack or "Dig a little deeper" from "The Princess and the frog," We laugh, we exercise and we spend quality time together just having fun! We always look forward to getting home for these special moments!

We can't forget the time she asked our Auntie to send a parcel of our favourite Italian cakes over from Italy for when we were "visiting" home. It was the biggest surprise and so unbelievably thoughtful! The cakes hold so many amazing memories for us and we've missed a lot of parcels over the last 6 years, so this was so sweet! We love her tons for it! :) 

We often get very emotional when thinking of our 'little' sister, she has done a lot of growing up over the past 7 years and it's hard for us not to tear up at the thought of that's how long we have been away from home. We hope she knows just how much we love her and how extremely proud of her we are each and every day. As you can tell from the pictures and stories above, Jen has one huge heart and is all about family. She is the most selfless 21 (22 on Saturday) year old we have ever come across and makes us smile big all the time, if we're not rolling on the floor laughing! :) Jen is our Grandad's best friend, Nanna's little angel, our Auntie's confidant, Mum's baby and Dad's pain in the bum. ;p It's funny to think that 22 years ago, Mum got one big surprise finding out she was pregnant again. It's safe to say that that big surprise was the most special and wonderful surprise ever for us and Chris and we couldn't feel more blessed to have the best 'little' sister in the history of ever! 


Happy Friday everyone!
Lucy and Kelly

An interview with Ryan Nemeth!

Since moving to Louisville KY, six years ago, we have been fortunate to meet some of the most amazing people and create friendships that we hold incredibly dear to us. We have met people from all walks of life. With many of us having moved here to focus on wrestling, training day in and day out, many a friend became like family. But what's so special about these friendships is that so many of our friends make us feel rich. We feel rich in that they inspire us daily, teach us something knew, feed our creative thoughts, we support and learn from each other and more often than not, when talking to them, conversation makes us feel happy, excited, motivated and simply thankful that they came in to our lives.

Hot Topic: Love always wins!

I think I've mentioned in posts before that I'm not one for watching the news often or for reading newspapers or reading about the latest going's on in the world on the internet, as I honestly and simply can't handle it. I find it very hard to not get overly emotional and attached to every situation. I don't mean for this to come across like I am ignorant to the world around me, as I grew up with my Dad teaching me that sometimes you do have to pay attention just so you can be knowledgeable about what's out there and I do believe he is right. Furthermore, with social media these days it's tricky not to come across the latest headlines, good and bad. Therefore, I am learning to better understand the world and life, to take note and be strong and accept that life is life and it will continue to go on, through all the happy stuff and sad stuff, that's just how it goes. It's not always easy but I am really working on it. On the other hand, sometimes when I read things, it's not sadness I feel but anger. It makes me want to rant and rave and wonder how on earth people can behave the way they do or how people think the way they do. But again, this is something to control and learn from and is the topic of today!

You see, I very much believe in everyone having their own opinion, their own likes, dislikes, beliefs etc., I appreciate the right of 'freedom of speech' however I feel that some people take this to the extreme at the expense of others. I feel that if every time I disagreed with someone and started to rant and rave, then I would be adding to the negative and sadness in the world. I believe that saying something mean and then following it with "I can say what I want because I have freedom of speech" is a somewhat awful cycle that needs to be broken. I believe that taking peoples feeling into consideration would make the world a much more positive place.

In addition, I often feel like everywhere I turn these days, whether it be social media, newspapers and magazines, people feel the need to constantly infuse negative with positive and positive with negative, with 'freedom of speech'. While yes, everyone has the freedom to do so, if I walked down the street and insulted everyone I came across, very few people would see this as a positive, yet so many people use 'freedom of speech' in this way without even realizing it. It's like as a society we have become so programmed to being high and righteous in getting our opinion out there that 'freedom of speech' sometimes loses it's beautiful sentiment. For example, a big topic at the moment is Breastfeeding and making it more socially acceptable. In my opinion I'm for keeping breastfeeding private, special and intimate between you and your brand new baby, I think it's a beautiful thing, but I feel that breasts are breasts and I wouldn't want to have strangers watching me feed my child, but again, that is me. If someone feels comfortable breastfeeding in public, then fine, go for it. However, it honestly breaks my heart that every time I see a post from women who are for making breastfeeding socially acceptable and for doing it in public, they always seem to criticize the women who don't believe in that. I kid you not, every post I have read, every article I have seen, makes it seem like people like me hate kids, think breastfeeding is wrong, or make it out like I are some kind of prude, and it honestly really gets to me and hurts. How about you do your thing and I do my thing, I have my reasons and you have your reasons. I won't judge you, so don't judge me, please?! Why does the world always feel the need to build something up only to tear something else down? Why do people feel the need to act like there opinion is right and push it in people's faces?

A few weeks back it was wonderful to hear the news that Gay marriage became legal across the States. It was lovely to see so many happy couples being excited about the idea that they could one day get married. At the same time as smiling and being happy for them, I couldn't help that pang of sadness towards the world in which we live in, that their lives were being dictated by other people. Love is love, why do people feel they need to have an opinion on other people's lives when it has absolutely nothing to do with them and does not affect them in any way? I have to admit that when all this made headlines, I kind of sat back a little and thought wow, everyone is acting like this is a big deal. Now, I wasn't being rude, as I completely understood why it was/is such a huge deal for Gay people/couples and society in general, but I felt that way because in my mind I just kept thinking 'Why is that even a law?' 'Why did that law just pass?' 'Why are we even talking about this?' 'They should be allowed to be whoever they want to be without people judging them.' 'I shouldn't even get an opinion on this because it is their life.' Does that make sense?

It doesn't just apply to these such greater topics, I see this kind of attitude everywhere, in talking about your favourite shows, music, fashion, makeup, etc. Think about it, how many times have you heard conversations like "I love that show, it's so funny." "Really? I think it's awful." ??! How many times have you come across a book review that berates a book, a book that you go on to read and love? I ask you to think about your daily life and what you put into the world, your words, your thoughts, your actions, can you make them kinder? Can you get your opinion across without bringing someone else down? I dislike watermelon, I'm not about to start a campaign to ban watermelon and belittle all those people who love it and think it's delicious. I do however love donuts and will happily write a million blog posts about how happy they make me and how you should try one too, if you'd like, as it might make you happy too! :p
In conclusion, yes we all have our opinions and yes we all have a right to love things, dislike things, believe in things and so on, but when getting our thoughts across, lets all try and keep a few things in mind and they are to speak with kindness, to think about others feelings and to let others simply be. We must treasure our lives and our journeys and make the most of what time we have, don't waste it judging others and worrying about what they are or aren't doing. Go and enjoy your life and live it the way in which you want to live it and let others do the same! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)

Love Lucy xxx

Our Top 5 YouTubers! :)

We have thoroughly been enjoying working on our YouTube channel, Life is Sweet, it has been so much fun thinking of idea's each week, getting the chance to be creative and most importantly actually doing something that we had been thinking about for ages instead of always thinking it wouldn't work or we couldn't do it. It took a little while to feel confident and jump into it but we are so happy that it's another little dream we are fulfilling! :) With that being said, we love watching others on YouTube too, it is such a great place to find passionate and creative people who are all doing things that they love. Today we thought we would share our Top 5 YouTuber's with you! :)

Ok, so you have heard us talk about Jaclyn Hill a bunch on here, but she was the first person we started watching on YouTube. At the time we weren't massively into makeup but we loved that she was so passionate when talking about it. We also love how amazing she is at her craft. She is such fun to watch and we simply love her personality, so much so that we have been tuning in to her channel now for the past 2 years. Our makeup (mostly Lucy's) collection's are steadily growing and we always come away from watching her video's feeling motivated and inspired and much more capable of doing our own makeup and redeeming our old attempts! :p

Rosanna Pansino
We randomly came across Nerdy Nummies (Ro's YouTube show) one day about a year ago and we fell in love with the show and Ro. Ro is awesomeness through and through. We love everything about her. Her creations are incredible, her set up is so pretty and Ro herself seems like the coolest person ever! :) We have been inspired by so many of her treats and each time we see pictures or watch an episode, our brains go crazy with ideas and we just want to get in the kitchen and bake! :) She is perfect for kids and adults, ooh and we can't wait for her cookbook that's coming out soon! 
Nicole Guerriero is another beauty guru on YouTube, she simply has a really fun personality and we love picking up makeup tips and advice from her. It's really cool to be able to watch people who had goals and dreams and set about achieving them, like coming out with her own brand of skincare products, Best Damn Beauty. Go Nicole! :)

Makeup guru's seem to be the guilty pleasure here! :p We have really grown to love the art in what these girls do. It's fun to see so many different looks and learn from them. We don't always play dress up and get really glammed up these days, but we enjoy being girlie every now and again and experimenting with pretty makeup when we can. Amanda Ensing is beautiful and we love her channel. She is super cute and again, she inspires us to do what we love through doing what she loves! :)

The best place to watch all the cool stuff that goes down at Nerd HQ when you're not there! :( We plan on making a trip to Nerd HQ one day as we think it looks amazing and is such a cool and awesome thing that The Nerd Machine put together for fans and to raise money for Operation Smile. Their YouTube channel is great at keeping us up to date on all the wonderful things they are doing and we adore watching the live streams of the panels. (Where fans get to ask questions to their favourite actors/actresses/cool people from various entertainment things :p ) We just got caught up with this years Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski panel and smiled the whole way through. Those guys are beyond wonderful and we just love them. We have the Zachary Levi panel on our list to watch next, as simply put we love that man!!! :) His panels are always inspiring and hilarious!

There you have it, our Top 5 favourite YouTube channels! :) We hope you go and check out these channels and that you enjoy them too! Let us know if you have any channels that you enjoy, and think we should have a look at, in the comments below. :)

If you want to see what random, fun, goofy, crazy things we get up to, then please go and check out our channel Life Is Sweet :)

Dream big and happy Friday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Must See/Must Eat: A taste of La Dolce Vita!

It's no secret that we love Italy! Growing up with Italian grandparents is something we feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for. From all the delicious food we've been fed, to trips to the beautiful country to visit family, to getting sent parcels full of the most heavenly cakes to, and most importantly, being shown from an early age that Italian passion that everyone talks about! If people were to ask what two words best describe our childhood, I would answer quickly, Food and Love! That's it, it's that simple.

Must See/Must Eat: A look at San Francisco! :)

I've been wanting to make a trip to San Francisco for the longest time now. I don't know if you all ever get that feeling where you are drawn to a place? but that is how I feel with San Francisco. I very much want to visit and see all the places this wonderful city has to offer. I have been doing a bit of research as of late and thought I would give you a little run down as to why this City is calling my name! :)