Now that's what i call wrestling...

I wrote this article a little while back for a magazine I was writing for, but with the magazine being on hold for the time being, I was eager to share this piece with you through my blog! It's funny though, since writing it, I do have to mention that I last tuned in to WWE for WrestleMania 30, of course, and I must say they did it right! The bad guys were being bad guys and the good guys were being good guys and guys were passing down the torch and taking a step back, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! :) Here is the article anyhow and here's to hoping WWE keeps (and all wrestling and wrestlers start to) going down that road! :)

I’m currently sitting in my apartment watching some of wrestling’s greatest feuds and it makes me smile. I get butterflies  in my stomach and am momentarily transferred back to being 12 years old, transfixed with the larger than life characters popping off the screen. At that time wrestling was the only thing on my brain. I was consumed with wrestling thoughts night and day and dreaming about one day stepping into the ring myself. Fast forward 14 years and I made that dream a reality. For the past 9 years I have been performing under the name Hannah Blossom as one half of The Blossom Twins. I, along with my sister Kelly (Holly) have wrestled some of the people we watched and looked up to growing up, such as Mickie James and Gail Kim. We’ve wrestled in front of 8000 people at London’s Wembley arena, we’ve starred in a reality TV show all about wrestling, appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, had our own Sky TV advert and been clotheslined by James Corden. Needless to say, a lot has happened!
But sitting here on my couch watching the likes of Austin, Rock, Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, it got me to thinking. This is wrestling!!! This is the wrestling that I can’t get enough of, the kind of wrestling that can stop me from picking up my phone and pinning till my heart’s content or looking through my Instagram, this wrestling draws me in and is simply captivating.

I’ve always been encouraged to know my history and loved watching old tapes when I was learning. I loved hearing my trainer, Rip Rogers, tell stories of the old days and what wrestling used to be like. I knew it was important as a wrestler to do your research and respect who came before you. I must admit though, I would sometimes get lazy.  I’m no good remembering dates of matches and watching old wrestling would sometimes just consist of watching the tag team, The Rockers. I seriously love them and to this day would love to be able to emulate them. However, lately while taking a break from wrestling I have found myself watching it more and more and one guy who stood out to me and who I absolutely love is Bruno Sammartino. Though I was familiar with the name before, I have to say I couldn’t tell you of a match I had seen of his, but that all changed a few weeks back. When watching ’50 Years of WWE’ with my husband, the pictures flashing across my TV screen of this huge, beast of a man who looked like he could legitimately kick your ass,  got my attention. I proceeded to listen intently and watch closely.

One thing I should mention, is that I am half Italian and absolutely adore anything to do with Italy, so of course Bruno got over with me right away as soon as he talked about his childhood in Italy and growing up in the mountains. This is something of which I have spent countless hours hearing stories about, as my Grandad grew up in the mountains of the Amalfi coast. (Us girls and our emotional attachments.) OK so that may have been one of my reasons for my staying tuned in but the other reason…this guy looked incredible, to me he looked like the epitome of what a wrestler should be. This past year alone I have had countless training sessions and had numerous discussions of what it takes to be a wrestler, the whole package some would say, the charisma, the pyro, the outfits, the physique, the colour, the moves, being unique, but as I stared at the screen in front of me the guy I was looking at wasn’t doing a whole lot of talking, he wasn’t whooping and hollering. I recall him having plain coloured wrestling trunks, heck I’m not even sure in this match that he had music let alone pyro, and he sure as hell wasn’t doing moonsalts and triple back flips, yet a simple wave to the crowd could make them erupt with delight.   This guy was a hero. This guy was a wrestler. Plain and simple!!
I was glued to the screen watching as he wrestled Billy Graham for the then WWF Championship. These two men are to me what wrestling is all about.  Watching the match it front of me, it was clear there was a good guy and a bad guy and the story that was being told in front of me was the classic age old story of good vs evil. It was the blue collar working man who achieved the American Dream in New York City vs the pompous muscle bound jerk too good to associate with the everyday man and not afraid to take the low road.  Together in the ring, these two men worked with each other to create true feelings of love and hate for every single person watching. These guys were stars but in that ring they weren’t trying to out shine one another. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard stories and am quite certain that in those days you still had people arguing and wanting their shot and trying to stand out, but in that ring all I saw was two people wrestling to entertain the crowd, to draw out that emotion. I could feel it when I watched it and it genuinely gave me goose bumps. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I don’t believe Bruno Sammartino had to “shoot” or “go against authority” to sell out and headline Madison Square garden 11 years in a row. Yes I said 11!! I don’t want to sound like I am having a go at wrestling today, as times change and audiences change, but I can’t help but feel sad when I watch it. No longer is it just about being good and bad, and good triumphing over evil. There is now a blurred line that defines today’s heroes. There was a time when getting the match or a program “over” was the primary focus before flashy moves and sexy costumes. There was a time where the wrestlers loved the wrestling and knew their role and felt it in their bones and they couldn't wait to get out there and play it to the best of their ability. Nowadays, it seems (and I've experienced it) “bad guys” don’t want to be bad guys. Rather they work to be the ones getting cheered and being viewed as better than the hero, making it nearly impossible for people to hate them. Heaven for bid, you shine and stand out and be the biggest hero that you are meant to be! It seems to me that that art of entertainment and wrestling is only to be seen in the walls of the Danny Davis Arena in Louisville Kentucky between 11-3pm Saturday’s and Sundays and my Gosh I love Rip Rogers for that.

I finished watching “50 Years of WWE” and it was Bruno, Billy Graham and the likes of Mr Perfect that I excitedly talked about to my husband, over and over and over again! I fell for the passion, the storytellers and the guys that were stars in their own rights but cared about what they were portraying in that ring. The guys who understood that they needed each other to be that star!! And stars they truly were!!
Who are your favourite wrestlers from past or present?
Hope you've had an awesome day! :)
Love Lulu xx


New layout! :)

Little update as I got a surprise today when I received my new banner! Yay! :) I was going to wait to put it up but loved it so much that I couldn't resist! :)

I hope you all like the new look!

The banner was made by James Long, I mean really who else would I have asked to do it!!! :) I encourage you to go and check out his work here:

I can't quite express enough how awesome he is, but the work speaks for itself! Spread the word and tell everyone you know. If you want something unique and creative and like nothing else out there, then get in touch with Jimmy @paredysexoxo :)

In the spirit of feeling blessed today and thinking of happy memories, I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends. Jimmy is just one of those people that I treasure and love so much and am truly thankful he came into my life! :)

Now go and look at all his awesome artwork and designs!!!! :)

Love Lulu xx

Grandad George & Nanna Knott! :)

Last night the thunder was getting a little too much and I could not sleep a wink. I kept tossing and turning and trying to calm down but my brain wasn't having any of it. I was scared and with every flash of lightening came another panicked and nightmarish type of thought. That was until I took a deep breath and suddenly remembered something my Dad had said 16 years ago today.

"Don't be scared, it's just Grandad moving in upstairs." It's brings a tear to my eye just thinking about my Dad being so brave and telling his 4 kids that, at a time when his world had just completely shattered. My brother and sisters and I had been playing outside and having an awesome day, I was 10 at the time, when Mum and Dad called us in to tell us the heartbreaking news, that Grandad had passed away. It was the first time I had experienced a death in the family and I was at a complete loss and could not speak. Grandad had not been well for a long time, after having suffered 3 strokes, but I always loved going to the nursing home to talk to him and see him, even if he couldn't talk back. I remember what hurt the most too during this time, was seeing my Dad have to go through so much pain, I couldn't bare it and it hurts to think about it now. Over the years, we would talk about Grandad with Nanna, she would tell us stories about him and speak so fondly of him. Dad would tell my sister Kelly and I how proud he would have been with us wrestling, as he used to enjoy watching it. And he would constantly remind us of how much Grandad really loved us and that we were his pride and joy. :)

I must admit that I am the kind of person who overthinks, a lot and I can get very sad, especially in situations like this, when I just wish Grandad could have been here to hear all about our adventures, watch Kelly and I get married and to just see how incredible his son turned out. In addition, I often get upset about change and how quickly we sometimes adapt to people being gone and I feel guilty if maybe a day has gone by where I haven't thought about them. Well last night upon remembering what my Dad had said all those years ago, I smiled and closed my eyes and said 'Grandad, please can you be a little quieter re arranging the furniture.' :p I also just remembered to say hello. I honestly believe that in the hustle and bustle of life these days and my being a tad busier, my hello's had become fewer and far between. Last night I think Grandad was letting me know that he is still there and he is still looking over me and he knows and can see all that I am doing. I also think he had extra volume and umph, as Nanna joined him a few years ago! :p Again, that was far from easy, but I like to look back on all the amazing memories I have of them both!

I think I got my love of reading from Nanna, as each time we saw her, she always had a new book in hand or by the door. I have a copy of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, that I will treasure forever, after Nanna bought one each for me and my sisters. With Grandad not being well for a long time, it's hard for me to remember exactly what he was like, however, every time I think about him, I just feel love, an overwhelming sense of love. I love watching our childhood videos and one I clearly remember is Kelly and I playing Doctors with Grandad, the poor man, he didn't want to open his mouth wide and have us stick some sort of thermometer in it but by golly he did it! :) Some of my absolute favourite memories from being really little, were of going to Nanna and Grandad's house and sleeping over. We used to have our own tray tables and sit on the floor with our wipe clean colouring and letter books and Nanna and Grandad would make us scrambled egg or beans on toast for breakfast. I can smell it now and it was delicious! :)

Today, having realized it was such a long time ago, I got quite emotional, but thinking about all the happy memories and pausing to chat and think about both my Nanna and Grandad, I feel better. I've written in many of my blogs about my family, but there are times when I just can't quite express how much I love them or how they are simply the most important thing to me!

Treasure every minute with yours and love them with all the love you have and more! :)

My Nanna and Grandad are cheeky too, as they would do anything for my brother and sisters and always knew what we were into and what we liked. Nanna would sit and listen to us talk for hours about everything that was going in our lives and the latest phases we were going through. I truly believe she is still listening. After feeling a bit down this morning I got an email from The Nerd Machine telling me I had won one of the giveaways they had been doing for Nerd HQ and I couldn't believe it. I know it seems silly and like a little thing, but to me I just felt like it was Nanna and Grandad's doing, like it was them saying, "There you go, smile." :)

If you have lost a loved one, just remember to keep their memory strong and no matter where you are, be sure to tell them hi, they are listening! :)

Have a blessed and beautiful day and keep smiling! :)

Love Lulu! xxx

"Totes Amazeballs!"

I love getting mail! It's always exciting when you go to the mail box and find letters or see parcels stacked up outside your front door. You can't help that feeling of wonder and surprise if it was an unexpected delivery and you didn't know someone had sent you something. Even if you did know it was coming, you often let out a squeal of joy that it finally arrived. that might just be me! :p But I'm very old fashioned and adore getting letters and packages via owl post rather than via email, so much so that this week, I must admit, I did a tiny bit of online shopping just so I could look forward to checking the mail after the long days at work! :p It just so happens that all my parcels had one thing in common...

Makeup! :)

I've thoroughly been enjoying my recent makeup obsession and have been having so much fun watching Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero videos, they are still my favourites, and I had a blast back home learning from Abi during our photo-shoot. It's been great to change up my look from that of my wrestling days and keep to a more natural style, while still feeling fresh and confident each day when I get up and ready to take on the world. I have been trying to experiment a bit more too, so this week I ordered a few recommendations that I thought I would share! :)

Makeup Geek! :)
I have watched so many video's now and love the looks that both Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero have done with these shadows. I'm not usually big on doing my eyes up nowadays, as I used to do tons of black for wrestling shows, not knowing how to do anything else, and after I just got lazy and thought nothing but black would suit me, but when I saw them doing the simplest of looks with one or two shadows, looks that just made your eyes pop and look so pretty, I thought it was about time to give it a go. I got the shades Mango Tango, Peach smoothie, Beaches and cream and Crème brulee to start off my collection. I have seen some Makeup geek pigments too that I have added to my wish list as they are gorgeous. :)
Jaclyn Hill's Sigma Brush Kit! :)
Well, to do all the beautiful eye looks I needed some eye brushes! :p I thought this set was great value for money and I even had a 10% discount code which was a bonus! I had been wanting to get some blending brushes and basic tools to do a lot of the looks I had been watching, so I thought this was the perfect treat. I actually bought the F80 and F86 brushes a while back and have been using them non stop since then. I think they are awesome and I had wanted to get them for my sister Kelly, so again this just worked out perfect! :)
OCC Nail Polish- Pool Boy! :)
My favourite colour is blue and when I saw Jaclyn Hill wearing this polish in one of her recent videos, I was like, I must find it! :p I can't explain it but there is just something beautiful about this blue, it is the absolute perfect blue. I looked at all the different nail polish in the stores before finally settling on having to order this one online from Sephora, as I could not find one that remotely came close to it. The minute it came in the mail, I sat down and did my nails. It is gorgeous and so bright and happy. I think I am going to be wearing this everyday throughout Spring and Summer! :)
First Aid Beauty. Ultra Repair Cream! :)
I had heard about this in a lot of beauty hauls and having recently been dealing with very dry skin, I really wanted to try it. However, I didn't want to go out and buy the big bottle incase in didn't react well with my skin. I mentioned before that due to my amazing Mum, I have been wearing Oil of Olay for the past 15 plus years and often get nervous about changing it up. But when I went online I found that Sephora were offering this as a free sample with purchases, so I jumped at the chance to try it when I ordered my nail polish. I usually use my Josie Maran Argan oil at night but with my skin being really dry lately I thought I would try this after washing my face instead. At first it felt a tiny bit tingly but after putting it on another three times over the past two days, I don't get that anymore. It feels lovely and soothing and soft and I have seen a difference in my skin. I still get a little dry skin throughout the day and of course after washing my face, but this seems to be calmly it. I definitely think I will be investing in the big bottle now! :)  
There you have it, my owl post treats for the week! :) What are your favourite things to receive in the mail? Do you prefer post or emails? Let me know in the comments below! :)
If you want to check out any of these purchases, follow the links below:
Have a wonderful day!
Love Lulu xx

Photoshoot fun! :)

As you may have read in some of my previous blogs, back in March, my sister Kelly and I got to go back home to England for 2 weeks! :) It was amazing and we had the most fantastic time with our family and I enjoyed every minute of showing my husband around my hometown of Stockport! See 'I solemnly swear I'm up to no good.' and 'Home sweet home.' for all my stories and adventures from the trip! In addition to all the fun we had at The Overtones tour and the Warner Brother's studio tour, we got to have a very girlie day and join forces with our wonderful  friends Abi Lawrence, who I have mentioned a lot in my makeup blogs, and Kayleigh Plant. For the past few years they have been behind most of the promotional pictures that we used for our wrestling careers and we adore working with them! Sometimes it's fun to look back at all the shoots and see how much we have grown up and how our tastes have changed and evolved. I thought today I would show you a few of the behind the scenes shots we captured and how some of the pictures turned out! :)

The great thing about this shoot was that we got to go back to basics, have a more natural look and be ourselves. Furthermore, our younger sister Jenny joined us, as well as our brother, and we were able to take some family portraits to surprise our Mum and Dad with. :)

If you like these pictures, please check out Abi here:
and Kayleigh here:

Abi using YSL Touche Eclat foundation!! Yes, it is now on my wish list! :p

Abi always knows how to get our hair nice and big and wavy, I really should practice more! ;)

Being goofy and playing around in the mirror! :)
Of course there was room for a few behind the scenes selfies! :p
Love these shots from Kayleigh, she knows what colours match and our best angles! :)

One of my favourites! Sneak peek, love my brother and sisters so much! <3 I adore how Kayleigh captured us all smiling and happy together!  
As I mentioned how much my sister and I have grown throughout the years, here's a little picture of our first shoot with Abi and Kayleigh, so you can see the difference yourself! :) 

Then and...
Now! :)
A huge thank you to Abi and Kayleigh for always doing such an awesome job, for making us feel so comfortable and allowing us to be ourselves! :) 
Hope you are all having a beautiful day!
Keep smiling and be well!

Love Lulu! xx

Happy Easter Everyone! :)

Happy Easter to you and your family! :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I'm extremely excited that it is Sunday and I get to have a lazy morning. My sister Kelly is coming over later and we are having a little Easter dinner together, with my husband too, of course. :) (Her husband is away for a bachelor weekend) It has been a busy week so spending today cozy and in sweat pants, scrapbooking, writing and hanging out with my family makes me very happy! :)

As I mentioned last week, I was starting a new job with Kohls and I must admit, that since I started, things have been rather hectic and busy and I have missed sitting down to write, by the time I get home, do yoga...yes, with the help of my husband, I have been sticking at it...yay, in addition to going to the gym too, doing the odd baking and just getting the apartment tidy and food prepared, I am ready for bed pretty early these days. I think once I'm into full swing and a routine, everything will be running smoothly and I won't feel quite as rushed and will still have time to focus on my projects. Once again I am beyond amazed with my Mum's balancing skills and her ability to put everyone first and push forward when she's tired. She gets more and more incredible with every shift I pick up. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, as it's actually a fun place to work and everyone I have met there is super nice and friendly, but having not worked in retail for more than 6 years, I have to be honest and say...ouch! :p Being on your feet all day sure does take it's toll! :p

It does feel good to be busy and saving up though! It's all about being positive, happy and making the most of everything and just pushing forward and achieving small dreams each day! :) My days off consist of catching up with the laundry and getting in the kitchen and still doing all the things I love to do, like delving into a book or watching Jaclyn Hill videos and sending constant Voxer messages to my younger sister as our work hours mean we don't get to talk as much with the time difference. With that being said, I jumped into the kitchen this past Tuesday and made some Easter cupcakes for which I wanted to share the recipe with you today! :) If you are a big fan of Nutella, like me, you will LOVE them! :)

Cupcake Ingredients!

2 1/2 cups All purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 stick of butter (8 tablespoons)
1 3/4 cup of sugar
2 large eggs
4 teaspoons of vanilla (I like to add lots of vanilla and have preferred over the years using more than the recipe calls for and I like how it turns out.)
1 1/4 of buttermilk
1 cup of chocolate chips

Frosting Ingredients!

1 Stick of butter
Icing sugar (Confectioner's sugar)

What to do:

Pre heat the oven to 350 of.
Put C-D in of your choosing and get to dancing while you line the cupcake pan with cupcake cases and sift together (sometimes I don't sift...shhhh :p ) flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl and set aside.

Continue that rhythm while you cream together the butter and sugar, until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time. If you're using a mixer, make sure to turn it to a lower speed when doing this.

Pour the buttermilk into a measuring jug (a glass does the trick too, even if it drips a little when pouring) and add vanilla and give a stir.

Add one third of the dry ingredients followed by one third of the buttermilk and mix. Repeat until you have added all of the dry and wet mixtures.

Dust the chocolate chips in a little bit of flour (this helps them not to sink to the bottom of the cupcake when in the oven) and pour into batter. Mix gently until distributed evenly.

Scoop the batter into the cupcake cases, fill to about two thirds full and bake for 16-18 mins. Start checking at around 15 mins. When the cakes are spongy to the touch or a piece of spaghetti comes out clean, take the cakes out of the oven and place on a wire rack to let cool! :)

For the frosting:

Now when it comes to frosting I have to admit that my sister and I never really measure our ingredients, we really just go by taste. When recipes call for 6 big cups of icing sugar we often find that it turns out too sweet. We've experimented and have come to find that once we start with our base of a stick of butter and 1-2 cups of icing sugar, we can kind of be free and have fun. In this case, I added about 5 big scoops of Nutella and mixed it all together adding tablespoons of icing sugar as I went. I stopped, each time it had blended in, to taste and when it was smooth enough to get through the piping bag and taste delicious, like a slightly sweeter Nutella I was done. :) So have a bit of fun and play around with the frosting. If you don't need to pipe your frosting or it doesn't need to be stiff and you would prefer to spread it on, then you could always add less icing sugar and therefore someone with not so big of a sweet tooth might indulge more. You just never know! :) 

Before frosting! :) I had been speaking to my Mum while making these cupcakes, she was on speaker phone, and I was so giddy when they turned out scrumptiously spongy and soft and fluffy! It had to be Mum's extra love! :)
And after frosting! :) I added mini eggs to make it more Eastery! :)
Hope you enjoy them!
Here's a picture of my surprise Easter gift from my younger sister, Jenny. She is the best and included all my favourites! I miss the Easter chocolate you can get back home!
What are your favourite Easter treats? :)
Have a beautiful day and keep smiling!
Love Lulu. xxx

"I'm a stay and home wife".....

This week I started a new job at Kohls and I read an article in Cosmopolitan entitled "I'm a stay at home wife" The job is fun and the article really made me smile. The lady in the article talks about being a stay at home wife. (As you may have guessed :p ) She discusses what people think she does, for instance: pamper herself, get her nails done daily, sit around watching Desperate Housewives and drinking wine from 9am and basically anything that involves relaxing and living a life of luxury. Of course this is not the case and she goes on to tell the reader what her days do consist of: laundry, emails, finances, cleaning, walking the dog and grocery shopping etc.

I grew up with a stay at home Mum and even from a young age when someone at school would ask what my Mum does and then proceed to give me a funny look, I would get mad and think, my Mum never sits down and I mean never, she runs around doing a million jobs and looking after not only her 4 kids but the entire house, she has food on the table every breakfast, lunch and dinner and all our clothes are clean. It was near impossible to get Mum to sit down and watch a movie with us as the washer would beep or the phone would ring and she would be up again. As my brother, sisters and I got older we would help and try and be somewhat more useful, but when someone would ask the same question we grew to answering confidently and proud. Today my Mum is still the same, with the addition of looking after her Mum and Dad, taking them to doctors appointments, getting their groceries, spending time with them, helping my Nanna with the dishes when she can, drying clothes so Nanna doesn't have to put them on the line outside (my Nanna is wonder women and still does pretty much everything...I can see where my Mum get's it from.) and just making sure they have everything they need and are healthy and well. She also has lots of elderly friends that she does this for too. The thing with my Mum is she doesn't wish for praise or think she is doing anything special, she doesn't want rewards or recognition, (she will be mad at me for writing this) it is simply who she is. My Mum is a stay at home Mum and she kicks more ass and works harder than anyone!

Last November I stopped wrestling and for the following 4 months I got to be a stay at home wife. It made me appreciate my Mum times a million as I realized all the work that goes into making and looking after an apartment, let alone a house and I don't have 4 kids!!!! In addition I realized that I loved being a stay at home wife. I loved making sure the apartment was tidy, clean and fresh. I liked keeping up to date with the laundry basket, I enjoy grocery shopping and adored cooking and having food on the table for when my husband walked through the door, after a tiring day at work. All these things made me happy and I got used to the routine. Granted it wasn't always the same as my husband likes to cook too and often whips up dinner, but still, our routine worked! So, after day 1 at Kohls, I was tired, a tad frazzled and I started thinking about all the things I had to do at home, the laundry, make dinner, hoover, clean, seriously I made a list of everything that I hadn't done during my hours away from the house, in addition, I was sad as, as much as it was fun to be out making money and to have a job, I felt like I missed my old one. My job of homemaker. The article I referred to above, made me smile because I was thrilled to hear someone else's thoughts on the matter. I was excited to hear about someone who also enjoys this 'job' and I thought it was great that it was being put out there for people to read about. I don't think women or men should have to feel guilty about being a stay at home husband or wife/Mum or Dad. I know it's not possible for everyone that likes the idea of this to do so and I have so much respect for everyone that goes out to work too, of course, but if it is something that works for you and your partner then I think it's wonderful. I think it should be respected and valued and not looked at as an easy alternative or as being lazy.

I'm not implying that there is lots of negativity surrounding this issue, I'm merely saying that I often read a lot of articles and see shows or movies that are all about empowering women. They include lots of talk on being independent, single, fierce, getting that manager job, being at the top of the food chain and having that highly praised career. They cover topics like 'who needs a man?' and how you can stand on your own and be confident, sexy and they rave about girl power. And while I think that is amazing and awesome in it's own right, I also believe that women who man the household and women who stay at home and look after their kids should be empowered and looked to for inspiration too. I believe that women who actually want to stay at home, women who want to be Mum's and women that like being in the kitchen should not be made to feel small or that they lack drive and goals. I for one think that women who wake up with a 'To do list' that consists of scrubbing the bathroom until it gleams and sparkles, doing yoga while the laundry is drying and aiming to bake cookies, learn to make bread, write and scrapbook, get the dinner on the table and actually remember everything on the grocery list (there's always one thing... :p ) are pretty awesome in my book too! :) Never underestimate a stay at home wife/Mum/Husband/Dad either, as they are always doing something and creating things that can lead to so many wonderful and amazing opportunities! It might just surprise you! :)

Meanwhile I will keep you posted on Kohl's! :p This is going to take some multi-tasking but it's a new chapter for me and a new adventure. I'm thinking positive and looking forward to mixing my new job and old job and setting new goals.  So let's do this! :)

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Love Lulu!

If you want to read the article in Cosmopolitan, check out their latest issue with Kaley Cuoco Sweeting on the front! :)

The Best things in life! :)

This past weekend I had a bit of a Pinterest spree, due to feeling a little bit under the weather and being curled up under blankets with a lack of energy, it was extremely convenient and kept me occupied. In addition, it was rather fun, scrolling through an abundance of Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston pictures, along with as many Tangled quotes as I could find! Apparently those are just some of the things that make me feel better when I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself! :p Who doesn't love Superhero's and Disney?!! Tangled is usually my go to movie when i'm sick and I had just watched 'Captain America The Winter Soldier' with my husband and my sister and was still reveling in it's awesomeness! :) With that being said, it brings me nicely to what I wanted to write about today. You know that feeling when something just makes you happy? When something just makes you smile? It can be anything big or small, from a person to an act to an object to a thing, like simply any thing? Well after reading a quote that Lauren Conrad had posted on Pinterest about the Best Things in Life, I thought I would share my Best Things in Life! I like to make lists like this every now and again as I think it's important to sometimes pause and remember to be thankful in life and really appreciate what you have or what is around you! It can even be the silliest and goofiest things that just make life fun and cozy and that much better! :) I decided to keep it to 10 Best things otherwise I would be writing forever! :p

My 10 Best things in Life! :)

1) Hugs/Cuddles!
Whether it be from my Mum and Dad, Mom and Dad, my grandparents, my friends, my husband, my Goddaughters, my brother and sisters, a hug makes me happy and content! I truly believe that a hug is something special. It has the ability to make you feel safe, loved, warm, cared for, appreciated and so much more, that you simply can't beat one!

2) My Nanna and Grandad!
Simply put I love them and they make everyday that much more amazing and wonderful! :)

3) Inside jokes with my sisters and Mum!
My family is everything to me and I treasure moments when my sisters and Mum are laughing and I love even more when we make each other laugh. We have a ton of quotes and pictures that if we simple say or show each other we will be crying with laughter within seconds.

4) Dancing to your favourite songs!
Being free and goofy and happy and letting yourself go, enough said! :)

5) My Husband! (And his family.)
He is my everything and everyday I wake up blessed to have him by my side! :) In addition he gave me the most incredible extended family I could have wished for!

6) Lazy evenings with my family!
More specifically I mean when we have all sat round the table together and had dinner, cleared up and sat chatting for hours, laughing with each other and then proceeded to sit in the living room to watch a movie or John Bishop and shared tons more laughs. No place to be but there with each other! Best days ever! :)

7) Sunshine!
There's nothing like the sun shining through your window to prepare you for the day ahead and make you feel positive!

8) Curling up with a good book!
I've talked about books a lot lately but I truly believe in the magic of getting lost in a book! They can expand your imagination, take you on journeys and adventures you never thought possible! :)

9) Letters in the mail!
To know someone is thinking about you no matter how far away and has taken time to show you/let you know! Priceless!

10) Pajama's!
My Dad always laughs at my sisters and I as he usually gets home from work around 6 ish and when he'd walk through the door we would more often than not be in our Pajama's. Moreover, if we all went out for a family meal or to an event, as soon as we walked through the door when we got home, we would have our pajama's on in a flash! I love my comfy, cozy pajama's and would happily wear them all the time if I could! :p

I would love to read about the things that make you happy and what you would consider the best things in life, as I mentioned earlier, there are so many wonderful things that can make you feel alive and grateful and these are just some of mine that I am beyond thankful for! :) Other's beyond my 10 included:

My brother in law. My brother in laws family! Zachary Levi! Fresh clean bed sheets. Smiling at strangers. Helping others. Cupcakes. Rapunzel. Cups of tea. Cold Pizza. Scrapbooks. Kind hearted people. Sharing. Passionate people! The Overtones. Harry Potter. Two families becoming one!

Hehe! :)

Have a fantastic day!
Love Lulu xx

Updates...back with a BANG!! :)

Happy Saturday everyone! :)

I'm super excited as I finally got my laptop back from the Geek Squad, yay! :) So today's blog is just going to be a sort of up date on topics I have mentioned previously and how things may have turned out or just what's up! :)

1) The first subject I've been eager to mention is DDP Yoga. I talked, in a few blogs ago, about my husband and I wanting to try something new and looking into DDP Yoga. Well when we first received our DDP Yoga pack, we got straight into it for a solid 2 weeks and I felt really good. I was extremely happy with the purchase and loved having DDP as a kind of personal trainer. It's not like the yoga I had tried before, where I felt incredibly stressed the more the lady told me to breathe and feel all the power leaving my finger tips, unfortunately that one wasn't for me, with this one, I really like the way DDP explains everything and guides you. It's still very relaxing as you work on breathing techniques but it's hard too and you truly feel like you are getting a workout and using all your muscles. Here's the naughty bit, do you remember I also told you how consistency is simply not my friend most of the time? Yes, well, it did, I admit, rear it's ugly head again, of course. It tends to happen when I get really positive and promise myself I will exercise everyday etc. This time, however, it was due to the fact that I was going home, back to the UK, for 2 weeks. My husband and I did do a session the first week we were there as we took the c-d along with us, which is another bonus to this pack, you really can do it anywhere, but I then went about 2 and a half weeks without doing anything, I know, I know, eeek, what can I say? Lots to do and so little time! :p Really though, I didn't want to feel guilty as to me any extra 20 minutes I got spare when not visiting people or running around Liverpool getting my new passport, was spent with my Nanna and Grandad, younger sister, family and catching up with John Bishops Christmas Special...hey, that was important too! :p So anyway, let's fast forward to being back in Louisville and move past all that, no time for guilt trips, we are living life and being happy with our decisions! :) I'm back in KY and my husband and I are once again beginning our DDP Yoga journey. We are two sessions in and I feel so much better. After wrestling for 9 years, I often get pains in my lower back and this honestly helps stretch everything out which is probably one of my favourite things about it. I feel loose and like I am toning up, engaging every body part and working on my flexibility. I enjoy controlling my breathing and focusing on each move and feeling accomplished after. I would recommend this product to everyone! I love it! :)

2) I'm not usually one for face masks and lots of skin care products as I have watched my Mum do the same routine since I was a little girl. Over the years she has changed the odd face cream and body lotion but she keeps it simple. I've always just used whatever cream Mum bought and therefore Oil of Olay has been my go to for as long as I can remember. However, as I get older I do notice changes in my skin during different times of year and when the weather changes, so I have been listening and watching intently to Jaclyn Hill and picking up some tips from Nicole Guerriero and experimenting with the certain products here and there! In one of my previous beauty blogs I mentioned that I had bought the mask of Magnaminty from Lush, as that had been a popular product I was hearing lots about! I have been using it now for the past 4 weeks and I love it! I was skeptical at first as when I hear so many great things about a product I think wow and can't wait to try it and see the difference in my skin and then nothing happens and I don't feel or look any different. On the contrary, this product is awesome. For 10 minutes it feels slightly tingly, cool and oh so refreshing and when I remove it with warm water, my face feels smooth and clean and wonderfully awake. It was definitely a must after the long flight to home and back. A huge thumbs up for the Mask of Magnaminty. :)

3) I don't think I have talked about this before but I have been loving the Ombre hair look for the longest time (try reading that without breaking into song...thank you The Overtones :p) so the other day I just decided I was going to dye my own hair. Not something I thought I would ever think of doing after my Mum's friend Trisha (a hairdresser) scolded me for years when I bleached my hair blonde, (not actually me, a professional hairdresser) she wouldn't cut in or touch it until I finally caved in to dying it brown again. In all honesty, since then it has been lovely and healthy and I much prefer my brown hair. But, I had been wanting something different and didn't fancy going to a hair salon. I did my research and found the Loreal Paris, Wild Ombre hair kit and with my sister Kelly's help, dyed the ends of my hair. It's nothing really drastic but feels nice and fresh for Spring. I might even do it a little more when this starts to fade. :) Here's a pictures...Ok and three things about this picture: 1) I don't know if you can see the colour that well. 2) I am horrible at taking selfies and 3) I really am horrible at taking selfies...hence the goofy face! The smiley pictures were just...uh no! :p

4) In my last blog I raved about the little treasure I picked up that was "Little Beach Street Bakery" well after finishing that book and falling in love with the author Jenny Colgan, I got a copy of one of her other books "Meet me at the Cupcake Café" and once again I undoubtedly fell for this book. I could not put it down and read it in 3 days. Oh it was simply perfect. Her characters jump off the page and I adore them all. This one made me smile a lot and think of my Grandad and his passion for cooking, as Issy (the main character) and her Grampa Joe have similar interactions when talking about recipes. I ordered the follow up to this one and am eagerly awaiting its arrival! :) If you haven't read this before, please do so! :)
I hope you enjoy these little snip it's and up dates. I am getting back into the swing of being back in Kentucky, it's funny how 2 weeks away did feel like a long time. I feel rather lost without my younger sister around and my Nanna and Grandad 2 minutes round the corner but all is good and I'm feeling extremely blessed with life right now! I thank you for reading these blogs as I truly enjoy sitting down to write and share pictures with you! :)
Have a beautiful day! I'm off to do some DDP Yoga...let's try and beat the 2 week record! ;p
Love Lulu xx

Bookworm Life! :)

I love curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. I love sitting out in the sun during the Spring and Summer and getting lost in a book. I love relaxing, all snuggled by the fire on cold winter nights being whisked away to other worlds by a book. I love meeting new characters and people with every turn of a page. I just really love books! :)

I can't really pick a favourite genre of book as I love everything from Jack Kerouac to Lindsey Kelk, from Ransom Riggs to JK Rowling. I adore magic and books that are a little out there and I enjoy girlie books that teach me that with a touch of lipstick and the right pair of shoes, a girl can accomplish anything, and I adore getting caught up in the world of The Beat generation with Jack Kerouac, who has me wanting to jump on the road and experience all that the world has to offer in the deepest of ways every time I open up one of his masterpieces. My book shelf is very mixed! :)

The last few books I had the pleasure of reading were:

Hilary Duff's 'Elixir' series, 'Elixir' and 'Devoted'. I'm eagerly anticipating the third installment, 'True' which may actually be out but I am waiting for it in paperback, (It has to match the collection :p ) I'm a big fan of Hilary Duff but wasn't sure what to expect with these books and I have to say she did a fantastic job. The books are exciting, adventurous, fast paced and incredibly unique. It covers, in entirely it's own way, everything from drama and mystery to love and soul mates to friendships and family, and creates clear, wonderful, interesting characters. It really has a bit of everything. I highly recommend this series! :)

Lindsey Kelk's "I Heart Christmas" New York. Christmas. Girlie can you go wrong? :)

And John Bishop's Autobiography, "How did all this happen?" Have I mentioned before how awesome this guy is? ;) If you haven't read my previous blogs and don't know who I'm talking about, he is a British comedian, one of my absolute favourite's, please google him, buy a DVD and get this book, you won't be disappointed!

On my recent trip back home to the UK, I quickly got back into the swing of waking up to the sound of the TV downstairs in the kitchen and hearing Mum rustling about. Jumping straight back into my old routine, once I heard this and couldn't get back to sleep, I would get up, go make a cup of coffee and sit down to watch the rest of Day Break and chat with Mum. Each morning while I did this I saw a little advert for a book called "Little Beach Street Bakery" it looked so pretty, dainty and simply sweet that it caught my attention every time. I was intrigued and while out shopping I picked up a copy of the book. I don't think I have ever seen an advert about a book before and without knowing the author, purchased it, but I'm so happy I did.

I started reading "Little Beach Street Bakery" by Jenny Colgan on the plane ride back to KY and I couldn't put it down. It sure helped 10-11 hours fly by. I fell in love with the book and the main character and felt transported into her world. I love to bake so being that the book is based around Polly starting a new life baking bread, I somehow new I was going to like it. But it wasn't just that part of it that grabbed me, it was everything from the little honey cottage, the fisherman, Polly's delightful personality, her daring to dream, the gorgeous American, to, of course...Neil the Puffin. The book was a treat to read and I enjoyed every second of it! :)

Needless to say by the time I finished reading the book, I was ready to make some bread myself, I honestly couldn't resist. I have grown up making pizza with my Grandad so I had some experience and thought he would be proud if I showed him I could do it all by myself, which I have been saying I would do for the longest time...the yeast bit always scares me as that's Grandad's department, however, I followed the recipe Jenny provided in the back of the book, the one for simple white bread and it turned out divine! :) I had wanted to add a dash of milk or olive oil into the mix but rested on trying the original recipe to a T first so as not to ruin it, but now I have a small list of my own ideas for what to experiment with next time, you know what they say, in that you should always follow your instincts! :p Here's a little look at what I did:

Now I am not going to write up the recipe here as I implore you to go and pick up a copy of this charming little book yourself and maybe you will be inspired to grab a loaf pan at the end of it and get baking too! :)
I am currently reading Jenny Colgan's "Meet me at the cupcake café" I know, I know, how have I not read this before, I'm surprised too! :p I'm a few chapters in and already extremely fond of Issy and her darling Cupcake Cafe! :)
I'd love to hear about your favourite books or what you are currently reading or if you have a pile of books just waiting to be read or if there's any Harry Potter fans out there?!!! :)
Have a beautiful day!
Love Lulu xx