Updates and a few favourites! :)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! :) This past week has been rather crazy in our little household, Chris has been very busy with work and lots of projects and I have been trying to box up our apartment and get everything ready to move out this coming Saturday. In addition, to getting myself prepared for my new job, that I start next Monday. It feels like there are plenty of things to keep us occupied and it almost feels like a fresh start and new adventure is upon us.

With that being said, those are two things I wanted to share with you today, my news if you will, and reason for being a tad distracted and not having blogged in a few days. Chris and I were ready for a bit of a bigger space and change of scenery and our new place is so cute, I simply can't wait to get decorating and make it all cozy and homely. So you bet there will be lots of DIY blogs coming. I've been scouring Pinterest and already have ideas for our office spaces. :)

Furthermore, as you may know from previous posts, http://lululocket.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-stay-at-home-wife-meets-kohls.html since I finished wrestling I've kind of bounced around from retail jobs not really knowing where to settle and what I wanted to do. I enjoyed those jobs to some extent, being around friendly, fun people at Kohls and all the creative people and goodies at Michaels, but it wasn't what I really wanted to be doing. Having been able to have periods of time at home helped me get this blog up and running and gave me lots of opportunity to write, which I realized I love, it bought me more happiness and contentment and I was all smiles as new dreams of writing emerged from my brain. Those dreams still stand, but when I came across the Daycare center in my new apartment complex I thought I would check it out. They were looking for a part time teacher and after an interview last week, I'm proud to say I got the job. I'm really very excited as being a Nursery Nurse and working with kids has always been my favourite and number one on my previous job list. :) I've already got a list of activities that Id like to do with the children! :)
I will keep you posted! :)

With my brain being slightly frazzled, today I am keeping this short but leaving you with a few of my favourite things from the month of January that have helped to relax me and keep me from stressing out! :p

I've had to read this a bunch of times recently. As you know, family are my everything and it hasn't gotten any easier us all living in different places.
When in doubt and freaking out...watch Chuck! :)
Ideas for my desk space! :)
I love this girl! I've been very behind on my baking since Kelly moved to Florida, but with more space in our new kitchen, I'm determined to get back to it! :)
I've really been enjoying this gorgeous girls videos as of late, she seems really cool! :)
There will be a book recommendation soon but UH!!! I love Kristan Higgins. She is wonderful! :)
Last but not least, my friend Angie has been making me smile all week and is simply a joy to talk to, check out her blog, it's so pretty, you will love it! :)

Have a wonderful day and if you have any DIY tips or pretty ideas, please let me know in the comments below! :)

Love Lulu. xx

Guest Post...Disney Dining! :)

Hey Everyone,
It's Kelly here, time for another little guest blog while I had some fun things in mind.
As you know myself and my Husband moved to Florida just over six months ago. Once we got settled we knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to go for it and get Annual Disney Passes. It took about a month but boy are we glad we did it. I don't know about everyone, but from our experiences so far, they are definitely worth every penny!

A New Blogger Tag! :)

Good Morning everyone, I hope you are having a lovely Monday so far! :) I had a very busy weekend with my husband, getting lots of jobs done and plans underway for some new projects and a possible move of apartments here shortly, but I did get a little time to sit and write and work on my Listography book that Kelly and Chris got me for Christmas. :) I love writing lists and this book is rather fun and relaxing, in addition to being a memory keeper. We all know how much I love to scrapbook and this book is more of a written scrapbook which I really like. :) As I sat going through it, I thought that some of the questions would be fun for a Blogger Tag, so I picked out some of my favourites and compiled a few other questions together to create my own Tag. I hope you enjoy and join in too! :) I tag +Meg B +Angela Angeline @sophierebecca_ and anyone who would like to be a apart of this. If you don't have a blog just leave a comment below! :)

1) What is your favourite song?
"On the Other Side" by Augustana

2) List artists you have seen live.
Ray LaMontagne, Augustana, John Mayer, John Prine, Benjamin Booker, Nickel Creek, The Overtones, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Mest, Gareth Gates.

Dan Layus of Augustana! :)

3) Name a place you would like to visit.
I would love to visit Rome but if I am being specific, on the top of my wish list of places to go is a little Italian café called Pansa in Amalfi. This is the place Grandad would get cakes from when he visited Italy and we would eagerly be awaiting them upon his return! :) They are my favourite cakes in the whole entire world and hold so many special memories, so to go to the café myself would be a dream come true. :)

4) What is your favourite family holiday?
Of course all the times we have been to Italy and New York to see family! :) However, I do have to mention Portugal, as I think we went to Portugal on two occasions and I loved that we got to stay in a little villa with a pool in the back garden. It always felt like we were hidden away somewhere, where it was just the six of us. We had so much fun as a family playing in the pool and trying local cuisines and pizza places. :)

5) Who was/is your favourite teacher?
Ooh I have three. My teacher from Nursery school, Mrs. Booth, she was lovely. I would later work with her when I got my first teaching job at Freshfield Nursery School, we came full circle. :) Miss Brookes, my English teacher from Priestnall High School, she was simply awesome. English was my favourite subject and she made it so much fun and gave me so much confidence, I loved her lessons. And Rip Rogers, my wrestling trainer. The best wrestling trainer in the world. He not only kicked my ass in wrestling but also taught me so much about myself too and he continues to inspire me when I get chance to go and catch up with him.

6) List a famous person you would like to bring back to life and have a chat with.
I have two. :p Jim Morrison and Jack Kerouac. Oooh make that three, Macho Man Randy Savage.

7) List professions you would like to try.
Author. Ooh and an Actor, preferably in the Chuck movie...when we make that happen! :p (And we will!!!)

8) What are some of your favourite games?
I love Tetris, growing up you couldn't get me off my Gameboy, I loved playing Tetris. Now, I love playing Heads Up with my family and also Charades.
9) Name a celebrity you look up to?
Hmm as far as "Celebrities" go, I love Zachary Levi and pretty much the whole cast of Chuck. They are just awesome and incredibly inspiring to me. But also, I'd have to say Hilary Duff. I've loved her forever, she is someone I really look up to and admire in all aspects of life. She is always herself and comes across as simply a beautiful person inside and out. :)

10) List something you would change about the world.
I would love to get rid of all hate, violence and negativity in the world. Everything bad, from guns to diseases, I would very much like to make it all go away.

Hope you enjoyed these questions/lists and have fun answering them yourselves! :)

Have a great day!

Love Lulu xx

Grazie A Dio Siamo Italiani!! :)

Whenever I'm feeling sad, missing my family, or just want to smile, it seems all I have to do is surround myself with all things Italian and I instantly feel a better. I know I will have mentioned it in previous posts, but I'm half Italian, my Mum is Italian and I grew up with both my Italian Nanna and Grandad round the corner, so my brother and sisters and I were never short of the best food in the world and Italian treats on hand. I've been fortunate enough to visit Italy a few times to see family and the places my Nanna and Grandad were born and where my Mum spent many months during her childhood, and needless to say it is one of my favourite places in the world. Specifically Praiano. :)

Current Skincare Favourites! :)

Last year I found that I really enjoyed learning more about makeup, playing with it, finding out about different brands, watching beauty gurus on YouTube, and discovering what my favourite go to products are, blush and lipsticks for the win. :p However, as January was approaching my brain seemed to switch gears a little and I started thinking more about skincare and getting excited about trying new products that would look after my skin, protect it and make it glow. I grew up watching my Mum applying moisturizer and she always encouraged my sisters and I to do the same to keep our skin nice and healthy. Mum never wore makeup and still doesn't, and she is the most beautiful women I know. Her face most definitely glows! :)
With Mum's guidance I always like to use a face cream, face wash and body moisturizer, I have experimented with quite a few over the years, as I like to make sure I use these types of skincare products every day. Mum's Oil of Olay is still probably my favourite face cream but over the past year, with learning what my skin likes and doesn't like, I've found a few new products that I truly love and feel that they work wonders with my skin! :)
So let's jump right in: 

Top left:

Fresh cream body lotion from Philosophy.

This I simply couldn't resist. Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in one of her videos and after smelling it in Sephora I really wanted to try it. I wouldn't usually spend $17 on a body lotion but I treated myself for winter as I knew I would be in need of a good moisturizer. The thing I love about this cream is that because I adore the smell, I always remember to put it on and I actually want to put it on. Sometimes I admit, that if it's cold and I'm being lazy, when I get out of the shower I just want to jump straight into my pajamas, but now I reach straight for this bottle. It smells divine and feels so luxuries that it's like I have to put it on before bed to feel extra relaxed and cozy. I definitely feel like I got my moneys worth. I am currently squeezing the bottle I have to death to make sure I get every last bit out of it. :p I highly recommend this body lotion. Thank you Jaclyn Hill! :)

Top row middle:

Josie Maran 100% pure Argan Oil, Light.

I bought this little bottle a while ago, again after Jaclyn Hill had recommended it and I used it constantly. It felt really good on my skin and I really liked it, but then I kind of just stopped applying it. When I flew back from England over the Christmas holiday, I had come home and you know when you just feel all icky after spending a whole day travelling and flying? well I washed my face and my skin felt really dry, I didn't want to put on my thick day moisturizer so I reached for this bottle. Instantly my face felt lovely and refreshed and then when I woke up in the morning my skin felt so soft and looked brighter and glowing that I now make sure it's part of my night time routine! :) Are there any night creams/oils that you recommend or can't be without?

Top row right:

Fresh cream Fragrance

I know this isn't a skincare product but I just wanted to mention it anyway as my husband bought it me for Christmas and it is my favourite ever. I've never had my own scent or really bothered with perfumes. I'd use body sprays but perfume was never really my thing. I remember Christmas 2013 my husband had walked me round the Fragrance counters so I could pick something out, but I didn't like anything other than Chanel Number 5, which is my Mum's scent and the only thing that I loved because it made me feel comforted and smelled like her. :) But this scent smells sweet but isn't too over powering and it doesn't have that 'I'm a perfume' smell that gives me a headache. Chris knew I loved the Fresh cream lotion, so thought this would be perfect for my first bottle of perfume! He was right, I adore it! :) It simply makes you smell nice and fresh and sweet! :p

Bottom left:

Sephora Rose Mask

Every now and again I like to try a mask and see if it actually does anything for me. I'm always skeptical and think 'can you even see or feel a difference', but Nicole Guerriero had talked about these ones being good for hydration and I felt that that was something my skin could do with, as during the cold months my face does get very dry. I have to say that I really loved this mask. It's simple to use, with it being like a cloth that you just rest over your face, so you don't have to deal with all of the goop and trying to spread mud round your face. It felt so incredibly refreshing when on and once I took it off my face felt considerably light and fresh. The packet states that you don't need to rinse off once you remove the cloth, they say you can gently rub the remaining moisture into your skin. I did this and I was really pleased with the results. It gave my skin tons of moisture and made me feel awake and very refreshed. (How many times can I use the word fresh and refreshed? :p) They have a range of these masks, all to help with different things, like toning, blemishes, brightening, and mattifying, I'm eager to try more! :)

Body row middle:

St Ives face scrub

This has to be my favourite brand for face washes. When I lived at home Mum used to buy different ones for us to try and it would be whatever caught her fancy when shopping or maybe a brand that she saw in a magazine or that was on special offer. Sometimes the ones that suited her and my little sister would always make my skin feel tight and dry, but she hit a home run when she found this one. Thank you Mum. :) I've tried a few of the different types that St Ives has, like the apricot scrubs, and I just think they are awesome. I don't suffer from sensitive skin but I've used brands like Garnier and Simple before, and as I mentioned above, my skin feels a little irritated and dry afterwards. But the St Ives feels so gentle, even the ones with the little beads and exfoliators, and after my skin feels clean, soft and smooth and seems to look brighter and healthier too. :)

Bottom right:

Yes to Blueberries facial wipes.

I like to use makeup wipes to take off eye makeup and for when I'm really tired and want to climb into bed without having to go through lots of different lotions and potions to wipe away the days dirt in order to let my skin breathe. I've yet to find the absolute perfect wipes that make me feel like I've accomplished getting rid of all my foundation and such, but these ones do come pretty darn close. They smell like a spa and are extremely moisturizing and do get rid of  90% of my makeup. The only thing that I don't like about them is that on occasion my face feels slightly tingly and sensitive after. I've resorted to being very light handed when using them and for now it seems to do the trick. Pictured above is the limited edition Ingrid Nilsen packet. Ingrid is another of my favourite YouTubers hence me trying these out! :p  

I hope you enjoy some of my skincare favourites, if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below! I'm in search of a good eye cream! :)

Have a lovely evening!

Love Lulu. xx

The coolest guy i know!

Today is my husband Chris's birthday and today I wanted to write about something awesome because it's Friday (yay) so I had the genius idea of combining both these things meaning that today I am going to blog about my husband because, well, he is AWESOME and it is his birthday!!! :p

In the spirit of my previous New Years post and focusing on Love this year, http://lululocket.blogspot.com/2015/01/christmas-day-and-resolution-or-two.html this only seems fitting, as I LOVE Chris, of course, but I don't just love him because he is my husband, he was my best friend long before that and I've loved him as a person since the day he kicked my butt at wrestling training back in 2008. Ok, maybe not quite since that day, (I didn't like him then but that's another story :p) but fast forward to 2009 and after a 3 month stay in KY, he had cemented a special place in my heart, being the guy that pushed me, challenged me, listened to me, the guy that always seemed to be there for me and make me have confidence in myself in a way that I didn't think possible. As the title states, he quite simply became the coolest guy I knew. 6 years later and he still is the coolest guy I know and still my bestest friend! :)

Chris is an extremely hard worker and in wrestling we shared a lot of the same dreams and goals and had a very similar outlook on the business and being a wrestler, I think that's what drew us together at first, we clicked in the ring and he was and is still my favourite person to train with and wrestle. Outside of wrestling we both keep really busy and have plenty of other dreams and aspirations. Watching him reach for these dreams and work hard each and every day never fails to inspire me to work that much harder and dream that much bigger. I am so very proud of him and feel beyond blessed to call him my husband. But enough of the mushy stuff...

Chris kicks ass so today I just wanted to share ways you can follow him and support him and see all the awesomeness he gets up to, feel free to pass them along and share with people you think will enjoy too! :) And as a side note, yes, I am that wife who will talk about him non stop, promote his stuff and in the process probably be slightly embarrassing...ever so slightly :p but what can I say? I would stand on the top of a mountain and tell the world he is the best of the best and the most amazing guy in the whole wide world over and over again and never be ashamed, because that's what love will do to you! :) (I got a bit mushy again then :p)

Facebook has updates on all Chris's links, from wrestling to his podcast to really cool pictures! :)


It's all him on Twitter so enjoy! I love his humor and occasional words of wisdom and just all the random goofiness that is him! :)


Here you can check out The Chris Silvio Show, his wrestling podcast! He has had some awesome guests over the past year, so be sure to have a listen and learn about the crazy world of pro wrestling, in addition to guests from MMA and the music world.


You can also check out 5 questions with Chris here:


Also, you can read last years birthday post and a little more of our story here:


We had a little birthday celebration yesterday as today he is working and then we head to Virginia to spend the weekend with his family for birthday fun and our third Christmas day! :) I can't wait!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and if you are celebrating your birthday today, then a huge Happy Birthday to you too! :)

Thank you for reading! :)

Love Lulu xx

A Healthy way to start the day!

I know everyone has differing opinions on New Years Resolutions but I have to say that I think dreaming and setting goals can only be a good thing. Even if a New Years Resolution is something simple and just a bit of fun, like trying out a new sport or wanting to get better at dressing a bit more stylish, and you only end up doing it for a week or even a few days because, one: while you might enjoy the sport, you simply don't enjoy it that much, and two: while you really did feel slightly more grown up dressing the part, it's just not you and you are quite happy the way you are, I still think there's always something to be said for trying. :)

I love to try things and I love to dream about being able to do anything and everything and be good at it. For instance, over the Christmas period I did so much crafting and learnt how to make lots of different things. Every time I seemed to look around Michaels craft store, I saw something new I wanted to make. I enjoyed learning how to stitch felt together and sew a pair of pajama pants together for my sister. I had a blast gluing buttons to canvas's and making chalkboard plates. It was just so much fun gaining knowledge of things I hadn't used or done before.

Now I have to admit, I have been like this for pretty much my entire life. I have bounced around from phase to phase, idea to idea, loving everything with my whole heart. I've had dreams of being in a band, (don't we all? :p) being in the X Games (seriously I couldn't even Ollie a tiny curb. :p) being a Teacher, Wrestler, Author, Craft person, Business women, Makeup artist, Chef, I wanted to experience it all. I'm happy to say that a lot of those things I accomplished but there's also a skateboard tucked away in the garage, a guitar that my brother can now lay claim to, a sewing machine you might have to blow dust off and a pile of felt that I really must do something with.! :p
But my point is, you never know what's out there or what you are capable of or what you are even going to fall in love with if you don't try.

With that being said, I know a popular resolution, and one that a lot of people shake their heads at, is "I'm going to start a diet in the New Year" or even "I'm going to hit the gym in the New Year" Over the past 9 years of wrestling, you can bet that I went through every phase possible when it comes to 'Diets' and 'Workouts' and you know what, looking back, I'm happy that I tried things and wanted to work hard and push myself, no matter how long they may have lasted. Not everyone is going to find their niche in the gym right away, it might take a little getting used to, or they might decide they'd rather do yoga, or go running outdoors, hiking up a hill or swimming. But I say good on them for giving something a try!!! :)

This brings me to another of my little resolutions this year!

Breakfast!! :)

I really wish to get back to starting the day in a healthy manner. Some days I want to write so much that I end up sitting at the computer with my coffee and not realizing where the time has gone, it gets to lunch time and I'm suddenly hungry and want to eat everything. I really wanted to start the year a little healthier and get back to the gym too. I keep active (dancing to the Tangled soundtrack is a workout...don't judge! :p) and I eat pretty healthy, as I love to cook, but I admit I need to eat more and drink more water and such. So to all of you who might share this same resolution, I say lets kick some butt. Let's not think about how long this will last, or what others will think, lets focus and live in the moment and surpass our best efforts and be ourselves, do it for ourselves and have some fun. :)

I thought I would share a yummy breakfast if you needed any ideas as well as a very simple drink that always makes me feel brighter, healthier and happier! :)

When I want to be healthy this is my go to drink, I often change it up and mix it round. I like it because it helps me to get a little more water in my days too.
Simply boil some water in the kettle and pour it into a mug.
Add a wedge of lemon and a teaspoon of honey.
Enjoy! :) (Told you it was simple. :p)
Sometimes I even add an English tea bag and that makes it rather scrumptious.
I even like to drink just boiling water and lemon.
Try it in different ways and see which you like best! :)

My Mum and brother are the best at whipping up delicious scrambled eggs, so when I was home over Christmas, I got used to making their yummy scrambles for my husband and I started to crave them myself. (I go on and off with eggs) By just adding a few more nutritious ingredients it can taste really different and mean you feel like you're eating something new each morning.
Pictured above is
Oven roasted deli chicken
Sprinkle of real cheddar cheese.  
Simply let these cook for a few minutes with a drop of oil and then add your beaten eggs. Mix together until the eggs are cooked.

And there you have it. You can make it different every morning from changing the Chicken to Ham or Turkey and adding some onions and peppers. Ooh one of my favourite scrambles of all time is when my Nanna makes the eggs with Asparagus. Perfection! :)
I hope you enjoy these recipes and that you get to try them out! If you do or if you have any other healthy and yummy recipes please share them in the comments below! :)
Here's to phases and never failing to try! :)
Love Lulu. xx

Christmas Day and a resolution or two! :)

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating and bringing in 2015! :) My husband and I had a delicious meal with friends and then popped round to our other friends house to ring in the New Year, we were surrounded by fantastic company and had a great evening and I'm very much looking forward to what this year has in store!

But before I get in to talking about New Year's Resolutions and other exciting topics, I felt like I just wanted to share a little more of my Christmas adventure. I took you through some of the fun outings we went on during our trip to England in a recent post, but after having written quite a bit, Christmas day just couldn't fit in. :p However, I really wanted to mention how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing family.

I know we all come from different backgrounds and parts of the world, where we all face different challenges, trials and tribulations, where we also enjoy different triumphs, success' and joys, I know that our stories are all unique, but I hope that you all have family, friends and loved ones that you can treasure and love with all you have each and every day. :)

I feel as though as I am getting older absolutely nothing compares to the love I have for my family and my extended family. Christmas just gone was one of those days that filled my heart with so much happiness, I felt it fit to burst with love for the people around me. As I have mentioned in previous Christmas tags and posts, our Christmas day is the same routine every year, we sit and share presents in the morning, then the music gets turned up and we dance around the kitchen helping Mum get the lunch ready. Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Angela come over and its laughing, chatting and lots of eating, before curling up on the couches and watching a movie, while opening a few more presents. True to tradition, this past year, was very much the same. However, as I sat and watched my Grandad being goofy throwing chocolate raisins at everyone to make sure we all got one to eat and as my Nanna got teary eyed opening a tin of coffee, I simply felt like the happiest person on earth. I know I talk about my family a lot and I know I often share this feeling towards them, but this year just felt magical. Maybe it's due to the little ups and downs and scares this past year and the being 4000 miles away most of the year, but I really wanted to take in and appreciate every second. In addition, I know I've also written before that in my house it's not so much about the presents, although it's always fun seeing if my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sisters like what we picked for them and I love seeing what thoughtful and quirky thing my Mum has wrapped up for me (this year it was a book and banana conditioner...perfect! <3 ) but honestly, this past year, I looked around the room while everyone was laughing and as my Grandad decided to put baubles on his ears as earrings, and smiled knowing that these memories are the absolute best presents of all! :)


Stepping into 2015 I have lots of goals, dreams and projects that I want to make a reality. I have resolutions and things that I am focused on and determined to work on personally and professionally. But one of the biggest things, and the reason for sharing my Christmas day story above, is that I really wanted to make 2015 a year of love and positivity. Above all else, I simply want to do more to make the world a better place. As I stated above, I know we all come from different walks of life, so I am aware that not everyone will have had a Christmas day like mine, so this year I wanted to make sure that whether it's smiling at a stranger, saying hello to someone in the street, being friendly to cashiers or doing more for charity, that I wake up and make everyday count.

I hope that you might join me and we can share ideas or stories on how we can lift up others and make a difference! :)

One of my first ideas this year was giving to a homeless shelter. I have lots of stuff, from clothes and little nik naks, that the idea of someone being able to stay warm by passing on a jumper or a jacket that has been sitting in my cupboard for a year, made me feel like 'stop being lazy and get to it'. I had collected a bunch of items together and then my friend Nick had written a post on Facebook about getting a few things together for a trip to Guatemala, things that he and his friends could sell to put towards tickets, or stuff that could be given to the people out there. It was like a sign. I now have a few boxes of things that I feel are going to be used for a great cause. Nick also told me that whatever they don't sell or what can not be taken to Guatemala, will be going back into the community to shelters and such. If you are in the Louisville area and would like to help my friend Nick, please get in touch and I can pass on details! :)

I remember when I was younger and my Mum had a friend called Amanda. Every few months Mum would be busy getting boxes of sweets and bits and bobs together for Amanda, as Amanda would take trips to Romania to visit kids and deliver these boxes. I always liked helping Mum and seeing what she had bought for the children, I even remember one year when Kelly and I were quite little, telling Mum that she could send the children Nobby. Now Nobby is my most treasured thing on the planet, besides my family, for those of you who don't know, and he is also my teddy bear. Mum sweetly bent down and said thank you very much, that's very kind of you but Nobby needs you. I was only a kid so I just thought ok and that was that. The point is, when we are kids there is something so innocent and caring about us, we don't think twice about putting others first, about seeing someone sad and wanting to reach out and give them a hug. Life is rather simple and love is the only thing we need. Being older now and knowing more about the world, its a terrifying and scary place and so many people have forgotten about the simple acts of love and about putting love first. So without further rambling I just wanted to share my biggest resolution of the year!

To share Love, Love and Love! A whole lot of love! :)

Have a blessed day!
Love Lulu. xx

P.s, I do have to admit that I am very grateful to Mum for not letting me part with Nobby. Thank you Mum. :) Though over the years I have parted with Beanie Babies in hopes that other children can have their own Nobby! :)