Sister, Sister!

When thinking about what to write for the blog today, my mind was a little blank. It's been a busy week so it's been a bit tricky trying to focus my mind on writing. However, when I sat thinking about the fact that it's Friday tomorrow and I started to get that Friday feeling, I looked at the calendar and thought "wow, we're a day away from August...August already??" and with that little thought in my head, I decided what better way to celebrate the arrival of the new month with a blog all about our little sister, who just so happens to be born in August!! I couldn't think of anything more perfect! :)

Our "little" sister isn't really that "little," this upcoming birthday she will be 22 years old. What can I say? She'll always be our "little" sister to us! We've mentioned her a lot in our blogs and on our youtube channel but just to give you a more formal introduction, here are a few little facts about her:

1) Her name is Jennifer but we mostly call her Jen or Jenfer.
2) She loves the show Chuck (Hey, we're in this obsession together ok?)
3) She's awesome at sewing and makes kick ass cushions!
4) She may just be able to turn any sentence into a song!
5) She has a gift for remembering really random movie facts or actors!
6) She is a really hard worker!
7) She loves Harry Potter! :)
8) She is hilarious and, we're pretty sure, some kind of genius!
9) Her favourite band is The Overtones.
10)She is the best at doing accents!

Ok, so now you know a little more about her, you should feel better acquainted next time her name is mentioned! :)

Having sisters five years older isn't easy, add to that the fact, that she had sisters five years older who are twins, was extra difficult. Myself and Lucy always had our little talks and were into the same things so Jen often felt very left out. Thankfully, as we've all gotten older, you could probably mistake us for triplets. We love so much that we all have, no matter what, at least four things  in common...any guesses? ;) Harry Potter, Chuck, The Overtones and Chris Evans!!! Haha! Believe me when I say that the whole talking 24/7 about things that you love, didn't just stop with me and Lucy! This makes for very fun Voxer messages early in the morning or late at night! She never fails to make us laugh with the stuff she comes up with and it's safe to say that the three of us have mastered the art of having conversations in Chuck faces! (Don't ask)

In all seriousness, we count our lucky stars for being able to say that she is more of a best friend than a sister (both our brother and sister are awesome and we all get on brilliantly) When we first came to America we were focused on our dream, loving every minute of our independence and making new friends.We didn't take too much time to think about what we were missing back home. We were young and adventurous. Nowadays, each trip home, (we hate that home is always where we "visit") we realize just how much we're missing. Jen has grown up so much over the last 6 years and while we voxer every day and skype every weekend, some things you just want to be there for. She has turned into such a wonderful young woman, who works her butt off and helps our family so much. Our Nanna and Grandad honestly wouldn't be without her. She looks after them so much and we know she will sit there and roll her eyes like their family, it's nothing, but it really is. Knowing that she is there looking after them and in turn keeping us up to date with messages and pictures means more to us than she could ever know. We are so so proud of who she is, the person she has become and the things that she does.We hope she knows that no matter where we live, there isn't a day that goes by where we don't miss her, think about her or wish she was in the room for that "only you would know what to say or do right now" moment! Oh and for all the movies that we can't watch until we're together...our "What's your number?" or Zachary Levi movie marathons are just not the same either!

If I started to write down all our best moments or memories, this would soon turn into a book not a blog. I hope you've enjoyed hearing more about our other "other" half. She truly is just as, if not more, awesome than we have described. Last year, we spent her 21st birthday together in Las Vegas while on a trip of a lifetime doing Route 66 with our Dad. This year, we may not be together but you can guarantee there will be plenty of Voxer's, one long skype conversation and, Jen if we could,...Scott Eastwood, in a box on your doorstep....we'll keep working on that one! ;) Love you! 

Until next time, happy weekend!

5 Questions with Referee Chris Sharpe!

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about two of our biggest inspirations - Our Husbands! They continue to do amazing work, running shows, working day jobs, being awesome and keeping us on track when we are stressing out about silly little things. My husband, Chris ( Sharpe - the referee) has been doing such a good job of the latter lately that I thought I would sit down and do a fun little blog with him. So today, I bring you five questions about wrestling, from a referee's perspective with the best unsigned referee in professional wrestling today "The Package" Chris Sharpe! :)

The Harry Potter Tag!

When doing our usual weekend catch up of lovely blogs, and making notes during the week of which ones to read, we came across the Hogwarts Tag over on "Under To Wonder" by the wonderful Danielle. This was at the top of our list to get stuck into, as, as you know, we LOVE Harry Potter. We had never seen a Harry Potter Tag before and really wanted to do it! :) Danielle had just recently made a new Hogwarts Tag, which is really cool, but we ended up reading both and wanted to start with the original Harry Potter Tag first, so you can get to know a bit about our Harry Potter love first and foremost! :) Thank you Danielle and we hope you all enjoy!

1. What is your favorite book?
Kelly: Oooh that's a tricky one because I love all of them. With it being a series (obviously) each book you read just tells you more, takes you further into the wonderful world and is equally as magical I feel. Saying that I have always had a soft spot for "The Prisoner of Azkaban" I love the story, I love Sirius Black and I enjoyed how everything comes together at the end. 
Lucy:  Hmm, I'm going to have to say that I love the first one, 'The Philosopher's Stone' for being so wonderful and magical and first taking me into the incredible world of Harry Potter. I love that everything is so new and exciting and all these amazing things are introduced to us. But I think my favourite would have to be 'The Prisoner of Azkaban". Like Kelly said, there is just something about that story, it's simply awesome how we find out everything about Sirius Black, it's so intricate and detailed and I love the journey that book takes you on. I also love that it's Harry finding family after all he has been through. :)

2. What is your favourite film?

Kelly: Hmm, I love "The Philosophers Stone" because it's so exciting seeing everything for the first time. You really do feel like how you imagine Harry felt and it's awesome! They did such an amazing job with EVERYTHING! I also love the movies as the cast get older and love "The Half Blood Prince" It has a different feel with the romance and humor and always make me laugh! "Or maybe it's the pincers?" :p
Lucy: Ooh I'm not sure I have a favourite, I think I'm the same as with the books. The first film because it's so cute and I got so excited to see all the castle, the train, the sweets, the shops, etc in real life. Then the third one because Sirius Black came into it! :)

3. What is your least favourite book?
Kelly: I honestly couldn't tell you. I used to think I wasn't as keen on "The Chamber of Secrets" but when I last read it, I was like "how did I think that?" I loved the story and how Harry, Ron and Hermione put clues together to find out more, it's interesting and exciting. So yeah, I really don't have a least favourite. Sorry but I love them all! 
Lucy: I don't think I have a least favourite! How could I possibly dislike one??! I truly love them all! :)

4. What is your least favourite film?

Kelly: For some reason I want to say "The Goblet of Fire" but then as I'm thinking of reasons why, my head is thinking of the reasons I like it! Haha! Again, all the movies are unique to themselves and the books, once my younger self accepted the fact that they weren't going to be able to include everything from the books in the movies, I started to just enjoy what they had included. I have been to the Warner Bros studio tour in London twice and walking round you really do just think "wow." To think that the props and sets you are looking at were once just images in your head is quite something. I honestly don't think I ever watched the movies and thought "that doesn't look right" which means that everyone involved in designing etc did a pretty cool job!
Lucy: Hmm, again, I don't think I have one. I love having Harry Potter movie days. They are just the perfect movie to snuggle up with a nice big mug of tea or coffee (in my big Harry Potter mug) and watch! :)

At the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, in London, with Dad and Jen, drinking Butterbeer! :) 

5. Parts of the books/ films that make you cry.
Kelly: Without a shadow of a doubt I am going to have to say I not so much cry but definitely tear up when Fred dies! It's horrible and I hate just the thought of it. I got sad at the other deaths but that one was like "WHY?" To this day, I hate that, that had to happen! :(
Lucy: I have to agree with Kelly. There are emotional parts in all the books and films and they all pull at my heart strings, but Fred dying was a 'no no' for me. I really wish JK Rowling would change that. :p Reading it and watching it got me very emotional. I can't watch that bit in the movie. When I first saw it I remember getting mad, as they panned over it quite quick and although I didn't necessarily want to watch that part for ages, it was like I wasn't ready to let go of Fred yet and I didn't want to leave George crying, It felt like such a huge deal to me that it should have taken up 30 minutes of the movie, till I somewhat had an ounce of closure.

6. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?

Kelly: For some reason, I think the idea of saying I want to "hook up" with someone at Hogwarts is kind of weird. Can I be all polite and say date? In that case, it would be Ron as he is my absolute favourite! :) 
Lucy: Hmm, I don't actually know as far as hooking up, but I would love to hang out with Fred and George. In real life too, as Oliver and James Phelps just seem really fun and cool! :)

7. Who is your favourite character?
Kelly: I'm going to choose different ones for the movies and the books here. I fell in love with Fred and George in the books, an obvious reason being that they are twins. It was cool reading how they interacted with each other and they always made me laugh. I love Luna both in the books and the movies, she is so cute and innocent and care free. I love that she is just Luna! :) Then hands down in the movies I love Ron!! :)  
Lucy: For me, I would say Fred and George as I can relate so much to their goofy, twin antics and I love everything about them! Also I adore Sirius Black and think he is the absolute coolest. Ooh and I do love Hermione because I love everything she represents! :)

8. Who is your least favourite character?

Kelly: Definitely Umbridge, I laugh when you see memes about her being worse that Voldermort, it's so true!! Ooh and Bellatrix...I hated her being so happy when she killed Sirius! :(
Lucy: Most definitely Umbridge and Bellatrix and of course Voldermort! :p

Stocking up on some Harry Potter goodies in Diagon Alley! :) 

 9. What is your least favourite line?
Kelly: That's a good question but I can't think of an answer right now, I think I need another book and movie marathon..or a good think! I will say that, I hate bullies, so anything Draco Malfoy usually says, irks me! 
Lucy: Haha, I can't think of one I don't like at all now, but ditto to what Kelly said! :p

10. What would your patronus be?
Kelly: I am going to have to say an Alsation/German Shepherd dog. Not just because it's my favourite dog but because of why I love them and that is, because to me they represent protection. A dog that is beautiful up close, is smart and knows how to look after you! After all, isn't that what a partonus does? :)  
Lucy: Mine would be a grizzly bear! Bears are my favourite animal and since I can remember I have wanted one as I pet, or at least to adopt one and look after it. I think it would be great as my patronus as it would be awesome at looking after me! :)

11. If you could have the Ressurection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or Elder Wand, which would it be?
Kelly: Definitely the invisibility cloak. I want to say it's because of the story and because out of the three brothers, he obviously got the best deal, but really it's because it would be pretty cool to be able to be a bit sneaky and go to certain places without being seen...that probably sounds kind of stalkery though doesn't it? :p  
Lucy: The Invisibility cloak without a doubt. I love all the adventures Harry got to go on with it. I think it's the coolest and would be the most fun.

12. Which house would you be in? 
Kelly: I want to say Gryffindor obviously and last time I was in L.A at the Warner Bros tour, their sorting hat did say Gryffindor, so yay! I'm not sure I'm as brave as Harry though so part of me thinks I would be in Hufflepuff!
Lucy: Kelly was rather pleased with herself when the sorting hat said Gryffindor!! I'm pretty sure mine said Slytherin! :p I think I would probably be sorted in to Hufflepuff though. I'd love to be brave and go on adventures and I think I'd do ok but I'm probably better suited to Hufflepuff! :)

13. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
Kelly: As if there would really be any doubt to what my answer is going to be!!! ;) Rupert Grint!!! Please!!! Since seeing him/growing up with him (we're the same age) in these movies, I just love him. I have watched every other movie he has been in and he just makes me smile. I think he is super talented and love that he always seem nervous in interviews even though he's probably done like a billion! This might sound weird but if I'm having a down day, his voice makes me happy and is so comforting to me. I don't know if it just reminds me of home but it just makes me relax! :p (weirdo right?) 
Lucy: Kelly is obsessed with Rupert Grint, she absolutely adores him and I have to say that I think he would be really awesome to meet too, as he genuinely comes across so laid back and cool. Also, he owns and ice cream van...hello!!! I think we'd all get on perfect! :p And as I mentioned above, I think Oliver and James Phelps would be awesome to meet too!

14. If you were on the quidditch team, which position would you play?
Kelly: I'd probably say and Luc could be like Fred and George!!! :) I don't like being in goal so I couldn't be a keeper and I'd probably take forever trying to find the Snitch! 
Lucy: I have to agree with Keg, it would be fun to be like Fred and George! :)

15. Were you happy with the ending? 
Kelly: It's been a while since I read the last book but yes I remember being very happy with how it all ended. I loved how everything came together in the end and I think J.K Rowling did an amazing job! The whole series is just amazing and I think J.K Rowling is just beyond brilliant for coming up with the whole thing. It's truly a magical world not just because of the wands and spells but because you get transported to this wonderful place with all these amazing characters!
Lucy: Again, I have to 110% agree with Keg! JK Rowling is truly fantastic and each time I read the books or watch the movies I can't quite believe how she created such an amazing and wonderful world! Ooh but I would still love to talk to her about the whole Fred thing!!!

16. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?
Kelly: It means so much to me because it's part of my childhood. I grew up with the books and the movies so it brings back so many happy memories of Mum taking me to the book shop to get the next book or having family trips to the cinema! Nowadays, it's something me and both my sisters still get so excited about that it just makes me happy. We've been to the Warner Bros studio tour in London twice and look forward to our next trip there, again happy memories! I also got to take my little sister to the Harry Potter parks at Universal which made me smile. I'm rambling but it's just comfort, it's home, it's magical and I just love it!! :)
Lucy: I will always love it for many reasons. One being how much the books take you to a whole other world and the sheer joy I get from reading them. To me they are masterpieces and I absolutely can not wait to read them to my kids one day. Two, the world in which that has now been created through the movies, has bought so many amazing family trips and memories that I hold so close to me and treasure. When my sisters and I walked into the Warner Brothers Studio Tour for the first time, we all looked at each other and could have cried! Yep, it's moments like that I won't forget! :)

We hope you enjoyed this Harry Potter Tag, we encourage everyone who loves Harry Potter to please take part and join in, send us your blog links or simply comment below! :)

Have a magical day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xxx

An interview with Lindsey Kelk! Plus book giveaway!!

We were beyond excited when a couple of weeks back we got to interview one of our favourite Authors, Rebecca Raisin. We were so grateful for her taking the time to be a part of our little blog and we loved picking her brain about writing and finding out little treasures about her. With us bouncing off the walls in delight, we thought it would be fun to reach out to some of our other top favourite Authors and see if we could ask them some questions we've always wanted to ask. Today we are again jumping for joy, as we bring you 10 questions with the wonderful Lindsey Kelk...yes you read that right...LINDSEY KELK!!! :) We have mentioned her on this blog many a times when talking about her lovely books (The I Heart Series, Always the Bridesmaid What a Girl Wants)because we simply LOVE her. Not only are her books so much fun, right up our alley and perfect, she also happens to be pretty darn awesome herself. Lindsey is a huge wrestling fan and also loves we need to go on?! :p

Thank you so so much to Lindsey for answering our questions and taking the time to join us here on the blog. We truly appreciate it and loved reading your answers!! :)

1.   What bought you over to the States and do you miss the UK?
Before I was a full-time writer, I worked as a children’s book editor and came over to the US to work in our New York office. I first visited with my job and totally fell in love with the city so I basically begged them to find me a job - I told them I’d do anything so I’m pretty lucky they let me work with the books and didn’t make me clean the loos. Before I moved, I was scraping together money to visit, selling stuff on eBay, sleeping on friends’ sofas. It was worth it just to be there.
Sometimes I get homesick but it’s usually for people more than anything else. I still go over to the UK a couple of times a year and time moves so quickly, I feel like I’m there all the time.
2.   We adore New York and fell in love with you the moment we picked up ‘I heart New York’, what is one of your favourite things about the city?
Well, now I’m blushing… it’s so hard to say why I love New York, it’s like being in love with a person, when you know, you know. New York is a city full of adventure and possibility, I love to just wander the streets and see what I can see. I love that you can go out for dinner on a Sunday and end up at karaoke with complete strangers until four in the morning. I love that you can be chatting to a cab driver and end up hearing the most incredible story. And I love bagels. Dear god, I love bagels.
3.   As former wrestlers and wrestling fans ourselves, how did you get in to wrestling? Have you loved it since you were little?
Yup. My big brother is five years older than me and he got really into WWE around 1989 when he was 13 and I was 8. At the time, I was totally obsessed with him and anything he liked, I liked it to. We wrestled all the time and used to use an England scarf as our house belt with his bed as our ring! I only held the belt once when I made him tap to a figure four. Not too shabby for an 8 year old…
4.   Who is your favourite wrestler?
 I honestly find it so, so hard to choose! Bret Hart and Shawn Michael were my favourites when I was little and I’ve always kept that preference for the smaller guy who is a great technician. WWE-wise, I was really sad to see Daniel Bryan retire because his matches were always great and I watch out for Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins matches. I’m really excited about all the talent coming up through NXT, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor are so exciting to watch and the divas that are coming up through WWE developmental are fantastic. Charlotte is insane, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so in control of their own physicality. In the indies, I love the Young Bucks, Ricochet and Zack Sabre Jr, such different styles but so much fun to watch. So, um, that’s not really an answer is it? Probably Bret Hart. I met him on the street in New Orleans during Mania and nearly died.
5.   Do you opt for WWE or do you prefer Indy wrestling?
I genuinely love both of them. I watch a ton of WWE and enjoy the soap opera nature of the product and I really feel like it’s an exciting time for the company right now, lots of new talent, more time for the divas, but since I moved to LA, I’ve been going to PWG events and oh my god, are they fun. I’m totally obsessed. I was also able to meet Colt Cabana a couple of years ago when I was working on a feature for Cosmo and he was so lovely. I always listen to his podcast and I completely marked out. Cliff Compton was with him and it was all I could do not to start screaming ‘Super Domino!’ I think I just about managed to escape with my dignity. Just.
6.   What are your favourite brands of makeup? Do you think it’s about time the UK got Sephora stores or are you satisfied with the likes of Debenhams and Selfridges?
I’ve probably got more favourite make up than I have wrestlers! On the fancy side, Dior and YSL never seem to disappoint and I love everything Urban Decay but I also love a good root around Duane Reade! I’ve always got about four different Lipsmackers on me.

I love a good UK make up haul, the bargain brands over there are fantastic – Sleek and Make Up Revolution have been total game changers – but who wouldn’t want Sephora?
7.   What do you love most about writing?
I love telling stories. I love creating worlds and inventing people to fall in love with, not just the men but the women as well. My favourite thing to write is friendship between women, I try and make it realistic but the most important thing to me is to show how strong women can be when they have each other to depend on. There are so many stories about bitches and women screwing each other and of course that happens and those people exist but I’m trying to correct the balance with a few more positive stories.
8.   What is your favourite book and why?
I’m so bad at this… OK, it’s The Secret History by Donna Tartt. My university professor gave it to me when I was reading Bret Easton Ellis and I loved it immediately. It’s a story about a group of eccentric, mimsfit students, reading ancient Greek at a private college who fall under the influence of their professor and ultimately pull further and further away from society until things take a turn for the tragic. It’s such a great story and the writing is incredible, so controlled and deliberate and then things start to unravel and the pace of the book drags you along so fast, you can barely keep up. I still reread it every couple of years, it’s definitely my favourite.
9.   Which part of the writing process do you love the most? When you first come up with an awesome idea? Writing and planning? Editing? Or when you have the final copy?
I love finishing the book because it’s such a relief! The writing process has its ups and downs, some days it’s fantastic and I love getting it all out and other days, it’s absolutely agonizing – no ideas, nothing make sense, writer’s block – call it what you will. Some days are just painful.
I feel quite detached from final book, it stops feeling like mine once it’s gone from my computer, but I’m still really proud every time I get the finished copy. The book you hold in your hands belongs to a million people, the editorial team, the design team, sales, marketing, PR, and I wouldn’t be here without them. Publishing is such a huge industry and it goes so much further than the writer.
10.  You recently moved to LA, we have been fortunate enough to have visited LA twice with our Dad, are you enjoying it so far and have you had a cupcake from the Sprinkles ATM yet?

Ha! I was at the Glendale Galleria yesterday and they have one there. I managed to resist though. One of the worst things about writing is that I spend twelve hours at a time at the computer and my workouts and healthy eating intentions go down the toilet. Now I’m out of the first draft stage of the new book, I’m back in spin class and trying to be good!

There you have it everyone, isn't she awesome??!! :) AND get this... you, yes you, can WIN a copy of Lindsey Kelk's 'About A Girl' US Edition!!!!!

All you have to do is tweet us @TheBlossomTwins and @LindseyKelk a picture of your best wrestling pose! That's it! Start hulking up and doing your best raised eyebrow and you will be in for a chance to WIN a copy of 'About A Girl' :)

Have a beautiful day and keep smiling!
Love Lucy and Kelly xxx

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Makeup/Perfume/Cologne haul!

I had a little break from buying makeup for a few weeks, I want to say it was even a good month or so before I made a makeup purchase, as I wanted to save up for something I really liked and that would be useful in my collection. If you know me, you know I like to save for things and also that I take forever in making a decision on buying something. I am my mother's daughter and am very much a saver/smart shopper, but also my father's daughter in that when I have a little money set aside to spend, I like to get good quality products/things. I like pretty things but I wouldn't say I am very materialistic, I don't like to want/need for anything, and I'm not really one for shopping often, but if something stays in my head for a month and still has my attention, then I will occasionally treat myself!  :p This was the case with the gorgeous products has become a slight weakness! :p Actually I feel like I have definitely been in a shopping mood over the past week! :p

So, if you are a regular to this blog then you will know of my love for Jaclyn Hill, I adore her! However, when she announced this collaboration with Becca cosmetics, I was 50/50 as to whether or not I would be purchasing it. I had heard so many great things about Becca before and, of course, Jaclyn's recommendations are always on point, but I wondered if I really needed another highlighter in my collection, as I already had The Balms 'Mary Louminizer' and I never really felt like it did anything for me, so highlighters weren't at the top of my wish list. In the end I got a tad excited with all the hype and build up for the launch and Jaclyn Hill's tutorial's and pictures using the product simply looked stunning, that I went ahead and caved. I have to say I am so very happy that I did. The product is unbelievably beautiful and just perfect. For me it is the most wonderful shade and I can clearly see it on my skin (compared to the Mary Louminizer) It gives this stunning golden, peachy glow and the moment I put it on, I seriously did want to douse myself in it. It honestly is probably the first makeup product that I have gotten so giddy over when using it, as it does all and more that Jaclyn said it would do! :) You can purchase Champagne Pop at Sephora! 

This happens to be another product that the wonderful Jaclyn Hill had raved about. After I finished my Makeup Forever HD foundation, I was looking for a foundation for special occasions and this one just looked so flawless on the skin. I got a sample from Sephora and fell in love with it. It feels like silk on the skin, honest to goodness, as light as a feather. As luck would have it, I didn't rush in to buying it from Sephora as I was travelling home to England the following weekend after getting the sample, and Debenhams had it there. Changing dollars to pounds or pounds to dollars, whichever way you look at it, it ended up being $15 cheaper back home. They even had an extra 10% off. Needless to say I was very excited and jumped at the chance of purchasing it while home! :) I adore this foundation. I don't like to feel like I have foundation on my face and this one is simply amazing! :) Ooh and to me it smells like really!! Extra bonus points there! :)

I had heard about this bronzer so much over the past few months that I was eager to try it out. I loved the natural glow that it seemed to give in, another of my favourite Youtubers, Amanda Ensing's tutorials. It looked so smooth and natural that I thought 'yes please'!! :p I have yet to actually try it as I just bought it this past weekend and I'm still savoring how cute and elegant it looks without me sticking my brushes in it! :p Does anyone else do that? Let me know if you've tried it and what you think!

I talked about 'Fresh Cream' in a previous makeup post, as after years of not having a perfume and after my husband had told me to find a perfume that didn't make me smell like my Mother...Mum wears Channel No 5 and has since I can remember, it's probably my favourite scent in the whole world and anytime Kelly and I are having a nosy in the perfume aisle's at any given store, we will spray this and immediately feel happy and think of home...we found 'Fresh Cream' from Philosophy. For Kelly and I this is perfect. It smells liked whipped cream. It's sweet but not at all sickly sweet and anytime I'm wearing it my husband says I smell like cookies or cupcakes! :) The only thing is with the spray is that I don't feel it lasts very long. If I put my nose against my wrist then I can kind of still smell it at the end of the day, but you don't get as much of the nice air of fragrance that other perfumes give, like for instance when my Mum walks past and you get the lovely smell of Channel! :p I'm very nearly out of my bottle and wasn't going to purchase it again, however, when Kelly and I saw the rollerball version we got quite excited and had to get one to pop in our purses. Maybe this will be easier for a quick touch up during the day! :)

My husband has been wearing Giorgio Armani 'Acqua di Gio' since last Christmas, when we had fun trying to shop and find ourselves a you do!! :p As you know from above, I am quite picky with scents, but this one I really liked on him and it's been his cologne and one of my favourite smells for the past year! However, when accompanying me on a little Sephora visit one day he started perusing the Men's colognes and really liked the Versace 'Eros' pictured above. I made a mental note of the name as an idea for this Christmas. In Sephora they only had the big bottles of it and when I went home two weeks ago I was curious and made a trip to Boots to see if they carried a smaller version. That they did and I couldn't help myself, I tend to pick up little treats for him when I'm away as I miss him so much! :p I thought it would be great to try the smaller version just in case he didn't like it and wanted to stick to his 'Acqua di Gio'. Well I have to say he picked a winner! I love this cologne! I can't really describe it as I would have no idea where to start, but it just smells so good. So for all you guys out there looking for a new cologne, I'd say try this one. It simply smells awesome! I think it somehow smells a touch more manly than the Giorgio Armani one too, if that helps at all?! (Probably not at all...I'll work on that! :p)

I hope you enjoyed this makeup haul and my rambles today! Please let me know what makeup products you have been loving, or any perfumes or colognes that you can't resist, in the comments below! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy xxx

Victoria Highfield Jewellers! :)

You will always see us tweeting or hear us saying the words "Dream Big," we often used it when signing autographs as wrestlers. Nowadays we like to hashtag it a lot on our tweets. It's something we are firm believers in. From pursuing our childhood dreams of becoming professional wrestlers to now, when we spend our days blogging, making youtube videos and dreaming up ideas for our own books. No matter what our dreams are, we will always attempt to reach for them. In recent posts we have told you about our childhood hero's, Jeff Hardy, Good Charlotte and the people who have inspired us most recently, like Chris Evans and Zachary Levi. But there are plenty of people closer to home who have paved our way of thinking and instilled in us a desire to always reach for our goals and Dream Big! One of them is our Dad, he is an amazing man, more awesome than you can even believe, he has done so much and is definitely the reason behind our strong work ethic, but his story will be for another day and another blog. Today, is all about our Auntie Angela!
Our Auntie Angela is our Mum's big sister, they are like chalk and cheese, but are very close in age so in turn have a very close relationship. They drive each other mad at times but no matter what, they are always there for each other. Since we can remember, Auntie Ang (as we call her) has been a jeweller. We remember when we were kids, Mum taking us to the shops Auntie Ang was working in, we would watch her change watch batteries, sell Diamond rings and of course we would occasionally have fun trying on different pieces of jewellry that sparkled through glass cabinets.

Auntie Ang at a recent event held at her Didsbury store.

Twelve years ago when the Jewellery shop Auntie Ang was working in closed, she decided it was time to dream a little bigger and instead of finding a new place of employment she decided to build a place of her own. She did just as she dreamed and Victoria Highfield Jewellers was born. It soon became quite a family affair and was a place where we learnt new skills when working there every Saturday from the age of 12 or weeks at a time during school holidays. It is actually pretty cool when people are surprised that we know how to change watch batteries, straps or add and remove watch links. Over the past twelve years there have been plenty of ups and downs, quite a few location changes, but through it all Auntie Ang has never given up. She works her butt off to see her visions come to life, she fights for what she believes in and she makes sure her customers get the best prices, best quality and best customer service. Her flagship store is close to home, in the heart of Heaton Moor (Stockport, England) It is a wonderful shop in a perfect location that we just adore!

Most recently, Auntie Ang opened up a second location in Didsbury (England) This shop is absolutely stunning and is home to the latest in fashion trends such as CHLOBO and CLOGAU. Our Auntie splits her time between both shops and if you are to visit this Didsbury location you may also spot our pretty awesome little sister Jen, who works upstairs and keeps our Auntie in line! 

Both shops specialize in Bespoke pieces as it is one of Auntie Ang's favourite things to do. She loves getting to design one off pieces to suit her customers wants and needs, in addition to providing happy couples with the perfect engagement and wedding rings. Her wedding pieces are hugely popular and successful proven by her recent award: Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the year.

In conclusion, we are so proud of our Auntie and what she has accomplished. We may not tell her as often as we should, but hopefully this blog can give her a little insight in to just how much she has and does inspire us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. She has shown us that no matter what obstacles (and there may be many) that stand in your way, with a little magic, self belief and one big support system (our family truly is the best) you must never, ever be afraid to DREAM BIG! :)

Please take a look at the newly improved Victoria Highfield website here:

Also follow Victoria Highfield on social media here:

Instagram: @Victoria_Highfield

Hope you enjoyed this blog, let us know if you live in the UK and visit any of the Victoria Highfield locations or if you find something pretty online! :) Here's one of our favourite pieces exclusive to Victoria Highfield that you might want to snap up...

Keep smiling and Dream Big!
Lucy and Kelly

Disney Resorts wishlist! :)

So, lately anytime I see a Tweet or Facebook status from Disney, I feel a little pang inside for how much I miss the place, soon followed by a flood of memories of how awesome it was that my husband and I actually got to experience Walt Disney World as our back garden for eight months. It truly is a magical place, one that I never tired of. I don't necessarily miss Florida itself, after all I live with Lucy again and being close to family knocks everything else out of the water...but still...:p

Round Peg Promotions!

We often talk on here about our families, about people we love and people who inspire us, well this past weekend we felt an overwhelming sense of love and pride for two people, who without a shadow of a doubt made our lives so much brighter, happier, crazier and more adventurous than we thought possible, the moment we met them. The people in question being our husbands. :)

Now to keep this from being confusing (they are both called Chris) we are going to write using their wrestling names, Chris Silvio (Lucy's Chris) and Package or Sharpie, if you will, (Kelly's Chris) :p

At the beginning of the year Silvio set about starting his own Promotions company, he had a vision  and a dream and wanted a place he could let his creative juices flow. Round Peg Promotions was born! :) Though not just a wrestling company, he had an idea in mind of what a wrestling show should be like, he wanted to show the world that it can be more than just a ring set up in a hall, with match after match being the same old wrestling match. So after months and months of late nights and 15 hour work days, bringing Package on board and combining both genius's, Friday Night Fights hit Expo 5, here in Louisville KY. The show was insane, awesome, entertaining and everything in between. From start to finish it wasn't just about wrestling and it certainly wasn't your average 'indy' show. They had a DJ, a bar, cupcakes, lights and all sorts of action! They had characters, entertainers, luchadors, circus freaks, and the hottest music. The whole thing felt like one huge party. For those people who think wrestling isn't "cool" well, wait till you've been to a Round Peg Promotions show...they may just change your mind about that!

Following Friday Night Fights and just this past Saturday. The Rustic Frog held host to Summer Fight Fest and once again Chris Silvio and Package proved that when it comes to creating one hell of an atmosphere to spice up your average "wrestling" show, that they are the men for the job. This show took place outside with a bar, a pool, mechanical bull, stage, body painting tent, (it was an 18+ show) basically imagine your school summer fair but for adults. Some of the same, and not to be missed, characters from Friday Night Fights made a welcome return to the Summer Fight Fest stage, such as "Wylde and Walker," @WyldeAdam @ptrobbiewalker, 'Manbeast' @tedthemanbeast "The BodyGuy," @BodyGuyIM Paredyse @paredysexoxo and of course the one and only Chris Silvio himself. Alongside these guys, this show also featured former TNA superstar "The Freak" Rob Terry @RobTerryimpact (the loveliest person ever), "Boom Boom" Colt Cabana +ColtCabana  and former ECW star Sabu @TerryBrunk From bell to bell this was one thoroughly entertaining show. We laughed, we cheered, we screamed, we sat down, we stood up, we jumped up and down and most of all we just had a blast! Now, we are very aware that we pretty much know the wrestling business inside out, we've had many a match, we know what goes into it all, but we will never be ashamed to admit that we are wrestling fans through and through. It's not often (our husbands can attest to this) that we sit and enjoy wrestling without being critical or being picky. For instance, when watching a Tag match, we will be cursing like Rip Rogers if the tag teams don't do it right! :p So for us to get lost in a night of entertainment and enjoy all the matches on the card, it's a pretty big deal! ;) Plus, when you know how hard everyone is working and know what they are going through to give the crowd a great night, we think that makes us want to cheer and shout extra loud when they are doing such a good job! :)

We are very much looking forward to the next Friday Night Fights, which takes place in two weeks at the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) arena and we encourage all those in Louisville to come and check it out! We shall be there for the meet and greet and can't wait to be part of the action and see everyone! :)  If you aren't able to come to the shows, please head over to Round Peg Promotions social media pages and give the boys your support! They truly inspire us each and every day and we just wanted to do this little post to show them some love and tell the world just how extremely awesome they are! :)

Here are some fun links for you to check out! :)

Round Peg Promotions YouTube Channel! Keep up to date with all the exciting action and stars! :)

Package Chris Sharpe YouTube Channel! If you see a referee doing a crazy dive or getting the loudest chant of the night, it will most definitely be this guy!

James 'Paredyse' Long YouTube Channel!  As you can see the posters kick ass, so you can bet it's none other than this guy behind them! We've mentioned Jimmy a bunch of times on the blog, he is awesome and the best artist (and maker of our super cute blog banner) on the planet!!! Fact!!! :)

Follow the boys on social media:
Twitter @TheChrisSilvio
Instagram: thechrissilvioshow
Twitter: @RefChrisSharpe
Instagram: refchrissharpe

Photo credit to Benjamin Marcum Photography! :) 

See you at the shows!!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

Then and Now!!

If you watched our most recent Vlog over on our YouTube Channel, you will see a little sneak peak of behind the scenes at our most recent photo shoot with the lovely Kayleigh Plant and Abi Lawrence. We love doing shoots with these girls as the creative juices are always flowing and we simply have a blast. We pick Abi's brain for makeup favourites and advice and we would be absolutely lost without Kayleigh. Many photographers we have experienced will have us stand in front of a camera and they will just keep clicking away and expect us to change poses as we go, well, models we are not, entirely comfortable in front of a we're not that either, so Kayleigh is awesome at talking to us, telling us what to do and making sure she gets the perfect shot. :)

It's been around 4 years now that we have been getting together with these ladies to update our portfolio's and we can't quite believe how much we feel we have grown and all the different looks we have been through. So we thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane...enjoy! :p

This was our first shoot! Oh how young we look! This was also after we had just dyed our hair back to brown after having it bleach blonde for many years! It was still slightly too dark for our liking here, it has since returned to our natural shade! Oh... and one can never have too many candy bracelets...clearly! ;)

Here we were trying to go with a more grown up, 'sexy' (if you will) kind of look! This was also the first time we had our first real freak out the night before a shoot, as we had gotten spray tans the day before and truly (we kid you not) looked like oompa loompas! Abi saved the day with her makeup skills! :p

This was, and still is, probably our favourite shoot (closely followed by the most recent) we have done. We strayed away from doing the 'twin thing' and let our personalities shine through a bit! We both have different creative ideas sometimes, so we thoroughly enjoyed expressing ourselves! :)

This was our 'its Easter, lets pose with ducks and rabbits' shoot! :p We kid! But really, we posed with ducks and rabbits. We just wanted to go back to being more cute in this one. We wanted to very much be us! We were also taking family pictures with our brother and sister too, so we kept it more simple! :)
And here we have our most recent shoot. Again, we have stuck to being more ourselves and have long said goodbye to our 'oompa loompa', bikini picture days. These lemon dresses we saw in Kohls and they immediately reminded us of Italy, then in turn we immediately wanted to take pictures in them! :p Moreover, this time we actually wanted to embrace more of the 'twin thing' too and dressed a like and had very similar makeup! :)
So there you have it! Be sure to click on the links and check out Abi and Kayleigh, they are awesome and always take time to schedule us in when we are home, for this we can't thank them enough! :) We love looking back on all our shoots and look forward to the next one! :)
Have a beautiful weekend everyone! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly!

Back to work!!

We have been a little quiet on the blogging front over the past two weeks, due to us going back home to England to spend time with family and since arriving back in the States, this past Sunday, we have been trying to get back in to the swing of everything and of course settle back in to our work schedules, so please forgive us. We hope every one is doing wonderful and we can't wait to get back to posting regularly as we have so many ideas and topics we just can't wait to write about, so stay tuned! :)