Superdrug vs Walgreens! Collab with Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to enjoy time with their friends and loved ones, and that if you had to work, that you got friendly customers and your day was great too! :)

This is a fun little post today. In the lead up to going home for Christmas I had got to thinking about the different things available over here compared to good ole Britain, I have written posts before about some of the things I miss and what I love about home, but I thought it would be interesting to compare actual products and such. I love reading my friend Angie's blog, Chocolate and lipstick, and it occurred to me that sometimes she posts makeup brands that I've never heard of before. So, I started asking her what brands we get at home now and what American brands she couldn't get. It was a fun little conversation and I realized that while Angie is quite the awesome makeup connoisseur, I am not! :p Who knew Maybelline and NYX were available in England! ;p

We decided that we would do a drugstore VS drugstore post and see what we could each come up with and with a budget of $5 or less for each product. I'm really interested to read Angie's post as with being away from home for so long I tend to lose track of what's going on over there and I get comfortable with American stores and products. In addition, this was cool to do as it made me step out of my comfort zone and try a few new products. After Angie told me that you could get most of my favourite drugstore brands in England, I searched to find and try out some of the brands I hadn't tried before. I liked this as it opened my eyes to things that were available and a lot cheaper than certain products I have been saving for and adding to my wishlist. :)

Walgreens sells: (This is my local Walgreens, so some stores may differ.)
Wet n Wild
Milani (some)

Brands that are not available in Superdrug:
Wet n Wild

Now as I mentioned above, until I spoke to Angie I wasn't fully aware of what brands were and were not available in the UK, so when first thinking about this post I was all ready to talk about how much I love my Maybelline Instant Rewind concealer and NYX lip-glosses. :p And as those brands have been my go to as far as drugstore is concerned, I wasn't prepared and couldn't just whip out the non UK brands from my drawer, I had to go out and purchase them. This made it even more interesting when Angie and I agreed on a $5 or less budget. :)

I admit that I struggled picking things out at first as I love places like Sephora, even though makeup can be expensive there, I would prefer to save and get fantastic quality than buy stuff that just doesn't even compete. I mentioned in a previous post about the Loreal Tru Match and how it simply doesn't work for me, which lead me to feel skeptical on some of the cheaper products, id rather save up and spend $45 on the Nars Sheer Glow than re purchase the Tru Match. In saying that though, I can also appreciate that some people don't have that luxury of saving up. And this is why I'm so happy I did this post and am excited to show you the treats that I found!! :)

Wet N Wild!
This brand I have seen a few times in Walgreens and I knew that it would be my go to when Angie and I agreed on the $5 budget, as there stuff is really cheap. And I have to say, its awesome!! :) I chose the eyeliner pencil as I had been needing an eyeliner pen for a while (I prefer it to gel) and I'm so happy I picked this one up instead of spending lots on a Nars liner or Urban Decay. I got the Black Noir, number 651. When I got home and swatched it I was like 'wow', it's smooth and incredibly pigmented and it went on my eyes like a dream. The best bit... it cost 99c.

I had to get a Lipstick as if you read my previous post... you know that I have been slightly obsessed with Lipsticks lately. :p I settled on the colour 'Think Pink' as it's just a nice nude/pink and rather girlie and pretty. When I got home and unwrapped it I was slightly turned off my the smell as it has somewhat of a tangy smell, not the nice vanilla kind of smell that I've become accustomed to with the likes of Mac, however, again when I swatched it, it immediately got a thumbs up. And when I put it on my lips, it became my new favourite. It has great pigmentation and goes on incredibly smooth and the smell is not a problem at all when you put it on. This Lipstick usually costs $1.99 but at the time I purchased it, it was on sale for $1.49.

Next up I had been looking for a new bronzer and thought this would be a good opportunity to try out a new one. The CoverGirl Golden Tan bronzer caught my attention, it has a shimmer to it and just looked warm and not too orange or dark for me, as well as it only costing $3.99. :) I'm excited to experiment with this one, I wouldn't use it to contour but think it looks gorgeous to just add a touch of glow to the face! :) (Bottom right swatch)

I've been trying to get better at working with eye shadows lately, I used to do really black smokey eyes when I wrestled and since I stopped I never seem to do my eyes anymore and prefer a more natural look. But I have a long list of tutorials that I want to try out and am determined to get a nice statement everyday look that includes eye shadow. This palette I liked because of the purple colour. I think its a gorgeous colour for Fall/Winter. The shades are quite pigmented, though I did have to go over the swatches a few times so they came up on camera but I think they would look beautiful on the eye if maybe you wet the brush first. :) This little palette cost $4.79.
I really wanted to test out some Milani products, as I know Angie has been wanting to get her hands on this brand, and I thought it would be fun to see what I could recommend. However, I found it tricky to decide on what to get, as the only things that were within budget at my local Walgreens were the individual eye shadows and non of them were jumping out at me. So forgive me for breaking the rules a little bit but I thought I would just stick with a product of there's that I already had and love. The Lipstick in Enchanted Topaz I received as a gift from my friend Kacie and it has been one of my favourites since. It's beautifully pigmented and smooth and just 49c over budget, ($5.49) so not too bad! ;)
I hope you enjoyed this Collab! :) I want to say a huge thank you to Angie for taking the time to do this with me and for putting up with my gazillion questions! :p She is extremely awesome and kind and incredibly supportive and i'm so grateful that I found her in this blogging world. Please check out her blog here: 
If you have any drugstore recommendations, please feel free to share in the comments below! :)
Have a wonderful weekend! :)
Love Lulu xx

What i'm thankful for... :)

Although I always laugh with my friends around this time of year about the fact that us Brits shouldn't be celebrating Thanksgiving, it's become somewhat of a tradition in itself that I join in with the festivities. :) I've spent three thanksgivings in Kentucky now and one with my family in Virginia and I have loved them all.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree...

So I have to admit that yesterday, the 20th November 2014, I put up and decorated a Christmas tree...yes Dad I know, I know, it may seem way too early but I just couldn't resist! :p My Dad will be laughing at me right now and rolling his eyes, in fact I just sent him a voxer of my lovely Christmas décor and I am eagerly waiting his reply! :p He doesn't like to decorate until at least a week into December and for 25 years I was the same. However, if you can remember me telling you last year and also I think I may have mentioned it in my recent Christmas DIY post, I had caved in to my husband wanting to decorate after Thanksgiving and that had been a first for me. Well this year, I have set a new record in my family and Christmas is well and truly underway in my apartment! :) But before I show you my cute Christmas corner (that will be in a post to come) I thought I would share with you some more of my Christmas treats and DIY! :)

I'm excited to announce that I will be at The Flea Off, Holiday Bazaar in Louisville on Sunday 7th December, from 12-6pm, along with my friend Sarah. I have been busy making lots of crafts for the event and am so happy that we got a spot. If you are in the area, you should come by and say hello. It will be my first craft fair and I can't wait to see what is in store and get some ideas from other crafters too! :) Sarah will be reading Cards, so our booth will be lots of fun! :)

But back to some of the crafts that will be available! :)

Christmas Canvas!
I adore everything burlap, it just looks so rustic and pretty but has a cozy element to it too. I saw these burlap canvas's at work and just had to pick them up. They came in a pack of 4 squares and were around for the Fall season, sadly I don't think we have any in stock at the moment. But I'm sure with a regular square canvas and some burlap wrap, you could make your own! :) All I did here was hot glue the buttons into the shape of a Christmas tree, added brown felt at the bottom for the tree basket/box and put a silver star button at the top for our shining star. The buttons I picked up from Jo-Anne's fabrics as they have quite the button selection and the star came in a little Christmas baking button pack from Michaels! :)
'Milk for Santa' Bottles!
These bottles I had purchased from sometime last year and I had been stumped on what to do with them. I think I was saving them for my kids parties one day! :p But upon looking at all the Christmas straws I seemed to have collected and the ribbon that I couldn't resist buying from work, I came up with this little idea. It kind of went with my thinking of kids theme and I thought it would be really cute! :) I punched out the label from red cardstock, using my flowery punch, I then wrote 'Milk for...' in a regular black pen, I then placed a chalk sticker underneath and wrote 'Santa' in chalk. I liked this idea as I thought doing this with a chalk sticker meant that these could be used for kids parties where you can simply wipe off the chalk and write whatever name you like, they can then be used as party favours. For these though, I liked writing Santa and thought it could be used on Christmas Eve when the kids leave out the mince pies and milk. :) To finish it, I used my Christmas ribbon to make a bow and attach the straw!
Candy Land Center piece! :)
This was so much fun to put together! I had the idea at work one day when I came across these adorable candy cane sticks and colourful decorations. I wanted to make something that was bright and cheery and Christmassy but a little different! :) First into my glass fish bowl went the Styrofoam (you will have to cut this in half to make it fit) and fake snow. Then I simply positioned and repositioned all my decorative pieces into the Styrofoam until I was happy with how it looked! My husband says it looks like something from Dr. Seuss! :)

I hope you like all these craft ideas and again I would love to read about your own ideas and Christmas decorations and themes in the comments below! :)
You can buy all the things you need for these crafts at or in a Michaels Store near you. The odd bits and pieces came from JoAnne's Fabrics and as mentioned above 'Shop Sweet Lulu'  or you can come by The Flea Off, Holiday Bazaar in Louisville on Sunday 7th, from 12-6pm and buy them already made! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lulu xx

Fun, Girlie, Lipstick Blog!! :p

It seems that lately my lipstick wish list is adding up, it's the one makeup item that I seem to be reaching for the most, as well as seeing new ones and going 'oooh yes please' :p I've been trying to break out of my comfort zone a little bit and try new colours for Fall/Winter and really got into the trends this year. I'm usually one for pink everything, I've experimented with pale pinks to bright pinks to nude pinks, so when I went to pick up a deep red from my collection the other day, I thought to myself 'when did I suddenly accumulate so many lip products!' :p I thought I would be a bit girlie today and share my small collection with you. Maybe you will see some that you like and would want to try and maybe you have some that you think I might like also! :)

I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the best, I'm really trying to work on that at the moment, but I think you can see the colours pretty well, especially once I swatch them! :)

From left to right:
1) Color your smile lip-gloss: Rose Hill
2) NYX lip-gloss: Apple strudel
3) NYX lip-gloss: Crème Brulee
4) Maybelline lipstick: Shocking Coral
5) Maybelline whisper lipstick: Pink Possibilities
6) NYX lipstick: Hippie Chick
7) Milani lipstick: Enchanted Topaz
8) Maybelline Matte lipstick: Divine Wine
9) Mac lipstick: Myth
10) Limecrime lipstick: Geradium
11) Bite Beauty lipstick: Musk and Lychee
The swatches are the same order posted above! :)
1) Color your smile lip-gloss: Rose Hill
I was so excited to get this one, as of course I adore Jaclyn Hill, and I have to say I do really love it! The color is so pretty that I usually reach for it on days when I'm not wearing much makeup, just to make me feel girlie, a little brighter and put together. The only thing I don't really like about this is the tackiness. Now I have heard people say that is a good thing because then it lasts longer but I don't know if I care much for that. Not to be negative, as honestly it hasn't stopped me using it, but I think I definitely prefer reapplying to feeling sticky. :) But yay Jaclyn Hill. Her other 3 products from Gerard cosmetics are definitely on the wish list! :)
2 )NYX lip-gloss: Apple strudel
3) NYX lip-gloss: Crème Brulee
I'm putting these two together as simply put, I LOVE these glosses. I heard so many great things about them that I couldn't wait to try them and they did not disappoint. They are spot on for the price and are so soft and creamy and moisturizing that you can't go wrong with them. My lips are quite red so I do have to put a little powder or touch of foundation over them if I want to get the full  pigmentation from these glosses but they are gorgeous. :)
4) Maybelline lipstick: Shocking Coral
I think I bought this one last summer when I started wanting to experiment a little more and it was my go to when I braved being a bit bolder. It's extremely pigmented and gives you a lovely orangey coral bright lip, with a bit of pink too. It goes on smooth and creamy and is still one of my favourites! :)
5) Maybelline whisper lipstick: Pink Possibilities
This one I got around the time I picked up the Shocking Coral one. This one is much more pink, just a sweet, pretty pink, though it is more sheer. It feels more like a balm to me, so I can sometimes just go crazy and keep applying it. It's soft and smooth and the more you put on the brighter it gets! :p
6) NYX lipstick: Hippie Chick
I saw this on Pinterest mixed with another color from NYX and I thought it looked so cute and gorgeous, but I have to say that it is my least favourite out of all my lip products. It doesn't have any consistency on my lips and breaks up in every little crease. I even tried putting it over the top of another colour but it didn't work. The only way I can describe it, its like chalk. :( Anyone else have that problem with these lipsticks?
7) Milani lipstick: Enchanted Topaz
Eeeek, this one my friend Kacie surprised me with, as a dupe for Jaclyn Hill's 1995. And it's awesome! I love it! It is beautiful and creamy and soft and pigmented and one of my favourites. I don't think it's as dark as 1995 but I think it's just perfect. For me, its just the right amount of nude but warm with taupe/brown. I can wear it with my Mac whirl pencil and just blend them together a little to get a nice Fall look. :) Thank you Kacie!
8) Maybelline Matte lipstick: Divine Wine
Now this one I have to admit was my complete obsession after seeing Casey Holmes use it in a tutorial. I just had to get it! :p It just looked stunning. It was out of stock for a good week after she posted her tutorial but I finally found it in my Walgreens. As I mentioned before, I am more of a pink girl, but I liked how this wasn't a bright red and had a deeper look to it, that's why I thought I would try it. I've realized that I have to be in the right mood to wear darker colours as I am simply more of a bright colored person, however, saying that, I do think I can get away with this shade of red and I want to be brave more and wear it because it is just that gorgeous. I honestly adore it! :p And Maybelline really do have a wonderful formula for their lip products as it goes on like a dream! :)
9) Mac lipstick: Myth
I went through a phase of loving the look of a really nude lip, in summer it just seemed to fit so I picked up Mac's Myth. I think I have worn it once on it's own and with a light pink blush I kind of like it for a very sweet look. :) I wore it more with Rose Hill over the top and just recently I tried it with Divine Wine. I put Divine Wine on first and then dabbed a little of Myth over the top with my finger and it simply toned it down a little to suit me! :) I think Myth is a great basic to have that you can mix and match with almost anything! :)
10) Limecrime lipstick: Geradium
This one Kelly got me for our birthday and it is so cute! I adore this packaging and the whole LimeCrime range, just gorgeous. The formula for this is awesome, it's so bright and pigmented and smooth and creamy and the colour lasts for ever! I have to be in a bold mood for wearing this one as it is a stunningly beautiful bright, bright pink, with a touch of purple in it I think. Id definitely purchase more from LimeCrime! :)
11) Bite Beauty lipstick: Musk and Lychee
I bought this one so I could see if the darker colours suited me. I had heard good things about Bite Beauty and I liked that I could try out two colours for only $12. I'm so happy with this purchase, Musk is the darker of the two and works beautifully with my Mac Whirl pencil, it's that nude/taupe/brown shade that is very popular right now. Lychee is slightly more sheer and pinky and is lovely over the top of Musk to brighten it up. They are both creamy and moisturizing! Definitely a thumbs up! :)
Another look at the colours up close! :)
Hope you enjoyed seeing my lipstick/lip-gloss collection! What are your favourite lip products? Do you have a 'go to' colour currently? I'd love to read about them in the comments below! :)
Have a wonderful week!
Love Lulu.xx



Christmas is coming! :)

I feel like it's been ages since I last blogged and I have been eager to sit down and write. This week has been super busy, I have my fingers crossed that I am able to get a table at a craft fair in December so I have already been working hard putting stuff together for that, in addition to working at Michaels and just going about my daily routines! :) I have been getting lots of ideas together for my blog and have been feeling rather festive as of late. With working at Michaels, Christmas was in full force before Halloween was even upon us and although I have let out an "It's too early for Christmas" here and there, I have to be honest and say I'm already wanting to decorate my apartment and I've well and truly began my Christmas shopping and getting in the Christmas spirit. :)

With that being said I wanted to share with you today some of my Christmas DIY's. There will be a few of these posts to come as I am currently having so much fun thinking of homemade gifts and looking up crafts on Pinterest, as well as getting ideas from people at work. And considering we are nearing the middle of November, I thought that it would be nice to get a head start on preparing decorations and the odd gift! :)

First up, I saw this on one of our flyers at work and thought it looked so cute. I love anything to do with chalkboards and the rustic vibe they have, so I really wanted to have a go at making one. You can go in to Michaels this Saturday and join them for a Pinterest afternoon where you can choose from a few things to make, buy the stuff and have teachers in the classrooms instruct you and help you make it. This is one of the things you can choose and I love it! :)

It's rather simple and pretty inexpensive to make too. All you need is
Charger plate, I liked the red and gold ones, 2 for $3 at time I bought them.
Chalk paint, I picked up this Craft Smart one for $1:49
Paint brush or foam brush, I had some at home and forget how much they cost but Michaels has a selection.
Paint pens. (not pictured)

Then all you have to do is paint the middle of the charger plate with your chalk paint, I used 2 coats and then using your paint pens, decorate the rim of the plate... and voila:

Then of course use your chalk to begin your Christmas countdown! :)
Next up, I just wanted to fix up my wreath from last Christmas. My sister and I had experimented last year when we saw these ornaments wreaths and thought they looked amazing, again it was so easy to put together that we raved about homemade being the way to go! :) However, after a year in my cupboard it was looking a bit worse for wear and I wasn't keen on the wire frame, as it made the ornaments move around a lot and made it look less full. Well with being the proud owner of a glue gun (finally) I decided to buy a foam wreath ($4.99) and attach the ornaments to that to make it look more sturdy and pretty! :)
Before, the ornaments were getting loose and falling off, so I pulled them away from the wire and their little hooks and pushed the top gently into the foam, then I filled the little whole it made with glue and put a drop of glue around the top of the ornament and placed it back in the hole I had just made. I then repeated this step with all the ornaments until I had my finished look. 

I love the dimension and fullness that gluing it to the foam gave it, it looks so cute! :)
And lastly for today, an adorable and yummy gift idea. :) For this all you will need is:
Mason jars with handles. $3.99 each
Christmas lids. 2 for $3.99
Christmas straws. (comes in pack with lids)
Chalk stickers.
Christmas ribbon. $1.99.
Christmas stickers. $1.00 & up.
I had seen this idea on Pinterest and it made me smile. I adore stuff like this and thought they would make perfect Christmas gifts. You can design them however you like really, depending on what you wish to fill yours with! I liked the idea of Hot Cocoa, so I simply wrote Hot cocoa with chalk on the chalk stickers, swapped out the plain metal lids with the red ones, added candy cane straws, stuck a Christmas sticker on for good Christmassy measure and tied a gold ribbon round the top. Before you give them out as gifts, you can either fill them with Hot Chocolate powder with a few marshmallows at the top so it's prepared and ready to go, or you could fill it with all kinds of Hot Chocolate sachets. I love both ideas!! Yay Christmas! :)  
I really hope you like these Christmas DIYs and gift ideas. I have lots more to come and can't wait to share them with you! :) If you have started decorating already or have ideas of your own, please share them in the comments below as I would love to see them and read about them! :)
Everything you see here can be found at a Michaels Store or at
Have a wonderful weekend! :)
Love Lulu. xx

Twin talk, guest post! :)

I have posted a few times about what it's like being a twin but recently my Twin sister Kelly decided to write a piece on her take on being a Twin. I thought it would be fun to post it and share it with you, so now you get both sides of the story as it were! :p Kelly and I write quite differently and she always suggests that I edit things for her before I put it on here, however, when I read this I was laughing and crying all at the same time and didn't want to change a thing. This is Kelly through and through, her humor, her airy fairyness and my most treasured other half! :)
Have a lovely Sunday. For those across the pond, I will be joining you in remembering on this Remembrance Sunday! British and proud!! :)

Love Lulu. xx

Hi Everyone, 
It's the other one here today, after doing my little book reviews I just had a topic I felt like writing about, so thought I would send it to my "editor" (Lucy) and see if she liked it! :)
As most of you may know, me and Lucy are currently living in different states after 26 years of always being together. This has taught me a few things, but mainly,
1) Being apart sucks and
2) I LOVE being a twin.
The latter is my topic today. You see, all our lives we have been asked lots of questions and also been told various statements related to us being twins, well now I would like to answer them for you, here goes:
Ooh first I will add, these are all my opinions and thoughts, I don't wish to cause offence or anything of that nature...its my sister's blog so I don't want to get her in trouble...she is my twin though so same thoughts and what not...I kidd, I kidd!!! 

1) What's it like being a Twin?
Now this is probably the most common question we get asked, besides the obvious are you twins? or who's older?, and here's the thing, it can be answered with a question, what's it like not being a twin? Yes I know I could answer with lots of nice things (and there are plenty) about how it feels being a twin, I will mention those things later, but the simple fact of the matter is, we don't know any other way. We don't know the feeling of being on our own or not having someone else to think about, it just doesn't exist. For example you know when people have been married for years and years and feel lost when their partner is no longer with them? Well I guess you could say being a twin is like a marriage, we are used to having someone there 24/7 and it feels strange when they aren't around, the only difference is, there was never a before being a twin part of our lives, so you see we really don't know the alone feeling. Does this make any sense? :p

2) Don't you think you should do separate things so you can gain independence from each other and make your own friends?
Simple answer no I do not! :p My sister and I have literally done everything together since day one, same classes at school, same clubs, same sports. We had the same likes growing up and even wanted the same careers. But we always had a group of friends and never felt we missed out. I understand the worry that some parents may have about wanting their twins to socialize and be their own people but personally I feel that its like you are then trying to take away something that makes them special, they are twins, by no means does it have to define them but that is what they are. They will make their own choices and even if it takes time, it will happen, they will make their own friends because as they get older they will be drawn to different people. If you worry they will become too dependent on each other, don't, because I guarantee they will be ok. I hate being away from Lucy like you wouldn't believe and I know people have had their concerns in the past that we have formed our own little twosome, which leads us to push people away and rely on each other too much. But here's the thing, I'm writing this from Florida where, I have my own job and where most people there don't know I have a twin, but I am surviving. I have my friends that I connect with different to Lucy and I don't feel like I push people away or have missed out on being my own independent person leading my own independent life. I was born with a built in best friend who I share a special bond with like no one else, why would I want to change that or go against it? I only hope the twins whose parents choose to separate them will always know that they have a special bond, one that should be nurtured and protected. 

3) What would you say or do if we said we only wanted one of you or chose one of you?
This question came to light during our wrestling careers when we were competing on TNA's British Boot camp. We usually sat there and said "oh we would be happy for each other", "we don't get jealous so if she did better, then fair enough" and all that jazz. And although those things are both very true, like Lucy mentioned in her blog.......... you know when you come up with a comeback way too late? Well, I would say to that question now..."if you only wanted one of us then that would make you stupid, because if you only needed one person then you could go and look at a million other girls and choose ONE of them, but you have TWO of us and especially in wrestling that is how we come. We have something different that currently there are only three pairs of in this business so why in the blue hell would you choose to make us like everybody else?" This question seriously does baffle me and I only mentioned it again because it came up again with another set of twins in wrestling recently and only then did it really hit me how stupid it sounds. To me its like being given a Tiger but deciding you want it to be a dog because everyone else has one and you think the tiger is too different or shouldn't be made to feel special. It is a Tiger damn it, it is special and it is different, it shouldn't be made to feel like it was supposed to be a dog or that something is wrong with it.

That may seem like a really bizarre way to answer to that question, I am currently trying to get my head round it myself but do you get what I mean?
Being a Twin is awesome and I wouldn't change it for the world. Yes it may make me slightly (ok, very) self-conscious in public on my own, yes I may get strange looks when I use "we" when clearly talking about myself to random customers or people who don't know I'm a twin, yes I may have grown up wearing matching outfits that some people may see as wrong for some unbeknownst reason, like its cruel to parade twins around and treat them "the same" but honestly WHO CARES??. I still go out in public albeit voxering Lucy to show her every item in Target that I find cute, I get through conversations and find that it gives me a sense of empowerment if I come across as a complete goof (we all do silly things, embrace them) and I look back at pictures and smile at the two little otters looking back at me from the pram, to which I can't even tell which one is me. I don't care that I was dressed "the same" like a little sideshow. Why? Because my Mum and Dad had Tigers and what would be the point in treating them like dogs? ;) 
P.s. I'm not stating that everyone who's not a twin is a dog, dogs are awesome, I'm simply saying that everyone has something in them that is unique and that makes them that Tiger, EVERYONE, when you find out what it is, you embrace it with every part of you and should never be made to feel ashamed of it or like you should change. :)

Hope that makes sense and you enjoyed this little insight on being a twin! :)

Have a great day!
Love Kelly xx

You've gotta fight.. for your right.. to.... :p

What was it that Schmidt said to Jess on New Girl, "Do you just walk around all day thinking about other people's feelings? How do you get anything done?"

Did any one else laugh and nod along to Jess's answer of "Yes" Yes? Well me too! :p

I like to be nice, I like to be kind and I always like to take people's feelings into consideration. It's not something that is forced or put on so that people will like me or think I'm wonderful, it's just how I am. My immediate reaction when speaking to people is naturally caring and wanting to help or make them happy. Now I'm not saying this to you so you think I'm some sort of Saint or that I think that of myself either, as I do not, it's more that I would like to open up to you and be honest with myself. You see, I really struggle with confrontation, I am terrified of the idea of upsetting someone and it makes me feel beyond anxious at the thought of letting someone down. Furthermore, even if someone says something negative to me, my first response is to go quiet or try and say something positive back. I don't wish to hate and start a cycle of negativity so I avoid it. I seem to bury my feelings to keep the peace. Often times it can work out, someone says something that you think was a little dig at you or slightly back handed and you smile, walk away and all is forgotten about forever and it has no effect on your daily life. Other times someone says something or seems to talk to you in what you feel is a rude or patronizing manner, you try to speak up and they just ignore you or give you a funny look and you give up your fight, not so easy to forget. On another occasion someone may be just down right ignorant with intentions of making you feel bad and all you can do is be quiet as your brain doesn't work quick enough to reply, you are left feeling deflated and hurt and then you think of a comeback two weeks later and end up playing it over and over in your brain wishing there was a way you could go back and stand up for yourself.

Now, I admit that I do sometimes prefer taking the high road and not retaliating, as I would much rather be that person that only ever spoke in kindness and love and it is something I like about myself. As Zachary Levi put it:

"Instead of letting someone attack you and getting baited into attacking back, be graceful with them back and say 'hey man, where do you wanna go with this? Cause I'm not gonna hate you. I know whatever is going on in you is deeper that what's going on between us, so I'm just going to love you back.' And that's so powerful."

I believe this is truly a beautiful thing. My husband and I were talking yesterday when I had this revelation of who I am and we talked about the possibility of it being 'fake', always wanting to be kind and not telling people the truth and I thought about it and understood that he had a good reason to query that. But then I replied, I don't feel like I'm being fake as in I'm hiding the truth from someone and not saying my deepest thoughts, I feel like I'm doing exactly what Zachary Levi implores above. I feel like to argue back and to get in some sort of fight is pointless and it's much better to respond with silence, for you never know, that silence might one day come back to that person and cause them to think about what they said. I think that silence can be quite powerful. In addition, I go to sleep at night knowing that I was true to myself and never spoke a bad word that could have hurt that person and I therefore feel more at peace.

With that being said, my husband also explained to me that there is a difference between 'being a bitch', 'being negative' and 'being rude,' (all of which are things I seem to be petrified of being) to standing up for ones self and being honest when you need to be. For example, when someone talks to me in a patronizing manner or is rude about something that I like or is being, for lack of a better term, a bitch to me, I have a right to stand up for myself. Standing up for myself doesn't have to mean that I get into a shouting match or be horrible back, it simply means that I call them out on it and ask them to stop. This would show them that I know what they are doing and I am confident enough to tell them that I don't appreciate it. This made perfect sense to me and is something that I am constantly working on.

When my sister and I got into wrestling, we always said that we wouldn't care to acknowledge negativity, not meaning that we wouldn't take constructive criticism, but meaning that if people said something that was un called for or just plain mean, we were not about to fight, as they are allowed their opinion and each to their own. However much it may hurt, in any entertainment business you are going to have fans and you are going to have people that don't like you. I will always, always, always, stand by the notion of "talk about what you love instead of bashing what you hate", but whatever floats your boat I guess! :p I'm not one to get caught up in gossip and rumors or to go around reading the things on the internet, as in my little world it has no importance and that stuff isn't real to me, but I have to admit that recently I caught/heard a few things on Twitter that actually kind of got to me and stirred a few feelings I haven't had to deal with for over a year. The reason I am bringing it up here and acknowledging it, is because it basically ties in with everything I have written above, it's the reason behind my getting a little emotional and thinking about the person I am and it's the reason why I have been telling myself that it's time for a little change. There are times when being quiet and shy works out for me but I realize that I don't want that to interfere with me standing up for myself and who I am. I need to be braver and more confident and not let people walk all over me. It's not going to happen over night but it's something I really want to work on. I don't want to be afraid of decisions I make or have to ramble and apologize a million times if I need to ask for something at work or tell someone that I can't do something they want, etc.

My first port of call in this (kind of) new me is stepping out of my comfort zone and actually replying back to (somewhat negative) questions and statements going around, 'Why did you give up?' 'They gave up right when they were going on TV.' (Referring to wrestling) Everyone is going to have their opinions on this matter, although my sister and I did put up a statement explaining a few things on Facebook when we decided to leave wrestling, but I take it that that didn't stop people from thinking up a bunch of stuff, in addition to it being said on TV to make others look good. Now please know that I'm aware that this may seem like a little thing to many of you but for me I feel it was the final straw. It's not a huge deal by any means and in no way am I about to rant and rave, it merely felt like a good start in standing up for myself. People are always going to believe what they want to believe but in this case I feel like considering it's about me and my life, I feel like I should and am allowed to give my side. To do that, I give you these quotes:

that will give you an insight in to why I got into wrestling and what I love about it, so to keep this short and sweet, my last year of wrestling took me further away from all those things I loved about it. I was not in a happy place and my anxiety was at an all time high and confidence at an all time low. Other's may have thought it was giving up but for me it was time to make an important decision. In life you sometimes have to make decisions that other people may not understand but that ultimately are right for you and this was one of those times. So please bare this in mind when you go around talking about things or reading things. Moreover, I'm not bad mouthing any company or any body, it's a tough business to be a part of and it requires a few attitudes and traits that I just do not have. All that I can say is that today I am the happy me again and loving every minute of life! :)
I hope that in sharing this it may help those of you that struggle with confidence, speaking your mind where it matters and standing up for yourself when it truly counts and not just in those situations that involve negativity or confrontation, even in simple everyday situations. I encourage you to step into the world with your head held high, to go after what you want and not be afraid to show the world who you are! Be kind, be sweet, be caring but also be strong, be brave and be you! You are awesome!!! :)
Love Lulu xx
P.s. For times when I really do struggle with anxiety, nerves and being out in the big crazy world...there's always comfort in knowing I'm not the only one...there's always Ned! :) I <3 Ned!!! (Pushing Daisies.)

P.p.s. Disclaimer. I hope this post didn't come across like I am now going to walk around being mean to everyone! :p I simply meant that there are so many times when I just need a little confidence when communicating with others. Honestly the amount of small things that make me feel guilty or anxious will probably seem silly to others but I merely got to the point where I felt like I shouldn't continue like that. It doesn't do good for ones stress levels or well being. :) As for if people are mean to me, I have to take Zachary Levi's words in to account but then actually say them and speak up, so they know that I won't stand for what they said but I'm not about to fight back with hate. There's a difference you see! :) 

I LOVE Wrestling!

So I've been watching tons of wrestling lately, as my husband has it on constantly, and I have to say I feel like, in the year since I have taken a step back from being apart of it myself, I have grown to love it so much more and have been able to become a fan all over again! :) And let me tell you, that honestly feels so... nice. (for lack of a better word :p ) You don't know how happy it makes me to simply enjoy wrestling again. To help explain it, I will start with this confession:

I'm Lucy. I'm 26 years old and I LOVE Wrestling. I love everything about wrestling. I love the stories. I love the characters. I love that there's good guys and that there's bad guys. I love the art of wrestling. I love how the greatest wrestlers know how to tell stories in their matches. I love that there is a psychology to wrestling. I love that I get goose bumps watching guys like Mr Perfect and Hulk Hogan. I love that the only thing me and my twin sister argue about is wrestling. I love how sometimes I can play storylines over and over again in my head, feeling them, acting them out. I love how wrestling makes me giddy. I love studying matches of guys like Bret Hart and The Rockers and sitting on the edge of my seat being so excited with how fantastic these performers are, I love watching wrestling when I wake up and before I go to bed at night. I love re-living the attitude era and when I first set eyes on WWE. I love The Rock and how awesome he is. I love how energetic and insanely amazing Roddy Piper was. I love learning about it all and...I really could go on but I take it you get the point! :p It most definitely became a part of me and well and truly made it into my blood when I was 12 years old.

Something came to mind this week, when I was thinking about my confession and enjoying watching Ted DiBiase, all while experiencing things going down at OVW, and this was it: I think there is a difference between people who have an ego and aren't very good, the people that just think they deserve to be at the top, be in main event storylines or have a title belt around their waist, to the people that have confidence, who train hard, back it up in their performances and who have loved professional wrestling since they were 3 years old and have spent countless hours watching, learning and studying to be the best. The egos don't care about the story, whether they are good or bad, they just want to be a star, center of attention and they are in it for them. The wrestler at heart envisions the art, they come up with ideas that they feel inside, that they can back up, that they can make real and come to life. They know that without their opponent they would be nothing and they work together. They care about what they do and are so incredibly passionate about it that they lie awake at night wanting to make it work and benefit everyone, from the fans, to the other wrestlers, to the promoters. I believe it's important for promoters to take this into consideration. I believe that when people work together they can create magic and have more of a chance to make art come to life. Its sad when people crap all over other peoples visions or patronize them, especially when it could be something they have been dreaming about their whole life. Lately I have been watching a lot of old wrestling on the WWE network and I get goose bumps watching the Stone Cold era. But it made me think, there wouldn't be a Stone Cold if Vince McMahon didn't believe in him and the whole Vince vs Stone Cold era wouldn't have been the same if they both hadn't worked together to make it what it was. This can be said for countless money making match ups. And is it just me or is Vince's company doing pretty good these days??!! :p

I'm proud to say that I accomplished a dream by just stepping foot in a wrestling ring and being the kind of anxious, shy person I am, I'm proud to say that I fought the urge to throw up behind the curtain before every single match and actually made it out there to perform. (TMI :p) However, all of the above is what I dreamed about, I never dreamed about being a star, I never dreamed about making millions of dollars, I dreamed about the stories and the matches and the good guys and the bad guys. I dreamed about the working together and having fun, sharing the love of wrestling with people and entertaining the crowds and I dreamed about the learning to hopefully one day be as good as the people I idolized. I have a HUGE list of wrestling goals I still wish to accomplish. I still have a vision of the wrestler I wanted to become. I know that my mind will always be playing some story or idea and I will run around the house yelling at my husband about how this, this and that could work. I loved being a wrestler, but as far as right now is concerned, I'm having a blast letting that 12 year old kid in me enjoy it from the sidelines all over again! :)

And that's all folks! :p

Love Lulu. xx

Happy 1st November! :)

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! :) This year with working at Michaels I got to enjoy hearing about what customers were doing and see them pick up things for their costumes, some people are just so creative, but I admit that I'm not one for the zombies or scary aspect of it or the incredible need to be a sexy version of Hermione, and that's just one example, :p and I didn't really have any costume ideas this year, so Halloween was rather quiet and Chris and I didn't do too much, I like the pumpkins and the candy and was more than happy with our plan to stay in with a yummy pot roast, watch TV and give out candy to the cute kids! :) We only got one group of about 8 Trick or Treaters, so this morning has been spent nibbling at the leftover Kit Kats!! p In addition to drinking coffee and learning new crafts on the sewing machine. :)

With Halloween now behind us I get even more excited as we count down to Christmas. There's so much to look forward to with the likes of Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas Shopping, Christmas markets, home visits and Gingerbread everything, so to add to that list of favourites to come, here are some random Saturday favourites! :p


Seinfeld! :)
I can't get enough of this show. My husband introduced me to it a little while back and I LOVE it. On these cold Fall nights I love nothing more than coming home after work, making a delicious warm dinner and curling up with my husband to watch a few episodes. Kramer is my absolute favourite, he is simply fantastic! :)

Crafts! :)
With working at Michaels I have been coming home each day with tons of new ideas of things to make, my project list just keeps getting longer and longer. It's definitely been the season of learning new skills and getting creative in my house and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! :) Michaels has tons of awesome holiday treats and crafts and I am trying to make and learn new things every week! Look at this cute chalk board holiday countdown cute is it?! And so simple to make, I will be having a go at making one this coming week! :)
Chestnuts! :)
Just this morning I had a Skype conversation with my Grandad and he was telling that they had already started making his Chestnut pastries. We grew up on his scrumptious Chestnut treats and I told him to save me some! :p I will be on the hunt for these in Kroger so I can see if I can whip up Grandad's recipe by myself this year. I also just love chestnuts roasted in the oven, I like to crack and peel them and eat them just as they are. They remind me of childhood and are simply delicious! :)
Casey Holmes.
I have been LOVING the beautiful Casey Holmes lately, she has been one of my favourites to watch on YouTube. Her makeup and outfits are always just spot on and I adore how sweet, fun and down to earth she is. Her videos always make me smile and I have been picking up so many tips and trips when it comes to clothes and makeup from her. :) This is one of the looks I have been loving and need try myself!
Books! :)
I hope you have been enjoying the new Book Club added to the blog recently. I will be updating it shortly with some more recommendations as I have been tucked into books a lot this past month and can't get enough. Again it is simply one of my favourite things chatting to my Mum and sisters about the books we are reading. Currently Mum is reading one of my recommendations as is Kelly! More on those over on the book page soon though! :) Ooh I also have had many a fan girl moments in the past week with getting to talk to both Lindsey Kelk and Kristan Higgins on Twitter. They are just lovely and I think it's so sweet that they take the time to talk to people who enjoy their work, it makes me happy being able to tell them just how amazing they are too! :) Lindsey Kelk also followed me on Twitter and Instagram...just saying...eek, I love her and she is awesome! :)
I hope you enjoyed my favourites for today and that you are having a wonderful weekend! I'd love to hear what things you have been loving this past month in the comments below! :)
Love Lulu. xx