The Surprise!

For the past five years I have travelled back and forth from Louisville KY to Manchester England, spent many months away from my family, spent days away from my friends, but making the most of both of worlds as I went. Balance is something that can be very tricky, you're in one place and you miss the other, you want to be with friends but you miss your family, it takes some getting used to and I don't think there's ever a complete feeling of contentment but more the feeling of being grateful and reminding yourself that you are blessed. After getting married, the months away from home grew longer and I had to grow accustomed to the idea that I wouldn't be making the trip home as often. Money, jobs, building a life here meant that it was not always logical or possible. However, after feeling inspired when my friend Negin, flew half way around the world from Australia to KY to surprise her boyfriend, and me and my sister in the process, and having Mum's words in my head, being that she often looks out the window in the kitchen and imagines us just knocking on the back door, my sister, Kelly, and I thought it was about time we made Mum's little day dream a reality. 6 weeks ago we booked flights home and didn't tell anyone. We thought it would be random enough having just been in March, and we set out on our mission to keep it from our usually very perceptive, can't get anything past them, family.
Usually when we go home, there's a lot to do, many people to catch up with and appointments of every kind, from dentist to doctors, to book in. As much as I love all this (and I whole heartedly do), I just wanted to pop in and have a cup of tea with my Mum, coffee with my Nanna and Grandad and have a bit of a sing a long with my younger sister while catching up with my Dad and brother, with no worries and no other place to be. I just wanted to be home. :)

Over the course of the past 6 weeks, Kelly and I were paranoid and could have sworn our family had cottoned on to our master plan. Sometimes on the phone we would let slip and say "when we come home." Kelly nearly let on that she had packed her bags and we still hadn't got round to sending our sister a parcel that we had been telling her for weeks was on its way. In addition, our Mum had been telling us that she hadn't managed to send parcels she had for us, and we thought she was binding her time and waiting! :p

Our departure date arrived and we were excited but nervous as to if our plan would be a success. Our flight was delayed 3 hours and by this point Kelly and I couldn't help but laugh, as we knew there was a rather big chance that no one would be home, hmmm! :p Still, we got the taxi man to park at the top of our road so that no one would see us and, as though we had the intersect, we carefully and skillfully picked up our heavy bags and snuck into our back garden. Alas, we needn't have been so cautious as we were right and no one was home! :p  An hour we waited, till finally we decided to walk over to our Nanna and Grandad's. Again, almost cat like, we hid behind trees, brisk walked and ran as fast as lightening, due to fearing our Mum would be driving home from somewhere and spot us.

Now I have to say, we knew that if this surprise was to go without a hitch, that it would mean a lot to our family, but it didn't quite hit us just how much until we rang the doorbell and it was sprung into action. With us half expecting everyone to say "we knew it" or smile like they had been waiting, seeing our Mum look confused, then stop still and burst into tears, was incredibly touching. With Mum crying, Nanna hugging us tight repeating "Help me" as she didn't quite know what to do with herself, and Grandad taking a second to recognize us before his eyes got emotional and he said "You must be joking" I can safely say phase one was a great success. But we had a few more people to surprise and the next one... the next one was going to be good. :p

I miss my younger sister, Jenny, every day! Finding that balance and believing it's ok to move away from home and build your own little family unit, is sometimes made more difficult when feeling like I'm missing being there for her as her big sister. In addition, she is just awesome and brightens up my days. :) Jen currently works at my Auntie's jewelry shop and was busy at work when we arrived, but we weren't about to wait till she finished. We hid behind the door till our Mum gave us the all clear, to do this Mum shouted "Jen" from the door in front of all the customers and with a meeting in progress, our Auntie was not amused and pretty confused as to what was wrong with her. When Jen walked out from the back of the shop we jumped out and said surprise. I will admit that I think I was more shocked when instead of there being jumping and shouting with glee and many an embrace, she fell to the floor and proceeded to cry for 15 minutes. She couldn't comprehend that Kelly was in front of her and not in DC with her husband, we had managed to keep it a secret that she had flown back from VA on Sunday, (we arrived Tuesday morning) or quite believe that the reason I hadn't voxered much that day was because I was on a plane and now physically by her side. Yep...I sure do love my little sister. Oscar winner right there! :p

Our Dad was just as surprised in the evening when he opened his Father's Day card from us, that had finally arrived, to which I had written 'sorry we're late' to que, running down the stairs! :) Our brother was on a course for Uni, so we would have to wait another 4 days to surprise him!

Phase 2 and 3 accomplished and most definitely successful! :)

Honestly, I can't quite express how much this whole adventure meant to me, I know I write a lot about my family and how much I love them but I don't feel like I have truly found the right words to convey how deep and strong that love is. They are my absolute everything and to know that you are loved just a much in return is something so very beautiful and magical and that I don't ever wish to take for granted!

It continued to be an emotional day and week when my Nanna had to go into hospital. It seemed that the timing of our trip was meant to be, with my Grandad unable to stay on his own, having two extra people to help and be there for him while everyone worked and Mum ran around doing jobs and looking after Nanna, was, in Mum's words, "a God's send". I had planned on spending lots of time with my Nanna and Grandad and due to the circumstances, that ended up being the case. I say it like that because, although I do spend a lot of time with them and have lunch with them most days when home, I feel that sometimes there can be other things on your mind, or you need to be somewhere, or you are thinking of the next thing you have to do and you think an hour or so with them is enough. Well this time it was a case of going to Grandad's at 8:30 am and staying till 9:30 at night. He was top priority and it forced me to sit and really value and treasure each second of each day with him. I didn't have any place to be but with him and I didn't want to think about anything other than making him happy and comfortable. I listened to stories, cooked with him, watched TV with him, wrote down recipes, picked cherries and thoroughly loved his company. It's amazing when you stop and focus on what is happening right now and in front of you. I felt like I was getting to know all his quirks and simply take in all that he is and has been to me over the years. He is an incredible and unique individual who I am beyond proud to call my Grandad! :)

My Nanna is just as amazing, for someone that wasn't supposed to live past 3 years old, she is one unbelievably strong women. She always makes me smile and sees the positive in everything. She never fails to tell me to "Be Happy" and gives the best advice. Seeing her be at peace with things around her and be grateful for all that she has got to experience truly was inspiring! I love her with all my heart!

Nanna came home after 7 days in hospital, we had extended our stay so she would be at home when we said bye as we couldn't bare to leave her in hospital and I'm more than grateful that we actually got to do this. The rest of the week was spent with family, cooking, eating, talking, chatting over coffee and watching Italian TV as well as the World Cup. :) We got to watch the odd movie with Jen and hang out with our brother and really be at home! As our visit came to and end on Friday morning, I felt ok, I was excited to see my husband upon returning to KY and my heart was bursting with love and happiness of the past two weeks. :)

In conclusion, the moral to my long ramblings this lovely Sunday morning, is, every now and again take the time to really stop and look around you and think about all that you have and are blessed with. Don't just say you love people but show it, act on it! Put other people's happiness before your own and in turn you will find the true things that make yourself happy. No matter what is going on in life, be sure to make your family the number one priority. And like my Nanna always tells me "Be happy!" "Not to worry!" and "Laugh, enjoy it! " :)

Love Lulu. xx

Easy Listening!

I've been on a little hiatus over the past few days , which I will explain in blogs to come, but while I was able to grab a few minutes and sit down to write I just thought I would share with you something happy and positive and that could add to making your Sunday nice and relaxing, for after all, like Grandad says "Music makes everyone happy."

I previously mentioned that I was going to see Ray LaMontagne in concert and that I was beyond excited, well, that was last Saturday and it was absolutely incredible. :) You may know from "Just because I walk like Obie Wan Kenobie" that my music taste has varied over the years, I've enjoyed everything from S Club 7 to The Doors and I still have quite the variety on my IPod, but I would have to say that Ray LaMontagne is my ultimate favourite. From the moment I first heard him I was blown away and captivated by the raw emotion in his songs, the stories he sang and his amazing voice. My husband and I would talk through his songs and send them back and forth to each other when we had to spend time apart and now those songs bring me so much comfort and happiness that I can't get enough of them. My husband and I went on to having plenty of Ray songs played at our wedding and that further cemented those songs as being incredibly special to me. I was so happy that we finally got to see him live and I thoroughly enjoyed every beautiful minute he was on the stage. Furthermore, I think I had goose bumps the whole entire time Ray was playing and singing, he was just mesmerizing. The artists and musicians that accompanied him too were beyond awesome and added to me being left in complete awe at just how talented some people truly are. :)

If you haven't listened to Ray before I would highly recommend that you do! :) His new album Supernova is wonderful and has more of a psychedelic, poppy edge to it than the others, but it is simply brilliant.
My top three from the album:
Drive In

I can't pick a favourite Ray album as all of them are equally magic, but here I have complied a list of some that I can't stop listening to, which is near enough all of them :p and the songs that I love. :)
'Trouble' I adore the songs:
Hold you in my arms
Forever my friend
Hannah and pretty much all of them on there! :p

In addition 'God willin' & the creek don't rise' is phenomenal, with songs such as:
New York City's killing me
Beg, Steal or Borrow
For the summer
Like Rock & Roll and Radio

Another fantastic album to pick up is 'Till the sun turns black' for the likes of:
Can I stay
Be here now
Gone away with me
You can bring me flowers

I can't forget 'Gossip in the grain' as I love:
You are the best thing
Let it be me
I still care for you.

Furthermore, from 'Acres of land' please check out:
Thinkin about you
Skinny Dippin
Get me a buzz
Hobo Blues

I know I am missing some, so if you like Ray and have other favourites please feel free to comment below and I will check them out! :) Also, I would love to hear about your number one artists and people that make you smile! :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Love Lulu. xx

My husband, Chris, and I excited for Ray! :)

At the show! I loved the colours and set up! :)
Amazing and simply beautiful! :)

You can't go wrong with tassels!

It's been a beautiful sunny day here in Louisville and I was lucky enough, after my running around doing laundry and errands, to get a little pool time with my husband. There's just something about sitting by the pool and seeing lots of smiling faces as adults grill and sun bathe while the kids are laughing, jumping and splashing in the water, that makes me feel calm and happy and simply very at peace with the world. I hope everyone has been having a wonderful day too. :)

In the spirit of feeling happy and rather giddy today, I was in the mood to share a bit of DIY. Just like the water and the clear blue sky makes me smile, looking at pretty things makes me smile too, which brings me to my reasoning as to why I would like to share a spot of DIY.  As you know, I am a big fan of Pinterest and when searching for some home décor ideas, I kept coming across tissue paper garlands and tassel garlands and they looked so, so, so pretty that I recently set about making one! :)

I hope you like it! :)

I collected my tools and bits and bobs from Michaels. All I needed was tissue paper and some ribbon as I already had scissors at home. Then I read a few tutorials on Pinterest, which in all honesty, left me incredibly confused. :p It wasn't until I got to work on folding and cutting that my brain actually clicked on what to do! :)  So, let's see if I can explain it...

You are going to want to fold your tissue paper sheets in half vertically and then horizontally, you should get it to look like this...(below) the left side edge is all attached. You should be able to open the tissue paper like a book.
Then take your scissors and cut in a straight line from the bottom upwards, stopping about 1 to 1 1/2 cm before you reach the top. (Sorry I didn't get a picture of this.) Move along the sheet and repeat this step until you get all the way to the left or right hand side.
Once you have done that, open the book and cut down the center fold. Now you have what will become two tassels. :)

Take one tassel and open it out. This bit can get a tad tricky as the paper is delicate, but you should end up with something like this...
Now, roll your paper, as if you were folding a poster and trying to fit it back in the tube or like you are making a pirates telescope from when you were younger. Once you get all the way to the end, twist the middle bit and you should be left with a sturdy, firm center with frilly tassels at each end.
Take the center piece and bend while crossing it over itself, so you have a small loop, and tape it together.
Repeat with remaining tissue. Then thread them onto your ribbon. It should look like this...
I chose white, blue, green and pink pastel tissue paper and used a shimmery gold ribbon to hang it up with! It might look very confusing at first and I'm sure my instructions are slightly rambley (sorry for the lack of pictures also) but don't be afraid to try it, as once you see it laid out in front of you, it is extremely simple and a lot of fun to do! :)
This is how it looked on the wall! I took it to my sisters apartment, as I thought it added a nice, bright and colourful touch to the kitchen for when we bake together! I must say I am incredibly proud of it! :)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Love Lulu. xx

A whole lot of YUM!! :)

This past weekend I was a busy bee in the kitchen. My sister and I had planned a little get together on the Sunday, so I spent lots of time baking for our friends. As we hadn't done this in a little while, we wanted to whip up some treats that we hadn't made in what was starting to feel like forever as well as some new treats that we knew they would love!

The stay at home wife meets Kohls!!!

Back in "I'm a stay at home wife", I talked about, well, being a stay at home wife. :) I had finished my job with TNA in November 2013 and while my visa was being processed I was unable to work. Fortunately, I was lucky enough that my husband was able to support us, a long with my savings! During this venture, I found that I absolutely adored being at home, I loved doing the washing, keeping the house clean and tidy and being able to have dinner ready and on the table for when my husband came home. I woke up every morning with my husband and very rarely got back into bed, nope, the day started at 6:30 and I would be ready to make the most of it. Whether it be scrapbooking, some D.I.Y, paying bills, writing, scrubbing the toilet, writing letters or perfecting recipes in the kitchen, I simply felt content. Each day I felt I had a purpose and I would feel accomplished.

Once my visa arrived, 5 months later, I felt ready to take a step into the big wide world and get a 'real' job, it wasn't a necessity as my husband is awesome and we had grown comfortable with our routine, but after paying the bills it's nice to have a little extra money for a treat, that Jaclyn Hill lip-gloss isn't going to buy itself :p, and I enjoy being independent and earning my money. So began my next adventure...Kohls. Now for the past 9 years I have been a Nursery Nurse, Wrestler and Teaching Assistant and upon day one at Kohls I suddenly realized why my stint at British Home Stores, prior to those 9 years, was short lived! :p I admit, it was a bit of a shock to the system at first and I really struggled. For 8 hours a day the creative side of my brain was going crazy. Picking up clothes and putting them back out on to the racks was incredibly tedious, in addition to my OCD (I'm certain I have just a little bit :p ) running wild, due to the fact that when you tidy you can't step back and admire your work, within minutes everything would be a mess again. I stressed about not having enough time to hoover and I didn't like my routine being turned on it's head, which caused my mood to really change. The reality of being an adult hit a few times and I guess it made me think about how blessed I was for those 9 years to have been able to do jobs that didn't feel like jobs. I missed the kids and having that creative outlet. Two months later and I have to say that I got used to it and it wasn't so bad. I know, who ever would have thought? :p The people there were amazing, fun and very cool to be around. Furthermore, I got to work with a girl called Paige who, through giving me tasks and jobs to do, made me feel like I was accomplishing more and learning something new everyday. I had a blast working a long side her and was inspired by her work ethic each day.

The reason I am writing in past tense about Kohls is that yesterday was my last day. It's time for some new projects as well as putting plans in motion for the future, which I am very excited about. I enjoyed my time there and have so much admiration for those who work in that line of work. I think it was really good for me to experience something out of my comfort zone for a little while, if I'm honest I am aware that it is not always possible to do the thing that you love for a living and more often than not, at times, you just need to do what you can to put money on the table. It took me a second to get into the swing of it but once I was able get in to a routine there, it was ok. Moreover, I learnt a few things over the past two months that I thought I would share with you, these are mixed in with some 'To Do's'! :)

1, It is important to stop and take deep breathes whenever you feel yourself starting to get overwhelmed. It really does help!! Two rails of clothes to put away may seem like a lot at first glance, but if you organize it and think positive, you will have it put away in no time at all! :)

2, You are ALWAYS more capable than you think!! Don't doubt yourself, you can do it!

3, The customer is NOT always right! :p

4, Some people are just plain rude!! Now I don't mean to dwell on a negative here but this was something that truly shocked me. It's a different story when you have people online criticize a match or a picture, but when you have to deal with someone face to face and they are being ill mannered and mean, it is the worst. Never is it acceptable to look down on others, especially when they are working hard to make sure you have a pleasant shop and that you have everything you need. Don't be that rude person!

5, Please, if you don't already, next time you use a fitting room, respect the person that is working at keeping it tidy. Do not leave your clothes in a heap on the floor or inside out and on the wrong hangers, take them out to the person or put them on the rail provided.

6, There's always time to hoover!!! :p

7, Always take pride in what you are doing and do it to the best of your ability!! Kohls may not have been my most favourite type of work but by gum if my job is to make sure all the clothes are off the floor, out of the fitting rooms and in the right place, then they will be off the floor, out of the fitting rooms and in their rightful place. I'm not one for being lazy and I don't do anything half hearted. If you have a job to do then you get it done, simple as!! :)

8, Lauren Conrad has the prettiest clothing line in all of life!! <3

9, Sometimes you have to not be so hard on yourself and be proud of yourself for what you tried and accomplished. If something's not for you, there's no point in complaining, just make the necessary changes and move on!

10,  Always dream big and strive to live each day the way you want to live it! Take risks and make stuff happen. I believe you can have any job you want if you just believe in yourself. Whether it be a rocket scientist, author, wrestler, musician, Mum, Dad or housewife, do what makes you happy! :) <3

11, This is a big one, mostly for me, but if you are like me then maybe you will understand! :) Don't allow yourself to become so overwhelmed with having to achieve something right this second that doing something that isn't exactly what you want to be doing, while you are working on the things you want to be doing, become a negative thing. You are still making progress and that's still something to smile about. Life is all about the journey and not the destination, enjoy it and again don't be so hard on yourself! :)

Love Lulu xx


"Just because i walk like obie wan Kenobi..."

Do you ever have those moments where you look at someone and almost, kind of, sort of, judge them? I don't necessarily mean in a bad way but more that you automatically fit them into a stereotype kind of way'?

Do you ever get that feeling when you go out that someone will look at you and think that you must be this type of person or that they will put a label on you?

Well, just the other day I was sat talking to my husband, Chris, and we got on the subject of concerts. I laughed and found myself remembering my very first one. I then laughed some more and realized that the age old saying of "the older you get, the less you care about what others think and you begin to feel more content with who you are" or something to that effect, came to mind.

My first concert was Gareth Gates. For those of you who may not have heard of Gareth, he was the runner up in, I want to say, the first ever Pop Idol back in the UK. He was cute and adorable and sang your typical pop songs. I was a teenager at the time and got sucked right in, I had pictures and magazine articles galore and was every bit the "teeny bopper" (Is that even a term anymore? :p ) Now, at the time I knew the term "teeny bopper" was aimed at teenage girls who were obsessed with bands/celebrities/guys, but I don't recall actually dwelling on it or getting upset over it. I liked Gareth Gates and I didn't care who knew. I was still young and was pretty naïve as to concern myself with what others would think of me yet.

Before I go on I feel just a little background on my sister Kelly and I may be needed so you get the full picture of where I am going with this story. Growing up, when we loved something, we LOVED something and everyone knew. Sanrio, Beanie Babies, Pokémon, Tamagotchis, Skateboarding, Drums, Guitar, you name it, if we liked it, you would hear about it! These things were 'our phases', as our family like to put it. So where are we up to, oh yes, our Gareth Gates "phase".

Our Gareth love was going strong until Kelly and I heard and saw the video for 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'... enter Good Charlotte! Oh how our Dad loved listening to the entire Good Charlotte album each morning before work. Oh how he adored our all black entire complete with MADE (Benji and Joel's clothing label) hoodies. Oh how he couldn't get enough of us singing with all our might about how you may go out on Friday night "but I'll stay in and that's alright, 'cause I have found a clique to call my own". It was probably some of our Dad's finest memories! :p I say this but Dad dropped us off and picked us up from all 3 Good Charlotte shows that we went to at the Manchester Apollo and even drove us to London, Islington, a three hour drive away from where we lived, when we were lucky enough to get tickets to see GC at a special, private gig they were doing, but I digress. Now by this time we were around 13 years old and we were more aware of stereotypes and labels. We still somewhat didn't care about them but had to deal with them. For instance, the kids at our school that were into bands such as Green Day and Blink 182, didn't fare too well with us suddenly 'thinking' we were 'punk'. Apparently wearing MADE hoodies and dressing a tad darker gave people the impression that we were trying to be 'punk'. High school...*sigh* I have to admit though that it did bother me and sometimes when going to those concerts, I got anxious about the looks people would give us and would worry that we didn't fit what a Good Charlotte fan should look or act like. However, our love for Good Charlotte continued! :)

Around this time, we had started to really get into wrestling. We felt at home whether in our GC t-shirts or Jeff Hardy t-shirts, they were similar styles and colours, and we were happy running round the garden or skating up and down the path on our Hardy Boyz skateboards. I remember our family and friends often asking if we would ever wear a dress. We looked every bit your ideal wrestling fan, but as Kelly and I have always been very talkative and happy, it seemed that the way we dressed didn't match our personalities. We sounded and acted too sweet and cute to like wrestling and were told this on numerous occasions. In addition we got the whole, "you only like wrestling because you fancy Jeff Hardy." spiel. It seemed that no matter what, there was always some form of stereotype that we didn't quite fit and as I got older it started to irritate me. In turn I found myself looking at other people and thinking about what role they fit. For example, looking at someone and thinking 'wow, she's so put together, she must be one of those gorgeous, pretty girls that was popular in high school and loves nothing but makeup and clothes' or 'ooh she wears flowers and braids in her hair, maybe she's into this band', or 'he's got long hair and a beard, he must play guitar' and so on.

As I mentioned before, I am naturally very bouncy, bubbly and an all round giddy type of person, people patronize me and will treat me like a child and therefore, it has, over time, made me almost instantly judge that person right back the minute I feel them treating me this way. In the words of Jessica Day, I want to stand up and shout from the rooftops and say yes "I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person. That's just weird, and it freaks me out. And I'm sorry I don't talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it just slightly cuter. And that doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong." Futhermore, yes Gareth Gates was my first concert and I'm not even slightly embarrassed to say it anymore. I love Good Charlotte and I'm not an angst fueled teenager and I adore all things Disney and will happily sit and watch every Hilary Duff movie going and that doesn't make me any less of a 26 year old! :)

In just a weeks time my husband, Chris, and I are going to see Ray Lamontagne in concert and I am beyond excited, I absolutely can not wait. I only started listening to Ray when Chris began sending me his songs about a year ago. He would send them to me and tell me that he thought I would dig it and sure enough I most certainly did. This was before Chris and I got together and I loved how he would expand my horizons and make me feel like I was learning and exploring the world through artists and books that he would recommend. It's not that I wasn't open to these things before or that I didn't like his type of music, I just never really paid much attention to it. So when Chris opened my eyes to the likes of The Doors, John Prine, Johnny Cash and Ray, I was mesmerized. These artists felt what they were singing, they believed in their words, they told stories, they were unbelievable and I fell in love with them. Songs such as "Walk the line", "Hold you in my arms", and "You make me real" have a special place in my heart and were played at our wedding, they are the songs, for me, that take me back to a happy place and that now, when ever I hear them, make me smile and feel an overwhelming sense of love and contentment. I have to say though, that at first when I started listening to The Door's my parents were a little confused and couldn't see me liking them, I guess they didn't associate me with their music and once again I thought about how others perceive me.

The point to all my ramblings is that I want to make a conscious effort myself to not judge people and put them in a certain category in my mind and I implore others to really think about it and attempt to do the same. I feel that it becomes a vicious cycle, when someone does it to you, you do it to them and then more worryingly we begin to do it to ourselves. More often than not we don't even mean it in a malicious way but its still present and occurs without thinking.

Please I encourage you to; wear what you want to wear because you like it, not because it makes you fit in somewhere. Listen to what you enjoy listening too even if it means your IPod shuffles from Eminem to Frozen. Go to Nerd HQ, even if you don't think you qualify as that much of a Nerd, because you're not that into video games, but you love and support Zachary Levi!! Be who you want to be not because it adheres to a certain lifestyle but because it's you!!! :)

I'm a girl who loves floaty dresses, makeup, glitter, all things Tangled and cupcakes, I also love wrestling, kicking ass, American cars, American Literature and Workaholics! Don't try and label it or categorize it! Embrace what you love and who you are and never be ashamed of it!!!! :)

Love Lulu. xxx

p.s. I' referred to that very same Jessica Day quote in "Who's that girl?" and I simply had to use it again as it just fits and I love it! :)

One of our wedding centerpieces! :)

Sun and Smiles! :)

I just love it when the sun is shining and it is bright outside, I can't help but smile and feel happy! :) So today I have been making the most of that positive feeling and as well as having a bit of a relaxing day off, I have attempted to get jobs done and stay productive! So far, I have ticked DDP Yoga off my 'To Do' list, done the cleaning and the hoovering and caught up on all bills, emails and some 'office' work for my husband, in addition to sneaking in a little Cosmopolitan reading too! :p I feel good and excited that Summer is here and am looking forward to all the adventures it will bring! :)

Here's to Summer and all things happy!!

Nothing beats a Summer morning when the sun shines bright through the curtains and the birds are chirping, it makes me feel at home, cozy and content! :) I love a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and cuddling up with my husband watching tv!

Books are one of my favourite things and I already have my books ready for some poolside reading. :) I recently remembered that I was half way through reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird', don't ask me how I forgot I was reading it, as I couldn't tell you! :p But I know I was enjoying it and I'm eager to pick up where I left off and find out what happens! :) Also, I am a huge Jack Kerouac fan and received 'Maggie Cassidy' for Christmas a year ago and still haven't got round to reading it, so this summer I can't wait to get lost in his writing again!
I treated myself the other day to a new bikini, I  blame working at Kohls! :p I adored the colours and pattern on this one and as soon as it was on sale, I couldn't help myself! I have been really good with my DDP yoga over the past couple of weeks, thanks to my husband, and this is giving me even more motivation to really stay consistent and focused and work hard for summer. I'm most definitely one for being proud and confident in your own skin, I say do what you enjoy and what makes you feel happy and healthy. This summer I am at a different place compared to the last 9 years, I am under no pressure to look a certain way but I am loving keeping fit and exercising still. DDP Yoga is my favourite right now, it helps with toning, my energy and my overall well being and I feel better than ever! :)
I have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen recently and I think that has lead so much to my positive mood and outlook. It makes me think of my Nanna and Grandad and really gives me that peaceful vibe. It truly is my happy place! :) My sister and I got together this past week and made our ice cream Red Velvet cupcakes, pictured above. We got incredibly giddy when they turned out so yummy and scrumptious. :)
I saw this quote today when it was pinned by Casey of Casey's Cupcakes, who by the way is beautiful and simply too cute, and it made me smile BIG!! :) I think that this is the perfect way to go forth and live life!
Happy Monday everyone! :) Be happy and well!
Please your summer favourites and adventures below! :)
Love Lulu! xx