We love MCR!

The event that happened on Monday was too close for comfort. Coming out of the cinema's and checking social media to see Manchester all over the headlines set our stomach in knots and our hearts beating fast. All we could think about was our family and our friends. Manchester is where we grew up, the Manchester Arena was the place we saw our first concert and first wrestling shows, the place we made our childhood dream come true. It made us sick to our stomachs thinking about our hometown going through such devastation.

Interview with Magician Jack Kempton.

One of our favourite things about blogging is connecting with people. We love that every day we meet new people from all around the world and from all walks of life. It's so awesome when people reach out to us to chat or to be a part of our blog, it honestly means the world to us. When Jack Kempton got in touch with us and told us he is a musician, as well as, a magician, we couldn't wait to start asking questions. Our blog is a place for positivity and encouraging others to dream big and Jack is doing just that. Chatting to him was simple lovely. His passion for what he does shines through and his energy is so uplifting and happy, that we couldn't help but feel inspired. We hope you enjoy today's interview.

Gnocchi fatti in casa!

Gnocchi originated in Italy and dates back to the Roman times. It is said that it was introduced into European countries by the Romans during the expansion of the Roman Empire. Each country however, put their own twist on this small dumpling like pasta. Potato Gnocchi, like the one we are sharing with you today, became more common in the 16th century, after potatoes had been introduced to Europe.

Back when we were kids, our favourite part of the Gnocchi making process was sticking our thumbs in the dough. We would watch Grandad knead, roll, divide, cut and prepare the small gnocchi squares for us with wide eyes. When he gave us the go ahead, we would gently press our thumb in each delicate piece, giving it that famous Gnocchi look.

A trip to Coconut Lane.

How cute are these sunglasses? A year and a half ago we remember getting an email from the lovely ladies at Coconut Lane, inviting us to join their Coconut Queens Team. We couldn't resist their small selection of funky socks and phone cases and were inspired by these two gorgeous women setting out on making their dreams come true.