Christmas Day and a resolution or two! :)

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating and bringing in 2015! :) My husband and I had a delicious meal with friends and then popped round to our other friends house to ring in the New Year, we were surrounded by fantastic company and had a great evening and I'm very much looking forward to what this year has in store!

But before I get in to talking about New Year's Resolutions and other exciting topics, I felt like I just wanted to share a little more of my Christmas adventure. I took you through some of the fun outings we went on during our trip to England in a recent post, but after having written quite a bit, Christmas day just couldn't fit in. :p However, I really wanted to mention how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing family.

I know we all come from different backgrounds and parts of the world, where we all face different challenges, trials and tribulations, where we also enjoy different triumphs, success' and joys, I know that our stories are all unique, but I hope that you all have family, friends and loved ones that you can treasure and love with all you have each and every day. :)

I feel as though as I am getting older absolutely nothing compares to the love I have for my family and my extended family. Christmas just gone was one of those days that filled my heart with so much happiness, I felt it fit to burst with love for the people around me. As I have mentioned in previous Christmas tags and posts, our Christmas day is the same routine every year, we sit and share presents in the morning, then the music gets turned up and we dance around the kitchen helping Mum get the lunch ready. Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Angela come over and its laughing, chatting and lots of eating, before curling up on the couches and watching a movie, while opening a few more presents. True to tradition, this past year, was very much the same. However, as I sat and watched my Grandad being goofy throwing chocolate raisins at everyone to make sure we all got one to eat and as my Nanna got teary eyed opening a tin of coffee, I simply felt like the happiest person on earth. I know I talk about my family a lot and I know I often share this feeling towards them, but this year just felt magical. Maybe it's due to the little ups and downs and scares this past year and the being 4000 miles away most of the year, but I really wanted to take in and appreciate every second. In addition, I know I've also written before that in my house it's not so much about the presents, although it's always fun seeing if my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sisters like what we picked for them and I love seeing what thoughtful and quirky thing my Mum has wrapped up for me (this year it was a book and banana conditioner...perfect! <3 ) but honestly, this past year, I looked around the room while everyone was laughing and as my Grandad decided to put baubles on his ears as earrings, and smiled knowing that these memories are the absolute best presents of all! :)


Stepping into 2015 I have lots of goals, dreams and projects that I want to make a reality. I have resolutions and things that I am focused on and determined to work on personally and professionally. But one of the biggest things, and the reason for sharing my Christmas day story above, is that I really wanted to make 2015 a year of love and positivity. Above all else, I simply want to do more to make the world a better place. As I stated above, I know we all come from different walks of life, so I am aware that not everyone will have had a Christmas day like mine, so this year I wanted to make sure that whether it's smiling at a stranger, saying hello to someone in the street, being friendly to cashiers or doing more for charity, that I wake up and make everyday count.

I hope that you might join me and we can share ideas or stories on how we can lift up others and make a difference! :)

One of my first ideas this year was giving to a homeless shelter. I have lots of stuff, from clothes and little nik naks, that the idea of someone being able to stay warm by passing on a jumper or a jacket that has been sitting in my cupboard for a year, made me feel like 'stop being lazy and get to it'. I had collected a bunch of items together and then my friend Nick had written a post on Facebook about getting a few things together for a trip to Guatemala, things that he and his friends could sell to put towards tickets, or stuff that could be given to the people out there. It was like a sign. I now have a few boxes of things that I feel are going to be used for a great cause. Nick also told me that whatever they don't sell or what can not be taken to Guatemala, will be going back into the community to shelters and such. If you are in the Louisville area and would like to help my friend Nick, please get in touch and I can pass on details! :)

I remember when I was younger and my Mum had a friend called Amanda. Every few months Mum would be busy getting boxes of sweets and bits and bobs together for Amanda, as Amanda would take trips to Romania to visit kids and deliver these boxes. I always liked helping Mum and seeing what she had bought for the children, I even remember one year when Kelly and I were quite little, telling Mum that she could send the children Nobby. Now Nobby is my most treasured thing on the planet, besides my family, for those of you who don't know, and he is also my teddy bear. Mum sweetly bent down and said thank you very much, that's very kind of you but Nobby needs you. I was only a kid so I just thought ok and that was that. The point is, when we are kids there is something so innocent and caring about us, we don't think twice about putting others first, about seeing someone sad and wanting to reach out and give them a hug. Life is rather simple and love is the only thing we need. Being older now and knowing more about the world, its a terrifying and scary place and so many people have forgotten about the simple acts of love and about putting love first. So without further rambling I just wanted to share my biggest resolution of the year!

To share Love, Love and Love! A whole lot of love! :)

Have a blessed day!
Love Lulu. xx

P.s, I do have to admit that I am very grateful to Mum for not letting me part with Nobby. Thank you Mum. :) Though over the years I have parted with Beanie Babies in hopes that other children can have their own Nobby! :)


  1. This is such a nice post (: my uncle actually owns a homeless shelter so once a month I go and volunteer (:

    1. Aww thank you for your sweet comment and that is so lovely and amazing that you go and Volunteer, thank you for sharing. :) x

  2. Lovely blog, Lulu! :) My New Years Resolution, much like yours, is to be more positive and focus on the good, not the bad! In the last 2 years, I've had a few illness problems and a badly broken heart which left me a little bitter, but I still have plenty to smile about and be thankful for! So thank you for sharing your wonderful blog and thank you for just being you! :) xx

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment David, it's much appreciated! :) I'm sending huge hugs and positive wishes your way and hope that you can have a positive and happy 2015! :) A great man always told me "Keep smiling" he was truly an inspiration and I just think about that whenever I need a pick me up! :) xx

  3. Omg, that Nobby is the cutest thing ever. I don't have a single thing from my childhood because our house burnt down when I was 9, but if I did, it would have been my Teddy Ruxpin. Loved that bear.

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Aww Angie, that made me so sad, i'm so sorry to hear that, that must have been hard. I will give Nobby extra cuddles for you, thinking of Teddy Ruxpin! <3 <3

  4. Aww thank you for your kind words Lucy! :) I will remember to "Keep smiling" and stay positive throughout 2015! :) You are truly one of my biggest inspirations! Sending huge hugs back to you!! :) xx


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