Feeling good! :)

I know I have written quite a few skincare and makeup posts recently but I simply had to write about my updated skincare routine. You see I had been getting pretty fed up with my skin, I felt like a had terrible dark circles round my eyes, it kept feeling really tight and dry and I kept getting little bumps on my forehead. My skin is usually a tad oily in my T zone, but I don't often break out, so the bumps on my forehead were starting to really bother me and I would get so upset putting makeup on as I felt it made it worse. A few posts back I mentioned that I had purchased the Origins Eye Cream, well now after having used it for a few months, I have to say that I love it. On really tired days you can still see my dark circles, it's not like the cream has made them disappear or anything, but it really makes my under eyes feel looked after and refreshed and brighter. When my Mom in law came to visit I was telling her about this cream and she said that my sister in law swears by Origins and has been using it for years. That made me happy and gave me all the confidence to want to try their face creams. I had been using a Ponds face cream for about a year but it felt so oily and like it just wasn't benefiting my skin at all. My Mom in law being my Mom in law, which means she is awesome in every way, spoilt me and purchased a little treat bag of Origins goodies for me to try. Thank you Mom! :) I have been using them now for about a month and I adore them! :)

Top to bottom:
The GinZing refreshing eye cream I mentioned above so I won't ramble, but it's wonderful! :p
The High Potency Night a mins night time cream...uh!!! :p I love, love, love this. At night time when I washed my face and it felt really dry and dehydrated, I would just put some more of my heavy Ponds moisturizer on, well not anymore, this cream smells scrumptious and is so light on the skin. It's perfect for night time. It absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn't leave my face feeling oily one little bit. And the best thing is that when I wake up in the morning my skin feels lovely and smooth and extremely refreshed. :)
The GinZing energy boosting moisturizer This cream is divine. It smells citrusy and fresh and feels so incredibly refreshing on my skin in the mornings. In addition, in sinks into my skin within minutes leaving it feeling hydrated and ready for makeup. (On days I'm going out)
I can't say enough great things about these products, they are the best! :)
So, to the right of the picture you may have noticed I have the Cera Ve renewing SA cleanser, this has become my number one face wash, I love it! :) I had been talking to my friend Angie... from Chocolate and Lipstick...(she's wonderful and always listens to my many rambles! :p) and I asked her if she could recommend anything for the bumps on my head and she suggested something with Salicylic acid in it, this is what I found. I'm always skeptical in trying products that people rave about or even products that are supposed to work wonders, if I'm honest, I just never believe it and think that a cream or face wash couldn't possible do what it says it 's going to do!! :p This however, is a game changer. My skin is clearer, it doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry after using it and my face is left feeling so fresh and smooth. It truly works! :) I bought mine at Target, it's a little pricey for what I'd usually like to spend on a face wash, I think it was around $11 compared to my $3 for my St Ives scrub, but it was so worth it! :)
Of course when talking about skincare and in realizing why my skin wasn't as bright and healthy looking as it once was, I owned up to the fact that I wasn't drinking near enough water per day. I can wake up and have my coffee and get to lunch time and realize that I haven't had anything to hydrate myself all morning. I blame this on the fact that I lost my Thor water bottle a few months back...genuinely gutted with that! :( but also the fact that I would just sit and write and get distracted or with work I would forget to bring a bottle with me. Not anymore!! After receiving lots of lovely Starbucks gift cards for my birthday I thought I would put them to use and get myself a cute new water bottle. I have been making myself drink the entire bottle each day, in addition to glasses of water I now have throughout the day too...perfect!! :) I have to say that I know water is an obvious one when it comes to keeping skin looking healthy, but it is so easy to forget to drink it and not get in your daily amount. I have been trying to so hard to stick with it this time as I all round just feel better, inside and out! :)
Do you have a skincare routine? What are some products you can't live without? Do you have any DIY scrubs or treatments that work for you? Let me know in the comments below!! :)
Have a wonderful evening!
Love Lulu xx

Twin Tag with my Keg! :)

So it's been a few days since I sat down to blog and to get caught up and back into the swing of things I thought I would do a little fun tag with my twin sister Kelly! :) Without further ado...

1. Who's the oldest ?
Lucy: I'm the oldest by one minute. You wouldn't think that would really make a difference but it surprisingly does and it's funny when people can guess that I'm older too.

2. Can you show an old photo?
Lucy: Don't ask us which one is which as we couldn't tell you.
Kelly:  I don't even think our mum and dad know which one is which in most of our baby photos, how they managed in real life back then I don't know.

3. Favourite memory together is?
Lucy: I know this will sound corny but really the past 27 years of our lives and having her by my side through it all have truly been amazing. There are far too many random adventures and priceless moments we have had together that I feel incredibly grateful for.
Kelly: We were fortunate enough to live our dream for 9 years which I definitely wouldn't have been able to do without her. We did so many awesome things through wrestling, like appearing on one of our favourite tv shows "A League of their own" back home, which was just the coolest thing ever. I would have to say though that surprising our family last year by going home is up there as one of the best things we've done, their faces were priceless and it's a memory we will treasure forever.

4. Each others dream job?
Lucy: I'd guess that Kelly would still love to experience working in Disney someday or have something to do with Disney as both her and her husband adore all things Disney. Ooh or I would say that a dream of hers would be if her, myself and our younger sister moved to London and worked at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour. :)
Kelly: Lucy would be pretty spot on with that answer. :) I would say for her that she would love to be a writer full time either with her blog or short stories or children's books, basically anything where she just gets to sit and write.

5. Who takes longer to get ready?
Lucy: I'd say me as I enjoy doing my makeup! :)
Kelly: Definitely Lucy, it's not that I don't like to dress up it's just I'm not that great at it and quickly get into a "this will do" mind frame.

6. Do you have anything matching ?
Lucy: I don't think we do anymore, well except for our old wrestling gear.
Kelly: That's a no. Mum used to love dressing us the same when we were younger and I didn't mind that at all, we also had "I'm the big sister" etc. jumpers. Now we have our own styles and like to be different.

7. Did you ever dress alike?
Lucy: Our Mum used to dress us a like when we were babies but I think by the time we were toddlers she would put us in outfits that said "I'm the big sister" "I'm the little sister", technically they were still both jumpers but they said different things. :p
Kelly: oops answered that all ready! :p

8. Do you finish each others sentences?
Lucy: We do sometimes. We tend to talk over and butt in to each others sentences more though, just ask our family and friends, I'm sure they must go away with headaches after chatting with the both of us.
Kelly: Sometimes, but you know the annoying thing? We always seem to do it when we are meeting people for the first time, it's that awkward if they ask a question and you don't want to not say anything incase Lucy doesn't answer, so we both speak and then they laugh because its a "oh haha your twins and you speak at the same time" moment. So stereotypical! :p

9. Do you have a most treasured possession?
Lucy: Yep. My teddy bear Nobby who I have mentioned in previous posts! :) He is my everything!
Kelly: Yes! Apart from all our photos and scrapbooks we both have teddies that I believe we got when we were 2 years old from our Nanna and Grandads next door neighbor. We have had them for 25 years and if anything happened to them we wouldn't know what to do. Mine is called Mandy and is a little dog. She goes with me everywhere.

Lucy: Sidenote: Nobby and Mandy used to look exactly the same but I took Nobby EVERYWHERE with me, ie, Nursery, gymnastics, etc and he got a bit beat up but is the cutest ever because of it! :)
10. One thing that you can do well that the other can't ?
Lucy: Hmm, this ones hard. When we used to wrestle I was a little more capable in the highflying department than Kelly and I liked the gym and squatting whereas Kelly wasn't always as good at that! :p
Kelly: Speak/understand Italian....only because I'm currently doing Rosetta Stone!

11. Do you have the same personalities ?
Lucy: We definitely share a lot of the same traits, like things we get from our Mum and Dad, but I think our personalities are quite different.
 Kelly: Once you get to know us, you can definitely tell the difference. I think we both come across very different unless it's something to do with confidence, as we both tend to be a little shy and anxious in similar situations.

12. Silliest question about being twins ?
Lucy: I can't think of one about being a twin but we get asked all the time if are husbands can tell us apart or if they have ever got us mixed up.
 Kelly: We get asked a lot of the same questions over and over but it's not exactly like they are silly, it's just funny how many people want to know the same things.

13. Describe each other in one word ?
Lucy: She's AWESOME! (Just like Captain Awesome...sorry couldn't resist! :p)
Kelly: She's Stubborn...haha no she's wonderful and is definitely my big sister and always looks after me, I'd be lost without her.

14.  One thing that annoys you about each other ?
Lucy: There's nothing about her that annoys me. But it's funny when we are mad at each other and we are both being stubborn we will get annoyed at each other for being mad at each other...if that makes sense?! :p
 Kelly: She has her own way of organizing stuff and I'm a lot more OCD with things. Sometimes she drives me mad if she mentions not being able to find something or remembering stuff and I'm like "Lucy come on, you have to be on that" Other than that, I agree with her, some days we are just off with each other and can get peeved by the littlest thing.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why ?
Lucy: ITALY!!! :) We both very much want to go back to Italy with our Mum and our little sister for a girlie vacation and we also want to take our husbands one day and just go with our whole families too! :) If  I'm being really specific, we both want to visit a café in Amalfi that our Grandad used to buy cakes from and bring home to us. :)
 Kelly: Ditto, we both want to go back to Italy so bad, hence me learning Italian as some of our Aunties there don't speak English. Besides home and our Nanna and Grandad's house, it's probably my favourite place ever.
16. Nicknames you have for each other ?
Lucy: I call her Keg. People always laugh when they hear it and wonder what on earth I am saying but when I was little we couldn't say our L's so she became Keggy, as we got older it just stuck, though I rarely say Keggy and it somehow just became Keg. :)
 Kelly: Growing up she was "ucy" again with the L's but now she's simply Luc! I rarely call her Lucy.

17. What do you order at fast food restaurants ?
 Lucy: We don't frequent fast food places often anymore, in fact it's incredibly rare that we go, but we don't usually order the same things as we can then try each others, but it does depend on where we are. On the occasion waiters have smiled at us when we order the exact same thing. :p
 Kelly: If we had to pick some of our favourite places we've tried over the years though, especially with being in America, we like Steak n Shake, Qdoba and most recently Canes.

18. Favourite thing about each other ?
Lucy: Everything! :) I love that she puts up with me and is always there for me and will listen to me till the cows come home! (Haven't used that British phrase in a while! :p)
 Kelly: Her heart is always in the right place and no one takes care of me or knows me the same as she does. (Besides my little sister, she's good at that too) She's my best friend and life is a lot more fun with her by my side. I also like that she helps me with make up as I'm hopeless on my own.

19. Favourite inside joke ?
Lucy: I don't think we have too many inside jokes really. Along with our little sister, Jen, we are always quoting our favourite lines from 'Chuck' or different movies we like.
 Kelly: I was going to say that too, most of our jokes we share with our other siblings, they maybe goofy pictures or lines from our favourite shows or movies. We can pretty much turn anything into a song or quote especially when our little sister is around.
20. Are you indentical ?
Lucy: Nope! :)
 Kelly: Nope! :p

Hope you enjoyed reading our answers, we had fun doing this together! :)

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I will try and get back to posting regularly soon! :)

Love Luc and Keg. xx 

Friends make the world go round! :)

I am a very sentimental person, which you have probably gathered by now through this blog! :p But I love scrapbooking, I love memories, moments, friends, family and just thinking about life and all that good stuff in general. I have moments every day where I like to take a second and remember to say thank you for my life and all that I have and get to do. Most days I simply take a deep breath and smile at how blessed and lucky I am. It's nice to sort of come back down to earth if I've been getting swept up with work, busy days, social media, missing my family or feelings of being overwhelmed. Last Friday I had one of these great feelings of joy and happiness when I got to see all my husband's hard work, determination and dreaming big, pay off when he bought 'Friday Night Fights' to Louisville, kicking off his new company Round Peg Promotions. The show was a huge success and just all round an amazing night of wrestling and entertainment. My favourite part though was getting to hang out with a bunch of my absolute favourite people, some of whom I hadn't seen in a long while.

I definitely go through my ups and downs when it comes to being 4000 miles away from my home in England, but one thing I can't deny is that Louisville brought so many wonderful people into my life, people I now consider family. When I get to spend time with these people I always come away feeling happy, motivated and inspired, they bring tons of laughter, goofy moments and treasured memories into my life.

So as we begin a new work week and get ready for the hectic days ahead, I just want to look to the week with a positive mind and happy heart. I caught up with a little scrapbooking this weekend too but I have tons more to do as the pictures are starting to pile up again from a family and fun filled past few days! :) Here's a sneak peek of some of my scrapbook favourites!

My gorgeous husband! He inspires me daily and is my bestest friend in the world! So proud of him for having a vision and not stopping until he saw it through and made it happen. Excited for the road ahead. @TheChrisSilvio

I just LOVE this picture! My most nearest and dearest! :)
@JaminOlivencia @TheChrisSilvio @Paredysexoxo @RefChrisSharpe @KellyLSharpe

You meet people in life that will always hold a special place in your heart no matter what. I count my lucky stars for those people. :) @Paredysexoxo

This girl!!! When you have friends that you can truly be yourself around and be totally honest with all the time, life is awesome! Brittany is awesome!

We got to experience living our dreams together when we took part in TNA's British Bootcamp and it was one of the most incredible experiences ever. He's always looked out for my sister and I and he was someone we learnt so much from when we first started wrestling. I heart Spud! :) @RockstarSpud

This beautiful women came to OVW and immediately we clicked. She loved wrestling like we did and just wanted to do a great job always. She is a complete sweetheart and I admire her and her husband to no end for their love, passion and work ethic.

As you can see I have some of the coolest, inspiring and awesome friends in the world and today I just felt like giving them a shout out and letting them know how grateful I am to have them in my life! :) I included their Twitter accounts if you wanted to check them out and show them some love too. I didn't get to take pictures with everyone this past weekend but I'm sure we will have more get togethers soon and you can always check out previous blog posts as there are lots of pictures scattered here and there of the crazy bunch I get to call my family. :)

You can check out more pictures from the weekend over on my Instagram @LucyOsterfeld or mine and my sisters @TheBlossomTwins

Have a blessed day!

Love Lulu xx

Colours that Pop!! :)

Over the past few months I think I have watched pretty much all my favourite Beauty Gurus talk about this brand, naturally I was intrigued and put it on my wish list! :p I liked the sound of all their stuff and I adored the look of everything. ColourPop cosmetics is everything for my love of all things white, cute and pretty at the moment. :) I waited for their blushes to launch before purchasing, as I knew I would use blushes and the lippiestix over the eye shadow, however the eye shadows do look gorgeous.

My goodies came with these fun little tips and fact cards and a personalized hand written note, which I thought was really sweet! :)

The colours I chose from the blush selection were Fox and Thumper. I thought Fox looked a bit like Nars's Orgasm, as it has that peachy, coral tone to it, and since my Nars blush is coming to an end I thought I would try and find one similar. Thumper is a really lovely baby pink and I simply wanted to try something a tad girlie and bright and different to what I usually wear. 

Here you have Fox on the left and Thumper on the right. This was just one stroke. They are beautifully pigmented and incredibly smooth. I am super excited to try them out. :) I will keep you posted.
Of course I had to try the ColourPop lippiestix, they just look too darn cute. :p I wanted to get a shade that I knew I would wear and after Jaclyn Hill used the shade Bound in her Valentines tutorial I knew that I would love it and it would be my favourite. The other shade I bought is a little out there for me as i'm not usually a big fan of red on me, but I saw this in Kathleen Lights lippiestix swatch video and loved it. I loved that it was matte and had a slight orange to it, but at the same time it's a very vibrant bright red that made me think of Spring. I'm going to try and step out of my comfort zone and experiment with this one.

Look at those pretty colours! I've already worn the shade Bound and it is beautiful, very girly and just so pretty, it's perfect for an everyday shade, especially for Spring!! :)
I hope you liked this mini ColourPop haul. I have to say I adore their products and think for the price you can't beat them. The lippiestix are $5 and the blushes $8. I'm excited to see how their brand expands! :)
Check out their website here: http://colourpop.com/ 
Hope you all have a wonderful and bright weekend! :)
Love Lulu xx

Confessions of a beauty blogger Tag! :)

Thank you Angie (Chocolate and lipstick) for tagging me in this fun little blogger tag! I loved reading your answers and enjoyed writing up mine! :) Hope you all like reading some insights into my world of blogging and snip it's about my life! :)

1: How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading post?
Hmm, this varies. I'm always thinking of ideas and if one just pops into my head I will let it play out a bit (listening to it in my head) before running to find a pad to jot down notes, if I think it will make a good post. I like to take pictures too, so that can add a bit of time. If its something like a product I like and I am taking pictures and then writing about it, I'd say it would take me about an hour plus. If it's something more in depth, say opinions on different topics and things I'm very passionate about, that could take me 3 plus hours or a few days, if I need to write, read, re-read and change stuff.

2: Are you a spender or a saver?
Definitely a saver! I am my mother's daughter! :p I like to make lists of things that I wish to save up for and when I have paid bills or think it's ok to get it, I will then purchase it. But I'm someone that will overthink every purchase I make, like 'do I really need it?' "Can I wait for it to go on sale?' etc.

3: When is the easiest time to write your post?
When I was working part time in retail, id write in the morning before work or in the afternoon after work depending on my schedule. When I started at my new job I worked afternoons and would sit and write in the mornings, however, currently I am on a full time shift so I try and write in the evening but sometime end up playing catch up and writing Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ideally I love to write when I wake up! :)

4: What makes writing post comfortable to you?
I used to just try and get comfy on the couch with my laptop on my knee but now I adore sitting at my desk in my own little space. It feels calming and I feel more focused. I also have to make sure everywhere is tidy and I have cleaned up and written 'To do lists' and have my brain organized before I can concentrate on a blog post.

5: What's your worst makeup/hair habit?
Hmm, i'm not sure about this one. My makeup is usually very simple these days and I make sure to wash it off before I go to sleep at night. I admit that I used to fall asleep with my makeup on but now I can't bare to do that. I have to make sure my face is clean and I have my night cream on. :) I am hopeless when it comes to my hair, so I guess my worst habit is that I just don't do much with it. It's either up or straightened roughly and that's about it. :p

6: What is the one quote you wish the world lived by? 
I love reading quotes and have shared one or two of my favourites in previous posts, however, for this tag I am going to take it old school and keep it simple.

"Treat others how you would like to be treated."

I grew up with this quote as it's something my Mum often said. If people really truly acted on these words I believe the world would be a very different place! :)

7: How long do you spend getting ready every day?
These days I am in work for 7:15 and I like to get up at 6am. I'm not someone that can roll out of bed, throw clothes on and leave the house, I have to wake myself up and feel paced and not rushed. It takes me about 10-15 mins to wash my face and do my makeup and then the rest of the time is getting breakfast and making coffee for my husband and I and getting our packed lunches ready! :) If I don't have anywhere to be, I will most likely be in my pajamas until I feel the need to change into a fresh pair before bed! :p

8: What's your favourite blog post?
I love writing and a part of me is always proud when I publish a post, no matter what it is about, i'm just happy that I finally stopped overthinking and started this blog instead of always wishing or wondering if I could have/do one. I love writing about my family, in addition to some of my favourites being ones where I have voiced my opinion on subjects that I feel strongly about.

9: Who is a Beauty Blogger you think deserves more subscribers than they already have? 
Hmm to be very honest I don't really pay attention to subscribers and numbers. If I come across a blog I love I will happily support and talk about them encouraging others to take a look, but whether you have one follower or a thousand I think as long as you love what you do then you should keep doing it. Furthermore, if you have one follower who loves reading your posts and it helps them and makes there day, then you are awesome and doing a great thing. Don't get caught up in numbers or get down on yourself. :)

10: What's one thing you are excited about in the coming year?
I'm really trying my best this year to live for the moment. It's funny that Kelly and I grew up writing that phrase on everything, thanks to The Hardy Boys, but actually living by it is tougher. If I think about the future I can often get overwhelmed and start planning and counting down for things to happen but without being specific with times and dates, I am looking forward to when I can go back home and spend time with my family. :) Ooh and if I am being specific... Jerry Seinfeld live on April 2nd!!!! :)

11: What's been your favourite blogger moment?
I love when people comment and I get to connect with people through writing! :) Also, making friends and connecting with the lovely Angie, from Chocolate and Lipstick. :)

12: How long does it take to prep for a post? 
1-2 hours, to a few days, it depends. :)

13: Are you wearing jeans, skirt or just pajama bottoms?
Currently having just been out for brunch, (I'm writing this on Sunday) I am wearing jeans and a Thor t-shirt. :) But usually I rarely wear jeans and love my pajama pants or leggings.

14: What are you most proudest in your life?
This might sound silly and a little odd, as I haven't had kids yet and I didn't do anything but be born to get the family I have, but family is my everything and I am just so proud of them. I'm proud to say they are mine and I'm proud of the love we all have for each other and the way we all look after each other. :) In addition, I am proud of my sister and I for chasing our dreams with wrestling and for all the things we achieved with that, as well as feeling like I was a good teacher to all my kiddies when I worked as a Nursery Nurse and a Teaching assistant back home! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little tag, they are always lots of fun to do! :) I tag everyone who would like to take part. Feel free to answer one or two questions below if you fancy too! :)

Love Lulu. xx

Welcome to the 50's! Guest post!

As you may know from previous posts, just over two weeks ago me and my husband moved back to Kentucky, from Florida, to be closer to Lucy and our friends. Well after seeing Lucy's new apartment and really liking it, we were lucky enough to get the apartment below her. With already knowing the set up, I was busy planning how I was going to decorate weeks before we actually got here.
Apart from being beyond excited about having a built in bookshelf, the room I was most excited about was the dining room. For a long time now I have wanted to have a 50's style diner, in past apartments I have settled with putting a few of my tin signs on the wall in the kitchen, but with this new apartment having its own dining room, I was able to get more creative.
An extra bonus was that I had my dad with me the week we moved in and I owe my love of the 50's style and classic cars to him, as for as long as we can remember we've been going to classic American car shows with him.
Anywho, without further ado, I give you my 50's/classic car inspired dining area...

I will start with my dining table, I knew what table I wanted from the minute we moved into our first unfurnished apartment two years ago. I did quite a bit of research as they can get very expensive but this one I found on Amazon here(mine wasn't that expensive for shipping though, not sure why it's gone up!) and was a great deal as it came with the four chairs too. It has survived three moves and is sturdy and easy to put together.

It was kind of hard to take a picture of the clock so you could see how it fit in with the room, as our light hangs really low for some reason, but the clock on the back wall I have also had for about two years and is the back end of a 57 chevy, I love it! You may notice that the napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers are also a nice 57 chevy theme and I  have a paper towel holder in the kitchen with the same car too. I got those and my clock from Retro Gifts from Retro Planet. Be warned, you can and will spend hours on this site if you love vintage things like me! :) 

My tin signs!!! I am terrible for buying these, every time I find a cool store that happens to have some, I can't help but look. I love the ones I have though as they all have a special meaning to me. The one on the far left in the arrow shape is a Route 66 diner sign which my little sister got me while we were on Route 66, same goes for the Steak n Shake one next to it that I picked up while travelling the mother road too. This one I loved because my Dad has the same picture at home. The first Mel's Drive in sign, my Dad got me from a car show years ago and the second he got me from a shop in Oldtown, Kissimmee, Florida, when he visited before we moved. They make me smile because they are from one of his favourite movies, American Graffiti. The one next to that, (you can see better on the very first picture at the top of the page) has a turquoise 59 corvette on it which is my dream car. The final one that says homemade cake I originally got for my wedding! So there's the lowdown on my signs, if you are wondering what the picture of the coke bottles is, it's a canvas of my wedding favours which were mini coke bottles. :) 

My new favourite thing that I love!!! You know when you have an image of something in your head and get excited because when you actually do it, it ends up being like the image you had, well this was one of those rare moments and it made me so happy. I had a few things like the soda glasses, red food baskets and mustard and ketchup bottles that I bought from Retro Gifts from Retro Planet  that I just had in the kitchen cupboards that I really wanted to use more often, so I thought a little cart that I could put in the dining room would be quite cute and add to the theme. I found this one here

Last but not least and something I was very excited about, and thought I was genius for thinking of, are my placemats. In the last few apartments we've had I have had different themed table cloths (thanksgiving, Christmas, summer etc) covering my white table and my husband kept asking me "why?" as it meant you obviously couldn't see the actual style of the table underneath. My reason was that I am so protective over it that I hated the thought of it getting marked or scratched. Alas, I decided that when we moved here I would find placemats and just tell everyone to be extremely careful, then proceed to watch anyone going near it like a hawk! :p I couldn't find any placemats that I liked but then one day I thought "hey I could use pictures of our Route 66 trip as that goes with the theme and would look really cool" so my awesome Dad printed off double sided pictures that I chose from our trip last summer and laminated them and voila!! They make me happy because I get to look at great memories everyday and I think they make the room more personal! :)

So that's it folks, my 50's style American diner! I hope you like it. It is my favourite room in the apartment. If you like any of the things I have in it, here are the links!

The clock you can find Chevy Bel Air Wall Clock
The Napin holder and salt and pepper shakers you can find 57 Chevy Tableware Set
The tin signs you can find Homemade Cake Tin Sign
The soda glasses you can find Soda Fountain Glasses
The condiment and basket set you can find Deli Baskets Condiment Squeeze Bottles
The table you can get here!

Until next time, keep smiling!

*Some links may be affiliated.

My favourite little spot! :)

I have been wanting to do this post for the longest time now but I had to be patient and wait to get all my little bits and pieces organized and for things to arrive before it was all fully finished and ready for pictures. Plus it has been a busy week at work with starting a new schedule and having my sister Kelly starting working with me and showing her the ropes. It has been so much fun though and we are enjoying working with kids, working together and thinking of lots of activities for them when we get home, I just haven't had a minute to sit down and blog. Alas, here I am! :)

When my husband and I moved to a new apartment about a month ago, I got really excited about the fact that we would have a spare room. We of course needed to put a nice cozy sofa bed in there for guests (my family, his family) but I knew I wanted to make a little office space for myself and my Chris. With Chris working a bunch and hosting his own podcast, he needed space where everything could stay set up and where he could just go and actually sit and have room for guests too, and as for me, since I started blogging and writing more last year, I have dreamed about having my own space and pretty desk area where I can relax and focus and write away, as I had just been sitting on the couch with my laptop on my knee. If you follow me on Pinterest (LucyOsterfeld) you will have probably seen me on an office décor pinning frenzy. I adored the look of everything white with hints of gold, as it just looked so fresh and bright and I felt that that would be perfect for helping me feel calm and focused. :)

So over the past month I have had so much fun getting together my little trinkets and putting things in place to get my desk area how I had envisioned. I laughed to myself when it didn't quite turn out exactly as elegant and sophisticated as all the pictures I had been looking at, but I love it because it is me through and through and I LOVE sitting down to write in my new favourite little spot!! :)

Here you have my cozy corner! :) As you may know from previous posts, I love scrapbooking and pictures, so naturally I had to have a bunch above my desk.
The Instagram frame came from Archivers about two years ago and it's my favourite. :) You can check out http://www.archiversannex.com/ to see if they have them available online, I had purchased this one in store, as with the turquoise/mint frame.
The picture to the left is courtesy of my friend Jimmy (@paredysexoxo ) and I adore it. He drew me and it's simply awesome!! :) I love his artwork and treasure this piece.
Then of course I have my Chuck Poster available here.
The beautiful table is from Ikea. I had seen these tables in many of the beauty blogger videos I watch and thought they looked so pretty and the price was right. The cabinet unit also came from Ikea. I had been looking at the Alex drawers as they looked nice and neat and pretty and I had heard lots of good things about them, but I ended up going with this cabinet, as with shipping this was cheaper and I didn't want to go overboard and spend too much! :)
I got a tad obsessed with the Ikea website and couldn't resist this chair too. It fit being white, and after looking and searching for office chairs everywhere, the price was right with this one. And I have to say it is so comfy, I love it. :)
This gorgeous cushion came from World Market I had my eye on it for a while and when my Mom in law came to visit, she spoilt me and treated me to it! Thank you Mom. I adore it! :)
On top of my cabinet I have this square shelf unit which was a birthday present from my Mom last year. It's so handy for all my scrapbooking paper and notebooks. I think it came from Michaels Craft store. On top of that I have my little makeup collection. I simply love looking at all the pretty colours and keeping it in this room keeps the bathroom sink area tidier. :) I also have my favourite Bath and Body Works candle 'Twisted Peppermint' and a mug I got from my beautiful friend Negin, that has a picture of me and my sisters on it. So cute and thoughtful! Thank you Negin!! :)
You can see how I made the tassels and the gold mason jar here:
 Last but not least, to the right side of my desk I have this craft organizer which was again a birthday present from my Mom last year. It keeps all my craft goodies at arms reach and is cute and convenient. I also keep my Rapunzel pencil tin and my Bride tumbler I had on my wedding day in front of me! :) Ooh and a picture of Hilary Duff for motivation! I love her! :)
I hope you like this little tour of my desk area. It makes me smile when I walk into the room and see it all bright and colourful. It makes me want to sit and write and inspires me and I'm so grateful I am able to have this little corner to call my own. :) I included links of where you can purchase some of the items just in case you liked them too and were interested in checking things out yourself. 
Have a wonderful Saturday and if you have any DIY projects and ideas, I'd love to read about them in the comments below! :)
Love Lulu. xx

The prettiest Palette! :)

So I mentioned in a previous post, that I hadn't purchased any makeup recently due to saving for specific things that were on my wish list. The Nars Virtual Domination caught my eye after Christmas and I just fell in love with it, it was at the top of said list. However, with it being so expensive I pushed it to the back of my mind. Though every now and again I would check Sephora.com or in store to see if they still had it, as I knew it was limited edition. I had seen reviews, both on other blogs and YouTube, and there had been mixed thoughts, but when I swatched it in the store I thought it was beautiful. I adored the packaging and loved the look of all the colours.

I love the white, black and the red on the packaging and there's just something about the pattern that made me smile. When my birthday rolled around I was the lucky receiver of a Sephora gift card, and I also still had some money left over on the one I got at Christmas, so I thought...'why not?' I couldn't get the palette out of my mind and after discussing (at length) with Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick, (poor Angie :p ) I decided to go for it. 
This was my first ever 'splurge' at Sephora and on makeup in general, so I was slightly anxious about not liking it, even though I had gift cards! :p But considering I was in need of a new bronzer and I adore blushes (I've been using the Nars Orgasm blush, and nothing but, for the past year) I thought it was the best kind of palette for me to splurge on and it had the most chance of me putting it to use over something like an eye shadow palette. 

From the bottom right going up, you have the highlighter 'Miss Liberty', Blushes 'Deep Throat', 'Sex Fantasy', 'Final cut' and then the 'Laguna' bronzer. I have to say that they all show up very well on my skin tone. I'm somewhat pale with a hint of an olive skin tone. I used 'Deep throat' this past weekend and LOVED it. I had to be careful as to not go overboard, as it was incredibly pigmented, but it gave such a glowing, warmth to my skin as well as that touch of peachy pink. I also used 'Laguna' to bronze and contour slightly and again I thought it was gorgeous on the skin! :) I simply can not wait to try the other colours and am so happy with this purchase. Angie and I worked out that you get tons of product for your money and that was another reason I had to try it, as it made so much sense when I would no doubt have been wanting to get another Nars blush when the 'Orgasm' one ran out! :)

This palette retails at $65 and you can get it here!

What are your makeup favourites? Have you splurged on anything lately? :)

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Love Lulu. xx

Keep calm and have a cuppa! :)

I'm currently wrapped up cozy and warm in my apartment, as the snow has taken over again here in The Ville and I experience my 3rd snow day ever. It's been a crazy week since I last posted and after a nasty bout with a stomach bug last week, I am now nursing a full on cold, not pretty and not fun! :p But alas, I am one very, very lucky and happy girl! :)