Have a little patience!!!

Today started with me feeling all happy and independent. I woke up at 5am to take my sister and brother in law to the airport and I managed not to get lost and get myself back home. I then carried out my usual morning routine, I put the coffee pot on, got breakfast ready and lunch prepared and checked emails, twitter, Facebook, etc! :p Then due to being able to keep my sister and brother in laws car, my husband set off to work at 7:15 leaving me to somewhat leisurely do my makeup and get ready for work as I didn't have to leave till around 8:15. On a normal work day my husband drops me off at Kelly's (my sister) apartment on his way to work and we walk to Kohls from there a little later. This morning I enjoyed taking my time but set out early to put petrol (gas) in the car. Now, I know I have talked in previous blogs (What's it like being a twin?) about how what seems normal for any other 26 year old doesn't quite fit my norm, well this was one of those moments, albeit I have done this on my own a few times now, but never the less, driving to the petrol station on my own and filling up the car still made me feel good and accomplished and I had to smile and pat myself on the back. That was until I came to pull out of the gas station and I made the mistake of being too hesitant. This lead to 'oh my gosh that car was going to let me out' and 'now there are cars coming the other way' and 'oh crap I shouldn't have hesitated as now I'm blocking traffic' and 'I can't reverse as someone just pulled up behind me' and 'did he have right of way?' Yes I experienced all those thoughts in a matter of seconds! :p I'm sure everyone knows what it feels like to experience a bad driver, road rage or to wonder what on earth that person is doing and think why are they even allowed on the road, as I know I have had my fair share of frustrating moments. For instance, when someone doesn't use their indicator or is driving carelessly, but as the guy, who was so kind as to stop and let me out, proceeded to yell at me out of his window, I thought to myself  'really? Was there any need for that?' admittedly as I mumbled the word 'ass' (yes, I know. :p) This whole scene made me think of my Mum, not because she's a crazy driver but rather because she is a calm driver and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't like yelling or screaming at someone if they keep changing lanes or if they try and get in at the end of the queue, she says you never know, they could be lost or nervous, just passed their test or really need to be somewhere. This morning I made an honest to goodness mistake, I didn't pull out to block traffic for my own amusement and I didn't mean to delay the man, who was allowing me to go first, for my sheer entertainment, so having them shake their heads and look at me in the disgust, well, it simply hurt.

The reason I am rambling and wanted to tell you my thoroughly interesting story is because it made me think, Mother knows best. You've got to admit she has a point. Whether it's on the roads or just in your every day to day activities, try and have a little more patience (Take That anyone? :p) Remember that the looks and words you give to people have will have an effect on their day and their mood. No matter how small you think it is or not important it seemed to you, it will matter to them.

Had the man smiled and guided me out, had the women smiled and held her hand up with an understanding wave, I may not have felt so down trodden and stupid. Something as small as that turned my positive morning into a negative one and admittedly it took a bit of time to shake. This may sound silly as I am aware that life isn't always rainbows and sprinkles, but I truly believe that if you are conscious of how you treat people and set out to only speak with a kind heart and we pay attention to the tiny details of our every day actions and act with nothing but love, then the world can only get that one step closer to sunshine and lollipops. :)

Have a beautiful evening!
Love Lulu xx

Life is good! :)

It's been one of those weekends where I haven't been able to help myself from dancing around the house and breaking out into song every few seconds. I just feel giddy and excited and extremely happy! It may have something to do with the fact that it has been my first actual weekend off in about 5 weeks, so I have actually been able to spend quality time with my husband, a lot to do with the fact that I received a surprise phone call from my Nanna and Grandad yesterday and my Grandad sounded healthy, full of beans and kept making me laugh, and everything to do with the fact that I am simply incredibly thankful for all that I have around me. Now, I am an over thinker, over worrier, over analyzer and every so often I let things get on top of me, little things that sometimes turn into big things, I try and take 50 steps forward all at once or panic about things that in reality would be perfectly ok if I didn't panic! :p Well, this weekend I took a deep breath and wanted to remember and be sure to live every minute with a grateful heart and make the most of every second. So to spread this happiness and share this joyful feeling, I thought I would show you a few pictures from my weekend that made me smile! :) As I am an avid scrap booker, pictures I find have the ability to calm you and turn that frown upside down, whether it's looking back on good times or reading a quote that makes you laugh or inspires you, surrounding yourself with those positive images can really help ones perspective and brighten ones day! :)
I adore this quote as I am always day dreaming and thinking up projects. I firmly believe in dreaming big and that everyone can make a living out of doing something that makes them happy if they just work hard and make it happen! :)
I saw this picture while pinning this weekend and I vowed to myself and told my husband that this summer we need to make an effort to spend more time in the great outdoors and take in more of nature! :) Plus I just love how cute and cozy this looks! <3
Pool days with one of my favourite people in the history of life! My sisters are the absolute best and as I miss my younger sister so much, with her being back in England, I say thank you every day for the moments I get to spend with Kelly (above left) Family is the most important thing in the world to me so I never miss an opportunity to take pictures and enjoy time with them! :) Furhermore, food network magazines and books by the pool when the sun is shining bright...yes please and thank you! :)
I did a little shopping this weekend and treated myself to this beautiful skirt and another Lauren Conrad dress. The colours just make me happy and think of the beach, so I couldn't resist! Also, you can not beat the Kohls sales and getting a $64 Lauren Conrad dress for $20 was something I just couldn't pass on! :p
Dinner with this gorgeous guy! My favourite thing this weekend was getting to spend time with my husband. We went out for dinner on Friday night to Ramseys on Bardstown road and it was as delicious as it was wonderful to have a kind of date night. I don't really like saying date night as I wish to make every night count and make him a priority every single day, but I do understand that sometimes work can get in the way, make you tired and worn out and time can easily run away with you, that you may need to put aside that time each week strictly for a date. In addition its nice to still go on dates after you are married. After work my hair goes up to the point where I look like Mulan in sweatpants and a baggy tee and my husband, bless him, though I'm sure has come to love (I hope :p) and accept this, would love to see me dress up every once in a blue moon. I told him to mark the date down on the calendar, when on Saturday night, yours truly put makeup on at 9:30pm and said yes to going out...that's two nights in a row! :p So whatever you want to call it, it was really lovely to go out and have that time together as it had been a little while! :)
I do have to mention that on the Saturday we went to El Camino's, again on Bardstown road and it was amazing! We ate chips and 4 types of dip and the most scrumptious pork tacos I have ever had! :) Is it just me or can pictures of food just make you feel good and happy?! I can sit and read cookbooks and look at the pictures for hours on end! :)
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. :)
Please feel free to share your favourite pictures, quotes or moments from your weekend!
Love Lulu xx

Ombre obsession! :)

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Conrad. I think she is beautiful, simply classy and a great inspiration. I enjoy visiting her website daily and picking up everything from fashion tips, to recipes, to party ideas and one thing that makes work go by quickly is walking past her clothing range and putting outfits together in my head. :p In the recent months of researching more of what she has accomplished since her days on 'The Hills' I've really come to admire her business savvy and in a world where  celebrity 'role models' can be somewhat questionable, the fact that she has remained elegant and sophisticated and sweet, well it just makes me smile! :)

This week over on www.laurenconrad.com there was a blog on two different types of Ombre cakes, and being rather obsessed with Ombre myself at the moment, I wrote it on the top of my 'must make' list and knew I had to try this recipe out! I've mentioned in my previous blogs that I am on a mission to get back to being more creative, so I therefore planned and prepped and didn't want to leave it too long before I got stuck into this one! :)

I don't venture into the world of cakes too often, cupcakes yes, they are small and relatively easy to make, depending on what kind you are making, but crumb coating and stacking layers and praying that the cake comes out of the cake pan in one piece, that's something I struggle with! This was going to be my mission however, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and experiment with something new. And honestly I was extremely happy and surprised with the outcome. :)

To make this cake yourself, check out

http://laurenconrad.com/blog/2014/05/edible-obsession-ombre-cake-two-ways/ for the tips and tricks and another way in which you can do the Ombre cake! :)

To make the cake I tried out this simple vanilla cake from Martha Stewart, but you are welcome to use your favorite cake recipe if you have one! :) If you do make the cake below, Here are just a few notes on what I did:
I used lactose free 2 % milk instead of whole milk. Again this is something that my husband and I have been experimenting with. It's not that we are completely going non-dairy or (as with the summer bars) gluten free, but switching the odd ingredient that sometimes causes problems or discomfort, helps. We both don't do well with milk, so this was something I wanted to test in cakes! It worked absolutely fine and didn't change the taste much, if at all! :)

I added a few more drops of Vanilla! You know I like to do this and just recently I thought about the reasoning behind it. My sister and I always use Kroger vanilla, the imitation stuff, I would love to use natural vanilla but really it is just too expensive (one day :) ) therefore if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vanilla we always add 2 or 3 and wonder why the recipe calls for such a little bit. Then it occurred to me that natural vanilla must have a stronger flavor. If anyone knows this to be true I would love to hear more about it and if my reasoning is correct. Ooh and if you are using the lovely natural good stuff, then maybe don't add more! :p


Without further ado, here's how my cake turned out!

Mixing the different colours! I went with Pink Ombre instead of Mint this time as my Mum chose it over the phone! :)

First time crumb coating a cake! :)
Ok so I know it is leaning but I love it and am learning how to stack! :)

You can sort of see inside but I had to cut just a small piece for my husband and I to try! :p

Ta da!!! :)
Thank you Lauren Conrad and Team LC for the inspiration. I adore checking out the website and am going to be making it a point to try out more of your recipes and party ideas this summer! :)
Have a beautiful day everyone!
Love Lulu. xx

Success, dreams, wrestling and the future! :)

Last November I was asked the same questions over and over again, "Are you sure you want to leave?" "Do you really think it is the right time to take a break now?" and one of the more reoccurring ones "Why?" The answers were pretty much always the same and rather simple too; "Yes." "Yes." and "It just feels right."

Blessed for the awesome opportunities and my wrestling story! :)

Wrestling had been my life for 14 years. After becoming a fan at 12 years of age and getting into the business at 15/16, along with my sister Kelly, it was our whole worlds, our absolute everything. We were focused, trained hard and worked to always better ourselves, move forward, progress. We wanted to be the best that we could be. However, although determined, we liked to have fun and not overthink where our wrestling journey would take us. We had tryouts and busted our butts, but it meant just as much getting through drills at Rip Rogers class and accomplishing tasks that he set, as it did stepping foot in a WWE ring. We loved 'getting it' and the excitement when 'it' started to click. We adored getting to do the wrestling that we had a passion for, when working together with the boys and Rip on a Saturday and Sunday at his training sessions. Simply put, we couldn't always explain it or pin point why we loved wrestling, we just did. I remember when we got chosen for TNA's British Bootcamp reality TV show, all of a sudden we were getting asked so many questions about why we wanted to do this and why we should win, and honestly, it was so hard to answer those questions in a way that would make TV interesting and in a way that would make the people watching at home really feel the emotion to their very core of why we wanted it so much. You see, Kelly and I aren't the type of people who stand a top of a mountain and scream to the world "Look at me, look at what I'm sacrificing, look at what we are doing," we are not the kind of people that will tell you we deserve something and confidently speak up about what we want, it's just not in our nature. We are the people that simply put, 'get on with it.' :)

For 9 years we got on with wrestling, it wasn't about being a star, setting out to be a bitch to get to the top or knocking others down so we could shine, no way, it was about the wrestling. I've mentioned before (see "Now that's what I call wrestling...) how watching Mr Perfect matches can give me goose bumps or how Bruno Sammartino can have me glued to the TV for hours, well that is what is was all about. Those 9 years were about wanting to do what we saw The Hardy Boyz do and not really paying attention to those who laughed in our faces. It was about having a dream and somewhat naively setting out to do it without a care in the world! :)

It's been 7 months since I stopped wrestling and now the questions have changed. "Do you miss it?" "When are you coming back?" "Do you think you made the right decision?" And again, the answers are relatively simple; "Yes and No." "Never say never" and "Yes." :) It goes back to the answer "It just feels right" above, I knew how I felt each and every time I stepped in the ring. I could feel the passion in my veins and the love of what I was doing. I'd hope the people could feel it too as they watched and therefore, when it started to fade a little and it wasn't what it used to be, I simply couldn't fake it. It felt right to step away and focus on other things that were and have been occupying my brain. I do miss wrestling, but at the same time I now thoroughly enjoy being that fan again, not having to worry about business and just allowing myself to watch it and get lost in it. I get excited watching the likes of Paige and Emma and smile thinking about the times we wrestled each other. Knowing how hard it is to be away from family and all the hard work that it takes to do what they do, I admire them so much and think they are incredible and just want to shout "You go girl." every time I see them. Seeing them work and how much they love it does inspire me too, so much so that I do have to say never say never as far as getting back into it. There's always unfinished business and goals I wish to accomplish. There's always so much to learn and improve upon that sometimes you can't resist, so watch this space. For now though I am loving life and all the new adventures it is taking me on! :)

Today I woke up feeling blessed and wanted to share a little of my wrestling story and thoughts with you. In addition, while writing this, so many thoughts went through my brain when thinking about different parts of my wrestling career that I thought it was important to mention, so here goes; please always be true to who you are and never be in competition with others. Be happy for others and their successes and be motivated to move forward and challenge yourself to be better for you and no one else! Don't let others define what success is, you decide, you make that decision. Don't think about the destination but enjoy the journey and above all else and no matter what...ALWAYS DREAM BIG! :)

Excited about the future! :)
To others, I may not have achieved greatness in wrestling or legendary status, I may not have been in their eyes 'successful,' but one day when I have kids I will be able to look at them and say "Wrestling bought me to your Daddy and to the life we have now." And to me that is above and beyond successful! :) To others, deciding to leave wrestling was a crazy decision, but to me new dreams were more important and my top priority and they make me feel the happiest I've ever felt! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)

Love Lucy!


Summer in a bar! :)

So, I had a great day off yesterday, my husband and I got lots ticked off the 'To Do List' and after yoga, resume writing, letter writing, laundry, post office visits and attempting to try and get my sister, Kelly's, laptop fixed, we were able to have a nice lunch together. I love getting the opportunity to go out and have lunch on a beautiful day, it's just one of those things that makes me smile! In the evening, I even got a head start on scrapbooking, while Chris cooked a delicious dinner of turkey, tomato, basil and whole wheat lasagna, I devoured 2 huge plates full! :) .

Today was to be my more relaxing day off and so it began with finishing up the rest of my scrapbooking, which concluded Chris's first trip to England, a VA trip and Easter. Thanks to Doodlebug Designs, it's bursting with colour and I love it! I'm excited to begin getting the pages and stickers prepped for Summer, I may also need a new scrapbook or have to add a few more pages to this one too! :) I then proceeded to do my DDP Yoga, which over the past few weeks I have thoroughly been enjoying and getting really stuck into. I moved on to 'Below the belt' this morning which was the longest session I have done yet, at 28 minutes. It was pretty challenging but really fun to do. I can feel myself becoming more flexible and toned as the days go by and I just can't say enough great things about it! DDP you are awesome! :) I do have to give points to Chris for helping me with my inconsistency problem too, he's been steering me in the right direction and we are beating inconsistency's ass together! :p

One of the pages I did today! What an amazing night! :)

5 scrapbooks and counting! :)

One of my goals, as I mentioned yesterday, was working on baking more, especially some of the lovely and often scrumptious looking things I pin on Pinterest. So after a slight hiccup in the middle of dancing the mash potato to The Overtones and pre heating the oven, when the power went off due to work men outside, I managed to whip up these delicious delights! :) The recipe was for Strawberry Oatmeal bars but cherries are my favourite and I happened to have cherry jam in the house and therefore decided to change it up a bit! :) Cherries always make me think of summer and all things fresh. My Nanna and Grandad have two cherry trees in their garden and I have so many dear and fond memories of climbing the trees to pick the cherries and then eating them with a big bowl of Bianco ice cream! :)

Cherry Oatmeal Bars

What you will need:

1 3/4 sticks of butter
1 1/2 cups of flour (I used Red Mill, Gluten and Dairy free flour)
1 1/2 cups of oats
1 cup of packed brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 jar of cherry jam

1 tsp vanilla

What to do:

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.
Grease or line a 9x13 inch baking dish.

Mix together butter, flour, oats, brown sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla. (The recipe didn't say vanilla but I thought it would be nice) Now I did this the old fashioned way, like how I make crumble, with my hands, breaking up the butter with my fingertips and mixing it all together. It worked fine but I'm sure you could still use a mixer. :)

Press half of the oat mix into the pan and press firmly. Spread jam on top. Then sprinkle the other half of the oat mixture on top of the jam and gently press down. Again fingertips worked best for me.

Bake for 30-40 minutes or until light brown.

Immediately after taking it out of the oven, I lightly sprinkled cinnamon over the top (this is optional and wasn't in the original recipe) and then let it cool completely before cutting it in to bars! :)

On a side note, I lined a 9x13 inch baking pan with parchment paper, however, the mixture took up a little over half the pan. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't have enough mixture! Please let me know if you have the same problem or if it was just me! :p Also I used the Gluten and Dairy free flour as Chris is currently experimenting with taking these out of his diet and I thought it would be a tiny bit healthier! :) And one last thing, mine turned out a tiny bit on the gooey side and are therefore a tad tricky to pick up, next time I think I may leave them in for just a few minutes longer or add a bit less butter. But other than that, I have to say that they smell divine and, as they are, I think they would pair perfectly with a bowl of ice cream (apparently you can get dairy free of that too now! :p)

Hope you like them! :)

Getting prepared! The Overtones cd well and truly blasting at this point! :p
Before the oven! :)
Out of the oven! All baked and smelling delicious! :)
Have a wonderful evening! Back to work tomorrow but at least I will have something yummy to share with Kelly for snack! :)
Love Lulu. xx

Protein Bites! :)

Today the sun is shining through my window, the birds are chirping, and I am pretty sure there is a squirrel running up and down the walls outside, scratching away, and I am rather happy as I have the next two days off from work. Yippee! My little weekend, if you will! :)

I have already written up my 'To Do List' for today and am excited to get started, however, today is more errands and chores, while tomorrow's I think I am going to fill with some making and baking. The past few nights I have enjoyed putting my feet up and pinning away and I just adore some of the creative and yummy ideas that Pinterest offers. Some pins allow my imagination to wander and I look at recipes and think, either, I must make exactly that or it gives me inspiration to experiment and whip up something similar but in my own way! The same goes for d├ęcor, often I see something and think about how I can make or do that in my own home with things that are lying round the house, for instance, simply adding a bit of sparkle to a picture frame and making it look new! :) I don't wish to leave the pins as pins, I'm determined to start doing more! :)

Speaking of which, before I get on my merry way and begin those aforementioned errands, I thought I would share a recipe with you that is quick and easy and can be chopped and changed to suit you. It's a recipe I found on Pinterest when I was looking up healthy homemade snacks. I'm always hungry and always nibbling, so I wanted to have something I could go to that would be relatively good for me, and my husband too. This recipe mixes all the things you love but is balanced and really so much better for you than the bars that you get in stores. You know what's going in it and the amount and you can easily make it more of a treat or even more clean! :) Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)

Protein Bites! :)

What you will need:

1 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of peanut butter (smooth)
1/3 honey
1 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup of protein powder
1 tsp vanilla

To make them all you have to do is throw everything in a bowl and mix it together! Then roll pieces of the mixture into balls, as big or small as you would like, and refrigerate them for 30 mins. I like to keep them in the fridge in an air tight container to stop them going soggy.

The recipe I looked at did say all natural peanut butter but I found that when I used that one it got a little messier and sloppy. They did come together more in the fridge but weren't as firm as when I used normal peanut butter.

In addition, sometimes I won't add coconut as my husband isn't a huge fan, but you can replace that with diced nuts, diced fruit, anything you like! Same with the chocolate if I want to be extra good, just replace with fruit or nuts! :)

The end result! Be warned, they are rather moreish! Yum! :)
Have a wonderful day and if you have any favourite recipes from Pinterest, please comment below or send them to me via Pinterest. You can find me by following the link on the sidebar!
Love Lulu xx

I want my Nerd HQ! :)

So, today I woke up late and had 30 minutes to get ready for work. If you are anything like me, and have a morning routine that includes having 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy a morning cup of coffee, well you can bet I was panicking. I jumped out of bed, flew into the bathroom and proceeded to wash and do makeup as fast as I could (thanks to Jaclyn Hill, I have a basic and everyday makeup routine down pat) and tried multi-tasking,  checking my phone for emails, voxer and you know, Instagram, Twitter and all the important stuff, while brushing my teeth. All of a sudden, my speediness was halted, as right there, in front of me, seen by my own two eyes, was THE email. THE email that one would never have imagined receiving. THE email that I couldn't quite believe that I got so lucky to have actually won. THAT email was my personalized selfie from non other than Zachary Levi!!!

One ticket to Neverland please! :)

Things have been rather busy as of late and a few things have been happening here and there that have left me feeling a little overwhelmed. But when I came to sit down to write I didn't want to think about all those things, however little and trivial they are and although sometimes its good to vent, I have a million and one things to be grateful and thankful for that I thought today could be a favourites kind of day, a way to share some things that make me happy with you and have you think about the things that in turn make you happy too! :)

Favourite quote: For those days when work gets you down and you're feeling like you just want to have fun and disappear to your own little world! :)

Favourite Artist: Ray Lamontagne's new album came out just the other day and I simply adore him! Counting down the days till my husband and I see him in concert! :)
Favourite Memory: Back in 2012, I got to spend the year working in my old Primary school and I loved it. My favourite part was working one and one with Sean. Sean is awesome and made me smile every day. He loves wrestling and we would have so much fun doing reward charts and achieving our goals together. He worked so hard that in the end we made a wrestling ring cake for all his great work and progress! :) I had a blast hanging out with him, he is one of the reasons that teaching is one of the best jobs in the world! Sean is poorly at the moment so I am thinking about him everyday and keeping him in my prayers! This is for him: our wrestling ring cake! :)
Favourite place: It is a little over 7 months ago that I got married to my most favourite person in the history of ever! :) I have been looking through my wedding pictures a lot this past week and I grin from ear to ear every time I see them! What an amazing and beautiful day! I am one incredibly lucky girl! I spend my time now dreaming of St Petersburg and can not wait to go back! :)
Favourite beauty gurus: Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero have been my little guilty pleasures over the past few months and I admit that I have now got to the squeal with excitement phase when I see that they have uploaded a video! :p I think they are just beautiful and I love putting my feet up after work and watching their videos. There is just something about them both that makes me smile! They are always so bright and confident and funny that it makes me happy! :)
Favourite thing: As you may know from my previous blogs, I love to scrapbook and I love talking about my adventures and friends and family. Well it's been 5 years since we first ventured to Louisville KY and in that time I truly believe I have met the most wonderful and extraordinary people who I feel blessed to call friends. It's always touching when people remember you and make time for you and last weekend as my friend Beefy was passing through town, he did just that. :) Beefy is awesome and we had some great times with him when we first arrived in KY. He moved away a few years ago and every time we see him, it's always a treat! He popped into Kohls while I was working and made the day so much better, it meant the world to me! :) Also, every time he's in town we get to go to Wild Eggs for breakfast...yummy!
I hope you have a beautiful day! Please feel free to share your smiles in the comments below, I would love to read about them! :)
Love Lulu. xx