25 Things We Love About Our 'Little' Sister.

Today marks the day that we should really stop calling our 'Little' sister our 'Little' sister! Today she turns twenty-five...twenty-five!!!! Where has the time gone?? In reality though she's always going to be our 'Little' sister, so we can't promise anything!

'Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti.'

Last night I was having one of those nights where I was missing my Grandad and on a little path of getting down about it and staring at the wall feeling sad for the evening. Then before I knew it Grandad's face appeared in my head, I was getting out his pasta maker from the cupboard and pulling out the ingredients I needed to whip up a fresh batch of pasta.

Author Interview: Vivian Conroy.

We absolutely love getting to interview authors here on our blog. It's always so much fun delving into the minds of the wonderful people behind some of our favourite reads. Last year I stepped out of my usual book genre and into the world of Murder Mystery, thanks to Vivian Conroy, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 'Death plays a Part' was an awesome read and I currently have the second installment, 'Rubies in the Roses' on my Kindle ready to dive into next. (I'm currently just being a slow coach with my TBR pile) With Vivian due to have her tenth book 'The Butterfly Conspiracy' published on Friday, we thought we would celebrate by getting to know Vivian in this little Q and A! Enjoy!

Dolce Vita Bloggers: Culture Shock.


Having Grandparents who are Italian, meant that we visited Italy for the first time when we were four. All of our Mum's side of the family still live there, so a few of our holidays growing up were spent visiting them all. We saw Sorrento, Positano, Praiano, Vettica, Padova and Venice all before we were 15. Pretty amazing right?

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