Book Review: Recipes For Happiness by The Happy Pear.

I discovered The Happy Pear a few months ago on Instagram and have been following them and their stories ever since. The biggest reason for this is because you cannot watch them without smiling and feeling happy! Plus, they are twins who are kicking ass, so immediately I was just like yay #TwinPower!
This book is their third cookbook and it is absolutely beautiful.

Mangia: Banana and Coconut Cake.


One time in Italy we ate a banana... just kidding, as much as we try to link everything back to Italy and share with you our family's, as well as, traditional Italian recipes, sometimes we just have the desire to make a simple banana cake to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. Which is exactly what we did last Sunday. It was delightful so we thought we'd share the recipe with you today. 

Book Review: 'Tis the Season to be Single' by Laura Ziepe.


Not just for Christmas! If you're looking for a new author and a light-hearted read, look no further.