Viva Las Vegas & Welcome to Hollywood!

Where were we?! Oh yes, the bright lights and colourful billboards of Las Vegas. It was late in the evening by the time we arrived in Vegas and I admit that we were all starting to feel very tired and me, a tad cranky. It was incredibly warm out and everywhere was busy but we finally made it to our hotel and got checked in. Upon seeing our rooms we were all pretty much set and didn't want to leave the hotel...ever!!! :p Our beds were like giant clouds and if it wasn't for the fact that we were all hungry and had planned on staying up till after midnight to welcome Jenny's 21st birthday, no doubt we would have all dived under the covers and drifted off happily into the land of nod. Alas, that was not to be, we were in Vegas after all, we had to go out and experience all that it had to offer. So we got dressed up and headed for the crazy, buzzing atmosphere that was the world outside of our hotel. It was jam packed with people everywhere you turned, people having a great time, carrying drinks, gambling, dressed to the nines. We found solitude in a restaurant across the street and enjoyed chatting and laughing while attempting to eat our rather tasty food without falling asleep! :p

I have to be honest, after having only been in Vegas a few hours, I was not interested, I wanted to curl up in the giant fluffy bed in the hotel room with a good book! I don't mean to sound like a spoil sport and I am aware that me being overly tired and cranky is not the right recipe for my first experience in Las Vegas, but I just wasn't feeling it. We walked up and down the streets for a while, avoiding the people passing out cards with naked women on them (that's a whole other blog, so we won't get into that now) (but just quickly, my Dad is happily married to the most beautiful women on the planet, try and pass him a silly card like that and me in my cranky state gets offended, there were guys clearly holding hands happily with wives/girlfriends and people would try and put these cards in their hands, I was rather irritated about the whole concept but I'll stop there.) (I felt like Miranda Hart... "Rude" :p ) we watched the volcano erupt and walked through some of the casinos, then made our way back to the hotel. After getting a little crabby with each other (sorry Jen :p) we managed to keep our eyes open long enough to do a few of the slot machines as Jen turned 21. Jen went on to winning $2.80 before calling it a night! :p

My favourite parts of Vegas were visiting Counts Kustoms, check them out here: Dad watches the show and wanted to go and have a look. It made me happy as it reminded me of when we used to go to car shows with Dad growing up and I've missed that a lot lately, I also loved seeing the kick ass cars that they had, it's amazing how talented people are! And going to see Jersey Boys at the Paris Theatre. Jen chose that for her birthday evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We love that era and knew most of the songs, thanks to Mum and Dad's taste in music and The Overtones! :) Ooh and also the I <3 Burger place we went to for lunch one day...delicious! :) The last morning as we were leaving our hotel we decided to give the Roulette table a shot, Jen had a number Mum had told her to bet on and we thought we couldn't really leave without trying it. Needless to say we didn't win and it confirmed that the 4 of us didn't really fit in Vegas. I'm not knocking it and don't want to sound like I'm saying it's awful, as when my husband went with his friend they had an absolute blast, I think for me though it's just not my thing. Vegas is one big party and if you are up for partying and gambling then I'm pretty certain you will have an awesome and amazing time, as it has plenty of cool things to offer. If you're not a big party animal and are not one for gambling then it might not really be for you.

From Vegas it was onto Los Angeles California, which was the final stop of Route 66. We were on The Mother Road on and off as before, passing a few cool looking diners that were closed, plenty of train tracks, ooh and even a real life actual tumbleweed. We passed the Barstow Bottle Ranch too and then finally stopped and had a late lunch at the Outpost Café, another tick in our Route 66 book. (Travel Route 66- Jim Hinckley)

The last leg of Route 66 into San Bernardino through to Santa Monica was a long one, I think it's actually the longest stretch of Route 66 you can drive without it being interrupted, in addition to it being the most modern too. Shops and restaurants filled either side, along with stop light after stop light. It took us a fair while to find our hotel and get through all the traffic. We had been to California 7 years prior with our Dad, another Dad and daughters trip, and we all loved it and were very excited about being back, but after a little Starbucks snack, we were ready to hit the hay and take it all on in the morning when our eyes weren't so bleary! :)

Day 6 (for me) started with a hunt for the original End Of Route 66 sign. Kelly had read in her book that it was around a park somewhere, so we wandered the streets for a while and even asked at a gas station but to no avail. We decided that we would just head to the pier and finish our Route 66 journey at the spot they now had there. We ventured down third street promenade, which was exactly how we all remembered it, and nipped in and out of stores taking in the beautiful sunshine as we made our way to the mall we were so fond of 7 years ago, as it had a Sanrio store! :) The mall however had completely changed and was now open and bustling with people, new shops and cafe's and restaurants. It was pretty cool to see as when we were last there it had nothing and it was sad to think that it would just become a ghost town (mall). The Sanrio store was still there but not what it used to be, it was now part of a frozen yoghurt shop and just contained a few items, we still managed to pick up a few things! :p We had lunch at a yummy place called The Curious Palette before making our way to Santa Monica pier. :) It didn't feel like our trip was completed until we saw the sign, for Dad, Jen and Kelly it had been 14 days since they stood at the beginning of Route 66 and they had become quite attached to the historic road. It's a trip that we have been discussing for about 5 years, so to stand their with our Dad and to think of all the memories we had made along the way was incredibly special! :)

Thank you for the awesome shirts Meme! :) <3

That afternoon was very exciting as we visited Sprinkles Cupcakes, a place Kelly and I have wanted to see for ages now. It wasn't too busy, although we didn't get to use the ATM as they were restocking it, but we got to try their Cinnamon cupcake, Carrot cake cupcake and Vanilla cupcake, very nice. The evening was spent in Hollywood as we went to see our sister (in law) Ashley at Hooters. Little side note, Ashley is incredible, absolutely amazing. She is one of the hardest working people I know, with so much enthusiasm and determination to dream big. She goes after what she wants and is simply inspirational. It was awesome catching up with her and getting to hug her, she moved to LA on her own with no family or friends out there, so being able to give her hugs was just the best! :)

I like LA! :) This has been a bit of a long post today so I hope you are still with me, one more installment of Route 66 coming in the next few days and I think that should do it. I can't wait to get stuck into the last two days as they were beyond awesome and I have lots of fun things to share! :)

Please feel free to share your adventures and trips or favourite holiday spots with me in the comments below as I would love to read about them! :)

Have a great day!


The Grand Canyon and beyond!!

It was a long drive to The Grand Canyon, lots of staring out the window in to forest and deserted lands, sprinkled with the odd house or farm, it was really amazing to think about people living so far away from everything. We past a few roads with mail boxes lining the roadside and it looked like the path disappeared to nothing, but then up in the hills or far away amongst the dirt tracks we would see little houses, it was incredible. It was also rather nice to imagine people living so peaceful and simple away from the hustle and bustle of today's society. In addition, another amazing thing about following Route 66, that I failed to mention in part one, was that sometimes you could stay on it for miles and miles and then other times you would have to get back on to the I40 but you would still be driving right alongside it. We would try and follow it with our eyes and see when it stopped and when it would appear again. It seemed so sad to think that instead of driving through towns and down these fun little roads than curved and twisted, we had to follow the highway in one straight line, leaving this historic road left to crumble. I recently watched Disney's 'Cars' again and got a tad sentimental. Anyhow, we will move away from Route 66 for a minute and get back to those towns a little later. :)

After checking in to our hotel, we freshened up and made our way to The Grand Canyon, which is now a National Park. As we drove in through the park and bought out tickets to go see The Canyon, it was amazing to hear our Dad talk about the last time he visited. You see, when he visited 35 years ago there was no queuing up to buy tickets, there were no cafes and shops and National Park centers, no, my Dad and my Mum just drove right to the edge of the Canyon. They could drive their car right along it looking out. Furthermore, on that first visit Dad said it was extremely peaceful, you could barely hear a sound for miles, it made it feel eerie yet magical and that is what made it all rather special. Upon hearing this I was very excited and ready for The Canyon to take my breath away, I will admit though that I was nervous as I don't do well with heights and was terrified of anyone going to close to the edge, but at the same time I couldn't wait to see it. My experience was a lot different to my Dad's however, there were people everywhere, camera's flashing, tourist groups, kids running around and therefore it was anything but quiet, at one point there was a group of people more interested in a squirrel than the actual Canyon..I'm not even making that up! :p When we stepped up to the first lookout post it took a minute before it really sank in, it was a beautiful site to behold but I think at first you can't fully grasp the magnitude of it while you are looking at just one small part of it. We walked around and took in as many angles as we could, we took pictures and stepped towards the edges that were safe (ish) to do so and I tried to soak up the nature of it all. I loved the colours, the reds, oranges, browns, I loved the way when you looked into the distance the rocks seemed to disappear in to the clouds and I loved the way it all looked so calm and still. I felt very blessed to be able to experience it. I did get jelly legs a few times though as there are spots where there are no barriers and people can climb and do as they wish and, well, some people are rather brave or silly or a bit of both, or maybe I just lack adventure and a risk taking attitude, whatever it may be you can bet anytime we got close to an edge I held on to the closest tree for dear life! :p

Day three had us heading towards Las Vegas, another little detour on our Route 66 trip, however, on the way we were still going to try and follow the Mother Road as often as we could until we could hear Vegas calling our names! :p The first place we really wanted to visit was the Snow Cap Drive In, in Seligman. Kelly, Jen and Dad had stopped at a lot of awesome old original Route 66 cafe's and trading posts and I was hoping that there would still be some left to see once I joined them and this place looked great. We followed Kelly's book (Travel Route 66- Jim Hinckley) and within no time we had spotted it! :) This town is mentioned in the making of 'Cars' on the DVD extras as it was a town that got bypassed and was left forgotten about for 10 years, the shop owners and residents never gave up on it though and it is now being put back on the map and is a popular stop for those on Route 66. That was confirmed when we visited as it was extremely busy. I loved the Snow Cap Drive in the most as it had so much character and was vibrant and colourful. Every inch of the place was covered in pictures, stickers, paint, wall art and tricks. They had a small outside dining area and a little corridor in which you go inside to order your food via the man at the window. The man serving us was a delight, when Kelly said "Please can we get 4 ice cream cones." His reply was "no, I can get them." He then proceeded to hand Kelly his card that had 'my card' written on in and made her jump by squirting mustard at her...yellow string came out the bottle! :p We didn't try the burgers but the ice cream was delicious! :) It was the perfect little stop and such a cool place to visit. They also had two signs on the door, one at each side with a door knob, one saying 'push' the other saying 'pull'...yep Jen got tricked on the way out! :p

Arizona had a few cool road side stops and we made sure to visit them all and add to our postcard and gift piles! :)

We still had a long drive a head of us, which saw us stop at Mr D's Diner while passing through Kingman Arizona, that was a funky little diner, perfectly retro and 50's! Check it out here: and once further through the desert and past the Nevada State line, the Hoover Dam. We couldn't drive by without stopping and so we welcomed our first experience in 104 degree weather! :p It was HOT!!!! The Dam was a cool site to behold and it was rather unbelievable to comprehend the work that went into building it and the bridge over the top.

More diving and singing ensued all the way in to Las Vegas and to our hotel. Looking out the window all I could see were bright lights and big buildings, food network stars on every billboard and shops, what's not to love about any of that? In addition, after all I'd heard about Vegas I was very much looking forward to experiencing it all... be continued! :)

Have a wonderful day!

First stop...New Mexico.

My Dad and my sisters had already been on The Mother Road for a week when I joined them in Albuquerque New Mexico, so I was extremely excited to see them all and catch up with all that they had been up to so far. After a 4 am wake up call and early flight I was ready for breakfast and coffee, so we headed to Ihop to fuel up for the day and get me up to date with their travels! :)

I was pleased to hear that they had been having a blast. They started in Chicago which they all loved and on the road to Albuquerque (which I can now spell properly without looking it up, by the way :p ) they had been stopping by some really awesome places. Drive ins, museums, historic landmarks and yummy diners galore through Chicago Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma City, Texas and New Mexico.

Day one for me would be driving through Albuquerque and on to Arizona where we would be staying the night in a Wigwam. Kelly had bought a book titled 'Travel Route 66' by Jim Hinckley and they had been following his guide making sure to stop at any landmark a long the way. However, through Albuquerque we didn't see too much, except a lot of Indian jewelry shops, gas stations and a few houses, we followed the dusty road of Route 66 as often and as long as we could until we had to get on Interstate 40, this continued on and off into Arizona. Along the road to the Wigwam motel in Holbrook, we drove the newer Route 66 road which housed more up to date hotels and stores, not too much but a little more modern, until we crossed over to historic Route 66 where we found more run down cafe's and restaurants, some of which were still open and most of which had classic cars out front to attract attention! :) We found our Wigwam site, which was one of the three original wigwam locations, built in 1950 by Chester E Lewis and closed in 1974 when the I40 had come along and by passed downtown Holbrook. It was renovated and re-opened in 1988. :)

By 4pm I was starting to become delirious and laughing at everything. My younger sister, Jenny, is a complete goof and when I'm tired and she makes me laugh I'm literally in tears. Add the fact that the wigwams were naturally very basic and in quite the spooky setting, with a scary looking motel across the back and a railroad, and I was a mess! :p It wasn't that they weren't nice but I suddenly got weirded out about hotels and sleeping in a different bed. Don't ask, as I am pretty used to this with the travelling I have done but I guess I was just that tired. After a late lunch at Denny's we decided to check out the Meteor Crater, it was 50 miles out but Holbrook didn't offer much else. I'm not usually one for science, it's not that I don't appreciate it but I never really enjoyed it at school and since then have never had the urge or need to start researching, watching or reading about specific science topics. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting the Meteor Crater was, it was very cool to learn about how it came about and how something from space actually impacted earth and left it's print for us to see half a billion years later. I will forever be amazed at how clever and smart people are, the research that went into figuring out what the giant hole in the ground was, through studying the ground and the rocks around it, well, I just wouldn't even know where to start! :) I was very happy that I got to go and see it. You can check out the website and learn about it here:

Upon returning to our wigwam we spent a few hours catching up, Jen and Dad telling me about what's going on at home, Kelly discussing Florida life and me getting them up to date with all things happening in 'The Ville'. It felt beyond wonderful to be able to look at my family and have them next to me! :)

I would definitely say that the wigwam's make for a pretty cool experience and if you do Route 66 you should pay a visit and check them out! :)

Day Two ( Day nine for everyone else) began with coffee and a quick breakfast from the safeway across the street, I chose a donut, in wanting to keep it simple like Jack Kerouac's coffee and apple pie when he was on the road, it was delicious, then we set off for Winslow Arizona. In following Kelly's book there were a few things we wanted to see in Arizona before veering off our trusty Route 66 and taking a detour to the Grand Canyon. First thing being 'Standing on the corner' this area having been made famous in 1972 when The Eagles mentioned it in their song 'Take it easy' As a result of that song hitting the charts, a life size bronze statue and a mural were put in place commemorating the lyrics of the song and now it's a fun little place to go and see and take pictures. There's also a diner across the street and a few gift shops...always fun! :p

Our next stop came in the form of Two Guns, which at the time of Route 66, before the I40 came along, used to be a popular tourist spot for those travelling The Mother Road, hosting cafe's, a hotel, shops, a camp and even a zoo. In reading up about this place I've found out many different stories about the owners of the land and all that happened there, so I will let you research yourself if you so wish. Kelly's book however, talked about there being two owners of the land, each bringing different attractions to the place and building it up making it such the popular tourist spot, until they got into a dispute resulting in one killing the other. The book claims that this is when the site started to crumble. I'm not sure exactly what was built up there in the more recent times as now the place is deserted with a mixture of the more newer buildings and graffiti, as well as the old zoo, the camp building and the bridge. I found this site really interesting and enjoyed looking around, it was quite eerie and quiet and I was amazed to see the remnants of some of the cages from the zoo still there.

We did a lot of driving while listening to Jen's IPod, which she had up dated to include several soundtracks for each of our destinations, this bought on many laughs and lots of sing a longs. We spent an hour looking for a place in Belmont to no avail, leaving us all a tad cranky and hungry, that stumbling in to a place called Williams and finding a bunch of shops, cafe's and restaurants was a very welcome and happy surprise. After filling our bellies with fine grub...wings, burgers and country fried steak, we had a look round a few of the shops, which so far, we realized, are all relatively the same, consisting of road signs, license plates, Route 66 memorabilia, mugs, postcards and jewelry, but never the less are still a lot of fun to mooch around. Back in the car we made ourselves comfy and set off for The Grand Canyon!!

To be Continued...

Have a lovely day!

Route 66 sneak peek! :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I got back from my Route 66 trip just last night and I can't wait to sit and write about all our adventures!! My sisters, Kelly and Jenny, our Dad and I had such an amazing time and got to see so much. With having been to so many different places it felt like we had been away for a lot longer than a week (two for them) but alas we are home now and although it was incredibly sad to go our separate ways, I was super excited to see Chris (my husband), he still gives me butterflies. :) So today is a catch up, clean and do laundry kind of day but I will be sorting through pictures and hopefully be writing in the next few days all about the trip.

In the meantime, here's a few little sneak peeks on what's to come... :)

Standing on the corner!!

Guess who got jelly legs?!! :p

Can you guess what this street is from? :)

Can you say... YUM?!!! :)

Hanging out on Route 66 in some awesome little drive ins! :)

Lots more to come but the laundry is calling my name! :p
Have a great day everyone!

This weeks findings and Route 66!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Apart from feeling a little under the weather and talking like there was a frog in my throat, my husband and I had a wonderful weekend. We spent lots of time together working on projects, being creative, cooking together, watching Chuck and tons of old school wrestling while even running a few errands in between, it was perfect. :)

Today, I am currently in the middle of packing, (I know :p) as bright and early tomorrow morning I head to Albuquerque to meet up with my sisters and my Dad. They have been on Route 66 for a week now and I am joining them for week two and the last leg of the journey. It will be the first time flying on my own so I am quite anxious, it's not too far to travel but I'm still hoping I get their in one piece! :p I'm not fond of this part of the journey process, the whole making sure everything is packed and that I'm not forgetting anything, in addition to the leaving my husband for a week part. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely can not wait to see my sisters and my Dad and I know once I'm with them I will be ok, but the saying bye to my husband is always a "no no" and I very much dislike it. However, let's steer away from me being a negative Nancy... I feel very blessed and fortunate to be going on this trip and I have a notebook and pen at the ready to record all my fun findings and experiences along the way! :) I won't be able to blog for the week but I will look forward to telling you all about the places I visit upon my return. The route in which I will be joining my family for is: Albuquerque, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I know I am missing one in between Albuquerque and The Grand Canyon but for the life of me I can not remember it! :p A few years back my sisters and Dad went to Los Angeles and we all fell in love with Santa Monica and are very excited about going back there. :) So stay tuned for my Route 66 travel log!! :)

Before I go I did want to leave you with some of my random thoughts and things from this past week! Please, as always, feel free to leave comments about anything that you fancy, I love to read your comments and thoughts too! :)

I've written before how I am an over thinker and an extremely sensitive and emotional person and this past week I feel like a bunch of things, out of my control, have been hitting me very hard. I always like to be cheery and positive but some of the things that have been in the news, videos or posts that I have seen on social media lately have just completely caught me off guard. The world can be such a beautiful place and at the same time be so cruel, violent and hideous. I sometimes just want to cry for all those in pain or who have to deal with all the horrible, disgusting people out there. I pray for all those in the midst of wars, fights and terror and pray that there will be light at the end! And please, for everyone who is blessed to live amongst the beauty, do your best each day to enjoy it and embrace it. Be kind to others, spread a smile, a hug, warmth. I know it might sound silly and small but I feel that we can change the world or even just someone's day, be it a family member or stranger, by choosing not to argue, not to fight, not to start conflict but to choose our battles, be joyful, spread laughter, be helpful and caring and simply just do our best day in and day out to be grateful and be good people. I found this poem on Pinterest and it made me smile.

This quote also seemed fitting with how I was feeling this week! Always be brave and remember that it is worth it! Fight the good fight!
In appreciating the beauty, I recently purchased 'Gossip in the grain.' by Ray LaMontagne. I couldn't believe my husband and I didn't already own it! :p What can I say? I knew most of the songs on there already but I love it. It's Ray and he can do no wrong in my eyes. He is beautiful and so are his words!
I saw this on Pinterest and was intrigued, so last night when my husband and I were curling up to watch wrestling, I thought I would have a go at making them.
They turned out pretty yummy, although I would say that I needed to add a touch more vanilla or sugar to make them a little sweeter. Although if you add the ice cream or cool whip you might be ok, as that will give you extra sweetness. (We didn't have any in :p) Ooh and just make sure you know how many watts your microwave is as I did 60 minutes to start and that was too long, so our Bruggies were a tad dry! :p Yummy if you are in the mood for dessert and don't fancy making a mess and whipping up a big batch of brownies. :) Thank you Pinterest!
I can't quite believe the amount of Halloween stuff I have seen popping up in stores already, it's months away!!!!! Alas, I couldn't resist joining in and got a head start on some Halloween cards! :p They will be available at soon! :)
Have a lovely, blessed and safe week!
Love Lulu. xx

Friday Favourites!!

Happy Friday everyone! :)

While I'm still feeling a little under the weather, I thought today could be a Friday Favourites kind of day. Just something that could help bring some sunshine to the day (it's raining and dark out too) as flicking through Pinterest when curled up on the couch often makes me smile and fills me with inspiration and happiness. On a side note, I think pictures are my favourite thing, I love anything to do with pictures. If you notice I always like to include them in my blog, I have a gazillion photo frames round the house, I adore scrapbooking and Instagram is probably my favourite app! (What's yours?)

So on that note, here are some of my favourites from the past few pictures! :p

Scrapbooking always cheers me up. I love looking at past adventures and trips I have taken with my husband. :) All of my scrapbooking essentials are from either Michaels or
I'm still daydreaming about seeing Ray live in Cincinnati and then at Forecastle. Such amazing experiences. I came across this picture on Pinterest and just really liked it! For information on Ray's upcoming dates and meet and greet (!!!!!!!!!!!!) opportunities go to:
Jeffster!!! Need I say more???!
I recently purchased my sister one of these bikes so she could enjoy the Florida sun. I got Kelly the turquoise colour but I love this one in pink too! There's just something about these bikes that make me think adventure and endless possibilities.
One of my favourite quotes I came across this week! :)

I thoroughly enjoy watching Jaclyn Hill's tutorials, I always come away feeling that bit more confident and motivated. Plus she is goofy and I love that! I think this picture was from her Instagram @jaclynhill but I found it on Pinterest! :) Do check her out, she's gorgeous!

Another beautiful lady who I simply adore, Yvonne Strahovski. I have mentioned her constantly the past couple of weeks but I can't help it, she is simply wonderful! For those of you who may not know of her she has starred in Chuck, Dexter, 24: Live Another Day and I, Frankenstein, among others!
I've been having so much fun sitting down and creating cards since opening up Sweet Is Always In Style on Etsy. The thing I like the most is coming up with an idea and then making it and sharing it with my sisters and you. You can see our creations here:
What are some of your favourite things from this past week? Please share either pictures or stories in the comments below, as I'd love to read about them or see the pictures that make you smile! :)
Also you can follow me on Twitter @LucyOsterfeld and share your favourites with me there.
In addition to Pinterest, where you can find me under Lucy Osterfeld! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lulu xx

"Slam it to the left, if youre having a good time..."

I apologize for being a little out of sync with my posts this past week, I have been slightly distracted as my husband has been sick and I'm starting to feel a tad worse for wear too. However, as it is a honey and lemon hot tea and cuddled up under blankets kind of day, I thought I better prop myself up and do some blogging! :p

I had been searching for some new post ideas recently and really enjoyed writing the "50 facts about me" post and reading all your comments and fun facts too. Then on Twitter (@LucyOsterfeld) I was told a concept that I thought would be really fun do by follower Matt Thorpe, he always has some very cool ideas, so I set about thinking and making notes about his suggestion. Which was:

Remembering Key moments in your life with songs!

Immediately I was able to think of a few straight off the bat, wedding day etc but then I started to smile as more songs came to mind, so let's just get stuck in. :)

* They are in no particular order, I'm just writing them when they come to mind!!

S Club 7- Bring it all back.
From day one of our wrestling careers, this was mine and Kelly's song. People would always ask us why we chose it, as it is extremely poppy and just very young sounding, at first I'm pretty sure it was simply because we loved S Club 7 growing up and had had plenty of time practicing what it would be like for an entrance. It had the perfect jump out through the curtain beat. However, later on in our career when people would ask, our answer changed to: 'the lyrics suit what we are about to a T. It represents what we wish to represent and that's why it stuck' :) "Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you."

Del Shannon- Runaway.
This song we heard so much growing up along with the rest of the American Graffiti soundtrack. This is the kind of music my sisters and I love and will spend hours dancing too. When I hear this song it takes me back, more specific, to a trip Kelly and I took with our Dad to 'The Grand Daddy of them all. The Power Big Meet' in Sweden. We made this trip two years in a row, driving the Cadillac all the way to Vasteras Sweden for the worlds largest classic car show. We used to drive around cruising in the car listening to all the classics and this was one of our favourites! :)

Ray LaMontagne- Hold you in my arms.
This was the song that Chris and the groomsmen walked out to at our wedding and that just makes me love it even more. It takes me back to beautiful St Pete beach and I smile from ear to ear.

Tangled- At last I see the light.
My wedding theme song! :p I walked down the beach to this and it was simply perfect. I adore the song and now it has even more of a special meaning. That and when we walked back up the isle after getting married I whispered something to Chris about having had Zachary Levi sing at our wedding! :p (I know I know...obsessed!! But it was the best.)

Massimo Ranieri  - Rose Rosse
This Italian song transports me back to my Nanna and Grandad's house and it is one of my ultimate favourite songs ever. It was a staple through childhood and to this day and I love bursting out in to sing a longs with my sisters and Nanna and Grandad.

Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice.
This song simply makes me happy. It screams Sunday afternoon in our house back home in the UK. Any holiday or family meal while we are helping Mum cook, this song will play at least twice while we all sing it at the top of our lungs! :)

Duran Duran - Hungry like the wolf.
I simply can't listen to this song without thinking about my Grandad as he always calls my brothers and sisters and I 'Hungry like a wolf' every time we have lunch or dinner with them! That's all, it makes me smile! :)

Temptations - Just my imagination (running away with me)
Now it was incredibly difficult to pick just one Motown song as honestly this type of music was all we heard growing up, blasting from Dad's garage, in Dad's car, these were his favourites. Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Four Tops, Supremes, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson Five, just to name a few were people we could listen to over and over again. One of the reasons these songs are special is because I remember we used to always listen to them in the car when we went to visit our Nanna Knott! :) <3

Good Charlotte - The Anthem
Played every single morning before high school...enough said. :p

Blazin Squad - See you at the crossroads.
Ok, I just had to mention this because it makes me laugh now looking back at all the music I have been through and what was around when I was a teenager, oh the days!! :p We did actually really like Blazin Squad for a minute and I know if I were to listen to that song again, it would take me back! :p

Five - Any song!!
I can't pick just one song with Five as it takes me back to primary school and school dances. The boys used to sing and dance to them while we danced to S club 7. :)

O-Town - All or Nothing.
This would have to be our introduction to the American boy band kind of phase. We loved O-Town and even now when this song comes on you can bet my sisters and I all have verses and sing to our hearts content.

S club Juniors - Automatic High
I have no excuse for this one. I just remember loving the song...we were teenagers by this point too. What can I say? We lived very sheltered lives growing up! :p

Ray LaMontagne & Damien Rice - The way I love you.
This song just reminds me of happy times when everything sort of comes together and works out the way it supposed to. I listened to it a lot when I was away from Chris.

Spice Girls - Wannabe.
The list just wouldn't be the same without a bit of the Spice Girls and I sure as anything spent many of my childhood years dancing along to their songs and making up dances while watching Spice World the movie! :p

I think this is more a less a list of songs that just take me back. Some not necessarily key moments in my life but just songs that spring to mind that when I listen to transport me to a certain time and place. I hope you enjoy the list, I think I could actually go on and write tons more but I'm going to leave it at that for today! :)

Please share your memories and favourite songs in the comments below as I would love to read about them!

Have a wonderful day!

Love Lulu xx

50 Facts about me! :)

Happy 1st August! :)

So, I suddenly realized it was Friday and I had only blogged once this week, where has the time gone?  But also, that I hadn't thought about what I was going to write about next. I was searching around online and looking for some inspiration when I came across different bloggers writing 50 fun facts about themselves. I immediately thought that this would be challenging for me to do for two reasons, one: I wondered if I could actually come up with 50 facts about me and two: I wondered if I could actually come up with interesting facts about me. I was ready for the challenge though as I often enjoy sitting down and thinking about stuff like this as it sort of forces me to learn to love the things about myself and to not think of myself as boring, to which I automatically did above when wondering if I could do it! :p I'm going to stop rambling now and jump right in:

1) I'm half Italian.

2) I'm the oldest of 4 siblings.

3) I dislocated my left elbow doing non handed cartwheels at gymnastics when I was 10. I still can't straighten my arm all the way.

4) My favourite food is anything and everything my Nanna and Grandad make, but top of the list: their pasta with milk and breaded mussels.

5) I did Trampolining for 8 years and competed in competitions all over the UK.

6) I took swimming lessons my entire childhood and even completed a rookie life guarding course.

7) I love to travel but at the same time Im a homebody.

8) I LOVE pajama days and just being in my pajamas or sweatpants, anything comfy.

9) I played guitar throughout primary school and wish I had kept it up.

10) My favourite Disney movie of all time is Tangled.

11) I would happily walk around barefoot or in socks everywhere.

12) Being curled up on the couch with my family watching British TV shows is one of my absolute favourite places to be/things to do.

13) I love British TV shows: Graham Norton, Miranda, This Morning, Ant and Dec, A League of Their Own and anything with John Bishop.

14) I don't do horror movies or movies with gruesome bits in it. They are just not my cup of tea.

15) My favourite opponent and person to wrestle was/is CJ Lane or my sister.

16) I love making things and being crafty.

17) I prefer classic cars to modern day cars. My favourites being a red 1963 split window Corvette Stingray and a Red 1957 Cadillac Eldorado.

18) The best job I ever had was being a Teaching Assistant and Nursery Nurse.

19) I believe in love and treating people the way you want to be treated. I hate bullying of any kind and I don't like to use the word hate often.

20) My first crush was Jonathon Taylor Thomas.

21) My favourite colour is Blue. (Like my Nanna Knott)

22) I love floaty dresses and flats.

23) My most treasured possession is my Teddy Bear that I got when I was christened. He went everywhere with me when I was a kid, even to watch me do gymnastics and trampolining. He lives in a little bed in my bedroom.

24) My favourite animal is a Grizzly Brown Bear.

25) I married my bestest friend, who is also one of my biggest inspirations in life! :)

26) I am terrified of spiders and going too far out into the sea.

27) I love scrapbooking and looking at pictures.

28) My apartment is covered in picture frames and posters of mine and my husbands favourite musicians and people.

29) I don't like peanuts or melon.

30) My best Christmas present ever was when my sisters got me tickets to New York and the Broadway show First Date. It was a complete surprise, I knew nothing and it was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing ever. It was also my first Christmas away from home....but I met Zachary Levi. :p (I also have a kickass family on my husbands side so Christmas was still wonderful, it was just hard at first to think I wasn't going to be home.)

31) Mine and my husbands wedding officiant also officiated the wedding of Macho Man Randy Savage! :)

32) I once played a zombie in an indie horror movie.

33) I have severely sprained both my ankles, my left in the middle of a wrestling match for Allstar wrestling about 6 years ago and my right during a training class at OVW last year.

34) My middle name is Christina.

35) My favourite flowers are Freesia's, which are my Mum's favourite too! :)

36) I love to love things, smile and be happy and look for inspiration in everything!

37) I am incredibly sentimental.

38) I love to read. 'On the road' by Jack Kerouac is my favourite book but I am also a HUGE Harry Potter fan. It's the best! :)

39) I have a twin sister. We are not identical although people like to think we are! :p

40) My favourite subject in school was English. I didn't like Maths and Science.

41) Some of my favourite wrestlers include: Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bruno Sammartino, Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart.

42) My favourite artist is Ray LaMontagne. I adore him!!

43) The only pets I've ever had were Goldfish my sisters and I used to win at car shows.

44) I love to write letters, send postcards and parcels to people.

45) I always have cold feet! :p

46) I have to watch the Santa Clause movies, The Holiday and Elf at Christmas time otherwise Christmas is just not the same! :p

47) I passed my driving test on my third try!

48) I don't like confrontation.

49) My favourite flavor cupcake is carrot cake. (hmm well anything chocolate too...I can't pick.)

50) I appreciate and am grateful for every single person who reads this and keeps up to date with my blog! :) You are awesome!!!! :)

Hope you enjoy these little random facts and please feel free to share your facts in the comments below as id love to read them! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Love Lulu. xx