I solemnly swear i'm up to no good...

Where were we up to? Oh yes, flying cars and Saturday Nights spent at the movies! :)

Let's jump right in! :) Nowadays when my Sister Kelly and I make a trip back home, we like to make the most of it and get as much done as possible, while at the same time, just relaxing and spending lots of time with family. It's a healthy balance and I'd say we have got the hang of it about now. I was very much looking forward to day's cooking in the kitchen with my Nanna and Grandad, dancing around the house with our younger sister and curling up on the couch to watch Graham Norton. In addition, we had a few things lined up that would keep us busy and shaking our tail feathers!  You know where this is going... :p

First up, after my Hubby headed home, was a Saturday Night at The Movies...ok so not exactly! :p This was the title of The Overtones Tour and most recent album and I was super excited to be going to see them live. Kelly and our younger sister Jenny are huge fans and I had actually won tickets a year ago for them to go and see them, they couldn't stop talking about how awesome they were and since then The Overtones have been played religiously in our house and caused many a dance offs. When they announced this tour we booked tickets without even knowing if we were going to be in the UK at that time, needless to say we made it happen. In the words of Kelly, one simply does not miss a chance to see The Overtones! :p One of the most awesome things about this night too was that we got our Mum to come with us. She's not usually one for concerts but we had an inkling that she would dig this one...and boy did she! We danced for an hour and a half, sang our hearts out and smiled smiles that the Cheshire cat would have been proud of. All our Mum could say after was "What a wonderful way to make a living." The Bridgewater Hall was filled with so much happiness that night that I smile just thinking about it! Those boys were incredible and are just amazingly talented in every way. We were fortunate enough to meet them after, with them being so kind and coming out to sign autographs for everyone, and they were just beautiful and absolute sweethearts. It was a night I won't forget in a hurry and one I am so happy I got to share with my Mum and Sisters! If you haven't seen The Overtones or heard their stuff...get to it NOW!! :) You will be doing the mash potato and twisting it like you never have before! :)

Be sure to follow the boys on Twitter @the_overtones and check out @XUKTonersX for all things The Overtones too! :)

Also booked when we got home was our second tour around Warner Brothers Studios in Watford to see The Making of Harry Potter. I had bought Kelly and Jenny tickets and wands for Christmas in hopes that they could go and see Hogwarts in the snow, when Kelly was there back in December, but unfortunately it was all booked up. On the bright side though, it meant that I would get to go with them again. :) We are all huge Harry Potter fanatics and were looking forward to casually and calmly walking round and taking everything in, as last time, you could say, we acted like 5 year olds and whipped around the place hyperventilating at the awesomeness of it all! :p Another great thing about this trip was that our Dad jumped in the car with us. We love road trips with Dad and enjoy sharing the magic of something we adore with him. He came along the first time and was blown away by the sheer magnitude of all that went into making these movies! He isn't a huge Harry Potter fan but had a blast even the second time round! :) It is honestly one of my favourite places to go! I think the bit I like the most would have to be...all of it, from the Great Hall to seeing all the costumes, to riding a broomstick and standing on the Knight bus, to walking through Diagon Alley, it is pure magic! :) For more information check out their Twitter +WBStudioTour 
Enjoying a scrumptious tankard of ButterBeer and looking into the mirror of Erised! Looks like we have everything we desire...family! :) <3

Another thing on our To Do List that my sisters and I were super excited to be a part of was Sport Relief. Sport Relief happens every two years in the UK and is a part of Comic Relief and Children in Need. They raise money for a bunch of incredible causes, such as providing people in Africa with vaccines for the likes of Malaria and supporting families across the UK too who need a helping hand and so so much more. My family have always watched the show and donated but this year as it coincided with our trip home, we wanted to do something. So my sisters and I set out to do the Sport Relief 3 mile run at Woodbank park in Stockport. We were overwhelmed with the support we received and were grateful for everyone's donations on our sponsor page. After watching the program on the Friday night, we were even more motivated and happy that we took part to make a difference! Again thank you to all those who joined in with us and donated! :) We had a great time at the event meeting others who wanted to make a difference too and it was a lot of fun running, galloping, skipping and brisk walking round the track! :) If you haven't heard of Comic Relief/Sport Relief please learn about it here: http://www.comicrelief.com/

These days were absolute treasures and I feel beyond blessed and grateful for the memories. Being at home is always so amazingly special and I think being away for so long and in actuality living 4000 miles away from home at this current time in my life, has made me appreciate my family and where I came from a million times more. Not that I didn't before, but this trip I feel I cherished every cuddle with my Nanna and Grandad, Mum and Dad that little bit more and I valued every laugh, giggle, conversation, minute spent with my sister and brother 1000 fold. Maybe it's to do with growing up and getting older but these days I believe it's so important to never take anything for granted and really, whole heartedly, try to live by that! :)
Have a beautiful day and to all you Mummy's out there, have a fantastic Mother's day! :)
Love Lucy xx

Home Sweet Home! :)

I've had so many thoughts swimming around in my head the past few days and I have been eagerly awaiting sitting down at my computer and telling you all about them. ( My laptop is poorly and currently with the Geek Squad, so I had to borrow my sisters for today.) From my trip back home and how my husband faired in jolly old England, to dancing all night with The Overtones and how simply awesome Harry Potter is, to why I suddenly had the urge to make bread and how I sure do, with every bit of me, love my family, there's been lots going on. So where shall I begin... :)

Let's head back to three weeks ago when my husband Chris, after 5 years of the whole of Stockport hearing all about him, finally stepped foot on English soil. :) As you may know from my previous blogs I was very excited about getting back home to the UK, after having not been back for 13 months. I missed my family like crazy and was starting to really miss all things British. This time, I wondered, if my being gone so long, if it would be really strange being back, but honestly when we got off the plane and were greeted by my Dad and younger sister, when we hopped on the motorway and drove past Parrswood and when I walked through my Nanna and Grandads front door and proceeded to smother them with giant cuddles and kisses, it felt, well, it felt like home sweet home, like I hadn't been gone a minute. There were a few small differences here and there and moments where my younger sister would laugh at me when I forgot where something was kept, but all in all, it was home.

I had a blast showing Chris round and introducing him to family members. The week flew by very quickly but we tried to fit in as much as possible while mainly spending lots of time with family. I know next time Chris would like to see more and visit London too, but I'm grateful for the week we had as I really just wanted him to experience being in my small little town and being a part of all our family traditions and day to day. :)

So this time round, some of the top priority things we had to do were:

Lunch with Nanna and Grandad. Chris has heard non stop about their food for the past 5 years, so this was a must and an absolute treasured memory having him sitting round their dinning room table with us! :) He happened to polish off 3 plates of pasta too...told you...it truly is that good! :) In addition, one of my favourite things to do when at Nanna and Grandad's house is to wait for Eddy, the ice cream man, and get a 99. I have wonderful memories of Mum surprising us after school, when we were younger, with treats from Eddy, he still remembers my sisters and brother and I. This time it was a pleasure to introduce Chris to him and chat. He is lovely and has the best ice cream you can buy! :)

Another place I had wanted to take Chris was The Trafford Centre. I think it's a really cool place to see and experience, especially when you are in the mood to shop, and my husband is good at shopping. (He's my very own personal shopper. :p) In addition, there are not an awful lot of shopping center's quite like it. His favourite shop was Next, where he got a new British suit! :p It was fun to show him the food court too and I along with my sisters and Dad introduced him to Nando's... which got a thumbs up...Yum! :)
I had desperately wanted to take Chris to a football game but Manchester United weren't playing while he was home. However, we did make a quick visit to Old Trafford and had a wander around the shop. He seemed to enjoy it...
In between family time and popping round to Nanna and Grandads for Oranges and Sambuca, it was rather lovely to just walk around my neighbourhood, show him my Auntie's Jewelry shop, the post office, little Tesco, my brother's gym, Elite Performance, and all the schools that I went to and worked at. :)
As we couldn't get to London this time, I most definitely wanted to take Chris into Manchester, as there's always a little more going on in Piccadilly gardens than Heaton Moor, and I thought he would really like it! I'm happy to say that he did and we had a great day walking round the Arndale Center, trying Indian foods at the little market and showing him the bus route to our old wrestling gym. He even became an official member of my family when he decided he wanted to buy a Londsdale jacket from Sports Direct! My Mum always buys them so in our house someone is always wearing one. It's even more awesome when we all end up wearing one and leave the house together!!! :p Example...
One of the coolest things Chris got to be home for was Miranda Hart. My sister Kelly had booked tickets to see her and we could not wait! I have shown Chris clips of her before and he thought she was funny, so we thought we would take him a long so he could see the "MEN Arena" (new name?) as that's where all the wrestling we went to see when we were younger took place and also where at the beginning of the year we had been center stage! It was a little trip down memory lane and also Miranda is awesome so I didn't want him to miss it! :p I will say that we had a fantastic night and although I know Chris didn't find everything as funny as we did, he galloped out of that arena and all the way to the car!! Definitely a keeper! :)
And just like that, we were up bright and early Saturday morning to take Chris to the airport! It was going to be the longest we had been a part since we got together so I was not happy to be saying bye but it made me smile to have been able to show him the place I grew up and I felt beyond blessed that he got to meet my Nanna and Grandad and more of my amazing family! Moreover, even though I was sad to be saying bye for 10 days, I knew that those next 10 days were to be filled with a Saturday Night at the Movies, Flying cars and plenty more family time... :) 
If you know of any cool places to visit in the UK, please comment below and I will add it to my list for next time! :)
Hope you have a lovely evening!
Love Lucy xx



Goofy and random...why not? :)

This may be a little bit of a random blog as I can barely focus today! One more sleep and I am on a plane heading back to the UK. I can hardly contain my excitement. Sunday morning I will get to walk into my Grandparents house and squeeze them tight and it honestly brings a tear to my eye. In the past year I know I have heard their voices and seen them on Skype but when I think that they will actually be in front of me and I can hug them, my heart skips a beat.

I sometimes think about how quickly we adapt to change and how we can very easily get used to things. I've been away a year and although I have missed them every single day, I have made the most of life in the USA. I have been enjoying every minute and really, I shouldn't complain as it was my choice to leave one year ago. Granted I had wanted to go home sooner but my American dream was all on me, my decision. In reality I didn't choose to be away from them, I would never choose that, but following my heart and my dreams lead me to making these moves. I very much wish that my whole family could be in the USA with me and maybe one day that will happen, or I will go back home, but one thing I have learnt, is that, although sometimes it can all overwhelm me and I wish that they were just a 5 minute walk round the corner, if I'm going to live 4000 miles away from them I most definitely need to make the absolute most of it and have stories to tell them when I get back. I am 100% going to try my best every day to make them proud and happy that each day spent away from them was not wasted! I for one think that bringing my husband Chris home to meet them this time is going to be enough for Grandad to forgive me! ;)

With all that being said, you can bet this morning I woke up as giddy as can be! I was thinking about life and smiling. Thinking about spreading joy and happiness and about just making some ones day that much brighter. The world isn't without sadness or evil and my heart goes out to all those who have suffered in any way, for those who have experienced missing some one too and to everyone that may just be having a bad day. I hope that I can be a small ray of sunshine to you by being goofy, talking about beautiful things and as far as today is concerned, just being rather random! :p

First act of randomness! Are there any Superman fans out there? Now, if you had asked me growing up who my favourite Superhero was, I would have said Superman. In fact that would have been my answer up until maybe the past 2 years or so. I grew up running around the house, with my brother and sister, in little red Superman capes and I can remember, like it was yesterday, my brother crying and getting so upset when Superman once got buried under a pile of rubble. He was probably around 5 at the time and he thought Superman was dead...Superman re-emerged within 5 minutes...bless him! :p But just yesterday I watched Man of Steel and I have to say, as much as I enjoyed it, it doesn't appeal to me theses days as much as Thor or Iron Man. I guess I was a tad confused, the Superman movies seem to change and the plots differ each time, I keep expecting it to be the same villains and stories as the one I remember but just reworked and cooler. Superman Returns did that to an extent but I can't say I was that keen on that movie. I know I should just read the comics to help me make sense of it all, but when you have a friend like James Long (Paredyse) it's so much easier when he simply explains why it is the way it is! :p For me I think Marvel are kicking butt with the movies but maybe that's because I don't know any better and don't have much stock in Thor's story as much as I did in Supermans! And maybe there's just no beating Christopher Reeve's Superman! :) With that being said, and it's about to get girlie, my best friend Erin received this this morning... the picture...not actually him...hmmm! :p

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel.
My little sister is always sending pictures to me that make me laugh out loud. No matter what, if you see or read a funny picture it can lift your spirits and sometimes even make your day! Why not send pictures to your friends to make them laugh?! This made me giggle for those days when things don't seem to be going right! :p
Looking at pretty pictures makes me feel happy. Whether its pretty flowers, pretty makeup, pretty dresses, cute animals, cute kids, gorgeous landscapes, it's nice to stop and appreciate the beauty in life. I love Lauren Conrad's fashion sense but more so, I simply adore how her pictures are always seemingly fresh and bright. :)
This week I was a lucky girl and received a wedding parcel from the lovely Tina Bass. Tina did our wedding pictures and I was eagerly anticipating getting them all back and seeing all the shots she took. I felt like I was experiencing the day all over again, she did such an amazing job! :) But not only that, I received a surprise parcel from my dear friend Shelley and her wonderful kids. One of which I taught at Nursery. We have kept in touch over the past 6-7 years, writing letters and sending treats. Still, I am always touched when I receive their letters and gifts, it warms my heart that they are thinking of me and truly means the world to me! :) Why not spread the love and surprise a friend or family member with a little owl post? It doesn't have to be expensive, just fill it with some thoughtful things, be it a note or candy, and let them know how much they mean to you! :) This really is one of my favourite things to do! :)
Thank you Shelley and B and N! :)
Last but not least from my thoughts today, my favourite quote that I try to live by everyday!! :)
Have an amazing day everyone! Be happy and well! :)
Love Lulu. xx





Whatcha gonna do...brother...

I remember it like it was yesterday, curling up on the couch each time I was poorly, wrapped up in a blanket, all cozy and warm, with 'McCinsey's Island' playing on the TV. This happened consistently when I was younger, both in primary school and just as I began high school. My sister, Kelly and I hadn't got into wrestling yet, but somehow we new the blonde haired, larger than life man that comforted us when we were ill. I can't remember how many times I have seen that movie but I do know that I didn't like school and was "sick" an awful lot, so I can estimate at maybe 10 plus times from the age of 11-13 during each school term. :p

If I was to show you my high school planner from the first 2 years I was there, you will see that it is covered in scribbles that range from S Club 7 and Pokémon to random Manchester United Players, to Vanilla Ice and the previously mentioned blonde haired, larger than life man that was Hulk Hogan. What can I say? I had very bizarre and wonderful taste! :p This was just a little before The Hardy Boyz symbol would take center stage and my Dad would tell me on a regular basis to draw something, anything, else. 'But Daddy if I drew something else it would take away valuable practice time and I wouldn't now be able to draw The Hardy Boyz symbol with my eyes closed.' You can't hinder talent! ;) Ok I digress. I can't tell you how I knew of Hulk Hogan as it's not like my parents used to watch wrestling or talked about him. I imagine that his movies just happened to be on the TV every now and again and Kelly and I must have watched and simply become captivated by this man without even knowing he was a wrestler. I can recall 'Mr Nanny' and '3 Ninja's, High Noon at Mega Mountain' too, but 'McCinsey's' Island was my all time favourite and so kept me entertained on numerous occasions.

One of my first wrestling memories was Kelly and I trying to find the right channel on the TV at our Nanna and Grandad's house, as we had heard that Hulk Hogan was going to be on WCW, don't ask me how we heard this or from whom, as I have absolutely no idea. It's funny that we never picked up on actually watching wrestling at that time, it wouldn't be another year or so before we finally started watching it. Once we got into wrestling, he was a staple when watching old tapes, learning and doing research. WrestleMania 3 anyone? :) I always enjoyed the colour, the music and his persona. I loved what he represented back in the day too, "Train, Say your Prayers and Take your Vitamins" It was so cool to look back and see this amazing role model and to watch how happy and in awe the little kids were when he spoke and wrestled. I've had many a goose bump moment when his music hits and he steps into the squared circle, it's hard not to shake your head and think "wow, just wow."

Fast forward a couple of years and Kelly and I got to be a part of TNA's first reality TV show, British Bootcamp, starring alongside Rockstar Spud and Marty Scurll. We would all be competing to win a TNA contract. And guess who happened to be the person in charge? The person at the forefront of this project? The person that would be deciding our fate? Non other than Hulk Hogan himself. This therefore meant that we would get to meet him and spend some time with him during the fliming process. To say that this was all a dream come true is short of a lie really, as never in a million years would I ever have imagined meeting this man, let alone have him speak my name, while sitting on a couch with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, on ITV's This Morning, on National TV. That's my show, my morning show back in the UK, in little old England, that I watch all the time and here's Hulk Hogan chatting to them...about me. Needless to say it felt rather surreal. The thing is though, I was quite taken a back when I first met him, I was nervous and not quite sure what to say. I don't mean that I was scared of screaming or jumping up and down in front of him or anything like that, as that's not really me (I tend to go quiet if i'm a little starstruck, see 'I heart New York' for my encounter with Zachary Levi) and I had to be professional, I was anxious in that I thought he was going to be intimidating and scary and really, who was I? He didn't need to waste his time paying attention to me. Well, it goes without saying that he was the most wonderful guy! When he walked into the room it was calm and relaxed and he put everyone at ease. He was incredibly sweet and became my favourite person all over again! :)

All throughout TNA British Bootcamp he was encouraging and kind and always there to give advice. He was funny and had time for us and would give us so much confidence in what we were doing. I can't quite explain the feeling of being in the middle of an interview and having Hulk Hogan walk past you, stop and jump in front of the camera and say "The Blossom's are awesome" He is truly one of a kind. :)

Today I woke up feeling grateful for all the memories and experiences I have had on my journey so far. In the midst of being an adult, acting professional and having to watch what you say and worry about what others think, I feel that we can often lose sight on what made us love something in the first place. Since taking a break from wrestling, watching back old tapes, listening to the wrestlers stories on The Chris Silvio show, hearing Rip Rogers voice and bringing up childhood memories like this when talking with Kelly, I realize how much I love wrestling and how it is a huge part of me. To go from sitting at home with a blankie watching 'McCinsey's Island' to having Hulk Hogan sit and watch one of my matches, is just another reminder to always DREAM and never give up. Anything is possible if you work hard and believe! :)

Thank you Hulk Hogan! :)

Have an awesome day! :)

Love Lulu. xx

From this to this!! :)

I'm so excited...and i just can't hide it...

This week I think I am going to have a tiny bit of trouble concentrating and focusing on one thing, so bare with me during this blog! :p I am currently beyond giddy that on Saturday I will be flying back to the UK! Home, I am coming! :) I can not wait to see my family and to squeeze my Nanna and Grandad tight and I am thrilled that after 6 years of my family and friends hearing all about Chris, my best friend during those years and now my husband, that they will finally get to meet him. (Some of my family met him at our wedding, but not everyone.) Today I have succeeded in tidying my apartment, after an action packed and fun filled weekend, and getting a few things ticked off my "To Do" list, which I have given myself a pat on the back for, as in all honesty I would like to curl up in bed, close my eyes and wait for Saturday to get here! Hehe! :p Alas, life is to be lived, so while I am looking forward to getting on that plane Saturday morning I have to make the most of the days I have in front of me! This morning I began by dancing around my apartment with the Tangled soundtrack in my head...I just LOVE that movie. With a home visit on the horizon, I feel like one incredibly lucky girl and just extremely blessed and happy right now so I wanted to share some other things that have had me jumping for joy this past week! :)

My Goddaughter Flannery turned 3 last month and my Goddaughter Evie's birthday is coming up on the 9th. My best friend Erin through a small Madagascar themed birthday bash for them on Saturday and it was adorable. I just have to think of these girls and I smile. They are the most beautiful things on the planet and on Saturday I got tons of cuddles, hugs and kisses and my heart filled with so much love! They are my babies, and Erin's too, hehe, :p and simply another reason I wake up and feel smiley! :)
On Saturday I got to go and see John Prine at the Brown Theatre here in Louisville, and he was phenomenal. I don't really have the words to express just how incredible he was. I was in awe as he played the guitar and captivated when he sang. My husband introduced me to his music a little while ago, along with some of my other now favourite artists, and I am so glad we went to see him. I kept thinking about how awesome it would have been to have been able to see Johnny Cash live, as the songs and stories reminded me a lot of him. But wow, if you ever get the chance to see John Prine live, I would most definitely recommend you do! At the moment we have his album Bruised Orange on repeat in the car, simply brilliant! :)

The picture says it all! :) This is my sisters and I the first time we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. It was one of those days where there was no room for anything but happiness, laughter and love. We went with our Mum and Dad which was so lovely. We introduced Mum to how our usual Daddy and Daughter's road trips go and had our traditional road trip songs blasting from Jen's Ipod, The Overtones and Disney soundtracks mostly, of course and we spent the day running around like children, squealing with glee as we saw props and décor, walked through Diagon Alley and contemplated buying as many chocolate frogs we could get our hands on! We ate hot dogs and drank Butterbeer in our Harry Potter tankards and by the time the tour was over we were beat, tired and rather smelly from sweating so much with excitement! Shhh and Eww, I know but it makes me laugh and is still a joke the three of us share! :p I feel blessed to have had days like this and often smile just thinking about them! In two weeks time, I will be doing it all over again! :)

My husband has introduced me to so many wonderful artists, from Johnny Cash, The Doors, Fyfe Dangerfield to the aforementioned John Prine, but my absolute favourite artist he used to send me songs of while I was back in the UK, was Ray Lamontagne. Again words fail me as I ADORE him. We had one of his songs play as my husband and his groomsmen walked down the isle as well as plenty more throughout our wedding reception. He is amazing. His voice is like no other and I feel warmth and contentment listening to him. His new song Supernova is beautiful and I am eagerly awaiting his new album which I think comes out May 6th. He is at the top of my list of artists I want to see live, so I have my fingers crossed that he will tour soon! Again if you haven't listened to him before, please go look him up! :) Music can lift your spirits and satisfy the soul and it does not get much better than Ray! :)
We had two of my husbands best friends stay with us this weekend and it was a blast. I love hearing stories from my husbands childhood and school days and think it's awesome when people get together and share fun memories that they will never forget! Thank you Ben and Alana for a great weekend. I love seeing my husband happy and enjoying himself and he certainly relaxed and enjoyed himself this weekend! :) 
Just a few things today that I have been thinking a lot about! There is so much beauty in the world and the world really has so much to offer! :) Make the most of every day and seek happiness in all that you surround yourself with, whether it be people, music, a pretty flower or animal! Embrace love and smile! :)
Please feel free to share your smiles in the comments below!
Love Lulu