Book Review: Her Dark Knight's Redemption by Nicole Locke.

This book was so much darker than anything I've read before and I read it in two days! There was something about it that totally captivated me and had me reading at any chance I could, which was both wonderful and frustrating. Us bookworms can't win can we? We find a book we love and then it all happens so quickly! How do you control yourself and make a book last? Do you have any magic tricks?

Kidscape Family Fun.

It's been a while since we wrote something other than book reviews on here, but after connecting with Kidscape on Twitter, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with them on a blog post to not only introduce them to you, if you haven't already heard of them, but to collaborate with them on activities that you can do as a family at home, during this strange time we all find ourselves in.

Book Review: His Countess For a Week by Sarah Mallory.

I've read a few books by Sarah Mallory now and always look forward to them. 'His Countess for a Week,' did not disappoint.