Book Review: 'A Kind of Spark.' By Elle McNicoll.

I have been doing a lot of courses and research on Autism over the past year and had heard so much about this book and the awesome Elle McNicoll recently that I could not wait to read it and oh my goodness...

Book Review: Dark Corners by Darren O'Sullivan.

Now, this is only the second thriller I have read, I was going to say this year, but it's more like ever! You know my heart lies with romance, however I am beginning to understand how people enjoy the scarier, more edgy side of things. Namely the fact that you can't stop turning the pages, because you need to find out what is happening!! It's for want of a better world...Thrilling! ;)

Book Reviews: Black Lives Matter. Educational Reads.

We want to learn and We want to do better. In fact, it's not so much a want as it is a MUST. Our eyes and ears have been closed for far too long, not intentionally, no, but closed none the less. Now at thirty-two years old, we MUST do something, we MUST help make a change. We've been reading a lot of books lately to get a better understanding of a history and a culture that we thought we knew about. We were wrong. There is so much more to it and so much more we need to learn. We pray and we will act so that what is coming, is better than what has been/what is.