It's nice to be nice! :)

" If you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything."
"Treat other's how you want to be treated"
Since starting my blog, Etsy shop and getting hooked on YouTube videos, such as Jaclyn Hill and Nerdy Nummies, I have to admit that I spend a lot of time on the computer. A few years back it was common for me to simply check emails and update facebook, then when moving to Louisville, the computer became more significant with the need for Skype, and when TNA British Boot camp came into my life, I was informed about the importance of keeping up with social media to stay relevant. All of a sudden the worldwide web became a daily fixture in my life. It was no longer a quick catch up, it was a staple in routine. It's something I can't help but feel guilty about and I always try and limit myself some days so I'm not just glued to my little screen, when there is a big beautiful world that surrounds me, but I have to admit that I enjoy many aspects of what it allows me to do, for example, the aforementioned Etsy shop and research (yes Jaclyn Hill is important research :p) and this here blog! :)

I love being able to connect with people and I think that is sometimes made easier online. When you are out and about in public you are not always going to strike up a conversation with someone or know by looking at them that they share the same interests as you. Online you can follow blogs, read tweets and search for communities where people enjoy and like what you like and I think that is a really wonderful thing. For example, I adore reading and I love the fact that now when I finish reading a book that captivates me and that I fall in love with, I can Tweet to the author and often communicate with them back and forth. It brightens my day knowing that I can say thank you to them and let them know I enjoyed their hard work. :) In addition, it makes me smile when I see another person tweet a quote from my favourite song or show, knowing that someone else laughed at the same thing you laughed at has a simple way of making you feel connected and happy inside.

However, with all the pro's there are naturally con's and that's what I wanted to discuss today. You see with all this extra time on the computer and new things I find each day to occupy myself with on the internet (I just have to catch up with all the adorable things that Ro makes. :p ) I have found myself becoming more aware of those negative tweets or mean spirited comments and my initial reaction is 'Why?' just 'Why?' I don't think my brain will ever understand how people can be so negative and cruel, hence the quotes at the top of the page. These quotes I will never forget, I was brought up on these quotes and can as clear as day hear my Mum saying them in my head. There is simply no excuse, no justification at all to be horrible to someone.

Now I don't want to get on my high horse but this weekend I was filled with happiness and absolute inspiration upon watching the Nerd HQ panels with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and the Badass Women's panel. I came away from them wishing that all the people in the world would watch and take note.

Amongst many up lifting and inspirational things Zachary Levi said it made me smile from ear to ear when he spoke the words "It doesn't cost you anything to be kind." It's so simple and so very true!

I understand that people are entitled to their own opinion but that brings to mind another quote that my Mum shared with us kids growing up, "It's not what you say it's how you say it." By all means, it's ok to not like a movie or not be fond of a book, or to not like a specific makeup look or the way someone is dressed, but does the word 'hate' really have to come into play? I've said it before and i will say it again, there are movies that I am not keen on and actors that aren't my favourites but I most certainly am not going to spend my time criticizing them when that is valuable time that I could be spent happily telling you just how truly awesome Captain awesome is! :p In speaking of criticism, that brings me to another point, I for one think that constructive criticism is great and I have always been very good at taking it. I want to be the best I can be or learn how to do something better next time, but criticism for criticism's, please no. If you are about to say something or critique someone, first think about what they are going to gain from what you are saying. Can they go away and improve upon what they did? Are they learning something? Is it going to lift them up and help them progress? If not, then keep it to yourself. I say this from experience, you see, during my time wrestling I was aware that I was open to the public eye and that people would have their favourite wrestlers and I wasn't always going to be one of them. At first I would find myself glancing at comments on matches but eventually I just stopped. Of course I wanted to knowing if people were enjoying what I was doing but it wasn't worth the heart break when I came across something negative. I realized that the people that were going to help me be the best and get better were the people at training, my trainers that new what they were talking about and had my best interests at heart. Granted the fans had a right to like or not like me, but reading someone say that you aren't good at what you do, well, that just hurts. Furthermore, it didn't help me improve. What specifically didn't they like? What area did they want me to work on? How can I be better? Were just some of the things that raced through my head and obviously not knowing the person I was left with these questions unanswered. I had to learn to not overthink or let this get to me, as you simply can't please everyone and I was doing the best I could and living my dream. :)

Moreover, when my sister and I started wrestling 9 years ago and we were exposed to this world of people either loving you or hating you, we vowed never to acknowledge or fight against negativity and this past weekend Zachary Levi summed up our thoughts on the matter:

"Instead of letting someone attack you and getting baited into attacking back, be graceful with them back and say 'hey man, where do you wanna go with this? Cause I'm not gonna hate you. I know whatever is going on in you is deeper that what's going on between us, so I'm just going to love you back.' And that's so powerful."

It is powerful indeed and he makes so much sense. Fighting back doesn't help, I like to make sure that I stay happy and positive and be more so, in hopes that one day something I do or say will make those negative people see the light and smile. (Or at least give me constructive criticism ;p )

Another thing occurred to me this week after watching the Nerd HQ's Badass Women's panel and hearing them talk about the terms of being a bitch. I feel often when I come across reality TV shows it's all about the drama and all you get is people being rude, mean and horrible to each other. Apparently everyone's standing there ground and being confident, independent and strong and going after their spot and we are made to believe that acting that way to achieve that is ok, that being a 'diva' is ok because it means you don't take crap from anyone. The world seems to encourage this behavior, to say it's fine to walk around with your head held high looking down on others because it means you are a strong, powerful women. (Or man) Here's a thought, can't we have shows that highlight women challenging each other to go after their dreams? Giving each other constructive criticism? Lifting each other up and being proud of each other for what other's achieve? I for one would really like to see that! Some might class that as boring and not entertaining but I think that is sad that being bitchy is now what we class as entertaining. Yvonne Strahovski, Retta, Ming-Na Wen, Missy Peregrym, Jennifer Morrison and Sophie Turner were extremely entertaining on the Nerd HQ panel and they communicated with each other, made each other laugh, listened to each other, empowered each other and I could have sat and listened to them and their stories all day.

I don't mean to highlight and take time out to discuss negativity as I do not like drawing attention to it. I know we all know it happens and it's out there, but I felt compelled to talk about it after feeling so empowered and happy after Nerd HQ this past weekend. And I wasn't even actually present, I just streamed the video's from home! :p The hours that I spent doing this I was just in awe and thought 'I wish we had stuff like this on TV more often, I wish this was classed as reality TV and I wish the whole world would watch and pay close attention to the positive, incredible and wonderful message that Zachary Levi and all at The Nerd Machine put out!!!

In closing, please remember that:

You can be kick ass by being kind and caring.

You are still strong and powerful even if your voice is calm and quiet.

You can still reach dreams and goals and the top of the ladder by lifting up others and being happy for their success.

You can be confident and independent and hold your head up without looking down on others.

If you are part of an online community, message board or you see something negative on a video you like or an instagram picture, do your part to fight right! Don't respond with negativity, respond with a simple quote or positive word! :)

Always speak and act with love in your heart!!

It's nice to be nice!! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Love Lulu xx

Oooh and please check out for all the awesomeness and inspiring videos and people that I have mentioned!! True role models for which I have the utmost respect and admiration for!! :) <3

Nerd HQ, Forecastle, Brie Bella Guy and more randomness!! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! :) I was thinking that it has been a while since I did an update blog and it feels like lots has been going on, so I'm currently curled up on my couch, having had a rather relaxing and lovely Sunday with my husband and thought it would be fun to catch up with you all! :) So let's get right to it...

Firstly, I do have to mention that my brother in law, Chris, was trending worldwide this past week on Twitter, after his appearance on WWE television. Now I know Chris and am aware of his goofiness, over the top expressions and all round lively and bubbly personality but it was a delight to see him on TV and know that he made so many people laugh and smile. He is a born entertainer and is, as you can clearly tell if you saw Raw or any of the meme's or pictures, an absolute hoot!! :p Yes that's him in the left hand corner and yes... he is ALWAYS that animated!! :) In addition, he is just awesome and a huge inspiration to me, so go and follow him on Twitter @RefChrisSharpe

Secondly, last weekend I got to experience my first festival when my husband surprised me with tickets to Louisville's Forecastle festival. I had a blast and just want to go back and experience it all over again. I loved people watching and walking around observing everyone enjoying the music and being so free. We were lucky that it turned out to be such a beautiful day too, the sun was shining, I ate ice lollies, sat in the grass and was happily introduced to new music. Of course my favourite part and the main reason for me being so giddy and excited for the festival, was that I was going to get to see Ray LaMontagne for the second time this summer. I could not wait and I feel so blessed that I got to experience him in a festival setting. It/He blew me away. We were fortunate to get right next to the stage and I could feel every word he sang and even amongst so many people, it felt intimate and I was able to get lost in the music. I know I have mentioned Ray many times before but if you haven't listened to his music, I urge you to go and listen to him now. I could listen to his voice all day and think he is beautiful!! I am smiling right now as I write this and look at the pictures! :) Also, I am ashamed to say that I hadn't heard of Nickel Creek before seeing them at Forecastle... thank you Forecastle for bringing them into my is all I can say!! :)

Thirdly, it has been about 2 and a half weeks now since my twin sister, Kelly, moved to Orlando Florida and I can't express how much I miss her. I thought it would be ok and that I would adapt and get used to it and if you read 'It's a twin thing' then you are aware that I was doing my best to think positive and look to it as a new adventure, well, if I'm honest, I have had many days where I simply have no idea what to do with myself and it takes a lot to get motivated and do stuff. I have really had to push myself to focus on living in the moment, taking in everything around me and making the most of Skype, voxer, texts and phone calls. It is a challenge but I'm lucky to have my husband and awesome friends around me. I don't wish to live so far away from all my family in future but for now I have to remember that life is beautiful and every day is a blessing and I have to be grateful for all situations I get to experience and get through them with a positive attitude! With that being said I'm so excited to introduce you to mine and my sisters (Kelly and our younger sister Jenny) Etsy store 'Sweet Is Always In Style'. To help me focus on those days where I'm feeling a bit down and when we are all just missing each other, we created this little Etsy store. The three of us love being creative and are happiest when we can share that with others. We enjoy writing notes and sending cards to remind one another that not a minute goes buy when we are not thinking about each other. Our shop is all about simplicity and all things cute and sweet. Everything is made with love and we hope you will take a look and that you see something either for you or something that you can give as a gift knowing that it will brighten someone's day! :)

Fourthly, I had to throw in a little selfie, as I can't remember if I actually posted a picture of my new shorter hair! :p I had wanted a change for a while and before Kelly went to Florida we both took the plunge and had our hair cut. Kelly was a lot braver that me and went with a bob, which didn't turn out so scary as she looks awesome and it really suits her, I on the other hand just had all the split ends and my ombre blonde bits chopped off. I'm kind of missing the ombre and the long at the minute, however, short wins when I can make it wavy and copy Sarah Walker in the final season of Chuck! ;)

Last but not least, I didn't hear back from the winner of the Victoria Highfield Jewelry giveaway and as it has been 2 weeks now I decided to throw everyone's names back in the hat and pick out a new winner... Congratulations Sarah Hess!!! :) I will be getting your prize to you shortly!! :) I hope you love it!

Ooh and before I go I do have to mention that I am even more hyper, giddy and excited for next years Nerd HQ, as I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the live streams this year. Thank you to The Nerd Machine and everyone involved for doing such a kick ass job and for making all of us who couldn't attend, feel like we were there! :) The panels were fantastic and I think it is such an incredible event! Roll on Nerd HQ 2015!!! :) If you want to hear some inspiring stories or just sit back and listen to some wonderful, sweet people, check out The Nerd Machine's YouTube page! :)

Have you been to any summer festivals or been streaming Nerd HQ? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!! :)

Have a lovely evening!

Love Lulu. xx

I want my Nerd HQ...baking edition!

In sort of, kind of, (well it's Zachary Levi so it works.) keeping with the 'Chuck' theme of this weeks posts, I wanted to wish everyone going to Nerd HQ a wonderful and awesome next few days.

Keep calm and call the Nerd Herd!!

I am currently on my second 'Chuck' marathon with my husband, though this is probably my fourth 'Chuck' marathon thus far, due to my sisters and I being utterly obsessed. And I have to say, I simply can not get enough of this show. Now, you know if I like something I tend to talk about it...A LOT and, well, I happen to LOVE 'Chuck'. I have expressed on numerous occasions ("I heart New York" "I want my Nerd HQ") that it is my favourite show in the history of ever and honestly, each time I watch it that statement is well and truly cemented, backed up, justified and locked down, in my brain, as it just gets more and more, wait for it...AWESOME! :)


Today is an awesome and exciting day for my husband as his podcast 'The Chris Silvio Show' has reached it's 30 episode! Yay! :)

It's been amazing to see the show progress and incredibly inspiring. As you know, I am a huge believer in dreaming big and making things happen, so to be there from the beginning in him deciding he wanted to put this show together and to see how it has developed and improved, has been more than wonderful! :) I also must mention that it has been lovely seeing him do this together with his friend and the producer of The Chris Silvio Show, the beautiful Ben Kirk. Ben is fantastic and works so very hard to get the show out to you guys each and every week and without him it wouldn't be possible!! And did I mention he just kicks ass?! :)

Furthermore, I have loved being present and listening in to all the shows, a lot of the guys that have been a apart of it are my friends, however, sitting down to really listen to their stories and to hear stories that I have never heard before has been an absolute pleasure and something that I feel extremely grateful for. They are some truly incredible people and big inspirations to me! :)

This past week I wanted to do something special to mark the 30th episode spectacular and this is what I came up with... A Tie Dye Cake to represent the one and only Psychedelic Superstar! :)

Yes...Chris Silvio tried his hand at baking! Now, my husband is a phenomenal cook, but I have never experienced his dessert making skills or witnessed him baking, so I was rather looking forward to doing this with him! In addition, I had wanted to try the Duff Goldman cake mixes for a while as they are just so tempting and eye catching (I very rarely use mixes) and I thought this would be the perfect occasion! :)

I have to say, Chris did a great job, he followed instructions and really got into it and I think he even enjoyed himself a long the way. I have to admit, the mix made it pretty simple and all the colours made it feel like we were big kids painting, so really what was not to like and enjoy about whipping up this cake? :p Maybe I can get Chris in the kitchen concocting cupcakes with me more in future! :)

Below are some pictures of our bright and Psychedelic masterpiece, as well as 5 questions with the Psychedelic Superstar himself! :)

Guess who's is who?! :p

The finished product! :)

Yummy! :)

5 Questions with Chris Silvio!

1) Favourite book:
I'm a big fan of Kerouac and the Beat Generation writers. 'On The Road' is one of those books that kind of changes your perspective on life and what is possible. It certainly did mine. My buddy Dave and I used to talk about hitting the road like Sal and Dean. We had some fun trips as a result.

2) Favourite Summer activity:
I love the water. Growing up in RVA, I spent a lot of time on the James River, swimming, playing guitar and writing. These days I dig the beach. So answer...the beach!!

3) Favourite character in the TV Show 'Chuck':
Sarah Walker, need I explain more? Vik Sahay's character Lester is always a good laugh too.

4) Favourite wrestler/wrestling match:
I could never narrow it down to one favourite. It's kind of like music, it depends on my mood. Top 3: Bret Hart, Randy Savage and Terry Funk, in no particular order. Don't know if there's a favourite match but I've seen Savage/Steamboat from WM3 more times than I'd like to admit. Funk/Flair New York Knockout too.

5) Favourite bands/artists:
Growing up, The Doors, I really connected with Jim Morrison and admired his creativity. I really like a huge variety. This week I listened to Nas Illmatic and Lana Del Ray's new album. Right now I really connect to Townes Van  Zandt's music.

You can keep up to date with all things Psychedelic and Beautiful by following Chris @SilviOVWTV on twitter and Ben @B2KBenKirk

Be sure to tune in to The Chris Silvio Show each and every Sunday at

And you can also check out their Facebook page and give it a 'like' for the latest updates and behind the scenes pictures!

Instagram: @TheChrisSilvioShow

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and let me know in the comments below who your favourite guest on The Chris Silvio Show has been or if you have mixed up one of Duff's cake mixes!! :)

Love Lulu xx

And the winner is...

Hey guys,

Thank you all so much for taking the time to come and read my little blog and for entering my first Giveaway. It was fun reading your comments and seeing your Tweets! :)

I appreciate you all and hope I can continue to bring a bit of sweetness to your day through this blog! :)

I put all your names into a hat and the name I pulled out was...

Haley Valerie

Congratulations, I hope you love your new bracelet from Victoria Highfield Jewelers! :)

Please send me your details at and I can get it sent to you as soon as possible! :)

Please stay tuned to my blog for more giveaways in future and be sure to follow me on Twitter @LucyOsterfeld and Victoria Highfield @VHJewellers
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Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lulu xx

Books, books, books! :)

I set out this Summer with a book list and was determined to get through it. I love to read, as I have mentioned before in various posts, such as, "Bookworm Life." and I love nothing better than curling up with a good book whether it be on the couch with the sun shining through the window or relaxing by the pool side, getting lost in my own little world! :) I think I last left you with 'The Little Beach Street Bakery' and my bread affixation after finishing the book, and I had set about reading another Jenny Colgan book in the form of 'Meet me at the Cupcake café.' Summer began rather sweet! :)

I instantly fell in love with 'Meet me at the Cupcake cafe' due to the fact that I could relate to the main character Issy. Issy loves to bake and often does so for her colleagues and friends. Baking solves problems and makes everything better. In addition, Issy's Grandpa used to own a bakery and he is always sending her recipes and talking about cake. This made my heart happy and made me think of my Grandad and how we always talk about food together and how his recipes are dear to my heart and how I use his tips and advice on a daily basis. The story takes you on Issy's journey from being made redundant and taking the plunge in opening up her very own café. She has ex's, best friends and rather cute bank manager's to deal with and it makes for a wonderfully darling story, perfect for a bright and happy kick start to Summer. Although I didn't want to start daydreaming about Christmas in April, I couldn't resist picking up the follow up 'Christmas at the cupcake cafe' right away, this continues Issy's journey and takes her to New York. You simply can't go wrong with New York, I could picture every scene in my head and it just made me want to go back there. Another delightful read that I couldn't put down. I hope there is more from Issy soon! :)
Next on my list was the third and final installment in Hilary Duff's Elixir series and I was super excited to get stuck into this one. I'm a huge Hilary Duff fan and just had to read these books when I learnt that she had author to her name. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I know I definitely wasn't expecting the story that unfolded as I turned the pages. I was pleasantly surprised by the imagination and creativity and I liked the characters and where she was going with it right away. I've never really gone for the whole mystery, immortals and, I want to say teen sci-fi/spooky esque fiction, as you can see it's hard for me to even label the story but it's because it's more out there and unique to what I have read before, but I could not get enough of this book. I don't want to say I pre judged what I thought Hilary Duff's books would be like but I'm ashamed to say, I guess I did. You see, I also adore Lauren Conrad and when I went to pick up her book series I didn't fancy it as it seemed very much like 'The Hills' but in book form and although I do enjoy girlie reads, it didn't really appeal to me. I have to say, I think this is what I had been expecting from Hilary Duff. Needless to say, that's not what you get from 'Elixir', 'Devoted' and 'True'. I'm a believer in soul mates and therefore loved the idea behind this captivating and gripping story between Clea and Sage. For me, it's a must read and I would recommend it to everyone! :)
I finished 'True' while I was home in June (the picture of 'True' was taken in my garden on a beautiful sunny day in England :p ) so my read for the plane ride back to KY was to be Jack Kerouac's 'Maggie Cassidy'. (Above) Jack Kerouac is by far my favourite author, I simply adore his work. I always feel more intelligent upon finishing one of his books and I just love the feeling of having learnt a million things, some of which I can't even pinpoint but it's just there. It feels like his words are ingrained in my head, like you have to truly focus and delve into his language and the way in which he writes that it becomes a part of you. I love the way he transports me back to another time, a time where he makes the world sound so rich and alive and somewhat simple. As Amazon puts it: "Maggie Cassidy is an affectionate portrait of the teenager that made the man - of friendship and first love growing up in a New England mill town." If you are a fan of the beat generation then I would highly recommend this romantic and pure tale.
We often get told that "you can't judge a book by it's cover." I have to say that on this occasion you most definitely can and I most definitely did! :p While out shopping with my Mum, we nipped into WHSmiths, as my Mum has become an avid reader and we wanted to see what was new and if there were any good bargains (you can't beat the 3 pound books from Tesco.) I was routing around and just happened to pick up this little delight! I hadn't come across Belinda Jones before but I'm so happy I found her. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and was taken in by it's heart warming content. At first glance I was excited to read about travelling America swapping English recipes for American ones but as I read on I got swept away by the backgrounds of the characters that unfolded. I just wanted to keep reading and for them all to be ok and happy and work everything out. The book had depth and brought out all sorts of emotions but at the same time felt very lighthearted and fun. Ultimately it made me smile, want to bake and visit every wonderful place that Laurie and the gang made their mark in. :) My Mum and sister have been given a list for their next visit to WHSmiths. California Dreamers sounds right up my alley! :)

Last but not least is a book that was recommended to me by Jenny Davies of  I met Jenny on my last trip home and the aforementioned shopping spree in WHSmiths. We were chatting all things books when Jenny picked up a Carole Matthews bundle and said that she thought I would like her. The bundle came with 'For better, For worse' and 'A place to call home'. I was instructed to read 'For better, for worse' first and that I did in about 3 days. :p For me, this was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, a very funny, with lots of twist and turns and a pretty adventurous, you don't know what's going to happen next, type of roller coaster and I enjoyed and laughed a long with every minute. There's weddings, best friend drama, diamond ducks, an awful ex husband, New York, rock stars and a whole lot of alcohol involved! :p I really loved the Josie and Matt characters, they were just very endearing and I want to say, cute. They were real and after all the confusing, crazy and unpredictable events that occurred the ending was so simple and perfect that it left me with a big smile on my face. :) What more could you ask for?! Thank you Jenny for your recommendation, I have already seen a bunch more books on your blog that I must pick up next. :)
What books have you been reading this Summer? Do you have any favourites or recommendations? If so I would love to hear about them in the comments below! :)
Have a wonderful day and happy reading!
Love Lulu. xx


Little treasures and my first ever GIVEAWAY!! UPDATE!!

A trip home isn't complete without a visit to my Auntie's jewelry shop. My sister, Kelly, and I were with our Auntie at the very beginning of her venture in opening Victoria Highfield Jewelers, back when we were 12 years old. We would work there every Saturday, armed with homemade pizza and flasks full of pastina, what can I say? Grandad liked to make sure we had lunch everyday, have I mentioned before just how much I love him??!! :) Kelly and I would enjoy looking at the jewelry and, of course, always had a blast trying things on. It was awesome to watch our Auntie work and inspiring to see how good she was, and is, at her job!! :)  She dreamed big and over the past few years has moved to various different locations, expanding the shop, changing the design and finding new, fresh and unique brands and pieces for her customers. It's funny to think that I'm not really a huge jewelry person, I go through phases and wear stuff for a little while and then I just have days where I forget to accessorize, (most days :p) or I forget that I even own necklaces and bracelets. However, on my last visit home, back in June, that changed somewhat and I saw a few bits and bobs that I couldn't resist and that's what I'm going to share with you today. But before I do so, I encourage you to check out for the most beautiful collections, brands and one of a kind pieces. Furthermore, if you happen to live in Stockport, please visit the shop and say hi, you will find that my Auntie is incredibly fun and friendly and extremely awesome, as is all her staff. Hi Gary, Tom and Jenny!! :)

So, the first thing I have to share is my most favourite and most important, and the two things that I do remember to put on everyday. While I didn't purchase them on this trip, I did get them cleaned, so they still count! :p My wedding rings! :) Now, my husband got my engagement ring, so that I can't shed much light on, besides the fact that it's beautiful and I adore it. When it came to getting our wedding rings though, there was only one place I was going to go and one person I was going to call. (Who you gonna call?? :p)  My Auntie took my engagement ring to be sized and in the process designed and had made my gorgeous wedding band to match it! I didn't see it until my wedding day and I immediately fell in love! It is a 2.5mm white gold diamond set wedding band...stunning! Thank you Auntie Ang.

Every time I go in to the shop my Auntie likes to proudly show me her new ranges, as well as insist that I need a new watch. I finally gave in this time when she showed me this pretty rose gold Sekonda, with a white leather strap. I have been loving all things rose gold lately, so this is perfect. I like it too because it makes me feel more mature and elegant and can make a nice addition to any outfit without too much thought or effort. It is also available with a white face and you can find it in store and online!

I have noticed that big, bold, statement jewelry is on trend this year, so when I walked in and saw this next piece, I just had to pick it up and try it on. In my hand it looked a tad daunting but once I put it on there was no hesitating and in my suitcase it went! :) This is by the brand Fiorelli Fashion. The colours simply pop and make me smile and the flowers make it an ideal summer fashion statement.  

Next is a necklace that instantly caught my eye. One, because again it is rose gold and two, because it is just oh so sparkly. In saying that though, it's not your typical sparkle, it is Glam Film, which has this amazing crystal glittery look to it that is so very pretty. Take a look! :) This is from the brand Rebecca.

Last but not least, Victoria Highfield has some of the cutest ranges I have ever seen and some days you just need that extra bit of sweet. The Daisy line makes me happy. Back when I worked with my kids at Freshfield Nursery I used to wear Daisy necklaces all the time, in particular a gorgeous bumble bee (that I must dig out of my jewelry box) that the kids just loved and liked to play with. It brings back such happy memories! I love that a special piece of jewelry can have that effect. :) This Daisy necklace adds the right amount of cute and girlie to any outfit and brings a bit of sunshine to every day. :)

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these pieces and that you find something you like either in store or online at

I will say, although it may seem biased, I would choose Victoria Highfield over any corporate jewelers any day of the week. They truly care about the customer and treat every piece of jewelry as special. They know that one day you may want to pass it down. They know that when you bring something in for a repair that it may not just be a fashion accessory but something that holds meaning to you and they treat it as such. I have seen many customers come in looking to purchase wedding bands or engagement rings and honestly, my Auntie always lights up and wants to give them something unique, just for them. She truly understands and wants to make dreams come true through her little treasures! She is extraordinarily passionate about what she does and over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing that first hand and for that I am very blessed.

When I told her I was excited and wanted to show off my growing jewelry collection on my blog, she suggested I do something fun and special, something to give back to all those who have been in her shop or visited her website, and also for me to say thank you to everyone that has been following my blog and taking time out of their day to read my ramblings. We appreciate every single one of you!!! So without further ado, I bring to you my first ever GIVEAWAY!! :)

Teaming up with Victoria Highfield one lucky winner will receive this beautiful multi crystal, magnetite, white cord Tresor Paris bracelet worth $255. All you have to do is comment below letting me know that you have visited and clicked "Like" I will be announcing the winner next Friday!

*I just thought, if you don't have Facebook, you can also enter by tweeting me @LucyOsterfeld (or comment below) and letting me know that you have followed Victoria Highfield on Twitter, please include @VHJewellers in your tweet! :) Good luck! xx

Good luck to everyone and thank you again! :)

Love Lulu xx

It's a Twin Thing!!

For the past 26 years, I can safely say that I have known my identity and been rather set and comfortable in it. Of course, like everyone, there's always that awkward stage of trying to figure out who you are, but I never really dwelled on it too much. Like I wrote about in "Just because I walk like Obie Wan Kenobie" I went through phases and most of the time was aware that I didn't fit into the crowds, being a 16 year old girl who liked wrestling and lived out of 'MADE' hoodies and Jeff Hardy t-shirts wasn't really a huge hit with too many people, but to be honest, it didn't matter. It didn't bother me at all, as I always had someone by my side, going through the exact same things as me, who's interests were the same as mine and who loved me for me. I didn't have to be the popular kid or try and be a part of something to gain credibility, as I was content with who I was. I was one half of 'The Girls', one half of 'The Twins, the 'Lucy' in Lucy and Kelly and later, one half of 'The Blossom Twins' and the 'Hannah' in Hannah and Holly. I was a Twin!! :)

It's unfathomable to me when I hear that some twins don't get a long or aren't close, as my sister, Kelly, and I each make up one half of a whole. We grew up glued to each others sides, had the same interests and shared the same dreams. I'm not saying we didn't have our differences, Kelly loved Forever Friends and I was more of a Paws for Thought child. Kelly's favourite animal is a dog, mine a bear. Kelly likes melon and peanuts, I don't and Kelly is more of the organized, logical one, whereas, as my Mum puts it, I'm organized in my own way. :p However drastic our interests were...yes I know :p, they never caused us to go in opposite directions, we loved being together and would often get annoyed if someone tried to suggest splitting us up. We dealt with it when we were put in different classes in High School but we didn't like it. We would separate when we wanted too but if it was someone else's idea we would get pretty stubborn and angry towards them. In addition, during High school, I remember we used to get so mad at each other when one of us were sick, for instance, I would get extremely upset with Kelly, if she was poorly, for 'making' me go to school on my own., the 5 minute walk to get there would become about 20 minutes, as I just couldn't bare to go without her by my side.

As we got older Mum and Dad would slowly start to set us certain tasks that involved spending a little more time a part. We worked at our Auntie's jewelry shop together every Saturday, but during the Summer holidays they would have us go during the week on different days. We didn't have mobile phones back then, so every lunch time we would ring each other on the landline and catch up. What can I say, it was a very slow progress! :p

At 14 years old we decided we were going to be professional wrestlers. At 16 years old we attended Stockport college, both doing a course in Childcare. Again, college kept us close as we weren't fond of being in social settings when we didn't know the other people, but wrestling on the other hand started to open us up to a world of independence. And, I admit, it wasn't so bad. After completing our college course, we would go on to work in different schools, which we thoroughly enjoyed and at the end of the day we would look forward to telling each other about what we had been up to during the day. And when our wrestling dream lead us to Louisville KY, it was just another push in the right direction in showing us that being apart wasn't such a negative thing.

5 years, boyfriends, trips, holidays and getting married, later, I have to say, has left us able to cope more with being a part and experiencing our own things without the other there. If you go back and read "What it's like having a twin sister." I admit there were still days during the past 5 years where I didn't want to go shopping without her, drive somewhere without her or ring someone up without her (again...I know :p) but I think we grew to find a reasonable balance. We liked having time to ourselves, decorating our own apartments, to which Kelly's was more 50's diner, mine more music, books and picture themed, and we would even venture out to public places and hang out with people on our own. Now, considering that when growing up "on my own" meant "Kelly and I", that's a big step! :p

Yesterday, Kelly and my brother in law, Chris, moved to Orlando, Florida and I don't think it's quite going to sink in for another week or so, I mean I miss her already (and Chris too :p) but, like I mentioned above, we've had a week long trips and holidays apart here and there before. I am extremely excited for her to begin this new chapter and also for me to begin this new journey too, but I'm not sure what's in store. It's always been easy to break the ice when in public together, near enough every occasion brings up "Are you two twins?" which often leads to nice conversations and allows me to be confident when meeting new people. It's an easy topic, an ice breaker and a confidence boost, "Yes we are twins." "I'm older by a minute." "I'm the big sister." "Yes, it's awesome being a twin." and so forth. Like I talked about above, it's who I am and my identity. I feel like now I am starting a fresh and going to really have to figure out who I am without her. I don't mean to sound dramatic, as it's something to focus on and challenge myself with and I am very much looking forward to it, but it's most definitely a giant step outside my comfort zone.

Since we were 12 we dreamed of being a tag team together, we did it, we made it happen together. Now, living in separate places and taking a break from the squared circle, who knows where dreaming big will take us!!! :) Watch this space! :)

In closing, I wish Kelly and Chris so much success and happiness with all things to come, I am so incredibly proud of you both and know you can do anything you set your minds too! :) Love you with all my heart for always! <3

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love Lulu xx

One half of The Blossom Twins! :)

Looking a little bit more like Twins! :p

Our baking days together! :)

Living far away from both my sisters now! :( Love them both more than anything! <3

A pop of colour!

So I went a little makeup crazy over the past couple of weeks as I have been feeling very inspired by the likes of Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero, Kandee Johnson and a new favourite of mine, the lovely Casey Holmes. So I thought, what the heck? I want to try some new looks and experiment a little. :) Without further a do, here are some of my recent makeup treats!

Mac- Myth!
I've always loved the nude/baby pink lip look and as a fan of Jaclyn Hill, I adore all the looks that she comes up with using these tones. I used to wear more of the baby pinkish nude back when I was wrestling, I actually used to wear that shade/tone a lot, I'm trying to remember exactly what brand and colour I was obsessed with, but I'm at a loss. I just know that since it broke I've not really had a go to lipstick or gloss and that was about 2 years ago! :p I am drawn to lip products though as I think it's the most simple of makeups and the easiest to apply, you swipe some on and you are good to go, this works for me as I don't like to wear a full face all the time. I had been doing my research and making notes of all the colours Jaclyn Hill mentioned and used in her video's, then I thought I would just have to make a visit to Macy's and try them out to get the perfect nude for me. I chose to treat myself to a Mac lipstick as I had heard so many great reviews on their formula's. The lady behind the counter was very sweet and helpful and I ended up going with 'Myth'. I love it! I have been wearing it on it's own and also with lip glosses over the top and I simply adore the shade, it's beautiful and more of a peachy nude to pinky nude, which I think is now my new obsession! :)
Maybelline- Blackest black eyeliner!
I was never too good at applying eyeliner and for the longest time my sister, Kelly, would have to apply it for me, gosh I remember the days of getting ready for shows and taking it in turns to do each others eyeliner, you best believe there were times when we would get mad at each other if we didn't like what the other one had done or they didn't get it just right! :p So over time I have learnt to do it myself, I still haven't mastered it quite yet but I am practicing. I'm not certain that the cat eye look suits me but I wanted to get better at experimenting. I picked this one up by Maybelline as I have again, heard so many great things about it, in that it is truly black and it's easy to apply. Fingers crossed! :p
Gerard cosmetics Lip-gloss- Rose Hill!
I couldn't resist! :) Jaclyn Hill concocted this beautiful gloss and once I saw it on her... I just had to get it! :p It is gorgeous and my favourite to wear over the Mac Myth I mentioned above. I don't usually wear a lot of red lipsticks or gloss, I love how red lips look on others but I don't feel like I can get away with it. I have quite red rosey pinky lips as it is and I just like how the baby pinks and nudes work for me and my skin tone too, however, although this gloss does go on quite red, I feel that it has enough of a pinky undertone that it's not too much and works out beautifully on the lips, that I can even wear it on it's own. I guess like it says, it's the perfect combination rosey gloss. :)

BH Cosmetics- Glamorous blush & Eyes on the 80's!
I first heard about BH Cosmetics when Nicole Guerriero did a tutorial using two of their palettes, not too long ago actually, they looked super vibrant and interesting and I was like oooh I have to go have a look at those! :p In addition, I had seen everyone using the Urban Decay Electric palette and adored all the looks that they were coming up with, but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it. ($50) The BH Cosmetic ones looked just as awesome and bright and were a whole lot cheaper. ($9.95- $14.95) I had read a lot of good reviews and as Nicole Guerriero used the Eye's on the 80's palette in the aforementioned tutorial, I went a head and purchased that one. I'm a huge fan of the electric colours that pop, especially in blues and this palette has plenty of them, as well as pinks and greens and nudes. It basically has everything! Back when I was wrestling I had got to a point where all I used was blues, I felt the most comfortable in that colour and felt it suited my eyes. For a while now, I have been sticking to very simple makeup and thought I wouldn't have use for such bold colours anymore. I was wrong and starting to miss having a touch of fun every now and again. I learnt through Casey Holmes and Jaclyn Hill that you can still get away with wearing these colours, maybe not to the grocery store, but for a night out or even a dinner date, you can mix it up a little and make it look rather glamorous and quite pretty and elegant at the same time! :) A long with the Eyes on the 80's palette, I bought the Glamorous blush palette. I have been using the same blush every day and for every look and I thought it was about time I changed it up a bit. I have to say that I LOVE blush, I very rarely, if ever, leave the house without a touch on my cheeks. I have definitely over the years had some blush fails and if you ask any of my friends they will be sure to laugh and tell you of the times that I have looked like a Christmas elf, but I simply feel naked without it! :p I treated myself to this palette as I wanted to experiment with different tones and shades and be a little braver instead of always thinking I need to have a bright pink blush on at all times. As of late I am loving the more peach and coral shades and like that I can still wear my blush but be a little more toned down! :)
If you have any beauty favourites or recommendations I would love to hear about them in the comments below! :)
Have a beautiful day! :)
Love Lulu xx
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